T-Mobile’s LTE Launch In Las Vegas Will Be Followed With Kansas City

Kansas City represent as T-Mobile’s Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray has indicated that the company will launch the “City of Fountains” as its second LTE market after Las Vegas. These two markets are generally the first to go live with network enhancements and fall in line with my own thoughts back in the days prior to CES.

In fact, we expect that the LTE market launches will follow a similar pattern to the HSPA+ 1900MHz spectrum launches. If that is the case, residents of Baltimore, Houston and Washington, D.C. would be up next. However, that’s just speculation and is by no means an inside line as to what cities are in fact launching after Las Vegas and Kansas City. With two cities expected to launch in the coming weeks, T-Mobile begins their trek to hit 100 million pops with its LTE network by the middle of the year, and 200 million pops by years end.

T-Mobile’s CEO has already discussed the changing lineup of devices to support the LTE network in the future. In the interim, Galaxy Note II devices and the incoming LTE ready Galaxy S III will offer customers access to the network in its infancy.

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  • mikkej2k

    And the LG Nexus 4?

    • What about it?

      • mikkej2k

        It has some kind of LTE capability. It just isn’t official.

        • MacRat

          Only because LTE is part of the chipset.

          Without antenna support in the hardware design, you’re not going to connect to any towers.

        • mong

          Anandtech as well as several other blogs state it has full LTE capability only on Band 4. So it will work absolutely fine on Tmobile’s network barring an act of god.

          Canadians have been using the nexus 4 on Lte for awhile now with no problems (they were getting on telus and rogers around 40+ download).

        • mikkej2k

          Thank you.

        • turb0wned

          Stop spreading false information Macrat. Works just find with band 4. In the very few spots that att uses this band, the Nexus 4 connects to LTE by going to the secret menue.

        • mikkej2k

          My thoughts exactly.

      • yeah right

        shouldn’t it potentially offer LTE services as well? due to the band 4 lte, granted it may be a developer hack to turn it on but isn’t it also a possibility.

        • Qbancelli

          Developer hack? Lol

          Download Phone info App from Google Play>Settings>LTE


        • dp4609

          I hope that rumored update for nexus 4’s doesn’t remove the option to enable lte. There’s been posts about nexus shipping with the update and some nexus in Czech that shows the new version number in the settings. Any word on what the update is, if even true to begin with?

    • Nick Cannon

      Doesn’t have LTE

  • SocalTeknique

    Never mind LTE, I would like it if T-Mobile fixed the dead spots in my area. AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint do a killing here.

    • JJ Clark

      Yeah, that’s my problem here in Seattle. Dead zones EVERYWHERE. All my friends on VZ laugh at my phone.

      • jay_max

        Where are you getting dead zones? I have zero coverage issues in Seattle metro.

        • J-Hop2o6

          Same here. Don’t know what he’s talking about. I get signal everywhere in and around Seattle.

        • LOVE

          so he made it up. T Mobile has too many dead zones in every city, rural and metro. you response is like you are appalled. T Mobile has horrible coverge. plain and simple

        • eanfoso

          Troll, gtfo this blog

        • JJ Clark

          Capitol Hill, Queen Anne and Kirkland.

      • LOVE

        that is why i dropped tmobile. simple. the wireless carriers rank in order of coverage.

    • LOVE

      when you say here, you mean 90% of the United States, right.

  • corepreacher

    Mod Note: Sorry, no selling through the comments!

    • Sorry, no selling on the forum!

  • laztpn0

    That’s great and all, but what what about the people that are still on edge?

    • SocalTeknique

      -Right? My GNexus just stated dropping to “G” which is worse

  • They just now started refarming my area so probably no LTE here until the end of the year. Once it’s up I will be ready to bring my iPhone 5 to T-Mobile.

  • Aurizen

    ugh whyKansas, whats so good about them getting LTE 1st why not NY or Philadelphia. I wonder when they will push out updates on devices to everyone to support LTE

    • kk888

      NYC have extreme tower density..so it takes more time

      • Aurizen

        oh i see, i guess there doing the top 20 from least to greatest? i just hope they get to philly sooner lol within 4 months from now.

    • Chimphappyhour

      Because the arrogance of such cities thinking they should get everything first repulses Tmo’s engineers? :P

  • Michael

    Hopefully Dallas and Fort Worth will be up soon too. Already getting 3G in most spots here on the iPhone 5. 14 Mbps download speed.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Galaxy Note 2 rules on Tmobile no question. Without the Big Daddy things just don’t roll right. New York City should be rolling by April hopefully.

    • nycplayboy78

      NYC and DC hopefully in April can’t wait :)

      • Jarrod

        DC will be before NYC, I think Neville Ray said they were going in order of refarmed markets, so DC Houston and (Boston?) should be after KC.

    • mingkee

      We definitely need LTE advanced soon because the data demand is increasing by power especially in NYC.

      • Eric

        LTE-Advanced will come this year, hopefully. (You need a phone that supports it (no phone does)).

  • Whitney

    I am hoping by June Detroit will be light up. When I mean detroit I mean metro Detroit area including Farmington Hills with has 80,000 people

    • ant


    • or even better yet, Livonia ; )

    • Bud

      Lol, Detroit is a ghost town. Compared to what it used to be.

      • oh that’s a new one, you’re full of such wit. you must be so proud of yourself.

    • Mark Reese


  • tony

    what about Provo Utah i get 2G in my iphone 5 is so slooooooooooow i’m get tire of it i will get h2o or straight talk

  • GinaDee

    As soon as you leave downtown Kansas City bam…. right back to GPRS

    Ray Neville owes us loyal T-Mobile customers a timeline when the 2G network will be fully replaced by HSPA+

    I wish someone in the news media would have the baaaaaaalllllllllssss to ask him this question.

    • TBN27

      My prediction is thst they will do the LTE thing first then after that we will hear how they will change edge and GPRS to HSPA+.

      • eanfoso

        I highly doubt they’ll change edge or gprs to hspa+, it’s a dead technology with no room for improvement, don’t get me wrong it’ll be nice, but before that happens I’m pretty sure they’ll do what DT did back in Germany and try to roll out LTE everywhere, including rural communities, in which case would be better

        • Eric

          They can use GRPS/EDGE spectrum to power their LTE/LTE-A and H+/H+-A networks

    • JB

      Huh? I’ll give you that the signal is stronger by about 3-4Mbps downtown KC (and it’s immeadate areas), I’ve yet to drop down to GPRS and that’s in the Metro area, period. Even before the refarm there were only a few areas here and there where it would I would get a “G”.

      The only problem I have with signal now is when I’m deep in any Walmart for some strange reason and certain parts of Truman Medical Center. (Those were previously “G” or dead areas where now I’m at least pulling an “E”) I’m not downtown at this moment and I’m pulling around 10-11.

      • Nearmsp

        Depends on how you define “metro area”. Because your definition of “metro area” could be different from the FCC’s urban market area and also from the census department’s MSA (Metro Statistical area). To make matters worse, T-mobile has already said that the refarming does not cover all of the HSPA+ area. That is why T-mobile does not publish maps. That is why Gina Dee has a very different perspective from some one like you. When many people watching an Elephant from different directions each person who listens to the other person as to how the Elephant looks thinks the other person is crazy. My point is, majority of the current T-mobile customers are frustrated by the half baked refarming being done by T-mobile. The bulk of T-mobile’s customers do not live in just in downtowns.

        • JB

          Don’t take this as me being defensive, but It doesn’t matter how I define the Metro area… I know you get full HSPA+ when you leave downtown and it works all over Kansas City, MO, Kansas City, KS and all of our neighboring cities (Overland Park, Raytown, Blue Springs, Lees Summit, North KC ect…) I’m not sure why Gina Dee’s experience is different from mine and the few other people who’s responded to her that lives in the KC area, but she made it sound as if you get nothing as soon as you leave downtown, which is completely false at least in the case of the Kansas City refarm.

          If she actually lives in KC, then she knows this. If she doesn’t and she is just talking about the refarm in other City’s downtowns, then I can speak for them.

    • mreveryphone

      I live in blue springs and my parents live in lee’s summit and I’ve yet to drop down to gprs. What phone are you using, the Samsung behold 2?

    • Lanh Nguyen

      what? I get full hspa+ almost everywhere I go. Airport, Overland Park, etc. You name it I have never seen gprs let alone edge. The only time I get edge is at my job.

    • Chimphappyhour

      Not sure what planet you’re on but no, my phone never, ever goes to GPRS outside of downtown. You have to start seeing herds of cows before it even goes to Edge.

      • JB

        LOL @ herds of cows, but it’s true. Even before the refarm, I can’t remember it going to GPRS. It may have pre-HSPA+ 21

      • LOVE

        I like the sound of living in a city like that. heards of cows. I live in Los Angeles, the only heards of cows out here are chopped up in the grocery store, or the fat latin people overcrowding Metro Buses and Subways

        • eanfoso

          That was so racist but funny lol

  • nycplayboy78

    WTF??!! Kansas City gets EVERYTHING…They get Google Fiber and now the get T-Mobile LTE as well…NO FAIR I say :p

    • moises1204

      sprint lte too, hahaha.

      • kliu0x52

        Sprint launching LTE in KC first made sense since Sprint is based and headquartered in KC. I don’t get what T-Mobile’s stake in this city is, but, hey, I ain’t complaining (I’m scheduled to get my Google Fiber this spring :)).

    • lnxarepou812

      166 days until i get back home–me and my Galaxy Note 2 can’t wait!

    • mreveryphone

      The Google fiber rollout isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be. Haven’t really heard anything else about it.

    • Lanh Nguyen

      Also got the 1900 mhz refarm first too lol

  • ant

    lol i wonder how many people
    in vegas betted they would get 4g first but detroit should get it since we got one of the best mlb team

  • S. Ali

    If T-mobile was smart they would build LTE where they DON’T already have HSPA+. Their 4G networks is already damn fast, they should farm all 2G to LTE, then build LTE in current HSPA markets.

    • fsured

      Last year someone posted good information back when the ATT mess was ramping up and their claim that Tmobile had no way to LTE. By building out their Hspa+ network they were essentially setting the ground work for LTE-advance in place. I don’t remember the specifics but something about the hardware used can also be switched to LTE through software upgrades, could be wrong on that specific, and smaller hardware adjustments making the process more cost effective. I think that is also why they are jumping ahead of Verizon and ATT in the LTE technology of the networks. Instead of building the network from scratch like the other 3 are doing, Tmobile went and built upon what they had giving customers Hspa+ speeds in the process. The talk of no path to LTE was meaning spectrum, not technology.

      While it stinks to be in their 2G area, it will be more expensive right now to deploy LTE in these areas first since the infrastructure to support it isn’t present. Media and customers see LTE as the icing on the cake which is putting more pressure on the company to get it done faster. Sadly it’s the way the cookie crumbles. I can’t wait to drive between cities or even 15miles out from where I live and get a better signal. I think this is their biggest problem in network coverage.

  • keasycase

    what about the HTC one s… they don’t have a lte built in???

    • TBN27


  • M42

    A patchwork network of LTE coverage areas just like their HSPA +. T-Mobile is like a kid with ADD, they can’t complete one thing before losing interest and moving onto something else.

    • Mirad77

      Not the ideal way of describing anything but I have to agree with you.

    • Mike

      No, they are just going to roll the network out first in most profitable areas first. Its basic economics. The full network upgrades for LTE will happen by 2015 and all 37,000 towers will have HSPA + by July 2013. Change carriers and pay more if you want. :]

  • CJ

    Is Chicago, New York and LA that hard to turn on LTE they always seem last?

    • PiCASSiMO

      Yes… us suckers have to wait till the end.

    • NYC and Long Island were one of the first few markets to get HSPA+42. At the very least we’re gonna get it by the end of 2013 (just in time for a new Nexus device :D)

  • JB

    Kansas City! FTW! But so soon (at least sooner than I thought) I need to hurry up and sell my S III so I can get a Note II or something. LOL

  • Alan713

    which LTE frequency will TMOB use? same as ATT? wonder if iPhone 5 or iPad will work on Tmo LTE?

    • PiCASSiMO

      Band 4…

    • Eric

      T-Mobile will use Band 4 AWS, AT&T uses Band 17 *mostly*

    • Trevnerdio

      Band IV meaning 1700/2100MHz

  • Trevnerdio

    Why…? Why does Kansas City get everything first or near first?

  • johnyboyluzig

    Can’t wait for the LTE update in Vegas….I’ve been out here since 1992 and the city has come a long way with Tmo. As a Note 2 owner activating the LTE will be like a double jackpot.

  • Qbancelli

    NYC Come on!

  • juniyvy

    like always chicago the windy city one of the biggest cities is always always last even doe the service sucks in chicago t-mobile network my samsung galaxy S 3 be on 3g 0r 2g instead of 4g.thats t-mobile for you in chicago il 60639 60641 60647 60618

  • jumbug

    chicago is always last no matter what t-mobile does iPhone still on E IN CHICAGO t-mobile said they reframe the network in chicago not true 60641

  • yvettte

    you guys wish one off the biggest city will be at lease in the top 5 for LTE or reframing the network for iPhone I’m in chicago and tmobile sucks out here i have a iPhone 4s still on EDGE my Samsung Galaxy S3 barely gets 4g in chicago but tmobile don’t care for the windy city my coworks be switching to other carriers do to tmobile network.

  • enize

    finaly i get people from chicago il 60639 i agree service sucks out here i have a iPhone 5 on edge anywhere in chicago suburbs my samsung galaxy S3 be on 2g most of the time no bars tmobile sucks in chicago. LTE in chicago thats a joke they still got to reframe the network for the iPhone you be lucky if they to that in the next couple of months so LTE next year in chicago ill 60639

    • Luis Medina

      I live in 60639 and i have great 3g but it goes away on diversey and pulaski

      • Nearmsp

        so what is the point of 3G service then?Are you satisfied with seeing great 3g in one place but not in other suburbs?

        • Luis Medina

          Na that pisses me off, but we have to be realists they cant wave a magic wand and turn on the service. now look at sprint their updates are taking an eternity here in chicago. So believe me t mobile is moving way faster

    • Mike

      I live in 60002 and thats 50 miles from Chicago and 45 From Milwaukee. I have a Galaxy SII and get speeds of up to 25Mbps download and 3.25Mbps up. If you would look around online you would see that T-Mobile claims all 37,000 towers will be HSPA + by July 2013. They say LTE will reach 200 Million people by end of 2013 with full network upgraded by 2015. It wasnt hard to find. :]

    • B_Eng

      Not exactly sure what you’re talking about there. On the S3, I’m hitting 6.5Mbps down in the loop in the middle of a weekday afternoon and >15Mbps in 60630. I usually hit higher numbers in the burbs. Now I will concede that, as with any city, there are dead pockets throughout the Chicago. But when there is a signal, I’m more than satisfied with 42 HSPA+

  • Nino13

    On my GS3 in the app manager are
    Com.test.LTEfunctionality and
    What are these for?

  • Mirad77

    If there is anything I hate is publicity like this. T-Mobile doesn’t have one up yet but #2 on the list is already out.
    If the refarming of 1900MHz is any measure of how they will deploy their LTE then am afraid T-Mobile will still bleed customers into 2014.
    I Like T-Mobile and pitch others to join us but this new guy ( the CEO looks like someone on drugs more so than the person that will do the turn around) needs to talk less and do more so we judge him by his actions more so than his words.

    • Jarrod

      Seeing how they were beta testing and already have much of it deployed in KC there is no issue with them listing it as #2

      • Mirad77

        I don’t have a problem with KC being #2 on the list more so than any other market. My area had better coverage of 1900MHz when they were beta testing than now that is done and live.

  • chicago finest 60707

    yes the windy city is finally here i agree service sucks in chicago il 60707.i have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and it be on EDGE more than 4g and in building or work or in a house you barely get one bar and no internet at all chicago gots a long way to go. iPhone network has not been reframe yet even the news said it was surprise cause we are the second biggest city and no reframe of iPhone network.its nice to see more chicago people on this comments.

    • LOVE

      i hear your situation too often with tmobile customers. great phone, but too little too often.
      i have a feeling even once T Mobile lte is launched it will be too little too late.
      Maybe time to look into a different carrier? I heard Sprint isnt that bad in Chicago. At&t and Verizon Wireless also an option. One thing I realized in life after being with T Mobile for 6 years, there is good cell phone service out there, and I dont have to put up with T Mobile. always give you promises. I am a happy At&t customer.

  • TBN27

    And well this be?

  • Anonymouse

    If the refarming of 1900MHz is any measure of how they will deploy their LTE then I’m afraid we are up for another disappointment! They will light up 20-25% of the geographical area mostly the suburbs and announce that the whole metro area has the most advanced LTE network in the nation! yay!

    • Verizonthunder

      Sad but hopefully they will change

  • Andy

    I think the markets like Philadelphia or NY where Metro PCS has LTE ready will receive after TMO and Metro will be combining. There is hope for us after everywhere else…

  • Nearmsp

    I don’t know how many of the commentators here switched from T-mobiles AWS 4G to an iPhone 5 or other 3G capable iPhone. I live in Rogers, MN NW of Minneapolis. I must say I have been very disappointed with 1900 Mhz 3G network. I constantly get no service on my iPhone 5 from one 3G to another. Outside my gym in Elk River I have 3G with 9Mbs speed. Inside on the second floor next to the window it is all Edge. If people are getting excited about this I am sorry, this will be the worst network for an iPhone. I am fearing with this standard, LTE will be no different. For last 10 years I have been very satisfied with T-mobile but after moving from SGS2 to iPhone 5, it has been a disaster for me. The Wi-Fi calling is also gone now, so when there is no signal inside the building you have no option.

    • enoch861

      What did you expect when you got your iPhone 5? Speeds like your S2? Honestly, T-Mobile is already doing everyone a favor by re-farming. I did get an iPhone 5 too but I didn’t expect the speeds to be comparable to my S3 (although they were when I had 3G). But then again, I didn’t expect to have 3G everywhere. Now, lets not jump the Gun here and say that T-Mobile’s LTE is gonna suck. Why? Look at T-Mobiles HSPA+ network, it ROCKS. So when they roll out LTE, its gonna rock. Any phone on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ is fast. Any phone on its respective carrier is fast. Take it to another carrier and your experience is gonna be vastly different. So don’t put T-Mobile down just because their re-farm sucks. I’ve been to Rogers/Elk River/Monticello and T-Mobile HSPA+ is really good out there. Their re-farm still sucks in the cities. But I’m glad that its at least there and when you get it, its fast.

      • Nearmsp

        Wow. You got a gall criticizing me for no service on my iPhone 5 in Rogers, when you yourself were a little over a month ago complaining that you get nothing but Edge in Makato, MN! You asked what does reframing Minneapolis meant.
        My point in a similar vein was that if this is the new standard of a “refarmed city” by T-Mobile, then I am not holding my breath for their LTE coverage. Even though I have been with T-mobile for ten years I do not think T-mobile is doing a favor to me by reframing their network. They are doing it for strategic reasons for competing with other networks for attracting iPhone 5 users. They have been losing postpaid customers for multiple years now. I stayed for 10 years with T-mobile because I liked their network, but that is no more true for me personally.

        • enoch861

          I was not criticizing you. Just merely stating a point. I’m not trying to knock you down about your opinion. I also agree that outside of the twin cities their re-farm is completely nowhere to be found. And even if you do find it it doesn’t last very long. But when you do find it its very fast.

          And I also was not complaining that day. I was just merely stating my experience and wanted clarification on how surrounding cities were handled during their re-farm.

          You can definitely hold your breath for LTE. Back in the day everyone was criticizing T-Mobile and they came out with arguably the best 3G network. Now everyone is criticizing T-Mobile for not having an LTE network and I’m pretty sure its gonna be as amazing as their 3G/HSPA network.

        • Nearmsp

          I will be the most happy person if their LTE is truly amazing. I like T-mobile and would like to stay but my iPhone 5 experience after many years of happy AWS network usage has not been too good. I do hope this is a temporary thing.

        • enoch861


  • kev2684

    freaking kansas gets everything! maybe i should move….

  • Josue

    I was expecting NYC, or LA

    • LOVE

      expect it. or go to AT&T or Verizon and get it today

      • eanfoso

        For twice the price

        • joann

          Yes twice the price but u get better coverage on at&t n Verizon n atleast u get 3G outside major city’s were T-Mobile only has crappy edge . sure T-Mobile has unlimited data but try using ur unlimited data outside major city’s on edge NOT FUN AT ALL….. while yes att n Verizon have capped data n is more expensive but at least u have decent 3G outside major city’s which u gotta admit is faster than tmobile’s edge even Verizons 3G evdo is faster I seen Verizon 3g get decent 1-3 mbps something T-Mobile edge dntget.

      • And capped data with overages.

      • Josue

        nah dude I have tmo since high school, and plus I used to work for them so I kinda know how to get around the “system” lol

  • B

    KC!!! I can’t wait!

  • Josue

    If I had to guess ill be; Vegas, KC, NYC, Boston…..then everyone else will get LTE

  • jelliottz

    Congratulations KC! Google Fiber and now this? Perhaps Google and T-Mobile should talk to the Royals ownership about how to put money into something to make it successful.
    Since I spent the first 20 years of my life in KC, I’m allowed to say things like that. Please, no one other than natives make fun of the Royals…

  • mreveryphone

    I knew it! I said they would follow the same update pattern as the refarm rollout. Now I’m going to checking my note 2 for the update and lte serviceI like crazy! When the refarm started I had a unlocked gs3 and I started seeing 4G long before it went official. I hope this is the same case with the LTE rollout!

  • Bill Smith

    I live in Vegas and have no idea when “soon” is.

  • Kahlayoh

    Why Vegas first??? LOL

  • Charles Smith II

    This may be a stupid question but… does this mean I’ll be able to use an unlocked Lumia 920 on T-mo’s LTE?

  • Bill Smith

    I’m in Vegas, just waiting on the word!

  • Amitus

    It is pretty obvious why Kansas City is getting is first along with Las Vegas. Thanks to Google the city now has a backhall in place with Fiber Optics. So if you want LTE to come quicker to your town.. hope that Google Fiber comes to your town to lay down the backhall.


    Where’s the love for STL – we have 1 million more people in the metro area compared to Suck City.

  • LOVE

    HOw can T Mobile just like that launch a LTE network, and Sprint has been trying to do it for over a year or years now and still hasnt a lot of LTE markets?

    • Because Sprint is known for being notoriously slow when it comes to upgrading their network. Plus they’re the only 1 of the Big 4 carriers bleeding money every quarter. T-Mobile has billions being invested in the network from parent company DT.

  • 03mach1

    will a att note 2 work with T-mobile lte when it launchs?
    How does it work with the refarmed net work?

  • Anthony V Cannata

    Hey what about Boston, MA

  • House of The Rising Sun

    Hey man there is a new update for the Samsung Galaxy SIII rolling out today OTA. I just begin to update mine. I’m not sure what is new but you should make an article about it.

  • edfranco1

    I am in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and am experiencing connection issues as of three weeks now after having excellent service (my average speeds 11 to 13 mbps ). I called T-Mobile who said that they are modernizing and have run into some issues… they also said that they are not upgrading to LTE just yet. I find this strange.