First T-Mobile LTE Speed Tests Spotted In Kansas City?

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 9.31.52 AM

T-Mobile’s first LTE markets of Kansas City and Las Vegas are set to go live within a matter of weeks, and now at least one XDA Developer user is seeing signs of life. The very first LTE speed test we’ve seen for T-Mobile’s LTE network, at least of the public variety shows around 10Mbps downlink and 5Mbps uplink. The speed test itself was taken in the Kansas City, Kansas area with a Wichita server under a 5x5MHz configuration.

As this rollout is slowly coming to life, we expect that T-Mobile will focus on speed after they work out spectral efficiency and make sure coverage is continuous. Until then, don’t let the first speed test results concern you, T-Mobile’s LTE network is a sleeping giant with Release 10 on the horizon.

Also of note is that this cell site is likely a test area and not really a good barometer for how fast T-Mobile’s LTE network will be overall. Considering T-Mobile’s emphasis on speed with their HSPA+ 42Mbps markets, we have no doubt they will have their LTE blazing fast in short order. For now, just enjoy the knowledge that the first LTE launches are on the horizon and check out the XDA thread for more detail.

DSLReports via XDA Developers


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  • FrankTheTank

    I’m still waiting for 3G on my iPhone in SC…… :(

    • I_Sheep

      Just say no to iPhone

      • AndroidProfit

        You don’t own any weapons do you?

    • MacRat

      You’ll enjoy it. They started switching over the Santa Clara/Cupertino/San Jose area last fall and I’m seeing 3G most of the time now.

      I rarely run into an EDGE zone.

      • Andrew Baxendale

        There is 2G up in Michigan, which is a pretty popular tourist area.

        • Pranav Bokey

          Michagin a tourist area, yeah if they want to see abandoned factories

  • edoza18

    still waiting to a least get 3G

    • superg05

      that bites tmobile got a grant from the government to expand 3g into rural areas ,places with no 3g,dead spots ect.. i hope your in one of them

  • kevev

    Bring it on! :o)

  • Mirad77

    Well let’s hope so as you say David as I average about 12mbps on Nexus 4 which isn’t lte.

    • Jon

      According to most current Verizon speed tests, 12mbps is most definitely LTE-realm.

      • Mirad77

        Wow then am rocking lte without knowing. Lucky me.

  • i get more than that on HSPA+ in my home >_<
    (i live in miami lakes)

  • ghulamsameer

    Thank you, David.

  • DRO1D

    I live in KC and just ran a SpeedTest. My Galaxy Note II had a download speed of 11.3Mbps, upload was 2.06 Mbps…. Can’t wait.

  • GinaDee

    But even their HSPA+ network is like this. One block you’ll get blazing speeds then the next block you’re back to GPRS or EDGE.

    Sprint does this too with LTE. Sprint will cover less than 30% of a city with LTE then put a press release that LTE is launched in that market. Speeds and coverage will vary wildly.

    Nothing new here folks.

    • I-Sheep

      T-Mobile hasn’t announced anything officially regarding live LTE sites…

      • GinaDee

        The problem is really the 5×5 network implementation with poor backhaul. They need a 10×10 configuration with enhanced backhaul to support the fast speeds people see with Verizon.

        I’d rather T-Mobile wait a couple of months and do this right rather than launch the service in a weak way and get beat up all over the interwebs.

        • bleeew

          But it will be easier to get higher speeds than on HSPA+.

        • vedelorme

          i have a buddy on verizon that averages 8mbps…. i average 18mbps to 22mbps on t-mo.

    • Jon

      YMMV. I get 10mbps wherever I go in my top-25 city.

    • TyRetr0

      Happenss to me all the time.. no service in walmart, no service in the stores of the mall, no service in target. the list goes on

  • 750,000+ already

    This is the second good news of the day.

    The first good news:

    GooglePlay is selling the Nexus 4 again today.

    • John Doe

      I’m sad. Temporary Out of Stock

  • Shuffles

    Can you get some sort of update on the HPSA rollout? We just have edge here in Cincinnati, and every time they play that commercial talking about thousands of cities and 220 million people I just get frustrated. Nationwide is still a very relative term.

    • mikkej2k

      Where are you? I’ve been with T-Mobile continuously since 2000 (Voicestream). In Cincinnati Ohio there’s tons of HSPA+ coverage.

      • shuffles

        I am in Hyde Park and work in West Chester, and am using an iPhone 4.

        • mikkej2k

          West Chester is bursting with HSPA+ Since you have an iPhone4 , do you mean rollout of the refarm to 1900 frequency?

        • JB45

          Must be what he means…HSPA 1900…i work in that area and i pull at least 9mbps granted its not as fast as some of the other cities but its still pretty fast compared to people’s sprint 3g i work with.. I feel bad for them sometimes

        • Shuffles

          Yeah, I guess I should have been more clear about the 1900 MHz HSPA+ rollout. I currently get about 70kbps down and 10 kbps up (according to a speed test app) – yes, that’s dialup speed. Of course I’ve just switched from an older Blackberry (2G), so I’m not used to fast speeds, but all the same I’d wish they’d up the pace of the rollout. I’m concerned that the LTE rollout will distract and halt the 1900 rollout process.

    • Drewmann

      Yeah I also live in Cincinnati more in the Milford area though, but I get HSPA+ everywhere.

    • MacRat

      Maybe you need a better phone.

  • Tmokcrep

    That is regular speeds in KC for Hspa+ … Well around that … So if it was lte I would be upset

  • Hyuri

    “T-Mobile’s emphasis on speed”? Really? There are 3 HSPA+ cells within range of my house, and the best speed I’ve ever gotten at home is 800 kiloBITS per second. 100 kbytes. How could that possibly occur if they “emphasize speed”? That’s not even a full T1, and even commercial (not consumer) DSL here starts at 6 mbps. And that’s not even getting into the frequent outages where my phones are connected to a cell that doesn’t seem to be connected to anything further, not even voice service, not even if I manually change to GSM-only and/or restart my phone….

    • GinaDee

      It’s like that at my house too. I have full signal (-60 dBM) screaming at me all over the house but I can only get 200-300 Kbps speeds. We don’t have the backhaul to support HSPA+ theoretical speeds much less LTE.

      T-Mobile focuses these blazing speeds in certain special intersections or areas with high traffic but the rest of the network varies wildly.

    • I average 25mbps on my nexus 4 sooo…. I guess move to a better covered area or actually go buy some other service that covers your area well.

  • galaxyguy

    i am pretty sure that is an unlocked ATT device running on GSM1900 NOT LTE. customers come in with their phones saying LTE because thats how the ATT phones interpret the GSM1900. that band is fairly low traffic so it can run faster. I ran a speed test from my Note II right beside a customer’s and i got 3meg down he got 9meg down.

    • lynyrd65

      Fail, no it is definitely not on GSM 1900. It is on T-Mobile’s band 4 (AWS) LTE. All AT&T LTE devices support it.

    • bleeew

      Theres 2 4G symbols. On with 4G(HSPA+) and the other one has 4GLTE(LTE)

  • Chino253

    What kind of phone did they used to test this?

    • Spanky

      It’s AT&T’s version of either the GS3 or the Note 2.

  • 25+ where I am on HSPA+ so when I do get LTE, it will be fast.

  • AM Gone

    I live in Jax and I routinely get 15 to 20K down and 1.8 to 2.3k up on my GN 2. Who needs LTE? LOL

    • achusaysblessyou

      Agreed, I’m in the sf bay area and get ~25mbps down and 7mbps up, I just need them to increase the 4g coverage and increase building penetration

      • nycplayboy78

        I agree with you that T-Mobile needs better building penetration…I can walk through area malls with no problems but once I go inside a store then I lose service..I am like WTF??!!

        • Art Garfunkle

          In order to increase building penetration they would have to get a different band of spectrum. It is directly linked to the wavelength of the wireless bands used.

        • Chuck the Duck

          Which is why TMO will never truly compete.

    • galaxymaniac

      15 to 20K down and 1.8 to 2.3k up? Now that’s real T-mobile speeds seen in most parts of the country… GPRS/EDGE speeds…

      • Pranav Bokey

        i think he mean 15000 down and 200000 down. K meaning 3 zeros

  • Nathan

    That speed is not really that good. I typically get that speed and higher in Oak Grove, Mo. which is about 30 miles east of KC.

    • lynyrd65

      Good news, that is where the LTE is. Check out XDA and ask where the member saw it and you can find it too.

  • caquito

    I have a SGIII, is LTE possible after a software update, or there is no LTE chipset on this device?

  • sebastian

    That’s cool. I saw a few days ago a church tower by my house was being worked on. Could it possibly be being upgraded LTE?

  • Sok

    This is 3 bar speed

  • Michael

    I can’t wait to look down at my phone one day and see that LTE on there. Already getting good 3G. Same speeds shown in the speedtest.

  • What band does T-Mobile use for their LTE? Band IV?


      yes band 4

  • Winski

    WHY would I want to move to Kansas for LTE when I get BLAZING 2G EDGE here in SoCal for the same price ???

    • S V

      Ah, we also have Google Gigabit Fiber, and you?

      • Winski

        We have the very latest Progresso Stick-and-Can technology for our internet interface….. They haven’t completed the measuring system for the speed yet because it’s off the charts – on the low end.

        • S V

          Condolences, man. To top it off, you also probably have outrageously smart, gun-toting Diane Feinstein as a senator.

        • Winski

          Yup… She was over for dinner last night.

  • Tmo wiz

    Thats ATT’s 4G LTE symbol on a tmobile phone?

    • PiCASSiMO

      Good question.. something is fishy about those screen shots.

      • Luis Medina

        it is its an unlocked note

      • bleeew

        The users is a TMo users. Its on XDA, its the att note.

    • lynyrd65

      Unlocked AT&T LTE devices use the same LTE band as T-Mobile. Its more than a little sad that the first devices to be able to use this new LTE network are devices from another carrier.

  • Mr RedGenta

    These tmobile LTE speeds are pathetic? I Get 32Mbps DOWN and 21Mbps UP on big RED which is my company phone. and its a crappy samsung mid level smart phone.

    • Drew Vallejo

      I think the thing we often get into on any of these forums is a pissing contest. What would you possibly do with 32 down and let alone 10 down. There are far too many bottle necks in the actual device that negate that speed. I think after you get around 5 down you wouldn’t really see any difference.

  • Tim

    Are they going to release any LTE mobile broadband devices for their launch?

  • Herb

    Upload speeds are certainly impressive, but I beat those download speeds almost everywhere that I get HSPA+.

  • BahamasGeek242

    Portland OR here I get 10-20 Mbps down and 2-4Mbps up all day Nexus 4

  • Live in a suburb of Boston, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network is giving me Knock Out speeds. I get during the day on average between 15-23gb download and 4-6gb upload. At night my speeds are faster. Who needs LTE with these kinds of speeds and the battery lasts all day. LTE is a battery killer so I can wait for LTE, no rush. T-Mobile is doing it right, I understand they are rolling out 2nd generation LTE (LTE advanced) speeds are suppose to be much faster and more reliable. Thank You T-Mobile.

    • Eric

      LTE isn’t measured in GB, it’s measured in MB. Oh and LTE tech is now just as efficient if not more efficient on the battery than 3G/4G HSPA+. LTE-Advanced will be rolled out, but you need a phone to support it.


    It only depends on where you live and work.
    My Note II usually gets 7~10 Mbps down and 3~5 Up in my area which falls just a little short of my full satisfaction, so I’m crossing my fingers about the speed LTE advance will give me this year.

  • Bill Smith

    They said “in a few weeks” at CES a few weeks ago….so its s till a few weeks…???

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Whoa whoa whoa, this released in Kansas City and there is no Pimpstrong in this thread commenting?

    What kind of Sorcery is this?!?!

  • Ant

    I live in El Paso and I just did mine and I get 16 mbps down and 2 mbps up. I have HSPA+ and is not LTE.

  • Diego Vazquez

    I’m sorry but I don’t believe that is a valid screenshot we need *#0011# screenshots.

    • Luis Medina

      they are at the xda forum

  • Jays_on

    Wish we could get modernization in Wichita! There’s already a few small towns in Kansas that have been modernized, yet the largest city in Kansas still hasn’t. Sigh…:(

  • will

    i also live in jax fl. and i get around 20mbps down.
    who needs lte. i still want it though

  • joel

    well thats good because here in san antonio, tx we only get 2 to 3 in download and 1.5 upload

  • mreveryphone

    Come on tmobile. Update my note 2 so I can get this lte goodness! I’m right in the heart of KC!

  • Tim

    I live in Upland, CA and I just clocked 22mb/s down on my Nexus 4. Thats faster than my home internet connection

  • Alan713

    what do you all think their LTE speed will be once everything is in order? faster than ATT LTE? should be at least 50

  • Hello everybody. I would like to let you guys know i am the creator of that thread and i see a lot of questions and concerns about the speeds and the phone. I have an updated speedtest result which is much faster. I figure it will only get better. Head over to the link on this page to my thread and enjoy!

  • vedelorme

    in albuquerque i get between 18mbps to 22mbps on t-mos “4G”…. who needs LTE

  • Selim S

    uh im already pushing 20+ in Chicago, and the fact that there is no LTE phones available for tmo yet makes me just want to wait till im upgrade eligible next year

    • superg05

      galaxy note 2

  • Jerry Marshall

    whatever, i get 18-25mbps down and 2-5mbps up now

  • Mobilewolf789

    I’m hoping to see a speed test with the use of the Nexus 4, Vegas or Kansas. I love my phone and would just like to see LTE numbers here in the U.S. for a change.