T-Mobile’s Unlimited Data Plan Coming Soon To Monthly4G

Some good news for Monthly4G customers as your opportunity to take advantage of T-Mobile’s Unlimited 4G data plan finally arrives on January 9th. T-Mobile’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan is “Perfect for video chat, streaming music/movies/TV and playing online games” with all the pleasures of a no-contract environment.

The new $70 Unlimited plan will replace the current $70 Unlimited talk/text and 5GB data plan starting next Wednesday. The introduction of this plan shows T-Mobile’s continued efforts to remain serious about their prepaid offerings, now their biggest growth driver. With the addition of MetroPCS’ customers later in the year, T-Mobile’s Monthly4G offerings are likely to take an even bigger piece of the pie as at least some of those customers are likely to jump onto T-Mobile’s no-contract offering.

This sounds like a win-win, so who will take advantage of it?

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  • why bother doing a two year on contract? bunch of idiots.. might as well turn into a prepaid company since they have the best plans for it

    • ceegii63

      yeah Tmo calls your idea GoSmart, now GoGoogleIt

      • ok but im talking should i should i sign a contract when the prepaid offers just about the same thing as a postpaid. either way you are paying for the phone full price. both offer insurance and the same features

        • AndroidProfit

          yes and this allows TBlow to spear head the continued artificial inflation of phone prices!

        • od312

          Robert troll Simmons

        • AndroidProfit

          Wow ouch you really got me there sweetheart

        • Well you did say ouch lol

        • Dakota

          Ib didn’t notice any difference from postpaid to prepaid to straight talk.

        • Javier Ortiz

          Prepaid will never offer a payment plan or credits, and you sit back and watch people take advantage of very good promos, and insurance….. yes prepaid has insurance but it’s a painful process for even a some defective device claim, contract has MANY benefits.

        • smylax

          Here is a big advantage for postpaid: warranty exchanges. With postpaid, with handset protection, you get free overnight shipping and they mail you the phone, you have it the next business day. And fee is only $5. On prepaid, even with the protection from Assurant, you have to mail your phone in, wait for them to receive it, evaluate it, repair it, and then send it back fixed or replaced. You will be without a phone for at least a week and you are paying the shipping to get it there.
          Not too many advantages other than that and more flexible billing, but the warranty exchange advantage is a BIG advantage, as most customers don’t have an old phone that they can use in the mean time.


        Don’t forget Simple Mobile

    • mueller2051

      I agree you have no choice but pay full price or use your tmobil credit to buy a phone. no more costco or bestbuy only tmobil if you cant afford full price

      • Dakota

        Nexus phones are a lot cheaper or people get second or third tier phones in the 200 range

        • ChristianMcC

          It’s almost crazy to think that the best of the android kind are now the cheapest :-) Loving my galaxy nexus I got for $225 from an N4 upgrader!

    • Jesse James

      not everyone feels like shelling out $600+ on a high end phone up front.

      • LOVE

        craigslist, ebay, walmart.. you dont have to shell out 600 my friend.
        maybe 350.

        • ant

          what craiglist city u in because in detroit if u want a high end smartphone good-new conditon u paying 350-400 up if u lucky but most people want 500

      • joe9439

        Nexus 4. $300 and the best phone that money can currently buy.

  • Qbancelli

    Great news! But I have no use for this

  • Wow competition against metro pcs great plan with iphone 5 or note 2. Puts Sprint unlimited plan to shame.

  • diego

    I know it’s has nothing to do with this news but some guys are doing something to the tower behind my house. Its not the swaping of 1700 to 1900 band because they had already done that. Oh yeah I live in spring,TX outskirtsof Houston,TX.

    • Herb

      Most of the towers they’ve been upgrading & preparing for LTE simultaneously so it could be LTE-related!

      • Trevnerdio

        Me gusta

  • thepanttherlady

    I hope this doesn’t mean they’re upping Value plan prices (iPhone anyone?) since a single line on Value for unlimited everything is the same price. Only difference is the EIP offered for credit worthy Value plan customers. Hmmmmm….

    ETA: Oh yeah, and a 2 year contract.

    • HRoth-Gar

      The only thing making the value plan great was that it was cheaper than prepaid for more service, this is going to kill t-mo’s contract service.

  • RotaryP7

    Good news. I’m guessing this removes the $70 plan 5GB w/ hotspot included.

    • thepanttherlady

      It does say it is replacing the current $70 5gb plan.

    • Herb

      The Monthly4G 5GB plan never included hotspot, that’s only on the contract 5GB plan which is not going away. Hotspot on Monthly4G costs $15/mo.

      • fsured

        I had to call them on Christmas eve because they accidentally removed hotspot from my plan when I upgraded a phone in November. I have the contract 5gig plan and hotspot is not included. They are charging me $15bucks to add it back on to my line. I have a family plan and unless it’s different for individual plans, I’m either misinformed or you are. :( I’ll be rather angry if it’s supposed to be included and the rep still added it back on with the fee.

        • Jack

          Contract 5GB and 10GB includes hotspot. You shouldn’t be charged extra $15. Just call in and they can delete old plans and replace.

      • od312

        Yea, it’s an extra 15 for those of us who don’t know how to get around it ;)

        • AndroidProfit

          Of course because theft is a good answer.

        • od312

          Total theft, since I pay T-Mobile over $170 monthly which includes 4 data plans, capped at 5 gigs. You’re an idiot

        • HRoth-Gar

          You are the idiot if you don’t consider it theft. Just because you know of a workaround, doesn’t mean you aren’t stealing the service.

        • Word! I’m gettin the Hotspot free with $30 plan. But even if i didn’t, $15 bucks more is not bad comparing the extra cost for a 3G/LTE iPad on Verizon or AT&T. But for me Wi-Fi devices only.

      • T. Hargers

        i use hotspot all the time…w/o the $15/mo

      • RotaryP7

        It’s included with the $70 5GB M4G plan. Not a lot of people knew this. It’s $15/month when you don’t have the $70 plan.

  • Mark Reese

    I’m not understanding why I should remain on the value plan when I can get more options with prepaid .

    • me

      Because an individual plan is $77 a month and that includes insurance plus you have the option of installment payments for new phones. You don’t get that with m4g. Also m4g has a smaller network than your value plan.

      • Danny Rodriguez

        what do you mean a smaller network?

      • What smaller network? all of these devices access the same exact network.

        • Guest911

          Oh jams….you should stop yapping as you never have a clue.

        • You clearly need to stop stalking me, its really annoying.

      • RotaryP7

        Same network. No difference.

        • eanfoso

          No fool, look on the Web Site, prepaid has it’s own network,when you do a coverage check the other option there

        • Perhaps I’m lucky. The coverage maps in my area look exactly the same (18031). Even when toggling between 3G/4G smart phone and 2G/Voice signal strength maps – contract or prepaid.

      • jj984

        one difference between prepaid and contract plans is that you can’t roam voice or data and you also can’t make a payment arrangement if you can’t pay your bill on time.

        • hello

          Roam? Where in the heck do you get to roam on the Tmobile network?? I can still go to corporate store for help! I would be an idiot not to switch to prepaid.

        • fentonr

          T-Mobile has roaming agreements with over 200 companies. Its not even kind of hard to find a place where you’ll be roaming. Go look at T-Mobile’s online coverage map, when your still zoomed fairly far out so you can see most of the country you should see three colors: dark green, light green and white. White is no service, dark green is T-Mobile coverage and light green is partner networks. If you’re actually looking at the coverage map, you’ll see that there is a TON of roaming. As to support, stores can’t do much with prepaid and many won’t help because they can’t and trying to is a waste of every ones time. If you live in a large city and never leave it, you don’t need help from a store, don’t want to participate in sales or use EIP (phone installments) and you don’t mind having the lowest priority on the network, then yes, you’ll be able to save nothing but drop the contract. Keep in mind, unlimited talk text and data is $69.99 a month on value. Oh, also, you cannot have family plans, if you need two lines, its $140 on prepaid but $120 on value. If you need three, prepaid is $210 and value is $155, and so on. Maybe not an issue for you, but it is for most people.

        • AnonFTW

          You’re forgetting about the junk fees that gets added on top of your monthly bill. AFAIK, prepaid monthly4G don’t have those fees.

        • spritemoney

          There is no data roaming, only voice roaming. I have roamed off of AT&T plenty of times, and I have the $50 plan. If I need data ill just use my Verizon mifi.

    • Customer service will suck for ou if you aren’t on contract from what I hear.

      • Jesse James

        lol it isn’t that good on contract either! I do admit the past 6 months I felt an improvement but it still has a bit to go

        • It used to be soooo good then t-mobile got a bit greedy. But from what I hear its more obvious that t-mobile is outsourcing your call to foreign countries. My cousin who happens to be Filipino had the prepaid t-mobile before about a year ago he was having problems with the SK4G I had given him (leftovers very buggy device) we called tech support he recognize that the womans accent was that of filipino and she admitted she was tough of course this is not entirely proof of outsourcing because usa is a big mix pot but with that strong of an accent I doubt she is american. The wait times for him were always 30 minutes plus and me and my family being loyal contract customers we get on the line with a re in less than 10minutes usually 3 or 5minutes avg days or on busy days 15minutes and we get the option to get called back. So there is some difference.

        • 21stNow

          I’ve had short wait/hold times on my prepaid line for customer service calls.

        • They must be improving then

      • I never have to call customer service anyway. Also I use to be on contract and it sucked then. So im not sure what the difference is.

      • go

        Customer service suck? I get treated like a regular customer in the store cause this is all their stores are selling!

        • I wasn’t referencing in store csrs just mainly phoneline csrs I agree in store reps help me out to the best of their knowledge but unfortunately their knowledge is limited compared to what it used to be. Back in the day there was no need to call t-mobile for your problems unless their stores were closed, I miss those times.

      • Guest911

        it sucks either way, most of the clowns in the store should be let go. The number of “customer care” representatives who really know anything about plans and devices has gone down significantly over the years.

        • Evan stills

          There is a lot of re-staffing back here in the U.S.. the previous merger scaring a lot of knowledgable reps away. But fear not, the company has recovered quite nicely in the past 6 months.. Focusing on talent aquisition and beefing trainingnew hire process.

        • Kyrie64

          Agreed! I’m ready to leave TMo b/c of the awful customer service!!

      • Techngro

        I’m the type of person who does research before they buy/walk into a store, so the customer reps in store don’t matter much to me. But when I call T-mo customer service, I immediately get pissed when the other person comes on the line. It’s always, “Hello sir, my name is Kevin (or Bob, or Jennifer), how may I help you today”. We all know damn well that his name isn’t Kevin. It’s Ahmed or Kumar. I don’t care that they’re Indian, I care that they think i’m stupid enough to believe that they’re not Indian. Also, even though they have gotten better recently, I still have trouble understanding what the hell they are saying half the time.

        There are other problems with their phone customer service, but that’s the thing that gets me the most.

        • I do as well but sometimes the research isn’t thorough enough especially when you buy brand new. It definitely saves a lot of stress though when research is done. T-mobile has them do that though because they know we all hate when they outsource to someone we can’t understand, I don’t know why if they outsource the call centers they outsource to the place where people have the strongest accents when Aussies or British folk can be understood just fine.

      • thepanttherlady

        I’m on contract and get the Phillipines. :/

    • Guest911

      Family Plans are cheaper on Postpaid

    • Evan stills

      Probably the same as everyone else who does. Phoneequipment installments & being able to always set up a payment arrangement. Postpaid customers also get a head start on new phones due to tenure/loyalty.

      • 21stNow

        What do you mean by “head start on new phones”? Prepaid and postpaid customers have the same release days for new phones.

    • ChristianMcC

      Because if you get 4 friends or family members to join in the plan you can each have a $45 unlimited everything, 4g included, plan, and that’s if you need unlimited min, $35 for the people who need only 500 min.

    • 2ny

      Im in a 5gigs montly value plan and paying like $90 bucks a month, Tmobile should gives the option to move to this cheaper prepaid plan with real UNLIMITED data…. C’mon! This SUX!

      • You can always change the data plan

      • Techngro

        I’m on a 5 GB monthly 4G plan and I pay $30 bucks a month. You gettin’ robbed dude.

      • joe9439

        I’m on that plan too. I get the prepaid refill cards at a 20% discount so I’m only paying $24 a month. That makes the extra minute fees 8 cents a minute too. So who cares if I go a couple hundred minutes over? I’ll just pay it! It would only be worth it for me to switch to one of those higher price plans if I were using like 400+ minutes on a monthly basis which I’m not.

  • Mike

    They need to improve the service before doing this.

  • psychoace

    F yeah I’m upgrading

  • doubleatheman

    Wonder how hard they will try to block tethering on this new plan. Its really tempting to me to get this plan. I use lots of data on my phone. But I use tethering in emergencies. I only use about 200mb of tethered data.

  • rob

    it is only $10 more.. I’ll upgrade

  • Mr Tibs

    Good news? $70 nor $60 is good news. Metro flat $50 is Good News

    • psychoace

      metro PCS also caps. Unless they are running full 4g for 1tb of bandwidth then you can’t compare the two.

    • you only get about 2.5gb of high speed data with that plan.

  • TmoJoe

    I knew this was coming… We got brochure’s for this months ago when they were rolling out php for m4g then they made us shred them

  • Luis Flores

    That’s why I’m leaving T-Mobile and going on simple mobile for $50 a month unlimited everything but honestly I’m always around a WiFi connection IMA be rocking out with my nexus 4 and saving money doing it

    • Nick

      I’ve used 3gb of data in a week and the are disconnecting it tonight the text said. Their unlimited isn’t what it seems. I was more happy with straight talk, but I’ll be switching to this asap.

      • Svengalis

        How do you use 3GB of data on a cell phone in a week? How do you use 3GB at all LOL?

        • HRoth-Gar

          I regularly use over 50GB in a month. Not that hard, really.

        • Its not that hard if you don’t have a life, streaming all day and no wi-fi at home.

        • ChristianMcC

          Stream a couple hours Netflix to your computer tethered, and you’ll see how quickly the data goes. I’m looking forward to testing out my newly acquired unlimited(aka 9765.62 GB) 4g plan!

          **BTW, nerd fact: to use that data up, you’d need to have a constant speed of just under 30 megabits/sec [3.73 megabytes/sec] for every second in a 31 day month**

  • Michael Johnson

    Is it just me or does it seem like T-Mobile is turning itself into a prepaid carrier? With the removal of subsidized phones and the huge push for Monthly4G, this seems to be the case.

    • yes it may seem like that but nooooooo there modeling European cell phone companies. Contracts is sooo 2000.

  • adeedew

    GREAT news!!! Wow hope they get that refarming done of 1900 band for iPhones quick!

  • T. Hargers

    omg! i almost signed a contract today to get the nexus 4…so glad i stopped by this site first

    • ChristianMcC

      If you can find at least one other person to join you on the value plan, it would be worth it, as you would pay 10 less at least. I highly recommend you get the nexus 4 through Google, or buy a galaxy nexus through someone who just upgraded. Got mine for $225, perfect condition:-)

      • T. Hargers

        yea i think ill just save a lil more a get one from the play store…IF they ever get them back in stock. But ill stay off contract as long as possible so i can leave if i want…

  • spritemoney

    I wish they would raise the $50 plan from 100mb to like 1gb.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Upsell to the $60 version.

      • spritemoney

        I have at times.

    • ikr at least 500mb because the 50 dollar plan is the most popular. But 1gb sounds even better

    • I’d rather them bump the minutes on the $30 5GB plan to atleast 250 mins. That’ll be nice and I can cut down on using semi-reliable VOIP apps while on the go.

    • Dakota

      Yeah you’re better off with straight talk. 4G $45 and at least 2gb… just can’t do lots of streaming. I’m even getting free international texts for that price..texting Canada, UK & Australia. Sucky outsourced support but T-Mobile prepaid is also in Philippines…

      • lynyrd65

        T-Mobile Straight talk is true unlimited (I’ve done 7 gigs in a month with no throttle at full H42 speed)

    • nicknowsky

      thats the most popular plan I wish they would

  • tmocomment

    Do you get grandfathered into a T-mobile Prepaid plan once it is no longer available? I’m assuming that you do with a Value plan. Anyone know? I just signed up for a two year contract value plan a few days ago, and am wondering if I should cancel and switch to Prepaid.

    • You should switch.

    • ChristianMcC

      I would get a second+ line with a friend or family member, as you’ll pay at least $10 less per line, for the same thing. 5 lines with this unlimited everything is $45 per line.

  • galaxydude

    This plan will be excellent on my
    brand new nexus 4 I am switching on
    Jan 9.

  • Dino Rodriguez

    Good bye Verizon!!

    • Richard Yarrell

      Better late than never. Verizon is useless i dissed them in June. Tmobile is the place no doubt great network perfect devices.

      • ChristianMcC

        Not exactly perfect devices, but bring a nexus and you’re set!

  • irfan0922

    What about simple mobile new plans cheaper then that

    • ChristianMcC

      They give you about 2 GB of data before they throttle or kick you off. Better to just go to T-Mobile’s new prepaid venture with “go smart mobile.” 5gb high speed, before throttled, and unlimited talk and text at the same $45.

  • This sucks !!! I was wondering when this was gone hapen. But i dont care i have unlimited data for a lower price. But no unlimited talk lol and i also found out that t-mobile makes you sign a two year contract for bringing your own device to its contract devision. But hey i guess the really need contract customers

  • crystalbella

    so does anyone know for sure if monthly 4g uses all of tmobiles network like postpaid and gets the same data speeds cuz im on contract with tmobile and get 10-20 mbps on average over here in LA .. Does anyone know if monthly 4G uses all of the network or half and provide the same data speeds or slower?

    • I get 12 – 25mbps on average in Chicago on Monthly4G. Same network! I laugh at those who on contract, especially Value Plans.

      • ChristianMcC

        When you see what you could pay for 5 lines unlimited everything, if you can get 4 friends or family members to join you on it, you might stop. $45 each line, and that’s if you need unlimited talk, $10 less per line that doesn’t.

    • Svengalis

      It uses all of Tmobile’s network! People you seriously need to get with times no need for contracts anymore. Get a nexus 4 and prepaid plan!

  • lee

    I don’t get it. What is the cap on the 4g speed on this $70.00 plan???
    It doesn’t say in the advertising.

  • Richard Yarrell

    It’s only fair prepaid customers get some unlimited data love just like us contract folks. Tmobile rules expect much in 2013ffrom these guys. They are making their move in the carrier game.

    • ChristianMcC

      I completely agree. I am so much happier with them since I took a text survey they sent me and gave me a call. They switched my 5 lines to the value plan with no migration fee, though we had 7 months left on our previous contract. I know it’s another 2 years, but with the price, I can’t see it any better elsewhere for a while!


    Watch how many iPhones hop onto the network, then again why not at a price point that’s fair and fully unlimited. The unlocked phone and prepaid markets are getting more interesting

  • SmokinSteeler

    Network is different on m4g because there is no roaming!

  • jaybee

    I am pretty sure that there is going to be a 14 MBS constant throttle on this. Surprised I don’t see that mentioned at all.

  • ant

    all i want to know is when the new htc releasing with a micro sd slot

  • kev2684

    omg wat? unlimited 4g nationwide talk/text is $5 more on value plans + tax,
    monthly 4g nationwide is tax inclusive, right? i’m confused. unlimited m4G seems to be cheaper than value.

    • HRoth-Gar

      no, there is tax on m4g, it is local sales tax + 911 fees (about 7 bucks where I live)

      • Your tax is high. With the mobile insurance and my regular plan at $30 I’m paying $39.50 total

  • Tyson Beckford

    This plan is the same price as value for a single line, but for 2 or more lines the value plan is cheaper by 10 bucks per line. 120 for value 2 lines unlimited vs 140 for the prepaid. IF you don’t mind the contract, value is the way to go for family plans.

    • ChristianMcC

      45 per line, before taxes, if you have 5 lines and everyone has unlimited everything. We switched to the value today for our 5 lines and now we’re paying so much less!

  • Sean G.

    My big question is will it still be UNLIMITED if you have the Hotspot service? Their current ‘unlimited’ 4g is NOT available if you have the Hotspot service. If they really give you unlimited data and include that with the $15 a month I’m paying for Hotspot, I’ll jump over to it in a heartbeat. I don’t care about the voice minutes. I’ve been using Spare Phone for ages with Google voice so that I never exceed the 100 voice minutes I get now. Data is far more important to me. I am regularly hitting the 5gig cap (which is easy when you use your phone as a hotspot for the kid’s kindles/netflix.)

  • abcdefg

    So can anyone help? We already have one phone on a value plan 69.99$ plus 20$ for the phone. Can we add a line to get the plans they offer on Families? Or do we need to pay a fee if so how much and what if the phone is bought at Walmart?

    • ChristianMcC

      Yes if you add a line it will give you the family pricing. As I understand, there should be no fee, but possibly an activation, though if you do it in the store they’ll probably waive it if you request(or I think that’s the automatic deal online). You can use the T-Mobile phones from Walmart, but if you feel confident trying, I’d suggest looking for the phone you want locally on Craigslist. Got an amazing phone for $225 myself, galaxy nexus.

  • Fahad

    I am using Telcel America $45 Unlimited Everything Plan on my Galaxy Note 2 with 14 – 19 MB/Sec speed. I used almost 3.5 GB data last month. I think that’s the best plan out there right now.

  • eanfoso

    We’ve had this plan at our Site since December. …

  • nicknowsky

    Dude metropcs was originally a CDMA network, not even close to the same network. If ur using a piece of crap CDMA metropcs device your not automaticaly hopping on to TMos 4G network without upgrading urvphone



  • Mike G

    What would happen to customers on the Unlimited plan with 5 GB?

  • Hesster

    I’m on the 5GB/100 minute plan, but switching to this because I need good call quality and all of the VOIP apps I’ve tried have disappointed me. I just paid for the month on the 3rd. Does anyone know if I can switch right away and get a credit for the remaining days, or would I have to wait until my next due date?

    • smylax

      You will not get credit for the remaining days unfortunately.

  • Stupid Tricks

    If they were *serious*, then they would offer this for $50, and not use the stupid tiered pricing model.

    • Hesster

      Why? There are still people out there with dumbphones or who only need a very limited amount of data but still need unlimited minutes. This is much better than the data offerings from other prepaid carriers or MVNOs if you’re a heavy data user. Making this $50 would seriously undercut their postpaid plans and anger people on contracts.

      I could see them offering an upgrade to truly unlimited data on the 100 minute 5 GB plan for $50, but not unlimited everything for $50.

  • Tony

    NOT FAIR TMOBILE!! What’s the benefits of a 2year contract with 5gigs of data VS this $70 bucks UNLIMITED DATA??? What’s the deal tmo? I’m paying much more than those 70bucks and I have only 5gigs… This SUX

    • ……switch to prepaid

      • smylax

        Or switch to truly unlimited data plan… still cheaper than 5GB, has been since it launched…

    • 21stNow

      Mobile hotspot/tethering. Also, some people consider the EIP an advantage, though I don’t.

  • I’ve thought about changing but I’m still holding strong at $30 a month, I rarely use voice minutes and when I do the 100 it comes with and only .10 a minute I’m benefiting

  • Jade

    Does this offering include roaming? Are there any device restrictions or can you use any device (i.e., non-4G)?

  • its only the first five gigs oF data at 4G

    • thepanttherlady

      No, it’s unlimited.