Samsung Galaxy Note Missing From T-Mobile Website

In the last 24 hours, a number of you have noticed that the Samsung Galaxy Note is mysteriously absent from T-Mobile’s (and Walmart’s) website. We’ve spent a bit of time considering the reasons it could be gone and while some of you may like to think it’s because of the upcoming Galaxy Note II announcement — we’re betting it’s just out of stock. If that is the case, why T-Mobile doesn’t just have a “out-of-stock” label is beyond us, but at this point we can’t think of any other reason that would allow for it to be removed from the site.

We are aware that T-Mobile received limited inventory of the device and it’s possible they sold out of that inventory fast and rather than leave it on the website, will restock and then put it back up for order. It’s a little backwards, if that is in fact what’s going down, though we’d be missing a chance here if we didn’t say that we wouldn’t mind seeing it return with a slightly lower price tag. Just a thought.

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  • Bonnie

    Defiantly because they are out of stock. My Brother had a heck of a time receiving his Galaxy note when we ordered it, because they ran out of stock and had his phone back ordered. 

  • I honestly think the T-Mobile Galaxy Note was merely a limited test run before we get the actual Galaxy Note 2 unveiled soon. 

  • hopefully they sold out and are getting ready for the Note 2

    • predation

      I really hope you’re right Aaron.

  • david d

    I wonder if the notes were off shored for product testing.  

  • Get_at_Me

    I think the tmo note is history. Glad i ordered mine when i did

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    Anyone out there in TMO Land gots any new info on the One X Plus? :-)

    • ASUDave

      I went to my TMO store last night asking about the Relay.  They didn’t have any idea when the Relay is coming (TMO has a different name for it), but they did say that the One X is in the pipeline, whatever that means.

      • whiteiphoneproblems

        Nice, thanks… (I also mentioned it in passing at a TMO store last week, but that particular employee clearly had no idea what I was talking about…)

  • GeekNerdStuff

    They’re definitely out of stock. They didn’t think the “demand” for the device would be as high considering their limited supply. A coworker of mine is trying to get one as well. Best bet is to check stores as the device is on backorder. For how long I am not sure. Still with a Note II announcement a launch of the device (on Magenta) won’t come any time soon. They also want to make sure the SIII is their main selling device. 

  • Aliataya1

    This is weird. On the Costco website, the galaxy note for T-Mobile is marked as closeout. Interesting.

    • Note Lover

      I saw that too actually…I was wondering why?  You wouldn’t think they’d carry a phone that has only been out for 2 weeks and is selling well…

      • Eanfoso

        At wirefly it’s still selling for 199.99 :)

        • Note Lover

          Thanks Eanfoso, probably my last chance :)

  • mandy

    Maybe because of note 2 i saw the video for it and i returned the note in a hot second

  • R2d2

    here in st louis the note never even made it to the t-mobile stores

    • Note Lover

      It didn’t make it to the Tampa area, as far as I know…

      • None

        Could not find one in the Baltimore area either. 

        • Note Lover

          I bet a lot of places never got in and it’s really too bad:(

        • Note Lover

          Unfortunately, I just read this article (put on Facebook).  I’m hoping it’s not true but do wonder if for some reason, they are putting it ‘on’ hold, as not to interfere with the sales of the Galaxy SIII

  • Conan

    I’m not sure what the exact reason is but I can tell you that I’ve tried to actually *get* the Note one three different occasions and was told that their upgrade process has been broken and I wasn’t able. As of Monday they were trying to fix the website and shortly after that the Note simply disappeared. I personally think they took it off while they figured out their site issues rather than keep pissing people off who couldn’t get it.

  • Berat

    if you go to samsung web site it shows “out of stock”

    i think they getting ready for note2

    • Note Lover

      I don’t think they’d discontinue a phone that is selling, expecially since the Note 2 probably won’t be out until next year sometime…

  • Ernesto Santos

    I activated a 3rd line on Sunday when they told me that the phone would arrive on Tuesday, come Tuesday, no phone. I called them up and they had no idea what I was talking about. Was told other stores had it, and when I called them, they couldn’t sell it to me because it wasn’t a Value plan. Called again today only to be told they could probably ship the phone from another store to their store but no promises. Still waiting on a call from them which probably will not come.

  • jian9007

    I assume it’s just sold out. However, Wirefly shows it still in stock but Best Buy shows it as sold out online. As others have pointed out, it’s also listed as a closeout item on Costco, along with the Sensation 4G and LG MyTouch Q, which we know are end of life. Interesting. If by some miracle T-Mobile may get the Note 2, then my choices for a new phone this fall just got a little more complicated. Just one week until the Samsung mobile unpacked event in Berlin, so we’ll know soon enough.

  • jd

    Yep, I think out of stock.  Called to order one last night, rep said none in the warehouse, let me check the website, came back said nope none available.  Rep advised to check stores, live 3 hours hours from store, so just wait and see

  • Josue

    I went to my local TMO store (aka where i used 2 work) and they had no idea when the phone was gonna come out?

  • BiggNickTR

    Called today to sign a new contract to get a Note with 2 other lines, getting rid of my EM+ plan. Other two were free G2S phones but they were OOS for the Note. The rep had no clue on when, if at all, they would get more.

    I was able to pick up a 16GB Galaxy 3 for $209 out the door with no mail in rebate (she applied it for me so I wouldn’t have to wait), pretty good customer service! The Note was kind of a deal breaker, but I’ll try the Galaxy 3. So, two Galaxy 2’s and one Galaxy 3 overnight-ed for $234 after tax. Not a bad upgrade from my rooted Sensation!

    Plus if I end up not liking the Galaxy 3 for any reason it should be an easy sell or trade for a Note.

    • Joshuoner

      this is a galaxy 3 , lolnotnaa

      • BiggNickTR

         You must totally feel like a winner with that “pwn.” I think it’s pretty obvious to everyone that I meant the Galaxy SII and SIII. Thanks for keeping my faith in society!

  • shane

    Always Take & Take probably found out and said um Samsung we are suppose to have the note not tmobile

  • Alexaud

    Target Mobile doesn’t have it listed anymore either. Best Buy does, but T-Mo’s version is sold out online.

  • anon

     I was told they were only making 20k units.

    • predation

      if that is true, then i’d expect note 2 soon….. 

    • Nick

      I’m not sure that Samsung would do that.  That’s a lot of work for not much return.

  • Tampaw3

    I order it and then I got a txt from tmobilr saying my order was canceled do to it being on back order when on their site and customer service said it was available

  • Gabriel

    Does this have something to do with apple’s lawsuit?

  • xeranar

    Talked to a store rep, they never even got a demo in. So I would say we may see the note 2 out in September. Why everybody is insisting that the note 2 isn’t ready seems ludicrous. The note2 is basically a galaxy III with a different screen. So reusing the note chassis with new innards could already be shipping.

    • bruce_leer0y

      They didn’t receive a demo because tmobile is also pushing the galaxy s3 and the note wouldn’t be nearly as popular. The note 2 is not comIng to America in september much less tmobile

      • Note Lover

        Unfortunately, I think you are right :(

  • Jyonestop showing Galaxy Note as Closeout item.

  • I got my Note the day it came out; love it so far. I called last night and the rep didn’t even know it had been pulled from the site. 

  • bruce_leer0y

    Wirefly, letstalk, and Costco has the device. Costco gives you some nice accessories when you order it from them.

  • marvin

    they still have it for sale on

  • wazmo

    When I walked into my local TMO store, they said that it would never hit this market (Twin Cities). 

  • Bruce Goren

    Will never be in the stores, just an online loss leading inventory close-out.

  • YoureProbADumbass

    maybe they’re just going to push the note 2?

  • They’re not doing it because the Note II is coming out. If you think that, you’re a damn fool. They’re doing it because Samsung suspended manufacturing of the Tmobile variant of the Note.

  • Farhan

    Apple recently sued Samsung for stealing Patent from the IPAD and IPHONE. Just recently they won over 1 $billion dollars in losses and Apple is asking to pull all Samsung galaxy products from store shelves..