T-Mobile Posts 10 Years Of Innovation Celebratory Video To YouTube

T-Mobile’s pushing out another YouTube clip highlighting 10 years of innovation, a celebration they began all the way back in September. This time around they’re highlighting similar milestones as back in September with reminders of being the first with an HSPA+ network, the first with personal coverage check, and the first carrier to break from the traditional subsidy model with Even More plans. Other notable events in the last 10 years include celebrating T-Mobile’s place as the first Android carrier with the T-Mobile G1,┬áthe exclusive carrier of the Sidekick brand, the device “that launched a mobile revolution.” Keep on trucking T-Mobile, we’re hoping there’s another 10 years in you.

This year, T-Mobile celebrates the 10th anniversary of its brand. As T-Mobile continues to evolve, a constant for the company is its longstanding focus on delivering customer value and service excellence through constant innovation. T-Mobile’s history has been marked by many industry firsts — from the launch of the T-Mobile Sidekick┬« to the introduction of the T-Mobile G1, the world’s first Android Phone, and now the launch of Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data.



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