T-Mobile Confirms New ‘Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data’ Plan With Press Release

After breaking this to the world just hours ago, T-Mobile has confirmed the upcoming release of their “Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data” plan. I’ll refer you back to our earlier post tonight for all the relevant details or the official press release below.


Full Press Release:

T-Mobile Unleashes Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data

Starting Sept. 5, T-Mobile will be the only carrier with a nationwide 4G network to offer unlimited nationwide 4G data

T-Mobile USA, Inc., today announced an industry first — a truly Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan. Featuring no data caps, speed limits or bill shock, as well as fast, dependable nationwide 4G coverage, T-Mobile’s new Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan offers the ultimate worry-free experience. The new plan is designed to satisfy both data-hungry customers who want to experience all their smartphones are capable of and those wanting the peace of mind of never having to keep track of their data usage.

Today’s smartphones offer amazing experiences, and consumers are increasingly relying on them for everything from navigation, entertainment and shopping to just staying connected. With the introduction of the Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan, T-Mobile® is the only U.S. carrier to empower customers to do what they want, when they want, with their smartphones by making fast, nationwide 4G data accessible for everyone  without limits and at a great value.

“We’re big believers in customer-driven innovation, and our Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan is the answer to customers who are frustrated by the cost, complexity and congested networks of our competitors,” said Kevin McLaughlin, vice president, marketing, T-Mobile USA.  “Consumers want the freedom of unlimited 4G data. Our bold move to be the only wireless carrier to offer an Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan reinforces our value leadership and capitalizes on the strength of our nationwide 4G network.”

For customers seeking an unlimited experience on their smartphones, T-Mobile offers several ways for new and existing customers to take advantage of its Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan. New customers can purchase any smartphone in T-Mobile’s robust lineup of innovative devices or bring their own compatible smartphone and have access to a worry-free unlimited data experience on T-Mobile’s fast nationwide 4G network. Current T-Mobile customers on Classic or Value plans can simply upgrade their existing service by adding an Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan.

The Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan will cost $20 per month when added to a Value voice and text plan or $30 per month when added to a Classic voice and text plan. For example, a single line Value plan with unlimited talk and text combined with unlimited nationwide 4G data will cost $69.99 or a single line Classic plan with unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited nationwide 4G data will cost $89.99.

Available starting Sept. 5, T-Mobile’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan will provide smartphone customers with uncompromised, dependable access to data on the blazing-fast speeds of T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G network. The Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan will be available at T-Mobile retail stores, on http://www.T-Mobile.com/unlimited-data-plan and through select dealers and national retail stores.

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  • Vic

    Not a bad deal. Wish T-Mobile was stronger in my area so I could take advantage.

    • Th3problem17

      well this sucks for employees we gotta lower your data plans to 30 from the 35

      • randomnerd_number38

         Not seeing the big picture. Fail.

      • $5? I think I’ll live…

        You have NO IDEA how many customers I’ve put on the 2GB plan who would JUMP at the chance to upgrade to this – so it all equals out in the end…

  • Y2c313

    I love you T-mobile!!!

  • Very Very good!

  • Vltague

    Good value, now if they add a tethering option, even if capped and/or even if an add-on would be nice. 

    • Nrp32209

      Pretty sure you will be able to add tethering for an additional $10 a month. I think I read that somewhere else, but don’t hold me to it. =)

      • philyew

        If you look at the picture that leads the article you can see that they are not allowing the $15 tethering add-on with this plan…so – contrary to the claim in the press statement – you are not going to be able to experience everything the device is capable of…

        • Get_at_Me

          I hear your gripe with the statement but i dont think they meant it how you perceived it.

        • philyew

          However they intended it, the statement in the press release is untrue. At best, it’s sloppy workmanship.

    • Corey525

      I work at Tmo. Why don’t you stop being cheap and get a hotspot. Who cares about tethering you nancy

      • JBLmobileG1

        Being cheap? You should pay respect for him because he along with myself PAY you your paycheck. I think having a capped tethering add on is a very good idea for people who don’t use it offen or who don’t want to carry a separate device around with them. Seriously the point of having the add on with a cap would be for the business type or anyone who may need to use it in situation where they need Internet but don’t have it. I personally don’t want another device with a two year contract when my device now is perfectly capable of doing what a separate HotSpot device does. And forget prepaid. Oh… and before you call me cheap… I personally like to save my money and get the best deals. Cheap to me are the ones who may want to try and tether with the Unlimited plan for $30 by breaking the rules. Yeah honestly I did it for awhile myself but I didn’t want to risk losing my phone and having to pay more to the competition.

      • randomnerd_number38

         It’s funny how people always accuse of trolling, but never recognize it actually happening.

        3/10 for getting me to reply.

  • too bad most of their phones suck and they got that annoying 1700 AWS Band so u cant bring your own devices.

    • Little Jimmy

      Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II, Galaxy S Blaze, HTC One S, HTC Amaze, Nokia Lumia 710, need I go on? And actually, you can bring your own device to T-Mo, as they use the same 1900 band as AT&T for voice and texting, and once the spectrum re-farming is completed, then data will work as well.

      • Mr_Vault

         You beat me to it. Well said. So many people don’t keep up with what is going on with TMO. They are really looking like they’re gonna be a big player in the very near future. I’m sticking with them for the long haul. If they’d get their customer service rankings back where they used to be, it would be complete.

        • Corey525

          Without the iPhone, T-Mobile will be done here in the next year I think.

        • JBLmobileG1

          And with Google stepping in to block importing the iphone to the US no carrier may carry it. OH NO!!! What shall any of us do!?!?!? Maybe 2012 is the end… the end of iphones in the states! Seriously though, the iphone isn’t going to break Tmobile out of business if they don’t carry it. Personally maybe Tmobile knows something we don’t. Funny how Google is banning the iphone in the US yet Tmobile outside the US carrys it. Maybe it was a good idea that Tmobile USA didn’t carry it because then they’d probably be sitting on inventory and stuck on some multi billion dollar contract that they will have no use for.

        • Littlesis1774

           How in the world is google banning iphone in the US

        • JBLmobileG1

          It’s been all over the other Phone Dog websites. Google bought Motorola, Apple is using multiple patents for All their i products. ipad, ipod, iphone, even their Macs I believe. Apple doesn’t want to work with Google, which I would assume pay them for the licensing. So Google filed to stop the importing of all those Apple products. Kinda like what Apple has done with Samsung. Apple and their greed has gotten to them. Serves them right! Karma is a B****.

        • whosaidwhat

          Banning? Perhaps a stretch but they (Motorola) are suing Apple over non-FOSS patents. Most of Apple’s products can be banned If the government agrees with Motorola.

        • JBLmobileG1

          And the government will. From my understanding Apple could build factories in the states since the ban would only stop importing them. Apple has the money to do it although their value and stock will diminish quickly. This would actually CREATE jobs in the US so WHY wouldn’t the government want to agree with Google? Am I the only one who sees this, seriously?

    • Eanfoso

      Last time I checked the galaxy s3 & note were both highly demanded phones world wide, besides the refarm will be finished by november so stop bitching

      • Whiskers

        Well yea if all you want is Android .
        Outside that T-Mobile’s selction of phones suck and they can’t even get the top of the line Windows phone either.

        • Jose Hernandez

           New Samsung Windows phone coming soon. Come on please.

        • Littlesis1774

           I think what he or she is saying is that not everyone who is not so keen on android and windows will not jump to T-mobile.

        • MagentaMadness

          lol @ windows phone.

        • TMOTECH

          Why are you here if you hate TMO so much. 

        • Whiskers

          I Never said i hated T-Mobile !
          I would like to see T-Mobile get some top of the line phones other than an Android .
          Sure T-Mobile will get some new WP8 and refarm their system for Iphone users soon but everytime a new phone model comes out the other carriers always gets the better builds and specs.
          Now maybe it will change this fall , we’ll see.

    • Fabian Cortez

      Oh yeah that’s right, because the 1900 MHz HSPA+ refarm is a fallacy.


      Guess you didn’t hear that we are moving our HSPA+ 42 network to 1900MHZ

  • Matt

    This is great news!  Now people definitely have a reason to sign up for a contract instead of Monthly4G (prepaid) service.

    • MattsAclown

      You must work at Tmo. Who cares about people getting a contract but someone who makes money off of it. You need to scram. You clown

      • TMOTECH

        Isn’t that the purpose of being in business? To make money? This company wasn’t built to provide a free service. 

        • Matt is a CLOWN

          Way to go on JD powers!! Tmo will be gone soon enough. Biggest mistake was to not get the iPhone

        • TMOTECH

          go away troll. Don’t you have a bridge to guard or something? 

        • JBLmobileG1

          He’s just mad because we are the worms in his Apple TMOTECH… don’t worry. ;-)

        • TMo rep

          Biggest mistake? Are you kidding me? Getting the iPhone is way too expensive. Sprint almost went bankrupt because of it. T-Mo is playing their cards well with the refarming and now this.

        • Want the iPhone? Go buy one unlocked and put your T-Mobile SIM in it – problem solved.

  • Cp

    Will I have to sign up for a new 2 year contract?

    • Discord717

      Usually with T-mobile the changing of a feature (i.e. your data plan) does not require a contract extension. But considering what this data package offers they may try to latch you in

    • jian9007

      Yeah, I hope they don’t force any extension. The press release does say “Current T-Mobile customers on Classic or Value plans can simply upgrade
      their existing service by adding an Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan.” So it says simply upgrade, which I hope means without extending the contract. However, upgrading a phone (using upgrade discount) will extend your contract, so I hope it’s not that kind of “upgrade.”

      • Get_at_Me

        Historically features typically don’t require a contract extention….new and promo rate plans do though.

  • Discord717

    Nope… this is ridiculous. The terms of the “unlimited” plan states that it is not “hotspot compatible”… you have to read the fine print people. Not to mention that $30 for classic and $20 for value are the original prices for the 5gb plans…. T-mobile needs to get their act together

    • Jose Hernandez

      If you read the information on the picture provided at the top of the posting, it clearly says that the plan is not compatible (or you can not have) hotspot service. They want you to do what ever you want with your phone, not start using their data service a a replacement for your home internet connection. Now, that is what I would have done if they did allow you to use the hotspot feature. I am not happy about it, but I do understand why they are not allowing it. This is not ridiculous at all, it works for you and you like it as is, or it does not work for you and you don’t get it.

      • philyew

        The problem is that the press release claims: “The new plan is designed to satisfy both data-hungry customers who want to experience all their smartphones are capable of…”

        Their smartphone is capable of acting as a wireless hotspot, but with this plan you can NEVER utilize that feature because they won’t allow you to add the $15 tethering service.

        It is therefore a misleading statement. When trying to escape the confusion of previous “unlimited” plan advertising, it is obviously disappointing that they immediately have to invoke the small print to qualify their exaggerated claims.

        • Jose Hernandez

           I read your comment and completely agree with it. You do have a point on the way it is being advertised. I understand why they are doing this they way they are, but I also do see your point. It is a play in words.

        • Matt

          You ARE getting everything your SMARTPHONE is capable of, not everything your SMARTPHONE AND COMPUTER AND TABLET AND GAMING DEVICE ETC IS CAPABLE OF!

          People are so stupid.  Gas is capable of powering cars.  So if I buy gas for one of my cars, why can’t I use it with the other?  What the hell is up with that?

          Hey, I pay for electricity at my house, why am I paying at my beach house?  Electric companies suck!

          I could go on and on… Stop wanting something for nothing.

        • philyew

          It has nothing to do with wanting something for nothing, Matt. I’m not arguing that TM should be offering tethering as part of this plan. In fact, I normally argue vigorously in support of TM’s restrictions on tethering.

          The point is that – contrary to the front-and-center claim in the press release – the plan prevents users from “…experiencing all their smartphones are capable of…” because you can’t even PAY for additional tethering service once you have selected the plan.

          It is either sloppy word crafting, or yet another decision by TM to oversell its offering.

          All they had to do was say “satisfy…customers who want to enjoy a complete, media-rich experience on their smartphones…” and they would have been on solid ground.  

    • squiggleslash

      Try the new UNLIMITED* T-Mobile data plans!

      * The new Unlimited T-Mobile data plan is not unlimited.

      (In fairness I sort of understand why they’re doing this, but they need to figure out a different approach rather constantly promoting the technology using two contradictory viewpoints.)

    • billy padilla

      just root your phone or have somone root it, some phones you can use an app called foxfi for the hotspot feature without rooting (had it on my S2 and worked great) i have the galaxy s3 with tmobile hot spot included because i didnt want to root my phone quite yet, but now that this truly unlimited plan is out, i think i just might root my phone and include my own hot spot.

    • Matt

      So you can have a 2GB, 5GB or 10GB plan that includes tethering and throttles, or an Unlimited plan for your CELL PHONE that doesn’t allow tethering.  I don’t know what your problem is?

      Do you think that they should give unimited internet for EVERYTHING, so you can cancel your home internet as well?  Why do people think everything in life should be free?

      Can I buy gas for one of my cars and use it in the other?  What?  I can’t?  Why are the gas companies screwing me?!

  • Unknown

    What’s the difference between value plans and classic plans huh ?

    • Classic plan = more expensive rate plan per month, but you get a discount on a device up front

      Value plan = cheaper rate plan per month, but your either pay for the device at full cost up front OR finance it (0% interest, $0 finance charges) on your bill for 20 months [yes you can pay it off early if you want to] and to be honest the Value Plan “down payments” are usually on par with Classic plan discounts on devices up front.

      Value Plan always comes out cheaper.

  • Aw c’mon David – couldn’t you have just updated the original post with the press release? ;-)

  • JB

    This is awesome.. I’m definitely switching to this from my grandfathered “unlimited” data (That really has a soft cap) For those complaining about not being able to tether, I understand why you are, as I was bummed about it too (sort of) If you have a phone that can tether, why can’t you use it on a plan? You can blame that on the people who would abuse the network. Hurting the ones (such as myself) that could benefit having a worry free tether when I’m on business trips. It is what it is.. 

    Though I’m sure they could just police accounts for abuse… There’s a huge difference between someone using 15-20 GB/mo streaming music and videos and occasionally tethering their laptop/tablet vs someone using 100’s of GB/mo torrenting, having Call of Duty sessions and basically using their hotspot as a home internet replacement

    • philyew

      I essentially agree with you. I’ve argued repeatedly in TM’s support forum that the pattern of use on a smartphone is substantially different from that on a PC, with traffic on the latter now dominated by media streaming and large file downloads. Both of which require a large data pipe with a consistent data flow.

      My issue here is that, once again, TM have made a claim in their press release which is substantially untrue: you cannot enjoy all the capabilities of your device, as claimed, if they won’t enable tethering. OK, don’t do it…but be open and honest about the fact.

      • JB

        Oh I agree with you on that 100%… but at the same time, I don’t know any press release from any company in the world that would state the cons of any given service, which is why they have the chart with the bullet points and the fine print, so it’s not like they totally lied. It’s been a minute since I’ve researched this, so I could be wrong, but last I checked even Sprint’s unlimited doesn’t include hotspot and if you want it, it’s gonna cost you an arm and a leg for just 6GB of data.

        I’m inclined to believe that the majority of TM’s customer base rarely uses the feature, so they are appealing to that sector. As for the rest of us.. we’ll just either hack our phones or just go one of the tiered plans. I’m sure they’ve done their research and know most just does the former. 

        • philyew

          I understand about avoiding negatives, but they could have worded the statement differently to avoid a directly untrue claim:

          Instead of “…who want to experience all their smartphones are capable of…”

          How about “…who want to enjoy a complete, media-rich experience on their smartphones…”?

  • billy padilla

    cool plan, if you want to have a hotspot just root your phone!!!!



  • dkbnyc

    Sounds great.  Here’s to all day internet radio at work!  A little HBO Go at lunch time.  Netflix on the go.  I haven’t gone over my 5 GB cap in the time I’ll had it because I always limited myself.  Those days are over!  Good Deal Big Pinky!

  • Phileskyline

    Does this mean I can using my BlackBerry on my laptop as a modem and still get 3G speeds?

    • philyew

      Not with this plan.

      • JBLmobileG1

        I am assuming the 5gb and 10gb plans still offer unlimited access only throttled. At those prices, since truly unlimited will be available, they could at least set the throttle to 3g speeds because anything else is almost useless when and if you tether.

        • philyew

          Well, TM apparently see the differentiator between the Classic Ultra and Premium plans and this new one as being the ability to tether.

          I agree that the throttling should be to a more practical level. The dial-up speeds that are frequently reported are not only next to useless, but are also yet another example of how TM have used deceptive wording to promote their plans. 

          While it is true that those reported speeds are technically within the 2G range, it is clear that customer expectations will naturally extend to the top of the 2G range which is up to four times faster.  

  • the TMO link doesn’t work .. i guess they haven’t activated it yet .. but to those complaining about tethering, they have a plan for that .. this is obviously not it .. stop trying to circumvent paying for cable etc .. pony up the $ geez .. it’s not like TMO is the only company trying to make money.

    • Jose Hernandez

       Nicely said. I would have loved to get unlimited Data with tethering. Everyone would have loved to get that. But lets face it, that would not be a good move for any company. I will keep my 5GB a month with tethering. If I need home internet connection, I will call Comcast and make it happen. People just like to complain and get everything for free.

      • JBLmobileG1

        I think what would be smart is if they release this plan and for $10 to $20 more they give you tethering, however, they could cap the data to say 2gb. Like someone else said, it is nice to be able to tether if in certain circumstances. Myself, while I do tether on occasion, I don’t use my 10gb doing it… heck, not even my 5gb. But it’s always nice to have just in case. While I am sure there are ways around it, I would like to avoid getting kicked off the network because I needed to tether for some reason, like downloading a book to a Kindle. What they could do is let you tether for a reasonable fee but limit you to one device at a time.

  • Locoboy79

    to answer a lot of your questions since I work for TMO corporate retail, this shouldn’t require a contract extension since it’s only a data feature, another thing I’m excited about is in the coming weeks tmobile retail stores will start getting one iphone 4s, on a call they want us to demonstrate the slow speeds the iphone 4s against the gs3 note and one s….knowing that we can’t bash a at&t, verizon, or sprint iphone in a sense of having the phone hooked up with that provider so I’m guessing a tmobile branded iphone is on it way :)

    • Fausto Mendez

      Then the iPhone 4S doesn’t work on the 4G network? What a fail.

      • Rudy Belova

         iPhone 4s max speed = 14.4Mb/s (via at&t model) or 3.6Mb or so on the cdma model.
        T-mobile? 42Mb down. No, not fail for t-mobile.
        FAIL for apple!

        • Matt

          People just don’t get it, they think they understand the technology but have no idea… Just because AT&T now has an icon on the phone that says 4G doesn’t suddenly make the phone faster, can’t push a hardware upgrade over the air…But try telling that to people, they look at you like you’re stupid… “Of course my iPhone is 4G!  Duh!”…

          Sheeple make me laugfh!

        • bleeew

          Not that, blame AT&T and T-Mo for advertising things as 4G. It’s the non-tech savvy who don’t understand.

        • Rudy Belova

           For this posters example, it’s fail at&t and apple. The iphone 4s was never advertised as a 4g phone, ever, until at&t did the icon change. Much different than t-mobile advertising 21Mb and 42Mb phones as 4g.

        • Matlock

          Actually, T-Mobile did the same thing with the mytouch 4G, G2, sensation, and radar, and the G2x. All those phones were rated at 14.4mbps, but yet they were still labeled as 4G. The only phones that were actually rated at 21mbps, were the Samsung Android devices, that came out in 2011.

    • bleeew

      That would make T-Mobile look bad if they show the iPhone as slow on their network.

  • Bronze 6

    Id like this, but i would like tMo to police accounts abusing this,

  • Just in time for College this fall :D

  • I understand not offering tethering with this plan.  It would open the network up to major abuse for those using it as a replacement for their home internet service.  Maybe allow up to 5GB or something of hotspot usage for an extra $5-10 per month would work.

    This is good news though.  T-Mobile will offer unlimited data that is actually fast enough for customers to make good use of unlike Sprint and their horrible data speeds.

    • souggie

      I completely agree. Charging 3GB of hotspot usage at $10 extra makes sense, if we can get T-Mobile to see that

  • Joseph Tongret

    I’m definitely all over this, and I’m letting go of my grandfathered data with only one question. What happens when LTE is rolled out? I buy new phones frequently, and I’ll inevitably have one of the first LTE handsets. Will Tmo allow me to use this plan, or will I have to change to an outrageously priced LTE specific plan? I honestly have no true desire to have LTE, but once it’s launched, I’m sure all of the high end flagship phones will be LTE. I’d personally be fine w/ keeping hspa+42, as it’s more then enough speed for my mobiles. At these prices, I’ll even play by the rules, and never tether even though all of my devices are rooted, I’ll go for an additional hot spot w/ a small data plan. I only tether approximately 500mb a month anyhow.

    • No one knows yet what T-Mobile will change in their plans once LTE is rolled out.

      • Joseph Tongret

        I’m sure Tmo will have fair prices whichever way they go when LTE launches. They’ve always managed to maintain their status as the Value Carrier.

  • Jay2real02

    Sounds really good, btut I need 4G in my area, 08641 area of NJ to have a good customer experience

  • Now all I need is an 4G Windows 8 phone! 

  • Sanjay

    I like this and like T-Mobile for doing this.  I have been with them a long time and plan to stay.  I am waiting for windows 8 phones for an upgrade from HD-7.  Can someone answer whether this plan will still allow wi-fi hotspot/sharing like I can currently do on my HD-7?  I don’t use it a lot but once in a while it is great to have (i.e. to download documents to my kindle, etc.).  Thanks.

    • souggie

      Sorry Sanjay, it states that hotspot sharing won’t be available with this plan, but you can root…and bypass it probably

    • Dan Rubin

      Sanjay we don’t use hotspot sharing service with windows so technically yes you can use it.

    • brad162

      My Lumia 710 that T-Mo replaced my HD7 with kept giving me the Tethering Upsell page, so i’m assuming in the newer windows phones they applied a patch that causes the WiFi tethering to use the pcweb apn.

  • billy padilla

    For those of you concerned over the need for a hotspot with this new plan….just ROOT your phones. it could void your warranty but you get so much more out of your phones including wifi tehtering hotspot. awsome!!!!!!
    so this plan + rooted smart phone = greatness!!!!


    • Dan Rubin

      Or just get a windows phone that has the feature built into the OS. I am just saying. 

      • billy padilla

        Dan, i dont know about windows phones a whole lot but android also has it built in to their OS. when you try to access it, it goes to a tmobile web page asking you to buy it. i wonder if you get that same message with a windows phone, i remember using an app the went around that restriction with my old HTC hd2.

      • bleeew

        Android does too, but. You ROOT it to get free Wifi hotspot instead of paying

    • Paul

      Rooted SG2 baby!! 

      Tether is standard on all rooted ROMs, unless otherwise stated by the developer. Was the smartest move I made. Rooted the GS2 5 minutes after purchase outside the same T-Mobile store. 

  • Matt

    Man, I am so pissed.  Cablevision gave me “unlimited internet”, but it didn’t work when I left my house, so I switched to Verizon Fios.  Their unlimited internet only works in my house too!  What the hell!  I should be able to use my home internet everywhere, so they’re stealing from me!

    Some of you people are just too much, and have absolutely no business sense.  What about unlimited buffets?  You mean I can’t pay one price at lunch and come back for dinner? 

    • dkbnyc

      My Unlimited Internet from Optimum works when I leave my house. 

  • bleeew

    These plans are still confusing. T-mobile change your plans to make them less confusing, and so you have money to roll out LTE and expand 2G areas to 3G.

    • FastActing

      Do you need help dressing and cleaning yourself? If so, I see why you might find T-Mobiles plans so confusing that it makes your head hurt.

      • LC

        Seriously…what’s confusing about a truly unlimited plan?

  • Bisayan

    Hey does anyone know how this gonna play out with family plan? I have 4line right now from sprint and im planning to move to tmobile with this new unlimitted plan with value plan, now my question is…does each line will cost us $30 for unlimitted data? thats $120 more per month and thats a lot..pls. explain…Thank you!

    • LC

      On the value plan it would be $20 a line. You will be able to mix and match with the current data offerings as well, like the $10 2gb plan. But if you don’t have smartphones with Sprint right now, you’ll be paying more than your current bill. What you have to think about is that if you added data to your plan now, it would be an additional $40/line more each month.

      • Bisayan

        But im planning to have a unlocked iphone for all lines..do u think value plans has unlimitted data on sept. 5 when it released? Thanks

    • philyew

      You don’t have to have the same plan on every line. 

      If you expect to use more than 2GB of data and will never need tethering capabilities, then this looks like a good option. 

      On the other lines you can select from:

      $10 – 200mb (with $.10/mb overages capped at $30 overages, no throttling and no mobile hotspot option), 
      $20 – 2GB (option to add mobile hotspot for $15/month, throttled to 2G speeds over 2GB), 
      $35 – 5GB (includes mobile hotspot, throttled to 2G over 5GB) or 
      $65 – 10GB (also with mobile hotspot, throttled to to 2G over 10GB). 

      All these prices are for Classic plans and subsidized phones. There are cheaper options for Value Plans where you pay full price for the hardware.

      • Bisayan

        But im planning to have a unlocked iphone for all lines..do u think value plans has unlimitted data on sept. 5 when it released? and do u think 2 or 10 gb plans would still exist after sept. 5 unlimitted plans will relased?  Thanks

        • philyew

          No reason to think the existing plans won’t be available. This new plan can’t replace any of the 2GB, 5GB or 10GB plans because it will not offer a tethering option.

        • Deihmos

          How on earth are you going to get 2GB on an iphone on edge? The refarming isn’t even near complete and not heard of a single area that is complete. 

        • Bronze 6

          NYC Metro area, 95% complete

        • Paul

          Likely they’ll keep some with caps. I know my mom didn’t want data but my dad did. They got one with the minimal amount of data. 

      • googlephone

        For the $10-200mb one I am confused about the $30 overages. Is it $10+$30 if I overage or just total maximum of $30 I will be charged?

        • philyew

          $10 plus $30 overage Total $40 max.

  • skymitch89

    These plans are looking really promising for me to go to when my contract is over with Sprint. I’m still liking the $30 monthly plan with 100 min, unlimited text & data, but 5GB of full speed. Through, the value plan with the new unlimited data looks promising as well, it’s almost what I’ve got through Sprint now, for about the same price, but offers way faster data speeds.

  • AJBoogie

    How about for phone like the G2….where the tethering is free?? I still have my G2 because they havent stopped you from using it as a free mobile hot spot..

    • Huh? If I turn on hotspot on my G2 I get charged for tethering.

      • AJBoogie

         ive been tethering since they turned the feature on and ive never been charged. 

        • ColoradoGray

          It’s not that it is free with your phone, it just hasn’t been shut down yet.

        • AJBoogie

           after having free tethering for over a year and half, whats the likelihood that they will ever shut it off?

        • therealmikebrown

          I saw something online that said the “My Account” app had an upgrade that placed a file on your phone. I just never updated the app. If you have a custom ROM without the app you should be OK, if you have never upgraded the app. If you have there are a few extra steps.
          I still teather my Vita to my Mytouch 4g, no problems.
          My only conceern is if i switch to this plan, will they put more effort in stopping our teather.

        • itmustbejj

          I have a rooted phone with a custom rom and this app installed. This is the first I’ve heard about this. Can you shoot me a link?

        • Friend

          What is your phone number? I’ll call and ask them.

    • Paul

      AAww,  I loved my G2. Even got an app that would let me use it as a keyboard and mouse for my computer. 
      I have a rooted GS2 now, the rooted ROMs all have tethering included that isn’t regulated. 

      • itmustbejj

        Not true, they do user-agent detection and will redirect you to an upsell screen if they detect a desktop user agent.

  • Edward Suero

    I am not complaining but why is the ‘true’ unlimited cheaper than the 5gb and 10gb

    • philyew

      Presumably because it not only doesn’t include the mobile hotspot service, which is currently built into the 5GB and 10GB plans, but also because you will not be allowed to add the $15 tethering plan either. Thus the potential use is well-and-truly limited to the smartphone on which the plan is applied. 

    • Because the true unlimited doesn’t allow you to tether. But on the other hand is a great value with a worry free experience when using a smartphone with data capabilities. 

  • Benny

    As a TMO customer, I hate this plan. Unlimited = Abuse. My connection speed will be impacted because of the heavy load created by those unlimited plan users.

    • Guest911

      If millions of people (yes, millions) do not switch to TMo, your connection speed will not exist as TMo won’t exist anymore.
      Guess you lose either way eh?

    • Get_at_Me

      TMO is smarter than you give them credit for here…They wouldn’t offer this if they couldn’t support the demand..ATT didn’t prepare for the iphone and their network took a beating.  TMO isn’t in the same boat here.  Although id hope for it, this plan won’t have ppl switching in hordes overnight.  If marketed properly, i think TMO can steal a decent amount of customers from other carriers over an extended period of time.  That along with high profile devices of course.  This is a cheap and smart way for TMO to differentiate itself from the competition.

  • D Velasquez

    now we are going to have a bunch of people watching HD movies on netflix like there is no tomorrow and slowing down the network, if we take in consideration a previous post from David where there is a small statement about T-Mobile users excedding the standard 4 or 5 GB of use of High Speed data, what are the chances this won’t be making  the network unreliable? i can see a big slowdown on internet speed because of this plan, why do you think Sprint offers this but also gives it’s users crappy speeds? if you allow full speeds and no caps it will have an impact on the network. but thats just my point of view,, i honestly have enough with 5GB once in a blue moon i reach 7 but again that’s just me and it doesn’t necessary covers everybody.

    On the other hand this is also a good way to get some customers back, specially from Sprint now T-Mobile needs to market this ON TV or WHERE PEOPLE CAN SEE THIS TYPE OF OFFERING, seriously in my area all T-Mo does is put a sign the size of a notebook on their stores and you will be lucky if you see it.

    • brad162

      Sprint’s service is crappy because most of their network is back hauled with Ethernet instead of Gigabit fiber. T-Mobile will not have this issue just because fiber is so easily upgraded and Ethernet can only go so far. Plus not to mention EVDO caps out at 3.1Mbps in perfect conditions (only one on channel, etc) whereas HSPA+ currently maxes out at 42Mbps with one person on the channel. T-Mobile’s network has tons of bandwidth to go around.

    • TechAce01

      It isn’t the streaming Netflix and watching HD movies that would slow down the network, but too many people use the data at the “same time”. For example: If you have a tower with a third of it’s capacity, Streaming HD content all day long won’t stress the towers or the router. If the tower or router is full because of a popular area or the vast majority of the people is on at the same time, reading an email could slow down the network.

      Increasing the back haul would greatly reduce this. Problem is…it cost money. I’m assuming T-mobile is doing this because while getting ready for LTE, they upgraded the back haul to be able to handle this unlimited plan.

  • Adrayven


  • adeedew

    until they get their crap together on the iphone (edge really?!) this is worthless to most

    • Paul

      HHhmmmm, then don’t use the iPhone. It’s hardware is slow anyways. 

      Join the modern times, get an Android phone. 

      • adeedew

        Now THAT’s funny, i should go backwards and use a iphone clone and consider that modern times? You’re a moron

      • Littlesis1774

         Don’t use android their sucks

        • Paul

          Try that again, I can’t understand what you were saying. 

        • Nidz

          Typical iSheep.

  • Erichernandez13

    they’re giving “unlimited data” to compensate for their shitty customer service… Spent an hour talking to manjula who barely could speak English.. damn you tombile and your out sourcing… I want to speak with an American…

    • Dorit

      rasist :)

      • Erichernandez13

        What’s a rasist??????

      • Littlesis1774

         There are a lot of people who had that same problem

    • Paul

      Every time I have called customer support I have spoken to someone that spoke fluent english. Not saying your story isn’t true, but I haven’t run across that issue. 

      • Er26

        Same here

  • AT&T says they don’t have enough spectrum and bandwidth to do Facetime over cellular, yet T-Mobile offers unlimited?  It’s network suicide.

    • jarrod

      At&T is greedy, you watch Verizon is a little girl that has to see how other people respond to similar actions they are about to consider doing and then they will follow through with similar restrictions, just like the no more unlimited data.

    • Bronze 6

      Att and Verizion are the 2 Spoiled children, Sprint is the oddball, and tmobile was the adopted one <- easiest way i can put it, ATT and Verizon are sitting on a ton of spectrum. Sprint has slower than prefeered data speeds and lots of roaming areas, and tmobile is really voicestream.

    • Trevnerdio

      Oh, is that the no-FaceTime-over-3G excuse?

  • Deihmos

    Tmobile will continue to lose customers unless they can offer the most wanted device. If tmobile can get the iphone they will gain subscribers because the price is so low compared to the others. I personally wouldn’t leave tmobile for the iphone even though i want one. 

    • Mrbonez

      Not everyone wants the iPhone so that might not make as big a difference as you think. What T-Mobile needs to do is just get better phones so they can compete better that way, whether its the iPhone, better Android or Windows phones.

      • cellularcrazy09

        I disagree.  T-Mo needs to invest heavily in their network.  Many of my friends would love to switch to a cheaper carrier, but unfortunately all T-Mobile has here is edge.  If T-Mo could get their network 100% hspa+ or even lte, then they would be able to compete with at&t and verizon.  I would switch in a heart beat.  I hate Verizon with a passion and have tried t-mo on many occasions, but it never works out.  I have tried their hspa+ and its super fast, but not everywhere like it needs to be.

        • philyew

          I think TM agree with you, which is why the focus of their investment and effort is in the network re-farming, which will lead to LTE deployment in 2013, 3G/HSPA+ on the 1900mhz band, and generally a more efficient and effective use of the spectrum that they now hold.

      • Littlesis1774

         Well not everyone wants android or windows phone

      • You’re right not everyone wants or cares about the iPhone, however it is the most wanted and by far the single most popular handset in the industry.  The lack of it is an embarrassment to T-Mobile when small carriers like Cricket, Virgin and C-Spire have it now.

        At our store we hear “When are you getting the iPhone?” and “Why don’t you guys carry the iPhone?” on a daily basis.

    • Paul

      Uuhhh, or not. They were the first to offer an Android device. They just need to keep offering the great phones they have been able to offer. They NEED to get the Nexus series, not the iPhone. 

      • Get_at_Me

        Just imagine if tmo became the exclusive US nexus carrier!!!!  the “anti-iphone carrier” if u will….with a heavy marketing push backed by Google itself…Ohhh the possibilities…however, if tmo can work out a reasonable deal with apple, i would welcome the iphone to tmo…just so theres one less reason for ppl to consider other carriers.

        • Trevnerdio

          The Nexus brand shouldn’t be shackled by exclusivity BS. It’s what makes the Nexus series great (that, and a heck of a lot of other stuff!!)

        • Get_at_Me

          i agree with u in some ways…i’m all about having a level playing field regarding devices….i hate carrier exclusivity being a tmo customer/employee b/c more often than not, we get the short end of the stick…however, if tmo doesnt get the iphone when it launches (which seems to be the most likely scenario) having the nexus phones(s) in store/online could be a HUGE win.  The Nexus One was only available online via google & bestbuy if i remember correctly, but was a tmo “exclusive” for a short time….i dont see google wanting any carrier tinkering with their devices going forward… (bloat, proprietory features etc…cough, cough vzw)…I think tmo would be ok with selling an unmolested device…

        • Trevnerdio

          Errr my Galaxy S II was extremely bloated. They curtailed it a little on the Galaxy S III. But a T-Mobile friendly Nexus device would be glorious

  • Ak47robby

    Wait I have a 10gb with wifi hot spot dose this mean if i get the new plan i wont be able to use the hot spot thing at all ???

    • Paul

      Yes, that’s what they are saying. No Hopspot, but unlimited 4G. 

      I suggest a rooted Android phone. 

      • Ak47robby

        So then I Can do it??

  • nerdlust

    I’m hoping they can stop bleeding customers and start bringing in new customers. Customers can get a lower price and unlimited. If you have att or Verizon, you are crazy if you don’t at least consider this sweet deal.

  • Paul

    I like this idea, and think this move will entice others to come back/join. I told some of my coworkers, all iPhone toting AT&T customers, and they were VERY interested in the move. The other T-Mobile guy here perked up too. Considering the new spectrum they acquired, and the ok to attempt a spectrum share with the government’s bands, I’m glad to see magenta is building its self back up. 
    I love T-Mobile and would rather not have to change services. Renewal is coming up a week after this roll out. Looks like I’ll be jumping on this train!!

    Side note: I don’t care about the iPhone, so if you have one and are using it on T-Mobile’s data…you’re a moron. Get an android phone or shut-up. T-Mobile doesn’t need the iPhone to drive them into the red, when it costs more for magenta to buy them than it is to sell them.

    • predation

      like what sprint did.  dumbasses. peer pressure is a bitch. lol

      • Paul

        Pretty much, and they’re regretting it since they don’t have a fast network. 

        • Trevnerdio

          Not fast? Try molasses! Lol their 3G speeds are often comparable to our 2G when our 2G is having a good day (not that that’s saying much for Sprint)

        • Littlesis1774

           Sprint had problems because Wimx or whatever it called

    • philyew

      …Except that pretty soon the iPhone will be working to full capacity as TM re-farm their 3G/HSPA+ service from AWS (1700/2100) over to the 1900mhz band, so there really is no need to make the switch, if they don’t want to.

      Whatever the ongoing arrangement that emerges for supporting the iPhone on the new network, it’s highly unlikely that TM will get skewered like Sprint…

      • Paul

        IF the change over with the network works then TM doesn’t need to sell them, that’s what eBay is for!

        • philyew

          That’s what the unlocked device from the Apple store is for :-)

          But seriously, Sprint and Verizon both had to pay a premium for getting devices customized to be compatible with their networks and, until now, that would have been the case with TM as well, because of the dependence on the AWS band. 

          Once they support 3G/HSPA+ on the 1900 band they don’t need anything special – at least until LTE support becomes a real issue. 

          Maybe there is a less onerous arrangement possible. Apple have certainly offered the iPhone to smaller regional carriers at what must be affordable prices. 

          I have absolutely no problem with TM carrying the iPhone as long as they don’t put the rest of the business under the cosh in order to do it.

        • Paul

          Agreed, don’t jeopardize the company to lure others in with an iPhone. 

  • get at me banana

    can i jump on to this plan when its official comes out without extending my contract? as of right now im that 500 minutes,unlimited text and 5gb of data for 30 dollars without mobile hotspot

    • philyew

      Normally data plans are treated as services that don’t adjust the contract commitment, so you should be able to change to the plan without further impact. Of course, you had better get that clearly confirmed by TM before requesting the change.

      • get at me banana


    • I asked that question to @TMobileHelp on twitter and this is what I was told:

      Me: @TMobileHelp Does changing data plans require a new 2 year contract?

      Them: @TMobileHelp As long as you are just changing a data feature and not the plan there is no contract required :) ^KM

      I would still ask T-Mobile before you change it though.

      • get at me banana


  • 21stNow

    Just out of curiosity, how would an EMP customer get this unlimited data plan?  Or would our unlimited data plans that we currently have stay in place without the 5GB soft cap?

    • randomnerd_number38

       Unless something has recently changed, the employee SOCs don’t get throttled as it is.

      • 21stNow

         EMP = Even More Plus.

        • Jeff

          I don’t get throttled under my employee plan…it probable depends on how long you been with the company.  I been employed here for 7 years so my plan is pretty old…

        • He’s talking EMP (Even More Plus).  Employee plans are already unlimited and don’t get throttled.

        • randomnerd_number38

           Whoops, my mistake. Well then, since the Even More Plus plans are grandfathered, I’m willing to bet that you’ll need to go to a current rate plan to get truly unlimited data. They don’t allow the “newer” (2gb/5gb/10gb) options on those older plans either.

      • Pvl109

        Yes we are throttled one we hit the cap. Has happened to me last two months.

        • Special Acct Care

          Employee plans are only throttled if you have a 14.99 Employee Hotspot Tethering feature active. If you have the $5 unlimited data w/o tethering, you are 100% unlimited w. no caps/throttles and also no roaming caps.

  • DP4609

    Is this truly unlimited or is there still a domestic data roaming cap?

    • Gpt2010

      Truly unlimited. Only catch is not hotspots or tethering. And I could see why TMO did that. To make sure that no data hog ruins it for the rest of us. But they still can with a rooted phone or a Nexus

      • Trevnerdio

        Well the crappy part is, they can still catch you! Did some downloading on my computer via rooted G2 (with CM) and once I opened up the internet, boom–there’s a T-Mo page saying I should get a tethering plan. They use the page headers and identify the pages as desktop pages. Little turds….

        • Omard312

          Use foxfi from the play store and ull be good to go!

        • Trevnerdio

          You sure that trumps the CyanogenMod teams homebrewed, time-tested remedy?

        • Omard312

          Positive. I tried it when I had to rely on using my phone as a hotspot, when my home internet was down for a couple of days

        • Trevnerdio

          Sweet. It may also be certain things that trigger their alarm. For instance, I can normally use a lot of data using CM’s method, but I was downloading Chrome (which isn’t even that big of a file) and that was about it.

      • Mark

         What would be nice is if they offered a hotspot/tethering add-on (say $10) with a soft cap on the tethering (5GB of data) in addition to this truly unlimited data plan. Anything over that, charge a per MB fee on the tethering only. I would go for that because I only tether when having problems with my TWC at home. Even without it, I am probably going to get the new data plan when I upgrade. Would I have to buy at full price or could I still get subsidized?

    • Tmoment

       Read the article. It clearly says “Featuring no data caps, speed limits or bill shock” in the first paragraph.

      • DP4609

        I saw that, assumed that, just wanted to make sure there was no fine print not shared or if an employee knows anything regarding if unlimited only applies to on T-Mobile’s network and not another partners.

        • GinaDee

          No.  T-Mobile still reserves the right to cap or limit throughput for excessive roamers or extremely high data users. 

          Unlimited data promotion does not apply off-net aka when roaming.

  • Dakota

    Can david or someone in the know confirm for me what would be the price of a 500 minutes, unlimited text, unlimited data plan be?  I keep reading all sorts of figures on various news sites and tech blogs ranging from 70- 90 or more.  CNET just said it would be $80 (which is what Sprint offers but with unlimited talk too)…I thought I had read it would be 90.  (and is the price of a 2gb plan staying the same)…This is where its confusing to me because I just checked Tmo’s websit and the 5gb plan was 85 so I cant understand that the unlimited will be cheaper?  I wish theyd already list this on their plan site even though it doesnt go into effect till Sept 5.  Its very unclear right now what the pricing is.  (also it doesnt affect me cuz Im not on contract and am seriously considering an iphone — wish so badly that tmobile would get it; theyd see their customers rise tremendously esp in wake of t his announcement)…If someone is under contract will t hey have to do the usual 2 year extension if they change their data. 

    Im also really curious what you guys do to use so much data?  I understand if you take a train or bus to work every day, you would use more data.  But for general use. I dont see viewing movies and stuff on a phone as pleasurable.  And it doesnt seem checking the web and emails takes up so much.  I could see streaming music…but I just dont get people who say they use 10-20GB or more per month of data.

    Tmo is probably thinking theyll get good press and actually make money as many people will sign up for this because it sounds good but theyll still use 2gb or so of data.  I dont know if its accurate but another website was reporting that 90=95% of people use 2gb of less.  That leaves a small amount of folks using unlimited.  At least its a good move to get attention off the iphone announcement and create some buzz and excitement around Tmobile.  It will make my decision harder as Im trying to decide on an iphone to go with my Mac or go with the SG3, pay a little less, but not have that synergy and ability to wireless sync everything between my 2 devices.  It would be nice to have pictures, documents, videos, notifcations, to do lists and everything sync seemlessly to my Mac…with an Android phone I cant do that 

    • Buster Douglas

      It’s simple math. And I’m not going to do it for you, because it’s only a matter of adding 3 numbers. I’ll help you though Cost = v + t + d, where d is data and it equals $30 with the contemplated unlimited data. Got it? V = voice cost, t = texting plan. All this assuming Classic plan, otherwise use $20 for D with value plan pricing.

    • TED

      Wow, you really are lazy. See below. It’s actually a lot easier than that. You already know what the data plans cost per the screen shot above and I’m guessing you didn’t even bother to go to the T-mobile website? Instead you relied on news article – brilliant. It’s pretty clear when you check out the plans online. I also think you underestimate how you can in fact sync an android with anything on a Mac. Thing is, youre also too lazy to also figure that out.

      Maybe you should just get an iPhone. So now your only problem will be adding up the various components for their rate plans. Good luck with that.

    • Nidz

      Haha, with an android phone you can’t do that? You can’t easily copy files to and from a computer with any device running iOS. You can easily transfer files over usb, WiFi, Samba, or FTP with Android. You can sync any file on your phone or tablet with the Android Dropbox application.

      There is an option to save any photo taken instantly with Dropbox. All files synced to Dropbox will appear on your mac. You can do the same thing with Google Drive. Stop spreading nonsense. In reality, it is much easier to copy music, videos, and documents to an Android phone or tablet.

  • Gouv

    This ought to piss off sprint just a weeeee bit!!

  • Trevnerdio

    Sooo Sprint isn’t part of the industry? Lolol this isn’t an imdustry first but is sooo welcome!!

    • jarrod

      I was thinking the same thing untill I re read the title and then it was basically a slap in the face to sprint. It says something like they are the only “nation wide 4G network with unlimited data” Im assuming they mean that they have alot of markets covered in some form of HSPA+ versus sprint on having ~10 markets of LTE and only ~60 of WIMAX which is a dead technology. 

      • Trevnerdio

        Aw that’s depressing. Poor Sprint

  • unfaix

    So what will happen to my “Unlimited (5GB high speed data)” ?!  that’s not unlimited?!  English isn’t what it used to be.

    • philyew

      It will continue as an option with the ability to do tethering and with throttling at 5GB.

  • If T-Mobile were getting the iPhone next month with the other carriers, this could be a one-two punch that would add a huge number of subscribers this quarter.

    I get a feeling that it’s the opposite though.  It’s more likely an incentive to get customers to stay and some to join T-Mobile despite the iPhone launching on the other 3 networks next month.  Good move nonetheless.

  • A the Great

    This is a good move. I may go for this deal but I’m not liking t-mobile’s phone selection at the moment. I’ll just wait and see what else will be coming out this fall. But other wise props to t-mobile for bringing back unlimited data again.

  • Asdf

    How would I add the unlimited data to my Even More Plus Plan? (I don’t have data right now)

    • zacamandapio

       Just call it in and you’ll get a $30 addition to your plan.

    • ticket

      Bottom line, pay $70/mo or $90/mo

  • JayOark

    i’m sorry if i sound like a newbie but i would like to know if i have to pay more for the unlimited feature. I already have the 2gb data for $20. I’m not sure if i have to pay more to get the truly unlimited. i’m not tech savvy but i’ve been reading a lot of comments with no help at all. thanks if anyone replies.

    • Chatter

      If you use less than 2gb and are happy, stay put. If you want unlimited w/o tethering, switch to this new plan. This is all assuming you are on the classic plan. If you are on value and dont tether, switching at the same $20 price is a good deal.

      • JayOark

        Thanks a lot. I limit myself to how much I use due to the throttling. I might switch to it. Also, i have the sensation with gingerbread. I believe I can tether for free. I’m wondering if I get the truly unlimited will I still be able to tether for free. I’m not gonna go crazy with it, i just want to know if it’s safe.

        • JBLmobileG1

          With the truly unlimited plan there is no tethering but hopefully Tmobile will consider some sort of add on tethering with a cap. It would make sense since not everyone tethers like crazy but likes having it there just in case or for an emergency.

  • Greg

    imagine alot ppl start to flood T-Mobile because of this new plan, then the iphone 5 and older iphones start to get 3G/4G signal. Watch T-mobile speeds go from 20 mbps on a S3 to 10 or 7mbps. I watched T-Mobile come out with all kinds of deals throughout the years which were pretty good but they still lost subscribers. This one is no different. T-Mobile only has the S3 as their most advanced popular phone, all T-mo need is to get their network to work with all iphones and they will gain big time. They don’t have to carry the iphone 5 just create an ad with Carly saying bring your iphone to T-Mobile and enjoy truly unlimited   4G data, talk & text on our value plan for $69.99 a month. What a bargain that will be! This way T-mobile wont go into debt like sprint over actually having the iphone, ppl wont clogged the network reducing speeds for everyone else because not everybody has $500+ for a unlocked iphone, and slowly ppl will come as their contracts ends. T-mobile will benefit off the iphone by supporting it but not carrying it, and giving ppl unl data at the end of the day.

    • Nidz

      I hope T-Mobile never gets the iPhone. It is highly overrated in every facet. An unlocked Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Bean is miles ahead of the iPhone.

  • Crush

    10 dollars for 2 gb sound good to me

  • kaliman

     I have an HD2 on a 2GB classic plan. Would I be able to Tether via USB with this new plan?

    • philyew


  • zacamandapio

    No hotspot no buy.
    I don’t abuse the data.  I barely use around 2GB but it would be nice to get hotspot.

  • get at me banana

    When this data plan come to play am I able to switch my data plan to this one without being charged? As of right now I have the 5gb with no mobile hotspot

  • Elpapipr

    Any news about this??? I haven’t heard anything here in Puerto Rico about this! Should I call and ask???