MetroPCS Will Launch Three New Markets If T-Mobile Deal Is Approved

Taking the stage at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference earlier today, MetroPCS Chairman and CEO Roger Linquist and CFO Braxton Carter discussed the pending deal with T-Mobile. Specifically, Linquist discussed that 2013 will be a year of stabilization for T-Mobile’s postpaid customer base and a year of growth for MetroPCS. In fact, Carter says that MetroPCS will expand its service to 3 additional markets if the T-Mobile deal is approved. MetroPCS officials wouldn’t discuss the pending markets, but New Orleans and Minneapolis are said to be on the short list.

When asked about his company’s LTE network, Linquist said that the company has more than 20% of its customer base already on LTE and that 75% of all upgrades are switching to LTE. The company’s average customer on their $55 unlimited usage plan uses around 2GB of data per month. Linquist also expects that the $4 billion T-Mobile is spending on network upgrades will increase as the two companies begin to merge their networks.

T-Mobile and MetroPCS are expected to discuss more of the financial impact later this week at the Deutsche Telekom investor conference. Coincidentally, this is said to be the same meeting a Merrill Lynch analyst predicts an iPhone launch for T-Mobile.

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  • Mirad77

    The future of our beloved Tmo seems shaky as the puzzle pieces just indicate les of whaich direction DT is taking us.

    • Ben

      You have a valid point, but let’s look on the bright side. At this time last year we had no idea whether or not we would still be independent or become AT&T&T. I hope this merger is successful.

      • Mirad77

        I agree and trust me that I only have positive expectations for Tmo. But as much as we want to, there is always some indicative of how bad DT wants to let us loose. Then again as you put it we just got to keep looking at the bright side.

  • joel

    i hope they do merge

  • bleeew

    I think T-Mobile can turn the ship around. In key places, T-Mobile will receive spectrum from AT&T, Verizon, and Metro. Of course they will need to fill in 2G…

  • ceegii63

    honestly LTE and yes i will admit it an iPhone will do Tmobile a lot of good, it needs LTE but it wouldnt hurt them to carry the iPhone

    • Yes, it would hurt them to get the iphone.Unless they do it the smart way. No subsidies.

      • Paul

        That’s the key move.
        Also credit for unlocked iPhones as trade-ins. That will switch all the users over to a newer iPhone that’s not 3G.
        I’ll stick with my Note 2.

      • Whitney

        Well that the rumor that it will be on the value plans. I hope it true so when the times I migrate to Value plans and hopefully use EIP

  • Great news T-Mobile future seems a lot broghter now.

  • Guess tomorrow or Friday we will know for sure about the iPhone.

    Network refarming, iPhone, LTE-A, and Metro PCS acquisition all coming in 2013 could make it the year T-Mobile becomes far more competitive in the mobile arena.

    • Bud

      no iphone for tmobile i can bet on it, sorry. As fa as refarming some small a*s hick town will be announced while nyc has no 3g. not manhattan,brooklyn,queens.

      • OCF

        Small a** hick towns deserve affordable coverage too. The only option is Verizon. When living in a metropolis, there’s plenty of options to chose from. Stop whining, there are others in worse situations.

      • According to there seems to be plenty of spots in NYC that are done. It’s not totally covered but they are working on it. At least be happy you guys are getting something. Not one spot of my city has been refarmed yet. Not a single tower.

  • UMA_Fan

    Hmmm T-Mobile executives seem pretty confident about post paid customer retention in 2013. I wonder if they are just being positive or if they have something big in the works.

  • Richard Yarrell

    This is great for everyone involved. 2013 will be big for tmobile.

  • jwblue

    T-Mobile does not need the iPhone. The subsidies will hurt the bottom line.
    Besides, it is inferior to Android phones.