T-Mobile CES 2013 Preview, What Will We See?

The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is about to get underway and T-Mobile may be one of the few carriers to have some major announcements. As companies cut their dependency on CES launches and plan their own events throughout the year, we still expect T-Mobile to take advantage of having the worlds greatest tech audience all in one place. I’m saddened that for the first time in five years I’m not on my way to Las Vegas, but alas we’ll still have someone on the ground providing hands-on coverage for al of T-Mobile CES news.

So what do we want to hear about? Well, I think it goes without saying that this would be a great time for T-Mobile to show off their upcoming LTE network. Las Vegas and Kansas City are generally the first cities to go “live” with advanced T-Mobile services because of the high-profile nature of events like CES. Just as T-Mobile demonstrated HSPA+ 42Mbps at a previous CES, we expect a little preview of LTE this week as well. We’ll likely hear more about network modernization and its progress, perhaps even the first new market announcements of the year.

I can only assume that any T-Mobile press event will have to touch on their upcoming deal with MetroPCS. While there doesn’t seem to be anything new to speak of, they make take an opportunity to discuss the benefits of the pending deal yet again. Along with MetroPCS news, we could hear more about T-Mobile’s plan to move to a Value Plan only rate plan environment. Any discussion on that this week would hopefully include a timetable as well as how they plan to market such offers.

I expect that hardware announcements will be slim, if non-existent at all and that appears to be the case for most of the national players at CES. Announcements for AT&T, Verizon and Sprint are expected to be moderate, if notable at all. Nor I don’t anticipate any news on T-Mobile’s upcoming “Apple Products” launch as smart money has that kind of news having a more specific event or press release closer to launch.

So what do you want to see? What do you hope to see?

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  • gigis83

    nothing good

  • Aurizen

    I hope great things will be announced, and more about the iphone release and more plans.

  • Somewhat Caffeinated

    Probably a new Blackberry Curve announcement.

  • Impatient Waiter

    Samsung Galaxy S4 – pricing and release date and obviously the model

  • dunnsantee

    more detailed info on the LTE rollout….

    • TheVorlon

      I’m sure that they’ll say nothing more than what they have already announced.

      That LTE will be in 2013.

  • Unfortunately I’ve lost all faith in @TMobile After nearly 9 years I’m probably going to switch carriers in March. 3 years without a great phone and no prospects is enough

    • bisayan

      Good luck with ur other carriers try to control u..bye

      • c.Lo


    • TheVorlon

      You can buy an unlocked GSM phone from any manufacturer you want an use it on T-Mobile is no mandatory minimum smartphone plan like the other carriers.

      • Whiskers

        Not totally true . you will be required a 2 year contract to use that unlocked GSM phone on their Value Plan which is all they will offer starting in 2013 for postpaid services unless you go with the prepaid 4G plan.
        So what idiot would buy an unlocked $600 smartphone cash out of their pocket then rope themselfs into a 2 year contract with a company that can’t even deploy full 3G coverage in all areas.

        • eanfoso

          Perhaps someone who wants to have a cheap plan along with building up their’re credit score, besides those 60 $ a month are a little too much for one line on pre paid, what idiot would do that when you can just get in the cheapest plan ever and save money? Or are you living on checks back to back? I mean I like saving money and a contract for cell phone service is not bad in any way, cellphones a necessity, I know I’ll be using one until the day God takes me, so why not take advantage of it? Plus I travel a lot out of the country and all I do is call t-mobile and they can de activate service for up to 6 months without hurting the contract

        • ant

          alot of phones dont cost 600 but i was told by a rep that buying a unlocked phone and gettin a plan on tmo was the better option idk y but that what the guy said

        • c.Lo

          what TheVorlon said is true. And what eanfoso said is true. You should really read what they wrote. It is all very true.

        • Whiskers

          It’s only true if you already have a VP plan.
          IF your signing up for the first time it does’nt matter if you buy your phone outright with your own cash or use T-Mobile’s EIP service , you are required a new 2 year contract .
          If you are already a VP customer than yes you can just switch phones anytime without agreements , i do this myself all the time on one of my three VP lines.

          But buying a high dollar smartphone with your own financing then signing a 2 year contract is stupid when you get the same service with T-Mobile’s M4G or their new “GoSmartMobile” service that’s coming out soon.

        • TBN27

          I would because i live in a region where their 3g/4g is top notch and also their postpaid plans iffer services that the prepaid doesn’t.

    • eanfoso

      … You do realize you can buy whatever phone you want and use it with t-mobile, right?

      • Whiskers

        But unless you go on their M4G plan , they still rope you into a 2 year contract.
        FAIL !

        • Whiskers

          Yes they do Moron , how stupid can you be ?!
          You cannot be on a Value plan without a 2 year contract bonehead.
          I have three lines and one line is with a iphone on the VP and i still had to have a contract for the iphone to use it on the Value Plan services , so STFU about misleading information.
          Weather you buy it outright cash or through their EIP services they require a 2 year contract on Value Plans for you to get that low monthly price that the VP offer.
          OR you go to the prepaid palns.

        • eanfoso

          Okay the first round they do, but there after if you buy the phone outright they’re not going to get you to sign a 2 year agreement that’s not how it works, if you want to leave your contract untouched then pay it full price, if you don’t mind then eip, it’s like if I were to get the nokia 808 pureview from Amazon that’s not going to re new my contract, besides the coverage for pre paid is different from post paid

        • reinnier

          You don’t have to sign a 2 year contract you moron. You can get whatever gsm phone you want and not sign a contract.

        • Whiskers

          If you want to sign up for the VP for your first time , yes you do Moron.
          Only if you already are on a VP can you simple switch phones without signing or extending your contract.
          The only NON- contract with T-Mobile will be the “M4G” or the new “GoSmartMobile” services they will soon offer.

        • cruzz563

          This is what it has at the check out for a Value Plan on T-mobile’s site: “Prices exclusive to T-Mobile.com with 2-year activation on a qualifying
          rate plan. Final price is after rebate cards. Tax and shipping charges
          (if applicable) extra. New activation and/or line of service required.”

        • Guest911

          Why the hell are you calling him/her a moron? Projecting much?

        • â™ adeafmuteâ™ 

          I bought a $30 card from Walmart and now get unlimited data and text on my unlocked Nexus4 with out a 2 year agreement. Don’t blame T-Mobile just because you were too stupid to shop around.

        • cruzz563

          When Value Plans first came out, we switched from the Even More Plus plans and they said I had to enter into a 2-year contract. All 3 of my lines had unlocked Nokias at the time. So they most definitely make you sign a contract with Value Plans.

        • eanfoso

          Well yeah that is true even more plans are being phased outBut besides you are in a cheaper plan

        • cruzz563

          We switched a while back, as I said when they first came out, and the fact that they’re cheaper isn’t the point of contention. It’s the fact that I was required to sign a contract. Which I have no issue with, just giving evidence supporting Whiskers’ argument.

        • eanfoso

          But that’s because you signed an agreement on an eip, had you bought the phone from let’s say Amazon you wouldn’t have had to sign a new contract

        • cruzz563

          Excuse me? I most certainly did not. As I stated before, all 3 lines had unlocked Nokias. Go play in traffic.

        • eanfoso

          If you were on an even more plan with unlocked mobiles why did you go to the store? ????…….

        • cruzz563

          When did I say I went to a store? I switched over the phone. You are aware you can sign the contract over the phone, for that part you get transferred to an automated system. Either way, I’m bored of this.

        • eanfoso

          Store, phone, chat, whatever, why did you renew your plan if you were on even more plan?

        • ant

          if you trying to get on tmo u do if u already on u dont but if u need a sim u have to get a 2year contract

      • Richard j

        I wanted to pay full price for a Galaxy S III and switch from my iPhone and ws told my older plan was not compatible and I would need to change my plan. Even without buying any equipment from them they will require me to do a 2 year contract just to change plans.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Even the CDMA Razr Maxx?

        • eanfoso

          Yes, I don’t know why would anyone want this phone when the Galaxy s3 retails 50 $ cheaper (649 vs 599), the LTE on the razor maxx has a 1900 mhz band that xda developers already put to test with a t-mobile sim, voilà it worked, look up the video if you don’t believe me

        • Wilma Flintstone

          Because the battery life is what counts. It makes no difference if you have a GS4 with omega specs and the phone dies after 4 hours

    • TayshaunBoba

      Okay well I sort of agree with your great phones thing, but really? No prospects? TMO is among one of the most promising carriers right now. With cash infusions from Germany, proposed merger with MetroPCS, spectrum acquisitions combined with one of the largest network modernization projects in TMO history, Apple products in 2013, a break from the long-maligned subsidy model, the return of unlimited data, and new CEO/management?Those are not the qualities of a company going nowhere.

      • â™ adeafmuteâ™ 

        You forgot to mention the most ground breaking cell phone since the original iPhone. The LG Nexus 4.

        • TayshaunBoba

          You’re right! There are just so many great things goin on at TMO it’s hard to keep track of them all :)

    • moises1204

      hahaha, now that tmobile is getting better you are leaving? you are acting like the end of the movie dumb and dumber at the bus scene.

    • portaltonowhere

      Nexus 4…that is all

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Cloud storage only… That is all.
        I really wanted a 32gb version though.

    • c.Lo

      Are you saying the GS3 is not a great phone? HTC One S? Note 2? Those are great phones.

    • â™ adeafmuteâ™ 

      Nexus 4 what’s that?

    • Jose Hernandez

      3 Years without a great phone? Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Note, Note 2, HTC One S, Nexus 4. What is it that you consider a great phone? And for the love of all that is holy, it better not be the iphone, we all know that is coming in the next few months.

  • thepanttherlady

    Blackberry Z10!!!

    • Nearmsp

      what is a blackberry? Oops.. that dinasour.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Blackberry is a fruit Lol

  • Whitney

    I am interested in the LTE, and fully refarmed T-mobile. When will T-mobile officially launch LTE

  • eanfoso

    Hopefully about the re farming areas, the prospect line up and hopefully a marketing strategy, seeing Carly ride a helicopter only is kind of getting boring, Iliked the bike commercial where it was Carly against Verizon at&t and sprint lol :)

  • Kingkobe214

    I’m hoping they release 4.2 or 4.1.2…

  • After thinking about it, considering that there’s now new hardware on the horizon (minus the HTC codenamed M3 and Blackberry Z10) I think they’re going to focus on network and announce the iPhone 5 release date for T-Mo. Perhaps even a demo showing the power of release 10 LTE hardware and how T-Mo will have the fastest iPhone speeds in the US.

    • jorge guerreo

      i have an iphone 5 right now with tmo and it’s so fucking slow compared to my gs3(network wise) tmobile coverage just sucks for iphone seriously. im in a reframed city btw.

      • c.Lo

        iPhone sucks, period.

        • Whiskers

          It’s NOT the phone , it’s the USER and/or the network that it’s used on.

        • edfranco1

          What’s wrong you cant purchase one with a contract at At&t, Verizon or Sprint because of bad credit? You obviously have issues.

      • Whiskers

        +1 ^^^

        One of my three lines i have on the VP services i use a Iphone 4S and it’s pathetic in speeds compared to my outdated HD7 phone even in the 3G areas that are refarmed.
        It’s a great phone and built better than most other phones i’ve had with T-Mobile but even in the 3G refarmed areas , i have to rely on WIFI or it’s just pathetic service.

  • GinaDee

    I’d like to hear them say they are accelerating their LTE rollout and expanding coverage to 300 Million POPS thus sunsetting the 1990’s technology they currently use in most of the nation: GPRS.

    T-Mobile already claims to have 3G technologies to around 225 million people but that encompasses tiny little blips on the map compared to their 2G network.

  • sushimane

    I wanna see that note 3 6.3 inches screen lol.

  • CPPCrispy

    I would like to hear what they are going to do with the 2g only areas of their network. Are they going to upgrade it to hspa+? Are they going to skip over hspa+ and go directly to LTE? Are they going to leave it with 2g?

    I think that they should at least upgrade their entire network to hspa+.

    Edit: I would also like a timetable.

  • Alex Zapata

    I wonder if they’ll announce anything about wifi calling on the iPhone or on Windows phones at CES this year….just a random musing.

    • JustSaying

      That’s a big reason why I might not consider the iPhone because it doesn’t have Wifi Calling! :( By the way is Wifi Calling a T-Mobile exclusive? do other carriers do this too?

      • Blaze

        Exclusive to T-Mobile

      • Nearmsp

        You can get a google number, add talkatone app on your iphone and point the number to your google talk. You can have your own wi-fi calling.

  • Nearmsp

    T-mobile has been making announcements left and right about 23 cities with 100 million pops refarmed for 3G on 1900 Mhz. Their 3G coverage reminds of my then girlfriend’s Sprint phone. The coverage is spotty, weak and many dropped calls and worse no signal in many areas. T-mobile refuses to provide any 3G coverage maps for 1900 Mhz frequency. If they have plans to compete with AT&T with this type of coverage, good luck. At the CES 2013, I would like CTO Neville Ray to be honest with their customers and show some real 3G coverage maps. Tell what percentage of current 4G customers are covered and by when all of the 4G customers areas will be refarmed. I am not interested in the market terms such percentage population. Please talk with existing customers as a reference. Also provide some information when 3G refarming will be over and when LTE will start and complete.

    • Richard Yarrell

      You must work for At@t. Tmobile is doing just fine and much progress is being made. At@t is nothing special they focus on it’s Lte network and forgot all about its original hspa plus network which is pitiful and slow. Tmobile and it’s 42mpbs hspa plus network pisses all over At@t and it’s Lte network. Plus we won’t even discuss the crappy data plans that exist on At@t. The sad part is At@t copies Verizon and Verizon copies At@t and they both suck rotten eggs equally. Tmobile is about to BLOW THEM BOTH AWAY with it’s Lte advanced 10 network. Plus unlimited data usage just being able to enjoy a device as intended without carrier limits priceless.

      • philyew

        In February 2012, TM energized many of us with the announcement of the Reinvigorated Challenger Plan. They did a great job selling the idea that the network re-farm would be completed by the end of 2012. Most interested people – customers, employees, and internet bloggers – ran with this idea and the follow up BYOD campaign that reinforced the illusion.

        As the year progressed, however, modernized markets were announced with huge gaps in coverage: there was simply no way that the majority of towers were modernized, yet the process was repeated over and over again. Take Houston, for example: They said the market was modernized, but when you broke down the detail, the districts covered represented less than 25% of the geography and even less of the market population.

        When the Capital Markets Day announcements came round last month, Neville Ray finally revealed the real timeline for this project: HSPA+ on PCS to reach 170 million POPs by mid-2013, rising to 200 million POPs by year-end…But there are currently 225 million POPs served by HSPA+ on AWS, meaning that the first phase of the modernization will actually linger on into 2014.

        Responding to the BYOD marketing, people have been going out and buying $850 iPhones, without subsidy or EIP assistance, only to find that they are still restricted to 2G service in a so-called “modernized” market.

        Based on the timeline above, it’s very likely that, with over 30% of the HSPA-serviced population yet to benefit from market modernization, TM will start to sell Apple products directly. When that happens, they absolutely have to have something better in place than a bunch of demonstrably-untrue market launch announcements and AWS-based coverage maps to help customers get a positive experience.

        This isn’t a pissing contest about TM and AT&T. TM have said they are going after AT&T and they want to be the “un-carrier.” If those statements are true, they need to stop behaving like we are fodder for the monthly churn, and are instead assets that have to be respected.

        Starting to tell the truth in modernization announcements, and giving the customers the right tools to help make informed decisions is an essential part of that process.

      • squiddy20

        “and forgot all about its original hspa plus network which is pitiful and slow.” That totally explains why T-Mobile is slated to start rolling out LTE sometime later this year. HSPA+ is a dead-end tech. The tech itself has a max *theoretical* speed of 168 Mbit/s down and 22 Mbit/s up. Meanwhile plain old LTE (not talking LTE Advance), the same LTE the Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are rolling out, are capable of 300 Mbit/s down and 75 Mbit/s up. This is, again, for the tech itself, not what we currently have access to (obviously). In any event, as you can clearly see, max theoretical speed of LTE is more-or-less double the max theoretical speed of HSPA+. Tell me again why HSPA+ is better?

      • crystalbella

        And you must work for tmobile? Because everytime i come in here your always defending tmobile. Funny how u say tmobiles hspa network pisses all over atts lte network. I dont have att my man does i have tmobile and everywhere we been were att has lte and tmobile has hspa not once have i seen tmobile beat atts lte in speed tests in NY, LA,MIAMI,VEGAS and boston att always had better results 30-40 mbps dwn and 10-20 up while me on tmobile always had 10-20 dwn and 1-2 up i noticed tmobile has HORRIBLE upload speeds not once have i ever gotten more than 2 in the upload while att gets up to 20 up. Also what good is tmobiles hspa if its only available in major citys? I hate the fact that every time i go out of the city i drop dwn to edge on wack mobile while my man always has at least 3G on att and thats when atts 3G is faster than tmobiles edge. I think tmobile needs to work on there coverage outside major citys cuz att always wins it has better coverage and its usually 3G coverage while tmobile has edge .Like when i was in LA 2 weeks ago we decided to drive down to tijuana mexico worse trip ever tmobile had edge 95% of the time while att had SOLID 3G all the way. It got so bad on tmobile that at many restroom stops in the middle of nowere my tmobile s3 showed “G” i dnt kno if it was gsm or gprs while my man had full bars of 3G on his att xperia ion . I had to borrow his phone cuz on mine i couldnt use data it only worked to call and call quality was horrible on “G” once we got to otay meza my phone found 4G for a good 10 minutes then dropped down to edge . Once we got to san ysidro i got 4G for a lil while then edge kicked in all while att had 3G i was dissapointed in tmobiles lousy coverage it got better as i was crossing the bridge into tj and it switched to TELCEL i got a message sayin i was in mexico then i got full bars of 3g/4g everywere i went i was surprised how good 3g/4g service is in mexico with telcel only bad thing is ima get a huuuge bill for data roaming and making calls on mexico with tmobile. But watev once i pay tht last bill ima switch to att .

  • purenupe1

    I hope they come to their senses and stop forcing contracts on people without giving anything back ( ie give me a subsidy and stop with the added contracts to plan changes)

  • TMoFan

    It would be nice to hear about a cool flagship exclusive to TMo. Doubt that though. Realistically I would like to hear more about the switch to value, refarm and lte progress.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Samsung Behold 3!!!! >:D

    • Spanky

      Eclair update for the Behold 2!

      • Wilma Flintstone


  • They will give a good demo of the iPhone 5 on their network, and show off their LTE to come. But on what device? The galaxy s3 of course!

  • jbhotnessmon

    department of commerce announcing LG phones being banned for crappy software support and for being POS.

  • sidekicker89

    Just a quick question, does T-Mobile have enough spectrum to refarm the entire network with 1900 mhz?? Or will there be areas that will never be refarmed unless they acquire the 1900 mhz spectrum there?

  • mmeyer4663

    Out at CES with the cable guys again this year. Is T-Mobile have a reception or the like again this year?

    • bob90210

      Is it indoors? If so, then T-Mobile will have no reception.