T-Mobile Deal Round-Up, Galaxy S III $49 At Staples Through End Of Day

A quick little roundup of the latest deals on T-Mobile devices leads up first to Staples brick and mortar locations where you will find the Pebble Blue 16GB Galaxy S III for $49.99. The pricing is good for both new and qualifying upgrade customers and lasts through the end of today. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t know about this deal sooner, but you do still have the rest of the afternoon and evening to make your way down to your local Staples location and grab this offer before its gone.

T-Mobile Monthly4G customers take note as the LG Optimus L9 is available for $199 as a new smartphone option for prepaid customers. As news spreads that T-Mobile will introduce a $70 Unlimited 4G data plan, perhaps now is the time to take a look at the best Monthly4G device options, of which the Optimus L9 will certainly be one. You can always circle back to our review to help decide if this phone is right for you.

T-Mobile authorized dealers, better known as the non-corporate store types are currently offering a bevy of inexpensive devices on the cheap. The LG Optimus L9, Samsung Exhibit II, myTouch, myTouch Q, Lumia 810 and T-Mobile Prism are all available for $0 down with any qualifying Value Plan.

“Get the LG Optimus L9 and select other great 4G smartphones with $0 down (after mail-in rebate card) on qualifying plan. Monthly device payments and new two-year agreement required.



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  • Trevnerdio

    Do yourself a favor everyone…don’t buy an LG phone.

    • ant

      lmao right esp if u want a contract

  • ant

    i thought about the l9 but i hated the g2x after 3 months n had to get the sensation when it came out so im staying away from lg’s but tmo lowered the note 2 price to 199 (299 get 100 mir)

    • jman69

      I had the G2X and swore I would never buy another LG phone. Didn’t we all say that with Samsung as well in the past? Then Samsung changed. I did buy the LG Nexus 4 and it is great. I don’t think I will every buy a non Nexus phone again. At least this way you will always get the latest Android update asap.

      • ant

        yea u right i had the vibrant but i actually liked it n i cancel my plan before it got old n i can complain so idk if samsung suck or not i heard they did then but the nexus is alway going to b a top android phone no matter who its made by

      • iamnumbersix

        I still say that about samsung. Behold II, Vibrant, SIdekick4g, SII. All Buggy, all required reboots constantly, battery pulls, lies about updates, and on and on. That samsung finally has it’s act together is irrelevant, I have been burned too many times. I don’t buy samsung anything, ever. I would be perfectly willing to try LG at this point.

  • PCJ

    dang, Staples doesnt sell phones in Florida.

  • Lil Mike

    All staples stores don’t have the Samsung galaxy S3 available…

  • Anonymous

    I actually picked up two L9’s because of this deal.

    i too experienced the G2X, but this is a completely different step for LG.

    for $250, you simply will not find a better phone.

    For comparison, i also have the htc one x, samsung galaxy s3, note 2, and nexus 4

    the L9 is as smooth as the s3 and note 2, significantly smoother than the one x, but slower compared to the nexus 4

    the camera is nothing special, but the phone itself flys, then you have a microsd slot, removable battery (which lasts as long as the s3), and a pretty decent screen.

    i’d go test it out before i discount the L9 because of a previous phone

    • ant

      well since you put it this way maybe i should get it because i know people who selling it for 170 brand new im not the type who cares about names but i thought it was like the lg g2x n optimus t

  • jbhotnessmon

    i had the G2X you will get no updates for the phone LG is incapable of writing software worth a s***. DON’T BUY ANY PHONES FROM LG UNTIL THEY LEARN HOW TO CODE AND UPDATE THEIR CRAP PHONES!!!

  • Tc Rose

    Wooow I knew about this like a week ago so I went to my local Staples in Jersey & the dude told me the 49.99 price was only for new customers , upgraders pay 99.99 -____- wow ! And they only have the blue one smh

  • >Week long sale at Staples.
    >Write about it last day of sale
    >Read the blog day after sale ends

    Awesome :-/

    • I wish I’d learned about it earlier myself!

      • well i work at the Bristol, CT selling phones at Staples want me to keep you updated on are sales?

  • Why am I seeing the new iPhone and Samsung gs3 smart phones at such low prices at retailers such as Wal-Mart and staples? are retailers getting these phones cheap because they have leftover parts inside.are the parts inside not as good quality?these questions keep popping in my head when I see these great deals.paranoia