Nokia Lumia 810 To Receive Software Update Enabling LTE? Signs Point To yes


Lumia 810 owners take note as an upcoming software update will enable hidden LTE capability according to a new report from Engadget. While rumors have swirled for some time that the Lumia 810 did in fact contain hidden LTE hardware, T-Mobile has never acknowledged it. Engadget reports that T-Mobile confirmed a software update was forthcoming, but wouldn’t discuss a timeline. T-Mobile has already stated a similar scenario will take place with the Galaxy Note II, but has again not spoken out on a timeframe.

With the Blackberry Z10 and upcoming LTE-ready Galaxy S III, T-Mobile will have at least four devices ready to go as their LTE network begins to come online. In the case of the Z10, expectations have that device hitting T-Mobile shelves at the tail end of March. T-Mobile announced the new variant of the Galaxy S III with LTE, better known as the T999-L but hasn’t provided a timeframe for that release either.

With confirmation of the Lumia 810, we know of at least 4 devices that will be certified to run on T-Mobile’s LTE network, we just don’t know when. That leaves the Nexus 4, a device that has the capable hardware, but may not receive LTE Band 4 certification and would be a “run at your own risk” device. FCC certification would be required to “legally” run Band 4 LTE on the Nexus 4 and while its possible, there doesn’t seem to be any activity on that front from T-Mobile or LG.

It’s a fairly decent LTE lineup to start with and we expect T-Mobile to ramp up LTE releases rather quickly, especially as we head into summer. That’s good news as we look toward to the hopeful releases of the Samsung Galaxy S IV and eventual Note II successor.


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  • Interesting how they included LTE inside the Lumia 810 while leaving it out of the Original release GS3. They both weren’t really released that far apart, were they?

    • techymexican

      yes, June for GS3 and November for 810. huge amount of time

      • Ahhh okay, thanks. wasn’t quite sure.

      • NYCTheBronx

        What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G? Any hidden LTE? I’m a qwerty keyboard fan. Thanks.

  • AndroidTablet4G

    Interesting… I hope LTE makes cellphone plans cheaper in the future because data is expensive over cell towers.

    • eanfoso

      …. You mean cheaper over LTE pipeline?

      • AndroidTablet4G

        Yea, because the data is faster and travels more efficiently.

    • Verizonthunder

      how very small minded of you to say that, their are other countries that would enjoy the luxury of several prepaid plan’s to offer and much diverse selection. Prepaid has greatly improved I recoil being on Virgin Mobile was $.25 for the first ten minutes then $.10 cent’s the rest of the day, $70 buck’s a month for unlimited talk, text and web with no slow down is amazing price value and you can use any smartphone, Virgin mobile or the other carrier’s do not come close to the offer in plan/value

      • AndroidTablet4G

        #1 Small minded? This economy sucks and it’s not going to get any better, so lower prices with newer technology is expected.

        #2 The people should fix their corrupt governments and stop electing socialists into power. Then companies would develop like crazy.

        #3 Well sprint(VM) is horrible. You pay 70-150 bucks for dropped calls and slow data, plus 90% of the time you are in a dead zone. Hopefully they will get better in the future.


        • Mirad77

          You have a basket mouth, small minded and broke. If history is correct then those so called socialites have done better with the economy than the non socialites from FDR till date.
          New tech comes with high cost not low. Guess how much I bought my 42″ Sony bravia 720p with 1 HDMI in 2005?
          Capitalism sucks when its being run by lobbyist as doesn’t benefits you in no means.
          Competition on on other is the driver of cost as there is more supply than demand.
          You should try and do real research and reading more often by yourself than relying on blogs like this for sole info. Broaden your horizon and get out of your comfort zone every now and then. It will help you trust me.

        • AndroidTablet4G

          Most of the presidents we had were about regulations and welfare programs, that is why the US is in deep trouble. The dollar has almost no value anymore because of the private federal reserve. The only thing keeping it afloat is that it is the reserve currency for the world, that’s coming to an end. I think you need to do some research.

          I hate lobbing.

          That tech costs more but it can handle more users, plus it has faster transfer speeds and it is energy efficient. With these improvements in speed, capacity, and efficiency, the cell companies can lower prices. The company is buying the product in bulk at a discounted rate. They need to upgrade anyway because the old infrastructure is weak and slow. The old tech costs more to repair because most of the parts aren’t made anymore. I bet it uses tons of electricity and it has less signal range.

          Almost all the cell companies in the world are buying LTE technology, this will lower the prices on that tech. It will become cheaper as 3g tech fades away.


          Habt einen guten Tag.

        • Mirad77

          The economy and history was and is on the side of the so call socialist. The only thing keeping the dollars afloat is its privacy my friend.
          Like I said new tech cost more, guess you never heard anyone complain of battery drain with lte of Verizon and att.
          With time the cost will come down as the supply will be up.
          Passer une bonne journée mon amis.

        • AndroidTablet4G


          That is a problem with battery drain, hopefully they will resolve that issue with more efficient transmitters and or phones. They got new batteries but they aren’t in production yet and they’re still being tested.

          Deutschland ist mein Land, aber sie besteuern dich zu Tode.

  • Nat45928

    Hoping to rock LTE on my Rogers Lumia 920 when it gets lit up. Cant wait.

  • BlackJu

    awesome. Glad to hear Nokia and t-mobile allowed for this. I suppose they could’ve planned for 810 “obsolescence”.

  • James

    When will they launch LTE???
    They were supposed to in CES january 7, 2013 but now its the 31st…..almost every

    • smylax

      No they weren’t… that was an unfounded rumor… all they have officially said is to have a certain number of pops covered by end of Q2, that’s it. I don’t remember the exact amount but I think it was 100m pops.

  • I got this update this morning! I live in San Jose, CA.
    Obviously LTE hasn’t rolled out yet so I don’t see any differences, but I do notice some interface differences.

    • NYCTheBronx

      That’s awesome man. I live in San Jose too. I’m thinking of getting a Nokia Lumia 810 or a revamped Samsung Galaxy S III. Any good speedtest on your phone(s)?

      • You won’t see any increases in speed until LTE rolls out. However, as of right now I’m getting 20 Mbps down and about 5Mbps up, which isn’t too shabby. I can’t wait to see how LTE looks. I actually have a Nexus 4 as well and from my experiences I’ve been getting bettter speeds on the 810.

        The 810 is a GREAT phone, whoever downtalks it either doesn’t own it or doesn’t know much about it. The S3 is also a great phone (I’ve also owned a TMO S3).

        Maybe you should hold off until you get news about the S4?

        • NYCTheBronx

          Cool man. I got 30mbps on down and 3mbps on up with my Galaxy Note 2. Since Nexus 4 has dual band and if I ran a speedtest on it, I would probably get T-Mobile’s full 42mbps. So close. S4 sounds nice but I feel the screen sizes should stop increasing. I can barely hold my GN2 hehe. How’s the battery on the 810 by the way?


    What about the iPhone 5 on t-mobile ?

    • wily7

      I think every iphone had an update yesterday about enabling lte

  • michelle

    T mobile steals from customers! They stole $300 from me! I hate tmobile anf now I’m m stuck in their contract! Have contacted them many times and they will not send my rebate card. Severly displeased with theirv service. Do not do businesss witb this company!!!!

    • smylax

      Hello troll. I am sure there was a reason you didn’t get it. You probably didn’t qualify. Sounds like you took part in a big sale event but don’t have a qualifying rate plan or data plan.

      • thepanttherlady

        Many highly despise T-Mobile’s MIR’s because they’ve had issues getting them back. It’s not always the plan that’s the problem either.

        Also, expressing one’s opinion of their own experience doesn’t make them a troll. It’s Friday, relax!

    • If they refused your rebate you’d get a letter as to why. So if you’re waiting from a recent promotion, if you still didn’t receive a letter its probably because it’s still processing.

    • If you goto the support forums for T-Mobile, and post your problem there they will help. I had the same problem, but once I did they took care of it. FAST. I got it on my account the same day! Just post your issue, and they will send you a personal message with the information needed to take care of it.

      The lady who took care of my was Jessica, hope that helps.

  • gwhyte01

    So what about the 8x, they both came out on the same day..and the vzw and at&thief versions both have it….

  • Alex Zapata

    Now if only they would put WiFi calling on their Windows phones. Then I might actually consider buying one.

    • smylax

      Don’t know where the hold up is, if its T-Mobile or Microsoft, but I 2nd this!!!

  • Mirad77

    My personal opinion is this will be a dumb move as the lumina 810 is not on the top 3 on T-Mobile. I’d rather they start with their top seller or bring a new comer then the rest can come in any other. Just saying………

    • Ordeith

      Maybe not a best seller, but one still one of their best phones.

      • Mirad77


  • lkansdlknaslfkn

    Anybody know anything about the HTC 8x? Does the Tmobile 8x have LTE capabilities?

  • Scott Walsh

    Windows is the worst OS for a mobile phone in history. I couldn’t sell this phone fast enough and am so glad I’m done with it. Horrible operating system, boring tiles (they might seem cool at first but a week later you are over it), no apps in the marketplace (not one app I use on Android or iOS is available) and the list goes on and on. It will die just like BlackBerry will (and is!)

    • I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I for one have had this phone, an S3, a NEXUS4 and a NOTE 2. From my experience this phone probably has the best voice recognition and best keyboard (accuracy). Also the screen is absolutely stunning. I don’t care that the resolution is a little less than 720p, the colors just look amazing (far superior to the 8X IMO).
      Apps – yes I agree with you the APPS are in their development stage, but I’ve been playing with phones since sidekicks. I remember when ANDROID first became popular…. the apps were horrible.
      Lastly, the SYNCING ability on a windows phone is IMO far superior to an android device. It’s incredibly easy to keep everything organized.
      Don’t get me wrong, I prefer ANDROID over anything, but I wouldn’t go out and say this is the worst OS ever….. far from it. HD2 windows…. now that’s a horrible OS.

  • Doakie

    Was the Lumia 810 tested by the FCC as having a LTE radio? I don’t remember ever seeing anything about it having LTE capability built in until this news of this update. If not and it needs to be retested by the FCC to be legally able to run on LTE I don’t see why the Nexus 4 wouldn’t be able to be retested.

    • texaslabrat

      It appears so, yes. I found what appears to be a supplemental filing “QMNRM-878X” that was submitted Dec. 26, 2012. Most of the information is held back due to a 180-day confidentiality request, but my guess is that this is the “smoking gun” for LTE certification for the 810.