Poll: Will You Jump On T-Mobile’s Unlimited Data Plan?

With the resurrection of a truly unlimited plan by T-Mobile, we’re already eager to see how the company markets the plan as it approaches the September 5th launch. Before we concern ourselves with that, here’s my question for you — will you jump on this plan? Will you jump on it right away? Will you ignore it and continue with your current rate plan?

With T-Mobile’s unlimited data option, T-Mobile plans to charge $20 for Value Plan customers and $30 per month for Classic plan customers on top of a voice and texting plan. This brings the pricing of a Value plan with unlimited talk, text and data for just $69.99 whereas a Classic plan will cost $89.99. This pricing is actually $5 cheaper per month than T-Mobile’s current charges for their rate plan which slows down data after 5GB of use. However, T-Mobile’s 5GB rate plan also includes mobile hotspot support, which the unlimited plan will not include.

For now, this poll is more geared toward current customers, but in short order we’re definitely going to look at how T-Mobile’s unlimited plan compares to that of Sprint’s, the only other national carrier to offer a “truly unlimited” data plan option. Will T-Mobile’s newly minted unlimited plan sway Sprint customers with the promise of a larger, unlocked GSM phone selection? Faster HSPA+ speeds? We’re already working on that editorial, but first, take the poll below!

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  • coggy9

    I might when/if they get 3G in my area. Still showing G on my backup GSM phone(Pay by the minute with T-Mobile, currently with VZW on main phone)

    • niftydl

      Just curious, what model phone is the backup device?

      • coggy9

        Nexus One.

    • Maybe if you didn’t live in the BFE [/trololololol]

  • Steve

    This move reeks of desperation by T-Mobile. Now their customers will get to experience Sprint like speeds! Good luck with that T-Mobile!

    • Michael Montanez

      Sprint like speeds? My Galaxy SIII with 19mbps on average would like to have a word with you

      • Brett Schulte

        He is right. You’getting those speeds NOW… but the realities of network management are pretty simple. Both wireless spectrum and back haul are finite resources. Congestion is inevitable, and unlimited plans only encourage waste and abuse. It’s a desperate move for T-Mobile.

        • Jose Hernandez

           I would say this is a calculated move. Yes, this will encourage some people to waste and abuse (I will never understand why some people feel is ok to try and download 100’s of gb a month on a cell phone) but I also believe that T-Mobiles network and fiber back-haul are better prepared to handle something like this than the other carriers are. I am sure that some problems will become apparent down the line, specially with people abusing the system. But T-Mobile might be able to make this happen with less issues than the other guy’s. It may change down the line, but the may do ok for right now.

    • Bratty

       This comment reeks of…..well, can I say poop?

  • Michael Montanez

    im happy tmobile is getting this  but its not for me….i have the 5GB plan and i am a DATA HOG when it comes to my smart phone and I just barely get it over 2.5gb a month, so the 5GB is fine for me but hopefully this can bring tmobile some more customers.

  • Vdaniela3

    Yes,getting rid of my fave 5s,unlimited android/text and getting the value plan with my galaxy nexus.

    • Vdaniela3

      Just to clarify,I’m paying about $85 right now. So this plan will be a welcome change. Coverage is great in my area,plus the unlimited calling instead of just 5 people. And I get to keep my unlimited data, for about $10 less. I can’t wait! Lol.

  • Foxeh

    Is this like that Android Unlimited data plan that I’m still grandfathered into? My Lumia can tether on the old plan, so I suppose the new plan is different.

  • Only if my $20 for 2gigs high-speed plan proves to be too-little in data.

    If I consistently go over and my speeds throttle down then I’ll pay the extra $10 a month for unlimited.

    If everything is fine with the 2gigs/month then no reason to pay more.

    But it’s the OPTION of switching which is critical and why I’m so happy with T-Mobile right now. Give us real, affordable (see reasonable) options.

    I’d even consider getting the $35 for 5gigs + tethering plan if I ever want to use 4G on my tablet or wifi goes out in my house (which is sometimes does) and then I could use 4G for my computer.

  • Jay

    Coming from a former T-Mobile customer who is now on Boost Mobile’s unlimited plan with shrinkage, I’ll switch over to T-Mobile’s new unlimited plan when they get the Samsung Galaxy Note ll.

  • teemoe

    I have the Android Preferred 5GB for $20.  I have been going over lately because of Netflix/Hulu Plus.  Still on the fence about the extra $10

  • jarrod

    Im undecided, Im waiting for the refarming in my area so I can use my iPhone to its full potential data wise, But also I have a wifi only iPad and I have tethered it several times at school for internet browsing and projects. So if I get my hands on a cellular enabled iPad then I will defiantly switch to this plan and also go to the value plan since I’m almost out of contract and I plan on buying a factory unlocked iPhone at full price.

  • I’ll wait and see.  It would be the same cost as my current data plan (5GB with tethering) but I never got over my limit and even though I have a Galaxy Nexus that doesn’t enforce tethering on the device it sounds like T-mobile is going to beef up detection on the back end and just don’t want to risk getting caught.

  • Antonio

    I rarely use hotspot, and am already on the $30 5GB plan, so definitely making the switch

  • I pay $89.99 right now for unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of date.

    Am I getting ripped off?

    • Ogaisi

      Lol hell yeah you are getting ripped off, i got prepaid and i pay 55 for unlimited everything but i only get 100 MB of 4g

      • Chink

        100 MB?  You are the one getting ripped

        • Ogaisi

          I also get unlimited 2g after that

        • Justin

          That’s still getting ripped. In this world, unlimited 2g is pretty much considered the limit. Since with only 2g u can’t watch videos and every page takes minutes to load. I burn atleast 200 mb a day. 100 is getting ripped unless you only use your smartphone for texting and calling. But then, why get a smartphone?

    • Marcels81

      Tmobiles current plans for these same services are 59.99 value or 79.99 classic with 300-400 discount off a new phone. Both require 2 yr contracts.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I would probably switch if I could have some sort of tethering even if the tethering end has a small data cap. I would pay a little extra if they gave you say 2gb worth of tethering. While I don’t have cable at home I do use my 10gb plan for syncing my laptop and tablet, however I rarely use it but regardless I still do and it’s still needed. I can however go over my 10gb easily if I use my phone for Netflix or just downloading/updating apps. Hopefully if Tmobile offers some sort of tethering add on option that offers just 2gb of tethering at least, I would then be willing to switch. I would even consider losing my MyFavs with 1,000 minutes for $39.99 to do so. If I do switch I really wonder though if somehow the speed with the Unlimited data plan is reduced. Think about it… They are charging you $35 more for a plan that offers tethering but is limited to 10gb but only $30 with no tethering yet it’s unlimited. Last I knew data is data…. I understand about them using it all up quickly with a PC or game system, but why not make it an unlimited plan and just set the tethering to a 10gb limit for $65… It would make more sense.

  • Fortrun22

    you know i wanted to jump on this and say absolutely yes. but i am on a grandfathered 20/month 5gb/month plan. and i went and looked back over my past few months…i have never used more than 4gb/month and that was a rare case because it was the month i moved and had to wait almost a week before getting internet installed. so no….dont see a reason to pay 10/more…would be the same thing as wasting it.

  • justinglen

    one of the poll options should have been “No. I want to keep my mobile hotspot.”

  • JBLmobileG1

    After looking at these plans the choices and setup are completely stupid. Think about it.. Unlimited for $30 and if you want tethering it’s $35 for 5gb with tethering. Ok… So the plan I have now is $65 but I only get 10gb with tethering. Well Tmobile. I would like both of the first two plans added to my bill. If you add it together you are at $65 except one plan offers Unlimited data and the other with 5gb of tethering. I am willing to pay it since it’s the same as what I am paying for now except I would have unlimited data on my phone and only 5gb of tethering. No I don’t want a separate HotSpot device and another 2 year contract either. My Galaxy S3 is perfectly capable of creating a HotSpot and I don’t want to carry two devices around with me. To sum everything up Tmobile should just offer some type of tethering add on… might as well make money now before someone figures out how to bypass it completely… then you lose out on that extra income for the network and future handsets.

  • galaxydude

    I will stay with the plan I have now. What a ugly dude in the picture. Lol.!!!!!!!!

    • JBLmobileG1

      I guess he’s a player from the NBA but he sure looks a lot like a crying Sammy Sosa.

      • That’s Lebron James!

        • JustSaying

          I think a big reason people don’t like Lebron James is because he’s arrogant. Otherwise he’s a good basketball player.. but who am I to judge I don’t play basketball nor do I understand why people get so angry at players when they don’t play well when they themselves couldn’t play basketball at all :P

  • Guest

     Can they even stop you from tethering? I never go over 5g even when tethering my tablet and I already have the ‘preferred data’ for $20/mo. My husband however is on the same plan and is interested (he doesn’t tether)

    • justin

      Depends on the phone. My HTC mytouch 4g can tether without a plan because T-Mobile didn’t have the technology to stop this when they made the phone. The newer phones are getting restricted teathering though.

      • Guest

        So can mine (I own the same phone). I forgot to mention if you have rooted, they really shouldn’t be able to stop you. I do that with all my phones…

    • I’ve heard both but am hearing more and more that T-mobile will just beef up its back end detection systems (packet sniffing and UserAgent checks) to prevent tethering on devices that can’t block tethering on the device itself.

  • one of the responses should have been no because of tethering

  • Jorge Suero

    Guys this might seem stupid but whats the difference between a value plan and a classic plan 

    • Marcels81

      Classic gives u a subsidized phone / full upgrade discounts every 22 mths, thus its more expensive monthly.

  • Mark McCoskey

    I still have my old MyTouch 4G, so using this with the unlimited Value and data for $70 a month might be a go. Right now I’m enjoying paying only $40 with Virgin. We will see.

  • FILA

    hell i pay 70 a month now for basically this now and no contract, im grandfathered, even thou i have 5GB unlimited**** I dont even use 5GB so im good, no thanks. Now if they add unlimited calling on walmarts 30 dollar plan ill switch to monthly 4g

  • Tmo

    I’m on a even more + plan, is it possible to get this plan? I have no data right now..

    • Marcels81

      Employee here no must go to value plan which requires 2 yr contract.

      • Junior

        Where did you get your info?! Go read the Grab & Go off Community if you’re a T-Mobile employee. You’ll be able to get it without jumping plans, you’ll be getting the Classic Plan price for the data package.

  • CopperBear

    I agree with adding a voting option along the lines of  “No, I’m torn because I need to tether… can we have another option please?!?!” I can understand T-Mobile wanting to not give away the farm, but at least give people who need to tether sometimes an option of paying a nominal additional fee for the service, or including a 5GB cap or so on tethering within the Unlimited 4G plan. Especially for legacy customers. If they can determine and disallow tethering on their new Unlimited 4G plan altogether, they could include a monitor to allow a limited amount of tethered data on the plan, too, it seems. I’d totally pay for that. I have a 5GB plan with tethering now, and am stuck using my phone for my internet service sometimes.

  • TangoCharlie

    I just don’t want to lose the free tethering feature I locked in thanks to TmoNews’ alerts!


    No… I barely hit 2GB and my wife is hovering around 500MB.  No need to spend more at the moment.

  • I might as well. It will make me happier. When I was back in school last fall, I believe I had something like a 5GB plan for $25, & I kept that w/ no issue. Then, I cut it off because I was like, eh… the price. Even thou it was still affordable. My school WiFi SUCKED SO BAD ALL AROUND CAMPUS! It was seriously no point in me trying to connect to their WiFi, & as far as I read with my new school, they cap WiFi, even thou they said something about how they built it out to handle a lot (can’t remember the exact word they used). The unlimited data will make me feel better about keeping T-Mobile, because now I’m kind of blah honestly. So, it’s like I might as well, & get full use of my HTC One S. It’s just the feeling you get, to feel as though you don’t have to worry about stuff. I’d especially get it if the speed is like my old schools when I’m not in my dorm, which was like 1Mbps, & it was extremely unreliable. I have 4G at my new school, even though it’s basically in an unknown country town, lol.

  • Yes sir.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    No because in a few years, Tmobile will most likely again say “we’re bogging down the network and then they will change what they said again on how Unlimited really means 10-20GB unlimited”.

    I won’t fall for that lie again Tmo.

    I know alot of my posts as of late have been kinda harsh toward Tmobile but I have been going through alot with them over the last couple months and it has been nothing but lie after lie from reps and the last straw was when the rep lied and got me to switch off the Classic plan (which renewed my contract) and told me that I’d still be able to use my upgrade from the classic plan to get a new phone.

    • UMA_Fan

      If the ‘no throttling’ aspect of it is a PART of your contract it’s highly unlikely they will mess with it.  I also really doubt they would launch a feature like this without a lot of thought on how it will affect the business in the long term.  They would look worse if they offered it and took it away and even IF they took it away they would likely leave it alone for people who signed up for it.  Also consider the plans that throttle you will STILL be there as is.  This is a whole new feature it seems anyone can get.

      On another note, every post you make shows you clearly don’t understand how value plans work and you throw out a LOT of negativity due to your own personal inability to understand.

      • TmoTech

        Or could it be that you just didn’t understand what they went through even after they clearly explained it a while ago?

        Wilma stated a while ago that the representative lied to them by saying that they could allow them to keep the upgrade from the Classic plan and use it when they switched over to a Value plan since they been with Tmobile for so long without ever renewing their contract.  That’s where the lie was.

        I’ve seen Wilma talk about Value Plans when they were first being introduced so I’m pretty sure they had a very good idea of how they worked.  So instead of trying to insult people, you may need to reread their posts so you can get an better understanding.

        I’ve been through something similar to this as well.  I was going in to just browse the phone selection and then a rep came over to talk to me.  I knew right then that they were just trying to make a sale but I let them talk anyway.

        Eventually the rep told me they could give me a special deal (Similar to the one Wilma was talking about) but I’d have to switch to a Value Plan to get the deal.  They told me that they could get me the any phone on Tmobile for the on contract price if I switched over.  So I switched over to get the GS3 only to find out that they charged me the full off contract price and now I’m stuck paying this thing off.

      • Brett Schulte

        She’s right. The realities of network management are pretty simple… both wireless spectrum and back haul are finite resources. Congestion is inevitable, and unlimited plans only encourage waste and abuse. It’s a desperate move for T-Mobile.

        • oryan_dunn

            From my empirical evidence, people who have a capped plan usually try to use up their allotted data, since ‘they paid for it’.  Whereas, people on unlimited don’t feel the need to do that.

          Either way, the way they do throttling now isn’t that great.  Seems like to me, as long as the tower you’re on isn’t at capacity, then no one should be throttled.  If it is at capacity, then start throttling the users who’ve racked up the most data that month.  I.e., where I live, there’s no way T-Moblie could ever be at capacity, so even if I go over 2GB, no reason to throttle me.

    • Get_at_Me

      If u switch from classic to value, u still have an “upgrade”… value plans don’t have upgrade tenure like legacy and classic plans do…If ur willing to payoff ur phone every 6 months, u can “upgrade” every 6 mos via the eip installment plan….Also consider this: classic plans require mail in rebates on every single smartphone tmo carries.  Value Plans typically don’t (unless there’s a special promo in which a small subsidy is available).  Look at the gs3 for example.  $330 upfront on classic…..$200 upfront on Value. Looking at that scenario, you’re better off with the value option.  So the rep didn’t lie to you.  Ur still able to get a new device and on top of that, you’ll be paying LESS upfront being on the Value plan. 

  • Jay Gibson67

    Is the no tethering just for new smart phones? Because my G2 is from the time when T-Mobile didn’t have the technology to limit free tethering. I hope the cant limit me now to because then I’ll switch!

    • LC

      They can track it on the back end now, so don’t be surprised if at some point they block the G2 from tethering without the feature on your account or changing the data plan. 

      • Brett Schulte

        Being able to “track” it isn’t the same as being able to BLOCK it

        • Jctusa7

          no they can block it… it happened to me

  • Tuliom Mesa

    Its still cheaper then all the other carriers plus peopke always root their phones to get free teathering

  • JustSaying

    I know some people have said this is a sign that T-Mobile will not be getting the iPhone which could be true orrr maybe false.. This could also be a sign that they are to better compete with other carriers. Either way I’m glad T-Mobile is giving their customers more options.. they’re the only carrier to offer tiered and unlimited data without overage charges.. at least i think so. 

  • mingkee

    I cannot add it except I switch to Value Plan. Nevertheless, I am planning to move to Value Plan and get Note with 2 years contract and 20 payments very soon.
    Since I use massive amount of data, 100% unlimited is more important than sharing (I have webconnect anyways.)

  • farfromovin

    I’ll jump on it. I started with 2gb, exceeded that, jumped to 5, exceeded that, jumped to 10 and cries about the cost so much I went on a data diet back to 2. So, for $5 more a month than my 2gb on value I can be a data whore again. I just like being able to download the newest nightly if I’m away from my WiFi. That, and streaming my satellite feed from my slingbox is a great way to kill time! Thank you T-Mobile!

    • peelabrownie

      you can bypass the throttle via apn settings been getting unlimited for 10 bucks on value for a couple months now

      • Jctusa7

        how man?

  • Edwin Orduno

    Are you kidding me? I just switched over to sprint 1 month ago and i just finished paying tmobile 580 bucks for the cancellation fee and other charges…wa wa wa

    • Get_at_Me

      if its only been a month, tmo may credit your etfs if u switch back….i know that if ur billed, but dont pay within a few months and u reactivate, they’ll waive billed etfs…not sure what theyd do sine u paid them already

  • Guesty

    No. I’m staying with the 200mb because I need to save up for other bigger purchases. I budget and am fiscally responsible and the 200mb fits into my budget nicely.

  • Bryck

    To me it’s a no brainier. I get to save up and extra 5 bucks from $25 to $20 on a value plan sound like a great deal to me “unlimited Data”.

  • Vltague

    I don’t use the data I have now so won’t until there is at least a capped mobile hot spot add on.

  • Demitrius Harris

    I now live in a “G” coverage area….a sighting of 2G is like having Bigfoot riding shotgun in my car talking about where he’s been for the last 50 years .

    Basically, I want the plan but I can’t take advantage of it at “G” speeds so I will pass.

    • oryan_dunn

       Yeah, he forgot the poll option of “At G or 2G speeds, I’ll not hit my 2GB cap as it is.”

  • MarcusDW

    As a data sipper, I have no need or desire for never ending 4G.

  • Nearmsp

    I have the 5 GB plus tethering plan. I am not leaving tethering to get unlimited data. I use tethering twice a year but it is a life saver when I need it. Moreover, I have Wi-Fi at home and work, and thus I rarely exceed 2 GB. I already paying more for unused data. I am concerned with unlimited data, if Tmobile data speed performance will deteriorate for everyone. Is this Tmobiles death dance to fight falling subscribers. Is this T-mobiles response to fight yet another failure to get an I-phone in September?

  • kev2684

    I need to make sure tethering works after rooting first before switching plans. I need tethering for my Nexus 7.

    • predation


  • Fish

    I’m definitely going to check it out. I’ve got a grandfathered plan that costs me $70 after taxes. I’m right at the cusp of 5gb/month and sometimes I get throttled for a day or 2 at the end of my billing cycle. I don’t even use half of the 500 minutes in my plan so I’m thinking I can get a lower bill if I don’t get unlimited minutes. I’m also using a nexus s, which is only 3g, but not being throttled ever, paying less, and grandfathering in a 4g plan when I upgrade will be nice.

  • Fish

    There seems to be a lot of people worried about hot spot / teathering and paying extra for it. If you go with a nexus you don’t have to. Not to be a rep for them but the g nexus is $350 now and 5 more devices are being released Nov 5th, and teathering is enabled on all of them.

    • predation

      yeah but google will give the IMEI numbers to the carriers…. screwed unless you root :-)

      • What are you talking about? As soon as you have any phone on a carrier, the carrier has your IMEI number immediately. It does not involve Google at all. And Fish’s point still stand as hot spot/tethering work out of the box on the $350 GN without root.

    • Wrldbter

      Where did you get that release date of Nov. 5th?

      • Fish

        Just search for Google 5 new devices on any internet search. Nov 5 is androids 5th bday too I think.

  • JB

    I’ll absolutely jump on this. With everything moving to the cloud, I had to ask myself what’s more important to me tethering or being able to fully utilize all my cloud and media services without worrying about being throttled? It’s a no brainer to me! 

    Besides if I want to tether, not only are there ways around it.. but if the unlimited feature is non contracted, I can always switch back to a throttled plan when I know I’m travelling to a place where I know I’ll need to hotspot.

    • Get_at_Me

      logic overload in your comment…my brain just exploded….lol

    • billy padilla

      i spoke with tmo’s loyalty dept last night and the said the only thing contractual are their voice plans…you still must have a data plan but could upgrade or downgrade anytime you want without extending your service agreement. i will probably wait for jelly bean update on S3 and root then add hotspot before i upgrade to new true unlimited data.

      • JB

        That’s what I’ve always done upgrading and downgrading data as needed.. I just don’t want them to change that in lieu of offering unlimited data to hook customers into a contract… but from the sound of your convo with loyalty, it looks like they won’t.. But we shall see what’s up when the 5th rolls around.. :-)

    • Jobless Steve

      ROOT, tethering is free.

      • JB

        HAHA.. I’m already rooted, so I’m good to go there. That’s what the, “not only are there other ways around it…” line meant. I was just laying out additional options more for those who are upset about TM not adding hotspot to the plan, who’s not necessarily rooted and wants to tether or simply those who want to play by the rules T Mobile has set. :-)

  • oryan_dunn

    From my empirical evidence, people who have a capped plan usually try to use up their allotted data, since ‘they paid for it’.  Whereas, people on unlimited don’t feel the need to do that.

    Either way, the way they do throttling now isn’t that great.  Seems like to me, as long as the tower you’re on isn’t at capacity, then no one should be throttled.  If it is at capacity, then start throttling the users who’ve racked up the most data that month.  I.e., where I live, there’s no way T-Moblie could ever be at capacity, so even if I go over 2GB, no reason to throttle me.

  • loueradun

    Still paying $20 a month for each line for Android Unlimited with 5GB throttle.  Can’t see paying $10 more a line when I rarely get close to 5GB…

    If I had one of their current data plans, this would be a no-brainer.

    • philyew

      Same here…

    • Nerdette

       I’m on the $20 Preferred Android with 5GB throttle too, 2 lines.  We both stay well under 5 GB, so I’ve no reason to pay an extra $10 per line for unlimited.  If T-Mobile would like to remove the throttle from my current data plan, I wouldn’t object.

  • Schippma

    I have a $5 web plan now that includes unlimited web at up to 5GB of high speed. I don’t know how long T-Mobile will support the feature but I can use any unbranded unlocked phone or any T-Mobile phone except Android. I may upgrade but I never reach 1GB of data in a month. I am on a really old plan anyway and who knows if this plan will work with it but you can’t beat $5 bucks for web nowadays.

  • TMoFan

    If 4G coverage returns to my area I would definitely consider it. I rarely exceed my cap on my data plan, but it’s nice not to worry about that when streaming and cloud storage.

  • Sanman202

    No, because the plan I have now allows for up to 5GB with 500 anytime minutes. That’s pleny and I pay under $70 a month with taxes included.  Heyo!

  • Creativebluedot

    T-Mobile offered a pre-paid plan for $50/month for unlimited Talk-Text-Web with no contract. I might consider getting that.

    • Michael Fernandez

       they offer the data at 100 mb on 4G speed , then on 2G afterwards. I think?

      • Fish

        I was wondering about the throttling for that plan. If you buy a 4g data plan do they throttle you back to 3 or 2g?

  • Jose Hernandez

    David, did you change the pic on this poll??? 

  • Michael Fernandez

    If  They will offer unlimitted shared data on family with no overages and no cap and with hotspot capability included, on a reasonable price much less that what I am paying for right now with my 4 lines with all unlimited data on 5 gb cap at $20 each! 

    • No Mames

      ¡Estas Pendejo!

      • Michael Fernandez

        hijo de puta

    • Witor19

      How much are u paying? I have got the same but only 3 lines and paying 240… But as family shared plan… Am I paying to much most of the time I’m also in wi-fi. Only one line isn’t on wifi…. But hardly ever gets to the 4gb cap. Can someone shine some light into this darkness I’m at this moment?

  • BahamasGeek242

    I am going to keep my plan and not upgrade, but I like the fact that T-mobile is making the effort to even offer this to new and current customers

    1000min free nights and weekends 39.99
    300 txt messages$5
    5GB data …$20

    $69.99   every month as long as I don’t buy any apps 

    • conservative_motorcyclist

      for the same price, you can get unlimited talk, text, and 4G data on the value plan….

      • BahamasGeek242

        Thanks for the tip I am going to look into today, if it is the same price with tax included I will think about switching over, I hope I do not have two sign a two year contract.

        • predation

          you’ll have to do 2year. don’t forget you’re going to lose your subsidized pricing ability. 

          i currently have:
          1000 anytime $39.99
          buddy time (unlimited m2m and text) $10.00
          android preferred $20 (5gb soft-cap)
          myfaves $0.00

          i’m not switching over.

        • conservative_motorcyclist

          Unfortunately the value plan requires a 2-year contract extension.

          That’s the biggest reason why I haven’t jumped on it yet. I am out of contract and on the $50 unliminited loyalty plan. Then when I add Unlimited text and web, it adds another $25. Then I get a discount on the text and web portion through my work and it brings the price down to $70.

        • cogareli

          as you mention the loyalty plan doesnt get your employer discount, but if you change it to the classic unlimited talk text and web you get your employer discount on everithing not just on web or text portion, as well it does required a 2yr contract but sometimes they give you one month free by signing in, it all depends on you %of your employer discount to see if is worth it or not.

        • Thepanttherlady

          If you go from a Classic Plan to a Value Plan you wont be allowed to go back.

      • philyew

        Are you sure? The Value plan page says unlimited talk, text and 5GB data with mobile hotspot is $74.99 plus tax…

        • conservative_motorcyclist

          As of today, you are correct. After September 5th, when this data option is launched, it will be $70 a month for unlimited talk, text, and web since the unlimited plan is $5 a month cheaper than the currently-offered 5GB plan.

        • predation

          yes but bahamas is on a classic plan which allows for subsidized device. 

  • eric42

    Not if I can’t use wifi hotspot, no.  I use that for Wifi-only tablets and other devices.  I don’t abuse it, but if I can’t use it at all, that’s a deal breaker.

    • Nehemias Rodriguez

      You can use it with a new free app call FOX-FI. it turns your Android into free WiFi Hotspot (no root)

      FoxFi enables WiFi or Bluetooth Hotspot on your Android phone – no tether plan or rooting required!
      This is a new Android app with great reviews
      in Android Market.
      Bluetooth mode works for all phones. WiFi mode currently works on most Samsung/Motorola/LG phones and new HTC phones with Android 4.0 (HTC One etc).
      WiFi mode does NOT work on Motorola Droid 1, Motorola Triumph, Samsung Admire, LG Revolution or older HTC phones, use Bluetooth mode instead.
      Connect your tablets, computers or game console with WPA security.
      FoxFi usage is covered under your phone’s existing data plan.

      FoxFi is much better than other tether software on Android. The advantages are obvious:
      No rooting required, avoid hassle and risk of bricking
      No need to install anything on the computer
      Supports connection from any tablets including iPad, Kindle, Nook etc.
      Supports connection from PS3, XBox, WII etc.
      Supports multiple connections at the same time
      Secured with WPA2. Avoids the security risk of enabling USB debugging.

      • Trevnerdio

        No root required AND gets around stupid carrier blocks?? I’m in!! Still love me my rooting to get rid of this stupid bloat but that sounds awesome!

        • JBLmobileG1

          Too bad it currently doesn’t work with the S3.

        • Trevnerdio

          Aw of course that’s what I have lol oh well, I have wireless tether for root users

      • J Solan68

        Fox-Fi is great.  I have had it for 5 mos, and it works like a charm!  My kids get to use my iPad when we are on road trips and get high speed access!  I do not get the head ache of listening to them bicker!  And no additional charges!

  • hmmm, i tether from my Galaxy Nexus all the time. This unlimited option might be the icing on the cake. I love having a non TMobile phone

    • Mattcat03

      I’m with you on this.  I just can’t wait for the new Google phone releases at the end of this year.  I hope it’s as good as the hype. 

  • Littlesis1774

    I might once refarming is done and when I don’t use iphone 5 on edge. 

  • Unknown

    Can someone tell me what’s the difference between classic and value plans plx ?…

    • Trevnerdio

      The value plan doesn’t lock you into a contract. You pay $20 less a month, but have to get phone at full price. Classic charges $20 a month more but you can get phones much cheaper with a 2 year contract.

      • Ksdjf

        Value plan is a contract just so you know.

        • Trevnerdio

          But not on the phones themselves

        • Michael Hunt

          The contract is on both. You pay full price on the phone, but you can make payments. If you cancel your contract early, you have to pay an ETF and pay the balance of the phone.

        • Trevnerdio

          Well that sounds like the way to go

        • Mattcat03

          The classic plan only works to your benefit if you plan to keep upgrading your phone every time you are eligible. It even works better if you have a family plan with multiple lines because you can upgrade even more frequent. That really is a preferrence.  I know for sure once a new phone is released, 6 months later it’s hardware is outdated and new Android version is created every year.  You will save money on the value plan only when you  keep your phone beyond the contract period but by then it is outdated and you start to salivate when you see these new phones that come out.

        • Trevnerdio

          That sounds like my kind of plan. I’m on a grandfathered 3000 minute, 5 gigs of data family plan. Where would that fall you think?

  • pops87

    Hmm I’m gonna go with no, I have that $20 preferred Android plan that caps at 10GB, and that’s more than enough for even my data-hogging behind.

    • Archerian

      Doesn’t the Preferred Android Plan cap at 5GB?

      •  Yes it does. I am on it and have been throttled many times.

        • pops87

          Not for me, I average 7 gigs a month and pay 20.

  • ticket

    The throttle speed of the $20 5GB is EDGE or 2G.

    TMO wants to get people off their  2G to free up space for HSPA+ and eventually LTE.

    What will the throttle speed be in the near future ?

    If the future throttle speed is to be  3G it may be wise for with limited amounts of minutes and 5GB throttle to keep those plans because it cost more then just $10 to update to unlimited data because you will also need to update your minutes to unlimited which will cost an additional $20 more if you presently have the 1,000 minute plan

    • JBLmobileG1

      You know, I was actually thinking the same thing. Eventually 2g will be gone so the next thing for throttling would be 3g speeds, which would actually work for tethering if I ever were to go over.

      • WillieFDiaz

        Tmobile throttles based on speed, not on network type. If you’re using 3G or 4G they can throttle you to “2G-like speed”, its all based in software in network, they don’t actually drop you back to the EDGE network. And in actuality, T-Mobile doesn’t offer EDGE speed as throttle, it is GPRS speeds of 50kbps over any network, EDGE, UMTS or HSPA.

  • Monthly 4g please

    Add this to monthly 4g PLEASE!!!

  • Hu

    I have unlimited data for $10 mo… I’ll keep what I have

    • Ladykaya10

      is that a grandfathered web2go?

  • jimmiekain

    I’m 100% sure I will get a T-Mo phone… But rather or not I keep it depends on the coverage. About 6 years ago I switched to T-Mo and got the sidekick (i was younger LOL) and I no coverage anywhere! It was horrible. I had it for a week before I returned it and saw bars of coverage 2 times out of the 7 days I had it. 

    From what I understand though T-Mo has made some major improvements here in southern California so if it works well at my house, church, job and GF’s house I will port my number from sprint. If not, I guess I will return it and cancel it again. 

  • Neto

    What about tethering?

  • Winski


  • YoureProbADumbass

    good idea, but i’m going to jump on the walmart prepaid deal once one x+ comes out

  • kahlayoh

    Why not?? I’m already paying $30 for 5gb. I won’t be paying more if I do!!

  • JBLmobileG1

    Well, I am honestly thinking about going to the new unlimited plan from my 10gb plan now with the tethering. This month alone I am already nearing my 10gb and when they throttle anything major that I do on my phone is useless. While I will miss my tethering I don’t use it enough to pay an additional $30 a month.
    The questions I have though… does anyone else think this unlimited data plan has restrictions? Maybe not as fast and taking full advantage of. Tmobile’s HSPA+ network? Why offer other plans with tethering that are limited data but they cost more… The 10gb plan being double? I am still debating on it all but after being throttled these past few months because my usage. I am thinking it would be the right choice. The last question I have is must you have an unlimited minutes plan or can I add it to my old 1,000 $39.99 plan? Personally I don’t see why not considering I was able to upgrade to the 10gb deal from my old Android data plan from the G1 days. Any help to my questions would be appreciated.

    • JBLmobileG1

      On an added note I do have the 300 messages too for $4.99 since I don’t use too many messages, so unlimited would be useless to me. I know these plans do require voice and messaging, I just won’t have unlimited except for hopefully the data.

  • The 14.99 charge to share your data with other devices makes it not even worth it. This unlimited plan doesnt even allow for it. Can I have a unlimited plan with free tethering to my other devices?