Samsung Galaxy Note Missing From T-Mobile Website

In the last 24 hours, a number of you have noticed that the Samsung Galaxy Note is mysteriously absent from T-Mobile’s (and Walmart’s) website. We’ve spent a bit of time considering the reasons it could be gone and while some of you may like to think it’s because of the upcoming Galaxy Note II announcement — we’re betting it’s just out of stock. If that is the case, why T-Mobile doesn’t just have a “out-of-stock” label is beyond us, but at this point we can’t think of any other reason that would allow for it to be removed from the site.

We are aware that T-Mobile received limited inventory of the device and it’s possible they sold out of that inventory fast and rather than leave it on the website, will restock and then put it back up for order. It’s a little backwards, if that is in fact what’s going down, though we’d be missing a chance here if we didn’t say that we wouldn’t mind seeing it return with a slightly lower price tag. Just a thought.

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