T-Mobile Posts 10 Years Of Innovation Celebratory Video To YouTube

T-Mobile’s pushing out another YouTube clip highlighting 10 years of innovation, a celebration they began all the way back in September. This time around they’re highlighting similar milestones as back in September with reminders of being the first with an HSPA+ network, the first with personal coverage check, and the first carrier to break from the traditional subsidy model with Even More plans. Other notable events in the last 10 years include celebrating T-Mobile’s place as the first Android carrier with the T-Mobile G1,┬áthe exclusive carrier of the Sidekick brand, the device “that launched a mobile revolution.” Keep on trucking T-Mobile, we’re hoping there’s another 10 years in you.

This year, T-Mobile celebrates the 10th anniversary of its brand. As T-Mobile continues to evolve, a constant for the company is its longstanding focus on delivering customer value and service excellence through constant innovation. T-Mobile’s history has been marked by many industry firsts — from the launch of the T-Mobile Sidekick┬« to the introduction of the T-Mobile G1, the world’s first Android Phone, and now the launch of Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data.



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  • angelo

    Ive been with them for 12

    • Joel_Axel


      • CJ

        Nice that is what I thought of When I read that since I am in the boat but with the Nelson laugh! HA HA!

  • Cise

    What is personal coverage check?

    Congrats T-Mobile great service and value.

    • Durandal_1707

      Personal coverage check is the online coverage map, which lets you see what the coverage looks like in your area before you sign up. It seems hard to imagine, but back in 2005-06 or so, T-Mobile was the only major carrier that had this.

      • Cise

        Wow, that’s was innovative? Dont think ive ever even used it, but i guess the simple things are what matters. Thanks for replying.

        As a former AT&T and before that Sprint customer I have few complaints other than in building coverage needs work and of course a lack of a subsidized iPhone, however I feel I’m better off than had I stayed with those 2 other companies. Verizon doesn’t offer a great value proposition and the simple fact they are a CDMA operator, I’m not at all interested in their service. It’s also shady they won’t honor their unlimited data plans unless a consumer buys a phone at full price.

        So if T-Mobil could improve its in-building coverage and offer the iPhone I’d say it was the perfect service provider for most people. Obviously network coverage can be expanded but I’m not convinced its worth (for T-Mobile) covering 100% of the US mkt.

        • Durandal_1707

          You bet it was innovative. I had a Verizon phone at the time, out of contract, which kept dropping calls, not ringing, never showing more than 1-2 bars on campus, etc. and I couldn’t tell whether the fault lay with the crappy LG phone or with the network, but Verizon wouldn’t show me a signal map of the town, even if I walked into the store. Choosing between actually seeing what coverage one could expect (and fairly accurately at that) and a blithe “trust us, our network’s awesome” promise, well, it was a pretty easy choice, and really added to T-Mo’s “good guy” reputation. T-Mobile FTW.

      • MacRat

        The coverage map is a bit better at showing areas where you’ll actually get signal.

        Compared to AT&T’s map that shows full voice & data coverage for areas were AT&T customers get ZERO signal.

        • PiCASSiMO

          Over the past year, I’ve been driving on the same route to our new work location. This is Chicago’s north-suburb area of Mount Prospect/Des Plaines, IL. The signal continues to degrade and now I’m seeing first hand with my Nexus 4 where it goes from H to 3G to 2G to no signal and then back to 3G and then H. Really annoying when I’m streaming from DI.fm or Spotify. Makes me wonder if it’s really worth paying the extra $10 for the Unlimited Plan, if I’m going to have GAPs in my service.

          I’m guessing all of these GAPs is due to the refarm of the 1900 frequency, which will go live soon here in Chicago. Still, unacceptable, as I would like at least 3G coverage without dropping to NILL.

        • nyuhsuk

          I’m really intrigued by that last paragraph. Is this conversion shutting down towers for extended amounts of time before they go online with hopefully both AWS and 1900MHz? I have noticed that on the NW DC Beltway area around Tyson’s, coverage has slowly degraded to often no signal at times. Perhaps it’s the massive metro project knocking offline some of those key towers… I dunno…

  • Bud

    still waiting for 1900 mhz refarming in nyc.

    • TBN27

      Continue to wait. Sandy pushed it back a bit.

    • MacRat

      Users have reported a lot of NYC covered if you take a look at http://www.airportal.de

      • Bud

        Not in manhattan,brooklyn,north queen

        • MacRat

          People reporting 1900Mhz on the airportal.de website in manhattan,brooklyn and north queen.

          Did you even look?

        • Bud

          look all the time

  • TBN27

    This is my 10th year with T-Mobile and I don’t see myself leaving any time soon.

  • Clocking 23mbps down here in Atlanta…Been with you guys since you were Voice Stream..Worked for you for 5 years..and still have service. Keep chugging!!!!

  • bleeew

    First to Last to get the iPhone.

  • Ben

    I didn’t see wifi at home/wifi calling. That’s one of my favorite things about our dear Magenta.

    • BigMixxx

      I was thinking that myself. Wifi calling…not as an add on service. Saved my but a bunch of times!

    • WiFi calling is in the video.

  • I miss the Even More Plus plans. You can’t get multiple lines on one account with post-paid benefits like you can with Monthly4G. Still loving my current $30 5gb plan, but just sayin.

    I don’t miss the Sidekicks one bit. But I do feel like T-Mobile should come out with a new one but high-end like the Photon LTE or Droid 4 and not only market it to teens, but business users as well. That last SK4G, my ex had it and it was complete trash. The speaker was loud as hell for music but that was the only pro about it.

    • zacamandapio

      Me 2.

  • Josue

    ahh i missed the original sidekick…

  • BigMixxx

    I must say t-mo has done me well…very well.

    I just need the company to change in the right direction REALLY soon. The last commercial on TV, said for just X down you can get a phone.

    Now I know the value plans are good, but T mobile can do one better and it will reduce churn. It will turn into the company folks will LOVE.

    I hate that I am considering leaving. It has my heart, and I will defend it until the cows come home.

  • Chris

    Ive been with tmobile since Voicestream days, can we get some more innovative phones besides Samsung and stop letting verizon and att get exclusives?!?!?! What about an htc one xv/one x+ or even a motorola droid?

    • zacamandapio

      I’ve been with T-mobile in 2006 (when they started with the 1-month trial thing and if you don’t like them leave) and I’ve left them a couple of times only to come back. In my opinion T-mobile gives you the best of many different worlds.

  • Enzowned

    1st to break from subsidy plans is what got me to switch from ATT. Keep putting the consumer first.

  • Mike

    This should be a commercial…

  • Daniel Holmstock

    After 5 faithful years I had to terminate – I finally had it – I cancelled all 5 Lines – and at least T-mo was nice to pro-rate the termination 2 months before due. But I had the iphone and the DC market for 3g was a joke! or is a joke – spotty 3g at best. At home where i lived all i got was EDGE (with native t-mo phones) with 5 years of them doing nothing to update the area. I wish them the best i wish them to expand coverage because maybe its just me but sinced the failed merger which i was against for the record – T-Mo Service and quality went real bad in the DC central VA area… Again Wish T-MO well and reading this site was fun each day to do – but now i am with the enemy at&t and i have to say this atleast WOW as fast LTE net – and I am only paying 15$ more for the family share plan then i was for the lines i had with NOT unlimited talk on classic with t-mo…. Good luck t-Mo maybe in 2 years i will be back.

    • zacamandapio

      I’m glad things are working out for you my friend.

    • nyuhsuk

      Heh… Central VA isn’t the same as DC… just saying neighbor~ :O) I go out beyond Germantown and it drops down to EDGE as well in many places. But who goes out there often? Heh. At least you can still make reliable phone calls and get email and such.

  • legolex

    I got no “Customer Value” on Cyber Monday. I’ve been with T-Mobile since 2003 and I’ve been out of contract since 2010, I wanted the Lumia 810 which was free on Monday yet I wasn’t allowed to partake in the deal since I wasn’t a “new” customer. That really burned my biscuits and I’ll be leaving for a competitor in the next few days. I’m tired of the spotty mostly 2G/3G rarely 4G service in my area and the fact that only new contracts matter – not us old fogies who’ve been loyal for 9 years.

  • Left AT&T for T-Mobile back in 2009 then left T-Mo after my contract was up in 2011 because they didn’t get the iPhone 4S. Got tired of $100+ per month for one phone with AT&T so in May 2012 I came back. No 3G yet on my iPhone but the bill is only $55 per month. I’ll wait it out this time.

    • zacamandapio

      Ha ha.

      I understand your frustration about no 3G but why don’t you go with the GSIII or GN2? You’ll enjoy every single Mbps. You won’t get this kind of service with the pricing anywhere else IMHO.

      • I usually don’t like Samsung phones but yeah I’ve been thinking about the Note 2. Will probably go ahead and bite the bullet soon and get one. It’s an impressive device.

  • Bklynman.

    I would like to know when will Tmo get a rugged phone. They are only one of the big 4 without one. The Motor Defy doesn’t count. If you read reviews about on it on Cnet,lots peoples had problems with broken screens with that phone.

  • I’ve been with T-Mobile for almost 10 years now but after introducing the 4G network and not seeing the expansion required to provide to all us customers I am realizing that switching at this point seems a better option, especially when I bust out my Galaxy S3 to get EDGE coverage and than my colleague busts out an iPhone 5 (WTF!) and has Verizon LTE…