T-Mobile To Announce Imminent iPhone Arrival Next Week?

Well, here’s a story we didn’t see coming, especially not on the heels of the last T-Mobile’s COO comments regarding the iPhone last week. According to Merrill Lynch analyst Scott Craig, “speculation is heightening” that Deutsche Telekom will announce the imminent arrival of the iPhone for its company’s US unit during next week’s analyst day meetings. The meetings, scheduled for December 6th and 7th would be an unusual place for such an announcement given that Apple likes to be involved with high-profile launches. However, the iPhone’s launch on smaller, regional players has also been without the usual Apple fanfare so there is some precedence for the opposite to be true.

The arrival of the iPhone on T-Mobile would give Apple access to 98% of the nations post-paid wireless subscribers with an additional 33 million potential customers.

We’ve seen plenty of analyst statements pop up speculating on the iPhone’s arrival on T-Mobile, but few analyst comments have been so specific with a time and date. It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out.


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  • Those that have been waiting, REJOICE! Your time has come!

  • Raymond

    I don’t buy it. iphone 4s on Tmobile is still edge speed.

    • mk

      ….That’s because its not fully provisioned for T-mobile.
      If Tmo was to get the iPhone, that would not be an issue


      Depends on where you are. Lots of markets are turning up new 1900 sites every day.

    • Whitney

      Where do you live? In certain area iphone 4s will be on edge. When I went to visit my sister in Freeport, Illinois I was on edge the entire time. The only time I was on 3g was when I was in Rockford

  • TmoNews_Inuyasha

    If it is true, then it could be a good thing for T-Mobile, subscriber-wise.

    • Nick Gonzalez

      My contract was up last friday. If this is true I would definitely re-up for another 2 years.

  • thepanttherlady

    Not an iPhone fan but know my daughter would ditch her HTC Amaze for one.

    • Doakie

      Lol. DON’T LET HER DO IT! JK :) In all seriousness though I keep my kids in the Android ecosystem just because the cost of ownership is so much less. I mean I have 584 paid apps that I got for free from the Amazon Appstore Free App of the Day giveaways. That should keep them entertained for a while.

      Not to mention that Kindle Fires are $199 and Square Trade accidental damage coverage on them is $45. I’m into their Fires $245 each with two years of accident protection, two replacements with no deductibles… Anyone who buys a CHILD a $499 iPad needs to have their head examined. They don’t need such expensive things.

      • thepanttherlady

        Considering she’s close to 21, she has to pay for her own toys. LOL She had an iPhone with AT&T before and liked it. She didn’t get her technical inclination from me so it is easier for her to use.

        My 22 year old gets my “old” Androids when I upgrade (every few months) so she’ll stay within the Android ecosystem.

        I absolutely agree with you that children don’t need expensive things, iPad or otherwise. My 9 year old keeps asking for a tablet and I keep telling him no. I think I’m getting the younger ones the Kindle White as their Santa gift for Christmas though. I’d rather them “feel” like they got a tablet but spend their time reading than playing games.

      • Jesse James

        just because $500 is a lot of money to some it isn’t to others.

      • bleeew

        I get free iOS apps from those “free apps” apps. They are apps that get you paid apps for free for a day only

    • Stephan A

      What! You are married and with a kid? How does a 26 year old get married and have a kid that has a smart phone so young? Is she 6 or something?

      • thepanttherlady

        LOL!!! I’ll be 42 on Christmas. My oldest is 22.

        • Stephan A

          Wow! 42 is young but I thought you were 26. Please tell me you are single, right?

        • Evan


        • Whitney

          Okay that is random

        • wow

    • Whitney

      I would ditch my HTC HD2 for the iphone

      • thepanttherlady

        If I had that one, I would too. :)

      • TmoNews_Inuyasha

        Man, I wish I still had my HD2… I needed apps that weren’t on WinMo 6.5, though, and running Android on mine ate through the battery much faster than on WinMo 6.5.

    • TmoNews_Inuyasha

      I have the Amaze, and don’t plan on changing phones anytime soon. Runs great for me(rooted, but stock ROM), and I love the camera on this phone.

      • thepanttherlady

        I took my Amaze back for the Galaxy S2. I really liked the Sensation but didn’t care for the shape/screen on the Amaze.

      • nyuhsuk

        The camera is pretty good but you know what’s the best part? It’s probably the only phone to have dedicated camera and camcorder physical buttons (correct me if I’m wrong…). I love it! Too bad my capacitive buttons went dead a few days back and I had to fall back on the wife’s old Sensation… at least the development is hot on that device…

        • TmoNews_Inuyasha

          Ouch, that sucks about your capacitive buttons. Yeah, I like having both buttons, and like the fact that they will launch their respective programs by holding the button down for a couple of questions instead of having to launch the camera and switch, or go into the app drawer to get to the camcorder. I think my favorite feature on the camera is the macro feature. I’ve gotten some amazing pictures in great detail from just inches away.

        • nyuhsuk

          The question is now… do I get another one or fix my current one? I don’t really like Samsung’s phones and am not a fan of the One S… if only the One X+ really did make it to our carrier…

  • ceegii63

    wow there just might be an Exodus from ATT and thier iPhone customer base

    • 21stNow

      I doubt it.

  • AndroidProfit

    Good news for Tmobile but bad news for the Android crybabies who constantly cry about an inanimate object (iphone).

    • Doakie

      I’m not crying about anything, we all have different needs. I just hate everything the iPhone stands for: insane profit margins, closed down file system, locked down OS, dumbed down interface, snobby owners, expensive cost of ownership. Go ahead and have your smartphone with training wheels. I won’t stand between you and whatever you want to buy. We’re all adults so don’t get all pissy because other people express their opinions. Also the worst thing about iPhones are the snobby owners, not all are like that, but the bad Apples ruin the perception of the whole bunch.

  • Qbancelli

    No Please!
    I don’t want my speedy HSPA+ network congested and slowed down by the iSheep.

    • AndroidProfit

      Are you frightened by the iphone? Are you aware it’s not a living being?

      • Ajay Singh

        Isheep refers to people using iphone hence living beings.

        • AndroidProfit

          Aaaah I see…. So sone of these android crybabies take their irrational hatred of an inanimate object and expand that to hate someone who uses a product. This is the definition of mental illness.

          Maybe that guy in Florida ate that other guys face off because he saw him carrying an iphone?

          That is one weird state.

        • PCJ

          dont hate on my state

        • OnlineRefugee

          You need to watch your tongue. This Site’s owner resides in Florida. ;)

      • Qbancelli

        Are you dense? Can’t you read?
        The only thing I fear is too many ppl using data on the network at the same time.

        • AndroidProfit

          I doubt this will affect your speed when these mean olé isheep join Tmobile.

        • Doakie

          You can doubt all you want, Sprints network was brought to its knees with the influx of iPhone users. I’m also wary of the performance hit an increase in iPhone ownership will cause… These are dark days ahead…(sarcasm) In all seriousness though I effing hate iPhones…

        • Ceefu

          Some things to consider; there already are a large number of iPhone users on the T-Mobile network. So the impact would be nothing like that of Sprint’s where they went from 0 -> X number of users.

          Also, knowing how Tmo did/does not want to pay an exorbitant amount of $$ to acquire the iPhone, it’s safe to assume that a new model is being made available that works on the existing Tmo band. Based on that, the only markets where there would be a likely influx of iPhone customers would be those where the refarming has been completed or is near completion. It would be silly for Tmo to launch the iPhone in markets where only 2G data would be available.

        • CalicoKJ

          Just as silly as my local store carrying 4G phones when most of the area I live in still doesn’t have 3G? Just saying…

        • Jack Lynch

          Mine carries 4g phones and we are still on Edge or “2g” for about a 30 mile radius in all directions. I think we are the land that Tmobile forgot :(

        • Jesse James

          you are a tard for using a carrier that has edge service in your area

        • CalicoKJ

          Not really. I can use T-Mo and have decent (not great) service, wi-fi data/calling at home, and the best rate plans out there. -OR-, I can choose another carrier that has great service, crappy overpriced phones and expensive plans. I also travel, and other places I go T-Mo has great service.

        • Trevnerdio

          I had the Nexus One whenever my area didn’t even have 3G…sexy, still.

        • Technically, the iPhone 5’s current hardware supports AWS WCDMA (for HSPA+) as well as AWS LTE. It’s just a matter of Apple activating it in the baseband. The radio structure is already there (as opposed to previous iPhones where there was no hardware support in the radio structure for AWS, but the chip itself still supported it).

        • Ceefu

          Ok, so based on this, to get 3G or higher on the iPhone 5, you must either be in a refarmed market, OR there has to be a baseband update. The latter of which would be assumed to be happening IF indeed it is to be released for T-Mo.

        • So if the iPhone 5 supports 1700MHz (AWS) LTE that means it can support 1700MHz HSPA+?

        • Typically, LTE radio structures for bands actually also include support for HSPA+, too. Most power amplifiers, duplexers, and filters for LTE are dual-mode WCDMA/LTE, which means that you can run HSPA+ or LTE over the same band. The major exceptions to these are radio structures for US and EU Digital Dividend, 1.8GHz, and 2.6GHz spectrum bands.

        • UMA_Fan

          Since the iPhone 5 supports dual channel HSPA+ 42 do you think Apple went out of it’s way to (not) support T-Mobile USA’s bands?

        • Dmac

          You do know that the iPhone 5 already works on every network no unlocking needed… Even the Sprint and Verizon ones work on T Mobile with our hspa+, and the at&t one has our lte built in, no refarm needed. Refarm was for iPhone 4 and previous models, so you might want to delete most of your post…. Just sayin

        • conservative_motorcyclist

          Oh? I thought the iPhone 5 only supported AWS (1700/2100) over LTE and not AWS over HSPA+ (UMTS/WCDMA/whatever you wanna cal it :P)

        • macman37

          Great response, and I do really agree with you about how the impact will be nothing like that of Sprint. However, I do disagree with your assumption that Apple will make another model for T-Mobile USA. The GSM model that’s being sold in the USA on AT&T already supports the same frequencies that T-Mobile will run their soon to be 4G LTE network. That is LTE band 4 {the AWS bands of 1700Mhz & 2100Mhz}; and LTE band 17 {700b Mhz} is still unknown although T-Mobile has struck a roaming agreement with AT&T. It real looks like that Apple took a look at T-Mobile’s roadmap for both LTE deployment and the refarm and are happy. They basically told T-Mobile at the iPhone 4S launch that they tested an iPhone 4S model on T-Mobile’s 1900Mhz frequency and once they have a sufficient number of 3G areas with 1900Mhz to fall back on when LTE is not available, they’ll be more than happy to strike a deal. I for one am very happy to hear this news for T-Mobile.

        • Ceefu

          Ah, interesting. It’s been a while since I really dug in to what freq’s were supported. So my bad on that assumption.

          So is the correct statement that the 4S & 5 can get 3G data in markets that have NOT yet been refarmed?

        • macman37

          Not until that certain area/market gets refarmed with the 1900Mhz band. The iPhone 4S and 5 does not have 3G support on the AWS frequencies – the 1700Mhz band in particular; they only support the AWS frequencies on 4G LTE. It’s been due to Apple’s lack of support for the 3G 1700Mhz AWS band that has prevented T-Mobile from becoming an official carrier. Since the original and 1st iPhone carrier, AT&T, is deploying their 4G LTE network on LTE band 4 {the AWS frequencies of 1700Mhz & 2100Mhz} and LTE band 17 {700b Mhz}, T-Mobile is another carrier that Apple is looking at as another potential carrier since they will deploy their 4G LTE on LTE band 4. Wikipedia will tell you when you type in their search field “List of LTE networks” which country and certain carrier is using that band, and the specific frequency.

        • Ceefu

          Ok, that is what I though. And it basically tells me that Dmac’s post below, is the one that is worthless :)

        • UMA_Fan

          I disagree. It’s been said time and time again that the reason T-Mobile doesn’t have the iPhone is cost. There’s no leverage here.

          If DT asks for an all encompassing order of iPhones and includes T-Mobile USA in the deal, that would seem to be the likely way the US branch could carry the iPhone cost effectively. The whole reason this hasn’t been done in the past is that Apple would have to modify the iPhone for T-Mobile USA which would need them to have their own separate deal. After refarming is complete, the same iPhone sold abroad will work on T-Mobile US.

        • Terrin Bell

          I agree. DT wil leverage its strength in Europe to get a deal in the US. I currently, use two unlocked iPhones on T-Mobile. I’d love official support.

        • Rudy Belova

          It wasn’t very hard to bring sprint to its knees. LOL. Have you ever used their 3g network? Pass..

        • Trevnerdio

          Sprint’s network has always been crap lol

          And I hate iPhones too :D

        • Sprint’s 3G network was already terrible before they got the iPhone.

        • Qbancelli

          Of course it will.
          Take a look at Verizon LTE network now compared to a few monts ago.

        • jarrod

          There speeds were decreasing before anybody could get hands on a LTE capable iPhone. Thats purely on their network finally getting loaded and the fact their network is crap.

        • jarrod


        • bleeew

          Im on Verizon LTE. People blame the slowing speeds on the iPhone. The speeds have been decreasing since they released more LTE phones, and users adopted them. I had LTE since their first phone, and I got the phone the first week it came out. I had 12-20 mbps. I would usually get 15mbps. Now i get 14 mbps on average(still the same even before the LTE iphone). Im pretty close to DisneyLand. Don’t blame it on iPhone users. Blame it on people who got LTE phones. I dont know why they took away unlimited data if theirte was stong enough. I doubt T-mobile will have its network brought down. Why? Because there isnt as many users on T-Mobile then there are on ATT.

        • yozo

          Agree… TmoUSA needs a backhaul more than an iPhone.

        • bleeew

          Verizons network barely dent.(now has lte)
          Att was impacted, but it was on 7.2 mbps hspa(now its faster and it has lte)
          Sprint was slow even before the iPhone.
          Whats your point.

        • solavei_49month

          The company must make money to stay competitive. Either bring on more customers or up rates . More customers gives money for better services. Its not a private club

      • TMOFAN

        I-phone + Tmo pricing = network congestion.
        NOT GOOD!

        • TBN27

          Wouldn’t it not be so because it uses “4G” on the 1900 mhz frequency?

        • Wow – you must have a degree in Wireless Infrastructure & RF Engineering!! #sarcasm

          If it happens – it will have minimal impact on congestion.

        • Spritemoney

          Many people already have smartphones on T-Mobile, and there are already a lot of iPhone users. The networks today are ready for the smartphones, unlike 2007.


      It will not be. We have Fiber Ethernet to every site being modernized. Bandwidth can be expanded pretty easy. And the AWS network is still in place and will continue to be until the LTE launch and by that time the HSPA+1900 network will be heavily fortified.

      • macman37

        Quick question off the topic: How accurate is the URL “airportal.de” in reporting the progress on the refarm?

        • Sebastian

          From my understanding they have a strict submission guide lines when posting a tower refarm.

        • conservative_motorcyclist

          It’s only as accurate as the people posting info on it…there area few places that are still not on the map yet that I found. Maybe I should report them!

        • rene

          this is base to my knowledges in user input inf, now i really dont know how they test proof this inf , i guess the have access to tmo progress with up to the minute cell number since if you try to put the wrong inf, it just won’t go. i did report 3 cell site in the bronx in the last weeks but have to take my laptop with me so i can do it.

      • terryjohnson16

        How come on some towers in NYC, speed tests max at near 2Mbps if at all. Mainly in parts of the Bronx.

        • TMOTECH

          I can only speculate because I am not in the NY market but my guess would be that up until now we were spectrum challenged in many parts of NYC. This will be fixed with the spectrum refarm and spectrum acquisitions form Verizon at&t and the Metro deal. NYC is also very hard to engineer with all of the Steel and Concrete. I am sorry for your sub-par experience.

        • bleeew

          So t-mobile still hasnt gotten its att spectrum?

        • eanfoso

          Probably because you don’t have an hspa+ 42mbps phone? Remember that t-mobiles 4G phones vary, some are 14.4, 21, and recent ones are 42 mbps, what type of phone do you have?

        • terryjohnson16

          I have a tmobile galaxy s2. Hspa+ 42 device.

        • robertc

          I use an ulocked palm pixi and it tops out at 1.8 mbps. So I think it’s your phone. The upload speed on the same phone is edge.

        • Tmobileemployee51

          it could also be that you’re throttled…most of the original data plans reduced to 2G speeds (EDGE) after 2GB of usage, so that could be the case in your situation. Check the MyAccount app, Data Usage in the Mobile Networks settings, or call customer care. The new Truly Unlimited data plan is only $10 more and has no speed caps at all…

        • I don’t know. What part of the bronx are you in. Im in Pelham bay and i usually get 6 mbps some times more sometimes a little less but usually around 6.

      • RobSleezy

        Ummm… Fiber Ethernet? Fiber and Ethernet are two separate things. One rides on light the other over copper wire. So you’re telling me you magically merged the two together to a cell site? So where does the fiber go to? Because obviously not from your HLR to each cell site? Theres copper in between. Regardless I’m not going to get into a lack of technology understanding with you. But all you could have said is that there is a lot of bandwidth.

        • nycplayboy78

          You betta holla :)

        • ogopogo

          You are wrong. Have you not seen 10GE optical interfaces? That is 10 Gigabit ETHERNET over fiber. You must be way behind the times. Stick to your dial up modems.

        • archerian

          Fiber and Ethernet are separate things, Fiber is Layer 1 while Ethernet is Layer 2. Ethernet can be carried over fiber, copper, air interface. And very few operators uses an HLR nowadays, its an HSS, and it doesn’t provide bandwidth as its part of the Control Plane.

        • Trevnerdio

          He also could be talking about fiber backhaul and then converted to ethernet…

        • TMOTECH

          We have Fiber from the RNC all the way to the cell site where it goes into an Alcatel 7705 Router where it is broken down into T-1’s and 50 Mbps Ethernet circuits. From the router to the BTS there is about 20 feet of copper. But just so you know there smart guy, we do have the ability to use a Fiber SFP instead of a copper one and run the Ethernet circuit over fiber from the router to the BTS. So as I know what you are saying I was trying to keep it simple for the masses.

        • archerian

          interesting, all Iub links are fiber? does T-mo use Microwave?

        • TMOTECH

          Yes. IP-IUB and t-1 links are all going over fiber. We use microwave where the vendors cannot provide more than a T-1.

        • conservative_motorcyclist

          Ethernet is the common name for the IEEE 802.3 standard. This standard specifies the Physical and Link layer (Think Ethernet Frame) of Ethernet. It originally ran over Coax, then copper, and now Fiber.

          A good place to start is Wikipedia’s definition of this standard…they have a great table of the revision history. It lists Multi-mode Fiber (MMF) as an acceptable physical layer interface.

          Hope that helps!

      • Trevnerdio

        Speaking of the refarm…this announcement would be incredibly premature. T-Mobile isn’t nearly ready to light up all of that 1900Mhz business.

      • UMA_Fan

        How does this compare to the other big three?

        • TMOTECH

          Ours is much further along and way more advanced from what I have seen out in the field. AT&T uses Fiber for LTE and HSPA+ but their 2G is still running on copper

      • pholocity

        but it’s currently on 1 carrier at the most 2 so there will be congestion…just saying

        • TMOTECH

          Most of our AWS network is on 2 carriers. Plus the 1 carrier on u1900. that is 3 minimum at each site that has it. U1900 will be expanded as needed and will be able to be done without a visit to the site in most cases. So yes, it will be easy to expand. And carrier amounts do not necessarily cause congestion. Bandwidth and channel capacity do. Trust me when I tell you. This is not the same situation AT&T was in. The Tech is way more advanced and hearty now than it was.

      • KPopFlash

        The 4G HSPA+ at my home is good for .4Mbps down and .8 Mbps up. Where’s this Fiber Ethernet?

      • rene

        maybe what you are trying to write is fiber network?

    • macman37

      Obviously, you’re not paying enough attention to the number of iPhones that are already running on T-Mobile’s network; or else you would be seeing how extremely well that they have been handling the traffic. With the results of the now refarmed markets that the URL: “airportal.de” shows, I’m very confident that T-Mobile will handle the traffic better. Yes, the URL is not backed by T-Mobile and/or Deutsche Telekom, but each time I check, there’s always another site that got refarmed with the 1900Mhz frequency.

    • MasterTan

      Stfu with this iSheep nonsense you used condom.

    • krazytrixxxsta

      there are already iphone users on tmo. look at verizon and sprint, their networks is still the same even with iphone users on their networks. android phone owners use just as much and more data as iphone owners.

      • Whitney

        Actually given T-mobile prices and unlimited data they could switch over.

  • CalicoKJ

    I’ll believe it when I see it. However, I have an Apple Girl that is testing out a 3GS before I sprung for an unlocked 4s. If it’s true (and I do hope that it is), can we please have the 4s as well as the 5?

  • LTEstyles

    I’m taking this with a grain of salt. Someone please change this record.

  • rob

    David, whats your feeling on this? You think that it will happen? Do you think the iphone will go on sale before christmas?

  • iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, 4? Which one do you all think it will be?

    • Tim Moore

      I will start each post with “if true”…Has to be the 5. Wouldn’t be pulling people over from the other carriers to go with a phone that is a year old.

      • CalicoKJ

        Apple still has the 4 & 4s for sale through their store and I know Verizon still has the 4s. I’m hoping if it’s true, that the 4s is there because the one Apple user I have does not like the 5

        • Whitney

          It will probably be iphone 4,4s and 5. The iphone 5 does have LTE

    • iPhone 3g

    • Hope the sell the 5 for $200, and the 4s for $100, that would be nice!

  • A Person

    I have now lost all respect for T-Mobile.

    • Tim Moore

      Because they want to do what’s best for their business? I’m an Android fan and probably would never switch but it’s good for them so I can’t knock them for this if it’s true.

    • CalicoKJ

      I’m not sure why you feel that way. First off this rumor comes out several times a year. Second, T-Mobile has stated that they would like this device, but not if it’s going to cost them for the next 10 years. T-Mo is losing subscribers who jump to other carriers just for this device (and don’t want to pay the $600+ to Apple for an unlocked phone). Don’t get me wrong, I’m a die-hard Android fan, but there is a place for the iPhone in the lineup.

      • AndroidProfit

        What would be wrong with being an iphone fan?

      • Funny thing is…. They would be paying that over the course of the 2 year agreement regardless.

        • CalicoKJ

          True, but it’s less painful to do no-cost financing rather than that ginormous amount upfront.

        • thepanttherlady

          I agree with what you say but I think Jamille is referring to the cost of the Classic Plan.

        • Whitney

          That a problem for T-mobile and the value plans. The Value plans still required a two year contract. T-mobile having people pay full price for a phone then put them on two year contract. A lot of people don’t want do that. They will rather 199 for a two year contract then 600 dollars for a pay still have to be on two year contract.

        • thepanttherlady

          Then purchase the phone for full retail and not bother with a contract.

        • Whitney

          The value plans are a two year contract. They required a two year agreement. I am in a contract already and I need a new phone. I have not upgraded my phone since 2010 because I wanted an iphone.

        • thepanttherlady

          If you want a subsidized phone on the Classic plan or to utilize the EIP on the Value plan then yes, you will have to sign a contract. To avoid signing a new contract purchase the phone outright for full detail value. No contract then.

        • Whitney

          I am the family plan and contract is up with T-mobile in June 2013. I been waiting to upgrade my phone since then. I want upgrade to the iphone so I renew my contract. I want to renew my contract with T-mobile

        • mmunson

          The value plan’s contract should end when you pay off the phone.

        • You got it :)

    • AndroidProfit

      Over getting a phone? Seriously? Really?

  • hmmmm I dont know about this

  • AndroidJunkie

    LOL its not happening its just a rumor if it was wsj would have heard from there sources.. its the same rehashed rumor every year. when sprint was rumored to get wsj confirmed it.. its not happenin

  • Chris

    Good for people who wanted the iPhone. Still won’t get it. Now is there any rumors on GS4?

    • Gs4? makes sense but thats not till summer… Hmm I want GN3 thats a full year away though

  • AndroidJunkie

    Dont Believe Everything You read on the internet……

    • Wasn’t that from a State Farm commercial?

      • AndroidJunkie


    • Iphonesucks

      Internet is law

    • 0neTw0

      Where did you hear that? … They can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true. Where did you hear that? The internet!

  • yozo

    Maybe they’ll announce that it’ll be with TmoUSA in Q4 2013 to raise attention to TmoUSA.

  • BigMixxx


    if this were true, the ship is turning. If this is true, T mobile will be in a position to compete. Even if there is a 5 dollar price hike in data, it still beats everyone in the industry.

    HOWEVER…I’ll wait and see if this comes to fruition.

    EDIT: the dude ends his article with ‘T-Mobile would have had the iPhone last year if the U.S. Dept. of Justice hadn’t opposed AT&T (T) proposed acquisition of the company on antitrust grounds.’

    I really, REALLY wanna see if this comes to light…

    • Whitney

      If it true then can still upgrade my phone to the iphone

      • BigMixxx

        Not being a store person, I would guess you could, if t mobile offers it.

        • Whitney

          My only issue is that I don’t want to pay full price for a phone

    • Tom

      If True, it will be a Great December 4 T-Mobile.
      I for one have been a Loyal Customer since 1997 & still using an iPhone 2G on T-Mobile and is due an Upgrade but will not Upgrade to any Androids.
      I will wait until i can get the iPhone on T-Mobile.
      Imagine all the Customers who left Just because T-Mobile did not carry the iPhone then. Lots may come back because of T-Mobile’s Impeccable Service.
      Could be a Great Xmas @ Magenta. Yeaaaaa lets go..

      (Patience is a Virtue my Friends)

      • Whitney

        My upgrade was in June but I did not want an android or windows. I still waiting for the iphone

        • Sebastian

          same here. Fingers crossed.

  • If this happens and t-mobile doesn’t stop losing customers I am just gonna say I told you so but this is highly unlikely to happen regardless.

    • I think the real story here would be that T-Mobile is willing to take a chance on the iPhone and it also means that the company is A) gearing itself up for a real fight or B) stemming the customer loss to prepare itself for someone else.

      • Whitney

        With Metro PCS deal on the table I think T-mobile gearing up a for a fight.

        • bleeew

          I really do hope T-Mobe succeeds. I think churn will lower for the first Q1 2013. Then i think the LTE and iPhone will help then gain new customers(maybe 50,000 new subs[end of the year 2013]).

      • I’m sorry David but you know my stance on Apple and that every year there are these articles talking about t-mobile getting the iPhone and so many times it just doesn’t happen. I mean parts of the stories become true like the 4s name yada yada but t-mobile being the ones to get one have always been false.

  • John Thomas

    Well I remember that specialist told me two months ago they were getting it in December…… She said T-Mobile knew they were getting it in December and they were only to tell customers with iPhones already.

    • JustSaying

      a specialist?… did you talk to her on the phone or in person?

      • John Thomas

        Over the phone. I was calling about obtaining insurance on my iphone on the network. The Specialist not a normal representative told me that I had to wait when T-Mobile officially carries the iphone. I asked her when will that be and she stated december the date was still unknown but they are in fact gearing up to carry the device. She stated T-Mobile are only to tells customers with iphones already calling in questions about their iphone and insurance. So therefore if I can wait till december I can get insurance then so try to prevent your phone from getting damage until december. I believed her then

        • Whitney

          If everyone would clam down and think for a moment. Look at where the analyst is from. Merrill Lynch. Why someone from banking investment company make such a statement

    • AndroidJunkie

      You believe what a Specialist tells you lolololol..

  • JustSaying

    This is great but I think the question we should all be asknig is “at what cost?”.. to T-Mobile and how long it will take to pay Apple for the iPhone.

    • Herb

      This has always been my biggest concern with this deal.

      • ThisGuy

        DT would probably be assisting in the cost of the phones. No sense in DT watching a company struggle with dept as it’s moving it to become public. Not good for shareholders and those who have stake in the TMobs.

        • ThisGuy


      • Why would it be your concern? Your not cutting the check. Just sayin, no offense.

        • JustSaying

          Why would it be our concern?…. Well look at what happened to Sprint.. And we probably would have to cut the check because those costs incurred would be passed on to us… How else would they pay for anything??? lol

        • bleeew

          Sprint is loosing money because they are still suporting the iden netoworks. It is projected they will make money after 2yrs from the 4s release day(when people are done with the 4s contracts)

        • Herb

          Since I don’t write the check myself I should have no concerns as a consumer? The iPhone has wreaked havoc on Sprint’s financials in the past couple years, I just would hate to see that happen to Magenta.

    • GwapoAko

      I think Tmobile got a very good deal unlike Sprint!
      Hope to see iPhone on Tmo soo.
      Sent from my iPhone 4$ (3G on certain area of Colorado Springs)

      • just me

        Oh, the refarm has already started in the springs? Very cool, wasn’t sure it would happen here. Thanks for adding that to your post :)

  • Dakota

    Hmmm. this analyst has put himself on a limb. No LTE bit potentially better prices. If when they get the iPhone, they should do a one week or weekend promo offering $10 of f rate plans

  • Chris


  • fsured

    Would this be in response to the re farming of the network? It would then be the same phone as ATT’s regarding signal reception? The claim that Apple would have to take costs to produce one that runs on the Tmobile 3g signal goes out the window.

  • Taron19119

    So t-mobile has to be further along wit the refram then we know

  • Shell

    Most people are going to be very disappointed with the iphone on T-mobile. I’m in one of the announced reframed city (Cupertino – right next to Apple headquarters) and I would say its about 50% covered and indoor 1900MHz 3G coverage is basically non-exsitance. In some case, even could not get edge coverage inside major shopping malls.

    • It could possibly be an AWS iPhone. Then we won’t have to worry about being in refarmed areas.

  • d1andonly

    Same news for the past 3 or 4 yrs by “analysts” and never happens.

  • TMoFan

    Obviously it’s in both Apple’s and Tmo’s best interest to offer the iPhone. I don’t think the iPhone is a cure-all that will magically fix T-Mobile but it’s just another puzzle piece to put into place that will help straighten out the business in the long-term.

    • T-Mobile needs the iPhone. They will more likely suck a lot of AT&T customers.

      • Yep. By being the only carrier with a true unlimited data network with decent speeds, T-Mobile would pull in a lot of iPhone customers. Especially ones from AT&T. iOS is already the second most popular OS on the network even though T-Mobile doesn’t even sell iPhones.

        • That’s very believable. I can honestly say I know more unlocked iPhone users on T-Mobile or they re-seller Simple Mobile, than I do WP or BB users.

  • jmtztech

    Well what I have been hearing is that TMO is going to carry it, but with no discount. The phone is only going to be available on value rate plans, that way the company dies not have to loose any money on the device. It waill gain its revenue from the monthly services.

    • Whitney

      It a good thing they EIP huh

  • Mirad77

    Good for Tmo and hope the churn stops. Chipmunk the iPhone tho’, got my N4.

  • Marc Klein

    This will be bad for customers IMO because T Mobile will have to cater to “The Devil” as such customers will suffer by everything going up so that T Mo has the money to pay Satan. Oh, and don’t expect them to get the 5. Mark my words. T Mobile will end up just like Sprint if they go through with this.

    • Actually the 5 would make sense chipset wise.

  • noelsito

    I wouldn’t be surprised, T-Mobile’s on a roll ;)

  • MuthaFuckinStephen

    Good to know we have a choice now. I’m still sticking to Android.

  • Nijakyng88

    There have been talks but if the price isn’t right I’m sure T-Mobile will still decline.

  • timmyjoe42

    Apple is scared about T-Mobile’s partnership with Google on the Nexus 4.

    • 1Upper

      Apple was not scared about Verizon’s partnership with Google on the Galaxy Nexus.

    • philyew

      What’s so scary about TM selling a device that people can buy direct from Google for $150 less?

    • 21stNow

      Apple wasn’t scared of Sprint’s partnership with Google on the Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus, as well.

  • doubtful .. TMO doesnt’ have the bank to pay for such a bill. and to be honest i’d rather not if it meant imminent doom for the magenta from a financial standpoint .. it can’t survive the cost of carrying the iPhone.
    unless Apple is playing favors and cuts them a sweet deal.

    • ThisGuy

      T-Mobile is private company owned by DT. DT has the money to pay for this and already has some purchasing power with Apple.

      • philyew

        It looks like all current network investments for TM USA are self-funded from service revenue, the break-up fee for the failed AT&T deal, and the recent rights assignments for TM’s tower holdings.

        DT actually used part of the income from AT&T to adjust their European debt position. It’s unlikely therefore that they will be interested in subsidizing an iPhone deal for TM USA that won’t break even for 3-4 years, which was the basis that Sprint entered their involvement with the iPhone.

        Any deal with Apple will need to fit in with DT’s longer term strategy, so that it doesn’t diminish their potential income should they again choose to sell and find another buyer over that 3-4 year period.

    • Whitney

      T-mobile is own by DT so they will be the ones paying for it

      • well we’ll see i guess .. strange that DT is continuing to do this especially considering they want nothing to do with its US branch . i guess they’re making it more attractive to get rid of.

        • jay_max

          Or they could be making it more attractive to enhance DT. Perhaps they’ve had a change of heart. Time will tell. Anything now is simply speculation.

  • rfgenerator

    Hopefully not, as even those of us who do not, and have no intention of getting the Iphone would be paying through the nose in increased rates and fees to subsidize the IPhone if T-Mobile get’s it. For a carrier getting the Iphone means bowing down before Apple and saying “Thank you sir, may I have another!” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdFLPn30dvQ

  • squiggleslash

    So, uh, does that mean they’re about to finish their spectrum refarming? ;-)


      It means they are getting there. Still lots of work to do though.

  • nycplayboy78

    Noooooooo….The Devil is a LIE….No iPhone on our network please….LOLCATS!!!

  • Addam

    David, I read this blog daily for news like this! Very exciting. Can you please get us some real info from Tmo? We count on you for news like this. No offense, but I’m sometimes surprised at how little info tmo actually shares with your blog. You would think they would use your audience of die hards to create buzz around stuff they are doing, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    • T-Mobile, like most companies aren’t terribly huge fans of info leaking out. They would never give me carte blanche to do that, as for iPhone info, I’m trying!

      • Addam

        I understand. I’ve been following this blog for quite some time and I always sort of wonder what the level of cooperation is between you and Tmo. That said, please don’t be afraid to commit an act of Journalism! :)

        • Not sure I follow the last line? Commit the act of journalism? T-Mobile and I have a working relationship, but it’s no different than other bloggers. We don’t have anything that goes above and beyond that and frankly, that doesn’t surprise me. I can say with certainty that there are two camps inside of T-Mobile HQ, those who love the site and those who hate the leaks. Still, I help create buzz for T-Mobile related news and I think everyone can agree that’s good.

        • Addam

          Absolutely, and there aren’t many out there creating a buzz for Tmobile, so I think you are well deserving of a ‘most favored nation status’, so to speak. I’m not saying that that exists… Committing an act of Journalism is like asking the tough questions, even where it hurts and sort of putting all on the line— truth seeking.

        • Ive been following this site for years as well and Ive seen David drill into T-Mobiles orifice. I wish I could remember what post that was he WENT IN on… oh well.

        • Addam

          Good point. He definitely showed some brass on the Nexus 4 value pricing.

        • Good point. But about that… say tmobile sold the nexus at the play store price and subsidized for like $100 or $150. Wait, Tmobile’s top phone(or top three debatable) is the cheapest one. They would never sell any other device. It made sense for they to sell it at the price they did.

        • Addam

          So what’s your gut feeling on this? I mean based on your experience with Tmo over the past however long, if you had to handicap it, what’s the likelihood that this is NOT just another iPhone fire drill?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Glad the iPhone fans may get what they’ve been waiting years for.

    I’ll be most likely getting the first Jolla MeeGo Phone when released in the states but until then, I’ll go with the GS3. I would say the Nexus 4 but I just can’t get over the no SD card thing.

  • Whitney

    Sweet I can renew my line on my current family plan and then move to value plan

  • Aurizen

    OMG YES!!! please do!!

    • Whitney

      You have no idea how long I waited for this

      • Aurizen

        I’ve been waiting for a long time good thing my contract ended 2 days now :)

      • bleeew

        I know how you feel. I remember waiting for the iPhone on Verizon. I was in class on twitter and saw a VeriPhone rumor. Then i checked Apples homepage a week later and was shaking. A few months later the iPhone went on Sprint. Atleast i still have unlimited data. Even though i swore to get the Verizon iPhone, i got a LTE phone instead(htc thunderbolt). Its the best feeling ever! Why? Because the iPhone was only gsm at the time until the verizon iPhone and we officialy got it. atleast you guys could pop a sim since the original.

  • niididdy

    Anything that brings good business to Tmobile is also good for me. Sticking with my Android, but I’m not mad at Tmobile! It’s a good thing…bring it on.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Dats Right! Lol

  • So. Utah T-Mobile

    This is a big possibility. My store slated to receive several different iPhone 5 accessories this next week.

  • NinoBr0wn

    And I bet they would promote the hell out of it when the Nexus 4 is just sitting there. People have actually left Verizon in droves for it, but they don’t even make it known to the masses that they sell it.

  • Rudy Belova

    Deja vu! It’s almost as they just repost the same exact story every 6 months for the past what, 5 years? I’ve heard this one before, and before, and before.. I’ll believe it when i see it.

  • TimH

    I have been with T-Mobile 14 years but I will not get an iPhone as I like Android phones better and I thing the Samsung Galaxy S III is the best phone on the market now.

    • ThisGuy

      T-Mobile was founded in 1990.

      • Unless you mean T-Mobile Germany that is most certainly not the case. Thats not even relevant to what the scratchy throat she was saying!

  • Rob Daman

    after owning several android phones and having a note 1 and 2, no way i’d so small again. also backing up and synching with itunes just plain outright sucks. yes there’s cloud but it has limits unless you’re going to pay.

  • joannacalichick

    Im sure T-Mobiles network will be fine even if it got the iphone 5 , look at at att after many years of having a slow network due to the iphone they finally did something about it lol my , man has the iphone 5 on att , I have tmobile and we live in los Angeles but travel to san fransisco a lot . And att has improved ALOT no more slow data , no more dropped calls even in san fransisco I seen it on my mans iphone I also been impressed with atts data network LTE is waaaaaaaay faster than my hspa 42 mbps on my tmobile galaxy s3 . But I admit I would never switch to att only cuz its more expensive n im kinda broke lol ..

    • Whitney

      And yet somehow ATT still has more consumers then T-mobile

  • terryjohnson16

    If the announcement is true, I hope T-Mobile doesn’t kick the launch in the knees by saying forcing people to pay more upfront then pay like $20 a month for 20 months.

    Needs to be regular pricing set by Apple.

    • thepanttherlady

      Apple may be able to dictate the retail value the phone sells for; however, I don’t think they’ll be able to interfere with how T-Mobile chooses to offer their EIP’s to Value plan customers. As long as the end result is the same (e.g. $X down with $20/20 monthly payments = retail value) this is a non-issue.

    • Im pretty sure it would remain the same as it is now. You get you EIP amount deducted, everything else is paid upfront.

  • mingkee

    It’s possible T-Mobile will use Value Plan model for iPhone. I am not interested anyway.

    • Whitney

      if it true then apple will dictate the price not tmobile

      • It likely would be the same price they already have @ full value. Crazy part was i was just sitting thinking… I have thirty (or 14 days) to return my nexus and get an iphone…. NEEEEHHHHHH! I’ll pass. I love the ipad and was the reason I wanted to get an unlocked iphone. But this thing is amazing and like half the price. Up yours APPLE!!!

        • Whitney

          I think Apple sets the price

    • Word was that T-Mobile would only sell the iPhone via Value Plan, since I keep hearing rumors Classic plans are on their way out. Still, those are just whispers in dark corners.

      • Whitney

        So I can’t upgrade my phone to iphone 5

        • bob90210

          Of course you can (if the iPhone on T-Mobile happens). You just have to pay for it. Of course you would be paying for it anyways on the classic plan; the difference is in how you pay for it.

        • Whitney

          Let me guess I would have to pay for the full price? I been with T-mobile a for a while so I guess loyalty means crap if they are forcing people to pay for full price and still put them contract. I can see why people are complaining

        • With T-Mobile you’re going to pay the full price of the phone either way. You can pay more upfront and have it hidden into your bill for 24 months with the more expensive Classic Plan. Or you can pay less upfront and pay the same price as the classic plan for the first 20 months with the Value Plan. Comes out a little cheaper over the course of the 2 years with the Value Plan.

      • In other words… Psss pssss…. Im david and I secretly know everything and it will be on value plan only…

        The question is… why are you in dark corners? Lol

  • remister

    Didn’t Deutsche Telekom want out of the American brand? Why are they making decisions like this now?

    • Whitney

      They are trying to make T-mobile USA public hence Metro PCS so they can get out American market

    • trjcasper

      DT was offered like twice what tmoble usa was worth. Of course it was for sale at that price.
      As it stands now, DT may still wish to unload the US holdings, but they need to dress up the company a bit before putting it on the market.

    • macman37

      T-Mobile USA is their prodigal son; and no parent wants to see their child continually struggling. For Deutsche Telekom to give up their presence in the USA, another continent, it would look really bad for them and their shareholders may lose confidence in them and start cashing out. They want T-Mobile to go public, meaning that they start selling shares of stocks in the USA, so they can generate more revenue for the company as a whole.

  • Chad

    I’m taking this as a grain of salt, rather i’ll just not believe it until i actually see it because this article has been on Tmonews many times before. Especially since this article links back to BGR.. probably one of the most unreputable tech news sites on the web.

  • TBN27

    Grain of salt.

    • Whitney

      I don’t know something seems off to me

      • TBN27

        I agree. If T-Mo US complains of the cost to carry the iphone, why would they announce that they will offer it? Either apple may liwer the cost for T-Mo to carry it, or DT is involved. Other than that i believe this to be speculation. I will believe it when i see it.

  • trife

    Hmmmmm……if true, I’d be tempted. Everything else I own is Apple except this Nexus 4, so my ecosystem would be complete. Not sure I could downgrade to the seemingly tiny screen though. The N4 is such a beast too.

  • Addam

    An iPhone with wifi calling is my dream! A Game Changer!

    • Derek

      Agreed! Want! My dorm gets horrible service and when I go home we live in a “hole” that doesn’t get any so this would be amazing.

      • Addam

        Yea, im a Tmo customer only because I travel outside of the US a lot and being able to use my phone like normal to make and receive calls anywhere in the world at no additional cost is huge for me! Fingers crossed for the iPhone

    • Lay Z

      Yeah, that would be my dream too. Otherwise, I would have to stick with Android, since I am relying on wifi calling a lot of times.

  • Addam

    After reading this article, my Nexus 4 plans are on hold.

    • archerian

      with the shipping times provided by Google for the N4, you might actually see an iPhone on Tmo before getting your N4 :)

  • macman37

    It will be pretty interesting to see if T-Mobile will do what Verizon Wireless did on the 1st day of pre-ordering the iPhone; and that’s breaking their record for any device on launch. With so many people who have already brought their iPhones over and are awaiting 100% support on those devices, I’m definitely sure that we will see something very similar.

  • 21stNow

    It doesn’t seem that believable to me, but I hope that I’m wrong so the rumors can finally stop.

  • Mimo Dakdouk

    Who cares about the iPhone?! We want the Lumia 920!

    • Whitney

      buy unlock it or go AT&T

    • rrer


  • Winski

    This sounds just like the other times that this rumor has surfaced… The number of times that ‘analysts” have made this prediction and we’re PROVEN dead wrong… Cryin wolf again is truly like whizzing off the Empire State building INTO THE WIND!!!!

  • This will be major news if true but how many times have we heard this rumor before?

    It’s strange timing because as it stands T-Mobile still has quite a way to go to refarm their network so the big question is if this is true what kind of bands will it have? Will it be a special AWS model made just for T-Mobile or a pentaband model that has AWS added in on top of the other bands the iPhone already has?

    I would be excited if this actually turned out to be true. Would love to have an iPhone 5 fully compatible with T-Mobile’s HSPA+42 but for now I’ll hold off on my excitement until there is some official announcement.

    I was considering jumping in on the Note 2 but I’ll hold off a few more weeks to see if this is true.

    • 21stNow

      I’ve seen a lot of people choose between a Galaxy Note II and an iPhone 5, but I don’t get it. Those are two drastically different devices. Can you share with me why those are the two devices that pique your interest? I’m genuinely curious and not bashing or trolling.

      • For me it’s mostly because T-Mobile still hasn’t refarmed the network for the iPhone in my area. I have excellent 4G coverage in my area so it’s between 25mbps download speeds with the Note 2 or continue to use Edge with my iPhone while awaiting the refarm.

        As for the devices, I’m considering the Note 2 because it’s simply the overall best phone available on T-Mobile’s lineup. I’ve tried Android several times but always ended up not liking something and going back to iOS. I figure if I decide to take the plunge on Android again then I might as well get the best one possible. The massive screen does pique my interest a little though. I would like to see how practical it is in daily use. If T-Mobile already had the iPhone 5 in their lineup then there wouldn’t be a choice. I would get the iPhone 5 no question.

        • 21stNow

          Thanks for answering. I understand it better now as it applies to you. I see a lot of posters on AT&T’s forums either with a similar debate, or returning the iPhone 5 for the Galaxy Note II. For them, they don’t have the speed or subsidy concerns that you could have as a T-Mobile customer.

          I considered buying the iPhone 5, but that would have been in addition to the Note II for me. I decided not to buy the iPhone 5 for many reasons, though.

  • nerdlust

    This is would be great for T Mobile But too late for me. Android has turned me into a cyborg. I’m still digging my sensation still. Nexus 4 and note 2 on my radar. But congrats to those that do want it.

  • Lol at all the iPhone hate. I guess some of you clowns don’t mind seeing your precious T-Mobile to continue to take L’s and last place ranking then.

    • They’re letting their loyalty to other OSs get in the way of common business sense. Getting the iPhone this month would go a long way towards helping T-Mobile slow down churn. It wouldn’t totally stop all churn, but help plug the hole quite a bit.

      • I see. Its pretty silly and asinine. I’m user of iOS, Mac, and Android as my phone. I embrace them all. I’m even curious about WP8 for a back-up or second line. These silly Android fanboys on T-Mobile need to get real and recognize the potential of having a T-Mobile iPhone. There are millions of disgruntled AT&T iPhone users. I can guarantee at least 300K of them will come to T-Mobile asap if they get the iPhone.

        • bleeew

          Dont forget people who want unlimited data. Or atleast usable speeds unlike sprint. Or a decent priced carrier. My cousin went to sprint from prepaid for the iphone(but she suffers slow data speeds). This can change that. After the iPhone they need to fix coverage and customer service.

    • Whitney

      Why don’t do this if it true. Offer loyal customers a discount but have the new customers pay full price

  • I believe I said this was going to be out in December months ago on this board because I know someone high up at tmobile. Got in a big argument because no one believed me. Where are you guys now?

    • Well if this turns out to be true and we hear an official announcement, we will all praise you for being right.

  • Kevin

    I was told by an employee today that there is an all hands day coming up, maybe for this? He “speculated strongly” that it was because the Note 2 might go on sale for $99 in coming weeks.

    • CalicoKJ

      It already was if I remember correctly after rebate the weekend before last (Value plan after MIR).
      However,if it’s true, that’s even more good news for me…trying to get other half to jump from VZW. He looked at the Note2 and really liked it. His contract will be <30 days next week so little to no ETF.

  • The Architect

    Screw iphone! Tmo has done without them since their begining and rather not have them here hogging our data bandwidth! I’ll admit that their phone works as long you stay within the realm of apple’s os but it’s boring as hell without jailbreaking it in order to port android! Also they every universal accessory in the world imaginable and an app for that.

    On a lighter note, someone should come up with phone sex jokes about iphone’s Siri! LMAO!

  • Hello Mr tech I live in Lafayette Louisiana and I wanna know if t mobile will lauch hspa+ here on the 1900 email me at borel.ryan@gmail.com

  • OnlineRefugee

    Well this is finally going to happen because Steve Job’s shoe is now on the other foot, as the saying goes, it is Apple who is desperate.

    It can continue with its nose-in-the-air relationship with carriers (e.g., Sprint, who really got taken to the woodshed on its $20 billion iPhone deal) or like it does with many things, copy Samsung.

    Samsung (and Google) knew that the way to dominate the mobile market was to have a variety of devices, free or 99 cent apps, and to let anyone sell it, who would want Samsung. (Recall this strategy with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S in 2010. Every carrier got one, all over the world, and in the U.S. with the Vibrant (TMOUS); Epic (Sprint); Captivate (AT&T); and Fascinate (Verizon).

    That tradition continued with later models, including the Samsung Galaxy S II and III.

    But it did not end there, Samsung and Google have handsets for everyone and every budget. And they all look handsome on the outside and have decent functionality inside.

    For $75 you get a great looking Samsung phone, with a 3.5″ display, 3.2MP camera, Android 2.2, less RAM, less storage, and a slow processor. But hey, it is $75. Have $200 to spend, Samsung has a phone for you. $350, yep, got that covered. $500, well that gets you the best, as one would expect in a $500 to $550 phone.

    What does Apple have, one phone available to the snooty, uppity, and people to whom being cool means everything, a single device updated on an annual basis.

    I guess Apple can say “Yes, we have a variety of phones too. There’s this year’s model, last years, and the year before that. And if you need a budget iPhone, there’s the 2007 model.”

    Bottom line: The iPhone will come to TMOUS, but not because TMOUS is finally willing to meet Apple’s terms. Nope, it is the other way around, Apple needs to bring as many carriers as it can into the Apple iPhone family.

    After that Apple should come out with at least four different iPhone models, e.g., budget, combat grade, satellite, and elite models (don’t worry cool, uppity show-offs, Apple won’t forget about you).

    Over and out.

    P.s. Have to run, no time to even check what I wrote. If I offended anyone or sound insane, take the pain, sue us, or report us to the medical authorities. (ItsMichaelNotMike, Wireless Refugee and Online Refugee. We go by “one in the same”).

    • Apple is the most profitable company in the world. You may hate them. But saying they desperate for T-Mobile projects the bias fanboy in you.

      They both need each other. But remember, Apple wasn’t the one trying cash out to the Death Star last year. =)

      • archerian

        Apple is not the most profitable company in the world, there are several oil companies making more money than them, whether it be revenue, operating incoming or net profit.

        • Sorry but you are wrong. Research yourself for some facts. But then again, don’t. You probably hate them because you can’t afford them.

        • archerian

          get out of your ibubble and check for yourself, all your comments are glaringly devoid of facts. And here are today’s words for you to Google: Aramco, Gazprom, Exxon

        • Guest911

          You dont understand much about finance do ya bubble boy?

        • philyew

          Apple is the largest company in terms of market valuation, but there are a number of National Oil Companies which are, by definition, not publicly traded and therefore have no “market value.” These companies, headed by Aramco, are larger than Apple by any other consideration than market value.

          Forbes uses a number of different measures to draw up their Global 2000 list, which they describe as “the World’s Biggest Public Companies.”

          The Global 2000 list is currently headed by Exxon, JPMorgan Chase, GE, Royal Dutch Shell and ICBC. Apple ranks #22, even allowing for their #1 rank in market valuation, which is a factor in the calculation. along with sales, profits and assets.

        • Exxon is the only company that is even close to being more valuable and profitable as Apple. It’s ok if you hate Apple, don’t hurt yourself.

        • archerian

          oh good, you finally got to learn some facts. You don’t have a clue what Aramco is do you? They pump around 40% of the gas you and I use daily, its the Saudis oil company. They have been making billions before Steve Jobs was born. Their value is estimated to be 1.4 trillion dollars, around 3 times that of Apple. I don’t hate Apple, I am however wary people who make grandiose statements devoid of facts.

        • unknown

          That is really sad if you honestly believe that apple is the mistress profitable company in the world.

        • unknown


    • Whitney

      Why do you keep posting the thing

  • M42

    Been there, owned two of them, will never have another one again.

  • jarrod

    I don’t understand why people bash the iPhone for carriers having a horrible network to begin with. If you look at Verizon’s LTE network they just got the iPhone on it 3 months ago and way before then it was already at degraded service levels pushing a marginal speed compared to what it was capable of at launch. Sprints problem was also self inflicted because they didn’t have proper backhaul ran to the towers or equipment that could handle the load. And At&Ts problem was when they got the first 3G iPhone they had a barely completed network that was a joke to them, fast forward to today they are using all of this spectrum for a bunch of HSPA+ 14.4 carriers when they should just launch dual carrier where spectrum permits.

    • Whitney

      Most of them just don’t want the iphone at all on tmobile

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    Yawn… Who wants the iPhone? Only little kids and old women use it.

    • Whitney

      You just made my point

    • bob90210

      So, more that half the population.

    • The Architect

      The iphone is boring with it’s dated os. Apple nickel and dime it’s updates/phones the same way att charges their customers to keep them trapped and wanting more from their over priced phones/service! It’ll be on the endangered list like the blackberry and extinct like the palm in a few years from now!

      • And despite all this the iPhone 5 is still the best selling smartphone on the market. Get out of your fantasy world.

        • It absolutely is not the best selling phone on the marktet. Try again

    • ES17

      Will never go back to android. And I’m 23 and tech-savvy.

  • This will be good because customers will be drawn to T-Mobile. But whats the cost of the iphone being on tmobile. No more unlimited 4g data?

  • RON

    WHO cares…..My GALAXY S3 is the best.

  • graywolf323

    I’m due for an upgrade at the end of December so this would make me very happy if true

    please be true *prays*

    • Whitney

      I am long over due but if I have full price an iphone is 649 before tax then see ya

      • If you’re “long over due” that means you’re ready for the value plan. The way it would prob work would be $249 up front then $20 for 20 months. You would save $1000 over ATT and VZW and you would have Unlimited data. If you left over “paying full price” you’d be foolish (and terrible at math).

  • TMOemployee

    Its true. I work at t-mobile.

    • Addam

      You wouldn’t know.

      • srr79

        Actually, the stores are being prepped for this release. Locking cabinets are beginning to arrive (a requirement by Apple to sell their product), accessories are being shipped to stores, and scheduling requirements are all pointing to a release the week before Christmas!

        • Addam

          I really hope you’re right.

        • Addam

          I just read the lastest article and it seems Tmobile has been selling iPhone accessories since 2010. So I think the accessories are probably being shipped to align with apple’s decision to start selling the unlocked iphone 5…which will probably lead to more Tmo iphone activations, even without them officially carrying the iphone 5


    I do not know if this is what they were talking about or not, but yesterday Neville Ray held a national webcast with all Technology/Engineering employees and promised that during next weeks analyst meeting we would be receiving some great news that would help T-Mobile in the turn around process. Then later on in the webcast someone asked about the iPhone and he basically replied with wait and see. This may actually be true.


      On Apples website if you look at the specs for the CDMA model It to me seems it would work just fine on T-Mobile. It has UMTS/ HSPA+DC which is HSPA+42 on the 2100 MHz band and then GSM/Edge on 1900 MHz. Seems to me that would work if unlocked.


      CDMA model A1429*: CDMA EV-DO Rev. A and Rev. B (800, 1900, 2100 MHz); UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz); GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz); LTE (Bands 1, 3, 5, 13, 25)

      • bleeew

        There isn’t AWS (1700) for HSPA+. So you would be stuck on 2G unless you have LTE on AWS(but the Verizon/cdma model doesnt support AWS).

        • Correct, the same ol’ Band IV version from AT&T is what would run on our LTE network when it’s up in 2013.

      • macman37

        With the CDMA iPhone 5, since LTE Band 4 is not included in the unit, we can not use AT&T and T-Mobile’s 4G LTE networks. We can only connect to their 2G and 3G networks. Keep in mind that AT&T and T-Mobile’s HSPA+ is actually 3G Advanced; they only got to call it 4G due to having similar speeds when compared to Sprint’s 4G WiMaxx. Soon after, it was decided that just so long there are significant speed differences between 3G HSPA and 3G HSPA Advanced {HSPA+}, HSPA+ could then be classified as a 4G technology as well.

  • Addam

    http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/No-iPhone-Probably-Not-Coming-to-TMobile-Next-Week-122233 Still speculation but took the wind out of my sails a little.

  • asf

    never happen

  • Hoppysport

    Great for T-Mobile. Great phone. Won’t affect me because I’m in Galaxy Note 2 nirvana.

  • Whitney

    If it is true and they pull the same the crap that they did for Samsung Note and GSIII just go down to the Apple store and get 199

  • daswahnsinn

    The only good I can see coming from this is with more users T-Mo will have more reasons to get the 4G/LTE(A)/HSPA+1900 networks to more urban and rural areas.

  • jwest

    I’m not a big fan of the iPhone as many on here, however this could be huge for T-mobile. Also will help to finally make my girlfriend satisfied (why are women so in love with the iPhone?). I want whats best for this company, and if that is what its going to take, so be it.

  • jojo

    besides, if T-mobile does plan on talking about it and releasing it on there network, then more than likely, foxconn, or apple have made iPhone 5’s that are special for T-mobile. at most, we SHOULD get 3g and maybe edge in some areas. AT MOST. just because of that special base-band design and chip. if you go look at the specifications on the iPhone 5 on apples website, it says the base-band and chip numbers/frequencies on there so you would know if they have made one for T-mobile already or not. the iphone 4s was made with the base-band for Y-mobile, one of the managers at my t-mobile store in Arizona said they were gonna release an iPhone, eventually. so, people with there unlocked Iphones, will hopefully be a T-mobile iPhone user real time with 3g. and if this all doesn’t happen, T-mobile is updating there frequencies and base-bands so t mobile users on Iphones can use 3g. i read that on phonearena and this website as well.

  • Nearmsp

    There was a post on the macrumors web site today that unlocked iPhones will be available as early as tonight for sale. Here is the web link:


    • Whitney

      Well that perfect timing isn’t

  • Whitney

    Ok something is up because why is Merrill Lynch a bank talking the iphone coming to T-mobile? How would they get that kind of information

  • archerian

    239 comments in a single day and counting, that must be a record. Like it or hate it, the iPhone does trigger a lot of interest.

    • Whitney

      Something is up because is a bank talking about the iphone coming to t-mobile

    • Lol triggers a lot of hate too. Amazing how a phone that obviously have world-influence can make people go crazy just becuz they don’t like it or the company behind it.

      Some ppl need a life. And a girlfriend..

      • The only place in the world where Apple is extremely popular is USA.

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    I hope they do just so people can be happy and have more choices. anything that makes it cheaper for people to get (since you could buy it unlocked anyway but at a much higher cost) it’s a win win but I’ll still keep my GS3, the Note 2 is what I’ve got my eyes on

  • Elier Ruiz

    I think the network refarm is more complete than t-mobile says it is. I am seeing 3G speeds on the PCS/UMTS Band 2 on my Galaxy S3 in Chicago when I visited my family. Also In Berwyn where I live and at work in Naperville. Both towns near Chicago..

  • 0neTw0

    Oh sure it is coming. Only because you can bring your unlocked iPhone to the new re-framed network. LOL smart move T-mobile.

  • TWills

    I’ll Pass, sticking with Android!

  • Trevnerdio


  • It was only a matter of time that T-Mobile would carry the iPhone…. Why would you want to carry a phone built in 2007 and released 2000late…

    • Guest911

      Because they are much smarter than you.

      • Lol highly doubt that (Holds up Samsung Galaxy S 3 like its Simba) I see you a fan thanks :) *Signs your chipmunk and slaps it*

  • LE119

    Great news if it’s true, but T-mobile needs to fix their coverage issues. MetroPCS is big here in NorCal, they have 4G while T-mobile is still stuck with EDGE! That MetroPCS merger cannot happen quick enough!

  • FILA

    we dont need this shity phone, keep it off mane

  • I know a couple of my friends would be happy if true, I just got the s3 and love it, but I think the iPhone would give T-Mobile customers more choices so its a win/win for consumers

  • C

    This is interesting, but I think that it is purely speculation. In order for the iPhone experience to be favorable T-Mobile will need to complete the refarming of their 1900 spectrum. At the current moment there are not nearly enough markets to promote the device at 4G or for that matter 3G. Either way the experience will be just as good or better than Sprint. In the market I live in they just turned on the 1900 HSPA+, and the results are good. It is anticipated that the refarming will be complete by the middle of 2013, and at the same time around LTE is in full swing. This would be a bold move for T-Mobile, but on the other hand…it is about damn time. I hope it is true.

  • C

    To add: T-Mobile will not purchase a specific device from Apple to operate on their current network; it is way too expensive and T-Mobile will not pay for that. On another note: The iPhone, while being incredibly well made, excellent and smooth OS, and with a great ecosystem…it is incredibly boring. It lacks customization, widgets, screen size/display…and why the hell do I have to add ten thousand apps in order to get several screen pages?! The iPhone is an excellent dumb smart phone for people who came from BlackBerry, had a flip phone, or saw the commercials.

    • bleeew

      On the other hand, on android you need to slide to view apps in app drawer..especially handy since you have no in app folders in stock android launcher for the app drawer. Widgets waste data and battery, and some launchers are limited with a number amount of homescreens. The android life is cluttered.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I hope this doesn’t happen tmobile doesn’t need these useless Iphone heads. .

  • The unlocked iPhone 5 is on the website now, it just went up today or sale.

  • redman12

    BGR is the source.. I don’t visit that anymore, they are biased. They don’t deserve my traffic views.

  • gabe

    I dont know if someone has mentioned this or not but what if they do something similar to what has been done with the Nexus 4. They probably bought unlocked iphone 5’s and will sell it with a value plan and tack on an extra charge monthly.

  • TheWay

    Just to let you know. I’m in NYC enjoying iPhone 4 (On 3G not Edge) In the Bronx and in Nassau County today. I had know idea the network upgrade was so far ahead of schedule. I knew 2 weeks ago monday because the 3G icon just poped up on my phone, they turned it on and it wasn’t in all locations but they are quickly upgrading. I dont know if LTE is on but I think it may be active. 3G Speeds 7M down 2M up via SPEEDTEST.NET on a factory unlocked (not jailbroken) AT&T A1332 iPhone 4 32Gig. Not a iPhone fanboy but a Heavy MAC user. Perfect marriage. I hate to love this little a_s phone but i do.

  • Spritemoney

    The network won’t be congested, many people are using smartphones already! Look at AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, they basically prepared their networks for the smartphone revolution. The network would have been congested by now, because many T-Mobile customers are using smartphones, and a million of them are using T-Mobile iPhones.

  • Noel

    Personally idc just waiting for my N4 to arrive…but it will be good for Tmobile. I think Google saw this coming , that’s why they left open the ordering of the N4. I also think Apple probably gave the nod to a Tmo iPhone to blunt the frenzy surrounding the N4 on Magenta.


    My store received cases for the iPhone 5 today…

    Just saying…

  • As long as it doesn’t clog up the network and helps out T-Mobile to be an ever better carrier than I’ll be happy.

  • Back to BB

    A year or two ago this news would have excited me. Today I have an iPhone 4S and will be ditching it the day the new Blackberry 10 devices are released. The iPhone OS was revolutionary when it was released but it is clunky and clumsy today, as it is the oldest OS on the market. iOS6 did not help the situation as it has made my phone very unreliable and is missing the “polished” look Apple is known for.

    I have many apps that solely exist because the web browsing experience is not a full browsing solution.

    I am not saying Blackberry will be 100% polished but I believe Blackberry’s next gen phones will be as close as we may see. They have taken their time to study and execute on, what some may see, a perfect OS. They have likely learned their lesson from Playbook launch disaster and other failed and rushed-to-market devices.

  • I sincerely hope this doesn’t happen….there goes the network if it does…uggghh

  • james

    Apple is going to suck the blood out t Mobil for not reason at all since most people don’t care about Iphone that much

    • steffanut

      That would be incorrect, I talk to about 80 people a day, about half of them tell me something different.

  • AJ

    It looks like today Apple is officially selling an unlocked iPhone 5. Also, the unofficial refarming map of 3G sightings has a lot more entries which also includes my city as well now (Yay). I wouldn’t be surprised if this is true – buy your unlocked iPhone and you can get 3G/HSPA+ speeds. That is good enough for me. I hope tmo will refarm 100% of its network so when traveling outside of a city you don’t automatically drop to edge. Sounds promising.

  • Singleweird

    there are already 2 million iphone users on tmobile. i don’t think the amount of iphone users will increase enough to congest the rest of us, but tmo will make a nice chunk when those people buy their 42hspa+ compatible 5’s

  • I just hope with this they actually speed up the modernization of their network because it’s only a matter of time before millions of people buy into the iPhone crap by buying one and realize their entire network is a joke…

  • Dmac


    the amount of people below who keep saying the wrong thing over and over again is amazing. TO BE CLEAR, the iPhone 5 one ANY carrier is unlocked and already works on T-Mobile AWS hspa+…this has nothing to do with the refarm…nothing needs to be done. My buddy has the Verizon iPhone with a T-Mobile chip in it and gets at least 5mbps in KC. The refarm was for iPhone 4s and previous models so their 3g would be compatible with T-Mobile because there are already 1.5 mill iPhones on T-Mobile.

    And you tec heads arguing with T-Mo Tec, don’t do it, you will be wrong, he puts the stuff up, so take your book knowledge and shove it. T-Mobile should have little to no problem with an iPhone influx.

    Someone said iPhone brought Sprint to its knees? I think you exaggerate, and you know that was the iphone 4s running on their evdo rev a, that 3g network is crap…not even close to hspa+.

    • No it doesn’t. You get 5mbps in KC because that area has already been refarmed for 1900 mhz HSPA+. You are not pulling AWS 1700/2100 HSPA+ with the current iPhone 5 anywhere.

      I’m in an area that has not yet been refarmed for 1900mhz and with an unlocked iPhone 5 here you will only get Edge while the other phones that T-Mobile offers have HSPA+ in these same areas because they support the AWS bands for HSPA+. Check out airportal.de, that’s why KC is getting 3G on their iPhones.

      The purpose of the refarm is to free up the 1700mhz AWS band for LTE and at the same time move HSPA+ to the 1900mhz band so that it can support a wider range of devices (including ALL iPhone models).

      Agree with you about Sprint. They were crap before the iPhone and are still the same today.

    • philyew

      Sorry, but you are mistaken. The only compatible band on ANY iPhone that will support 3G/HSPA+ service on the TM network is the 1900 Mhz band. That is the band that is currently being refarmed from being used exclusively for 2G to also support 3G/HSPA+.

      The ability to get faster download speeds using ANY iPhone on the TM network is therefore ENTIRELY dependent on whether the refarm has been completed in your usage area.

      Until the refarm is completed on any given tower, TM only offers 3G/HSPA+ service on the AWS band.

      The only service that the AT&T version of the iPhone 5 supports on the AWS (1700/2100) band is LTE. Until TM has deployed its own LTE network next year, it is not possible to use an AT&T iPhone 5 and AWS for any purpose on the TM network. No other version of the iPhone 5 supports AWS.

  • Steve
  • brian90

    You already buy an unlocked Iphone from Apple (the 4S) for $550 at apple. I’m they will give NO discount on the phone. So you might as well buy from apple

    • CalicoKJ

      Except that with EIP I can get it for probably a $150ish down payment and pay the rest off over 20 months. Much easier to swallow those costs.

  • Rob

    As long as T-Mobile doesn’t sell their sole to sell the iPhone like sprint did I welcome the addition. If they follow what sprint did pricing will most likely change, for the worse. I imagine it would bring a lot of customers as tmobile’s family plans are far cheaper than ATT and Verizon.

  • brian90

    T-mobile has gotten REALLY bad. I tried to return to T-mobile ONE day after going to Verizon. They transferred me 5 times and still didn’t get me transferred. I spent all morning calling back, getting transferred to the Philippines, Mexico and still no transfer.

    As of now, I’m still on Verizon….

    Get it together Tmobile!

  • CJ

    I wish they would just say – trying to make my decision on whether to go to ATT for the Nokia 920 for me and the Iphone for my wife

  • The iPhone 5 cases arrived in store today now employees and customers alike are wondering if the iPhone is coming soon. Can’t count how many times I heard “So since you guys have the cases does that mean you’re finally getting the phone?” today.

  • Looking forward to Dec. 6th and the 7th just to see what’s up. I’m a big Android fan, but if the iPhone comes to Tmo I’m gonna get it, my Nexus 4 should be arriving within the next week,, So if we DO get the iPhone, and I don’t like it.. Easy switch.

  • Lets just hope for the best.

  • Singleweird


  • GS3

    yeah better sign up now with tmo because the rate plans are gonna go up once they get the iphone.. LOL..
    honestly i don’t care about lte or fast data speeds… i’m fine with 5mbs but i need internet everywhere , 5mb evereywhere! uggh not edge ..

  • The Architect

    Open the flood gates to let in the rabid fanatics. They’re like drowning rats swimming from sinking boats coming disappointed from the other carriers!

  • Timbo1

    Gross, just what Tmobile needs, a bunch of Isheep on the network

    • Le sigh…as opposed to a bunch of Fandroids running around? :-) To each their own man!

      • Timbo1

        Bah, all the isheep are the same

        • Yup, just replace “iSheep” with “Fandroid.”

    • thepanttherlady

      The more customers, iPhone or other, the merrier. :)

  • Oscar Dominguez

    Guess we shall find out tomorrow.

  • Chum Lee

    Hopefully happens soon. Couldn’t care less about the crapple phone, but i’m a retail rep…..this will be money in my pocket. I lose tons of sales every day due to lack of iphone, because people are retarded.

  • SteveHill343

    The Iphone will NOT have a discounted rate at all and you must be on the Value plan to get it. If you have a classic plan you will have to PAY the migration fees to change to the value plan. All employees are to give no exceptions.

    • steffanut

      There has been zero information on when or if the Iphone is comeing to Tmo, Apple products are going to be sold next year. There is no product lineup and therefore nothing to say pricing or anything that would suggest this at all.Let’s not get our panties in a wad quite yet.