T-Mobile Set To Launch/Partner/Support New Prepaid Brand GoSmart Mobile

Say hello to GoSmart Mobile, a brand new ______ operated and trademark licensed to T-Mobile USA. I’ve intentionally left a blank space in the sentence before because I’m honestly not sure what this is… It’s not an MVNO in the traditional sense. It’s a prepaid carrier, that much looks clear, and ownership records tell us that Deutsche Telekom used a “Corporation Service Company” to trademark the name in the US. So, we know this is owned by Deutsche Telekom, operated by T-Mobile and trademarked under T-Mobile, but what is it?

As of this writing, the www.GoSmartMobile.com website doesn’t load, and we’ve been told that a soft launch could happen as early as tonight. We’ve also found what appears to be the Twitter feed for it @GoSmartMobile. The feed is empty, with not even a proper avatar yet.

It appears that this could be a situation like Sprint and Boost Mobile. T-Mobile seems to have created what is known as a “fight brand” that it will use to offer prepaid services. The plans are likely set up so T-Mobile can attack prepaid on multiple levels, with its Monthly4G under the T-Mobile name, and the secondary “fight brand” to offer various pricing tiers without licensing out to MVNOs. This would again be similar to the strategy Sprint has adopted with Virgin Mobile and Boost, both of which attack various pricing tiers and cover a wide array of prepaid pricing options.

So here’s our guess, based on the idea that GoSmart mentions it only uses the T-Mobile 3G network: T-Mobile will reposition itself as a premier value postpaid brand while using both GoSmart Mobile and MetroPCS to offer various prepaid options in the near future. GoSmart looks positioned to take on the lower end allowing Monthly4G and the future GSM MetroPCS lineup to offer higher priced and more feature rich prepaid options, including 4G network opportunities.

The $45 plan looks to be the only option for 3G services, with $35 and $30 levels operating at 2G speeds, which helps explain why this is a “bottom of the barrel” prepaid offering. Look for a possible soft launch this week and hopefully more details to arrive at the same time. There’s no word as to whether this will be sold out of T-Mobile owned stores or T-Mobile authorized retailers, which again leaves us waiting for more info before passing final judgment on this new prepaid entry.

Hat tip to Conan Kudo for the research and help!

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  • ladylike

    Who chooses the names of these companies?

    • ceegii63

      same people who named the WIKIPAD

    • jaxgrim

      They never said ‘No Dum name’

    • weinerschnitzelboy

      I think they wanted the abbreviations to be GSM. Get it?! :D

  • atari37

    I wonder what they mean by 3G speeds though? Less than HSPA+ 22Mbps?

    • MacRat

      I was wondering that as well.

    • Amitus

      3G is normally 3MB/second download and 1MB/upload. Which is fine for Facebook, photo upload/download, and downloading small applications. Not so much if you need to download large files or YouTube videos because of buffering. However the 3G speed should be consistent due to that spectrum not getting much use due to most people using the HSPA + 4g spectrum because of all the 4G phones.

      It is a better deal than the $50 plan due to the fact that you only get 100MB of 4G then get throttled back to edge.

      • CommonSense

        This is important since David is more connected than most readers, it would be nice to get to the bottom of this. Please do find out whenever that opportunity presents itself. I’m guess now is premature since its not live.

      • Fabian Cortez

        3 megabytes/second (MBps) or 3 megabits/second (Mbps)?

      • Mark

        “… due to that spectrum not getting much use…” assuming you’re in an area that got upgraded from 3G to HSPA+. Otherwise, it’s same old, same old….

      • Dakota

        HSPA+21 we average 3mbps…sometimes less than 1mbps…speeds in major city disappointing. Once got 6. But most time 2-3

      • buddahbless

        Amitus obviously you don’t know how tmobile’s networks works 3G and 4G are all HSPA currently. a 4G phone will work fine on 3G because all the tmobile network does is automatically limit the amount of bandwidth provided to A 4G HSPA phone when in a 3G HSPA area( as its all HSPA). On 3G, YOUTUBE, Netflix and other streaming services will work just fine no buffering issues at 3mbps (if its 3 mbps) its the latency and your signal strength you have to worry about. when they say 3G ive seen Tmobile generally downloads up to 5 mbps however I’m sure they will throttle 3G to 1.5 -3 mbps down and 512 or less kbps up. However thats still in line with most DSL services( such as ATT). So anything yo can do with at home with a DSL connection you will be able to do with your smart phone over TMO wireless network. The question you should really be asking is will there be a CAP? Currently TMO has no data cap but they throttle everyone to 2G speeds (120 kbps dwnload) after you reach your threshold which you cant use services such as youtube or netflix on sometimes even pandora and slacker hardly work at that speed.

    • Get_at_Me

      prob 7.2mbps….I think tmobile considers 14.4mbps+ “4G”

    • Taron19119

      3G is Hspa 14.2

      • buddah

        you are correct TMO use to classify anything on there HSPA network up to 14.2 as 3G even though theoretically you would only see between 5-10.
        my TMO phone is a 4G and is classified for HSPA 42 mbps but Ive never achieved more than 19 at best.

    • Refarmed iPhone-compatible 3G or their current flavor?

      • Sean W

        It should be the same network.

    • BahamasGeek242

      Come on we are talking about T-mobile here you know its going to be under 3Mbps down and maybe 1Mbps up

      • buddah

        You may be correct as an example Walmart family mobile is a direct subsidiary and is run by TMobile and the offer TMO 3G speeds. I’ve use them before and it was limited to 1 mbps download and 512 up, that is what they called 3G. Seeing as how TMO consider 2G only 120 kbps down and 100 kbps up you are on the right track. however I would think if this is sold directly by TMobile it may be between 1.5-3 mbps down to keep the masses happy.

  • 21stNow

    I would love to know the incremental marketing costs for Sprint to maintain not one, but two separate brands for prepaid. While you reduce the risk of “tarnishing” the postpaid brand by having a separate brand for prepaid, it doesn’t seem worth the money to maintain two (or three) separate brands.

    • Get_at_Me

      Having 2 external brands seems dumb to me…..Having 1 external brand makes more sense for the reason you mentioned (tarnishing the postpaid brand). Postpaid = traditional US wireless customer who wants high end device with minimal out of pocket cost/family plan. Monthly 4G = Higher deposit/Price sensitive customer/Savvy BYOD customer who wants access to 4g service. GoSmartMobile = Super price sensitive/value focused customer who doesn’t need the latest and greatest in speed/devices.

      • CommonSense

        Not as dumb as you think. Look at Robert Simmons comment above. That dummy is confused already. That dummy doesn’t get that T-Mobile, and by the sounds of it you are confused yourself. Step back for a minute (get you head out of where th sun don’t shine). The average consumer will not know that GoSmart is T-Mobile. Since it is branded very distinctly they will only know the options available from that company (unlike tmo news readers, they won’t necessarily know its a T-Mobile company). Robert Simmons should probably stop reading the news or seek out being informed, bc by the sounds of it information just confuses him. I don’t really see Monthly 4G as being a brand like Boost or Virgin. That marketing strategy is very different those are distinct brands. Monthly 4G is simply a service – kinda how Toyota and Honda have entry level models like a corolla or civic. Those are totally autonomous “brands” unlike Scion for example. T-Mobile is simply segment it total addressable market and limiting any confusion by creating a distinct prepaid brand. This is a pure guess, but I doubt T-Mobile will market it’s GoSmart brand at its retail stores. It will most likely have a dealer presence, and online. I think it’s expensive and perhaps not optimal for Sprint to have 3 distinct brands. T-Mobile is not replicating that strategy by the sounds of it. It had traditional T-Mobile with post paid and prepaid under the T-Mobile brand with varying services. By creating a seemingly independent brand it’s targeting a customer base it’s currently missing out on. I think it’s not created to protect T-Mobile from “tarnish” – that’s a simplistic and pressumptious bias some people have against prepaid. I think it is fundemtally created to limit confusion. You will confuse you avg Robert Simmons who will walk in and be presented with so many options if you don’t create a distints alternative or brand in this case for Consumers that don’t need postpaid service or 4G capabilities. GoSmart is the back to basic approach and I doubt your everyday T-Mobile customer will even see that product at the store.

  • AndroidProfit

    Tmobile should go in even more directions.. they aren’t confusing enough as is.

  • Nick Cannon

    Perfect for my wife who doesn’t use the web much.

  • Cheapest Tmo iPhone solution yet

    • MacRat

      Depends on what you want to use the iPhone for.

      If you talk very little and mainly use the iPhone for data acess, the $30 100min/5GB 4G plan is better.

      • zeth006

        I think a lot of people who use their phones for personal and work-related purposes will want the extra minutes and perhaps even the unlimited data (assuming it’s unlimited?).

        But I plan to stay on the $30 plan for years to come.

  • diana245

    I got telcel which also runs on tmobile network and for 60 bukz a month I have unlimited minutes,txts, n data and unlimited calls to Mexican land lines and cellphones which is awesome cuz I have family in Mexico so I never have to worry bout minutes when I call em and data wise I had no problems using my unlocked tmobile galaxy s3 it even works on there hspa+ network I been getting 15-21 mbps over here in LA only difference is that the phone displays “TELCEL” on the screen instead of t-mobile so I ain’t complaining for 60 bucks a month so.far I used less than 2 Gb of data only things I do are fb n check email n a few youtube vids I dnt wanna take advantage cuz I’m sure there data is not unlimited even tho it says it is then they wud Prolly throttle me dwn so I try not to do lots of video chats n things like that but yea like I said I like all.this mvnos tmobile has cuz they offer good speeds in the 10-20 mbps range and good plans

  • Addam

    This is big news. Hopefully HUGE news coming tomorrow or Friday!!

    • randomnerd_number38

      I presume you’re talking about the investor’s meeting and the rumor about a certain fruity device. The presentation for T-Mobile USA is Thursday(today), in about 3 1/2 hours. If there is big news coming, I’d wager it’s coming today rather than Friday. http://www.telekom.com/cmd12

      • Addam

        We got the fruity phone!

    • Guest

      You guys crack me up :) , the only thing is fruity about t-mobile is that they should run these plans on the t-mobile brand. Why create what sounds like another mvno, that they will eventually sell to another company , now thats fruity.

  • Jon Krugerud

    I really wish tmobile would just get 3g/4g where i live its crazy being so close to Minneapolis and still GPRS which is the slowest speed possible on tmobiles network insane because the town i live in is inbetween 2 towns with faster speeds on one side they have edge and the other there is 3g/4g.

  • This sounds great I should look into this more.

  • joel

    what about simple mobile?

    • thepanttherlady

      I was wondering the same thing.

      • I think simple mobile is an independent carrier that simply leases tmobile towers to operate. GoSmart would to DT owned, so its collecting all of the revenues and not just leases from the network. I think anyway.

    • I think simple mobile is an independent carrier that simply leases tmobile towers to operate. GoSmart would to DT owned, so its collecting all of the revenues and not just leases from the network. This is only what I think the difference is.

  • bleeew

    What is “dum”

    • 21stNow

      It looks like a play (?) off of the word “dumb”. I don’t think that it’s good, since prepaid still has a negative perception in this country, and misspelled words in ads make this look a little ghetto.

  • Mark Reese

    HELLO T-Mobile should be for post paid and metro -pcs or metro T should be for prepaid and should expand to the rest of the country…we don’t need yet another brand that might get sold of later.

  • Mark Reese

    Shouldn’t post paid be called prepaid because they charge you for the first month and the next on your first bill ?

  • Gail

    Chicago parts of metro Chicago area. T-Mobile data is FLAT OUT UNRELIABLE. No money you pay T-Mobile is worth the bad service.

  • weinerschnitzelboy

    I love how the name GoSmart Mobile abbreviates to GSM. :D

    • Alan713

      exactly! i wish there were more GSM carriers in USA, like in Europe or even Canada. not just MVNOs

      • buddah

        Agreed to bad GSM is going the way of the dodo ( still yrs away however). LTE will be its replacement once VOLTE is perfected. the good thing about GSM was it was worldwide and there are only 4 main bands (850/900/1800/1900) which made it simple to put all of them in one phone so that phone could be used almost everywhere. LTE has several bands so far which will be a mot more difficult to standardize.

  • Alan713

    i really don’t care about internet. 2G is enough for emails! Talk and Text should really go down in prices. 30 is good. but i wanna see 20!!
    anyway, this is great news!

  • Paul

    It’s an interesting proposal, and the data maxes with 3G. Not a bad deal for those who don’t need 4G, don’t want a contract, and don’t want to spend a lot in this economy.

  • Guest

    Website is LIVE!

  • So we get 5GB 3G speeds and then down to 2G speeds on the $45 a month plan… not bad at all.
    $45 – Unlimited talk, text and High-Speed web on the GoSmart nationwide network.
    Up to 5GB of High-Speed web (5GB at 3G speeds, then 2G speeds for the rest of the cycle).
    Web speeds appropriate for usage that requires more bandwidth, such as streaming video or downloading large files or applications.
    No charges from long-distance or roaming within the U.S.
    Looks like they will be selling the Alcatel OneTouch 838 – http://www.alcatelonetouch.com/global-en/products/messaging/one_touch_838.html
    More Packaging:

    • KevinMemphis

      One of the test markets is Minneapolis. GoSmart is available at several secondary retail locations in that area. It is not available in T-Mobile stores.

      • KevinMemphis

        Having lived in the Twin Cities, I can also tell you that 17 of the 18 stores listed are in very urban, rather low income, central city locations. At the most, only two of the locations are in what most would call middle class neighborhoods. And that might be a real stretch.

    • buddah

      Ahh thanks for the information so there is the gotcha.. 3G for up to the first 5GB of data this is exactly the bait and switch Walmart family mobile started with when they first launched as they run on the Tmobile network.. Walmart FM was giving 5Gb of 3G then 2G after words for those who signed up early I did, then months down the line they took away the 5GB and dropped the 5GB of 3G to 250 mb of 3G! thats a drastic downgrade change one that had me almost switch until they offered me a deep discount through walmart corporate.( lets just say my wamart family mobile bill never reaches $40 a month and I still have all my unlimiteds).

      however this new gosmart mobile just may have me switch if you get to keep the 5GB of 3G for the live of the plan.

  • thepanttherlady

    Anyone else able to see devices yet? I keep pulling up an error.

    • Still getting a 403 Error when I go there, but it’s interesting exploring the rest of the information.

    • buddah

      well if your looking for devices you can basically look on Tmobiles website as there is where your selection will be generally coming from. The same structure is also in play for Walmart family mobile. you are told you can purchase one of walmarts TMO branded phones or just purchase your phone directly from TMO and insert the Walmart (GOSmart) sim it will still work exactly the same.

  • T-Mobile is really going HARD coming into 2013. It seemed like the AT&T & T-Mobile failed deal was a wish come true for T-Mobile to get it’s crap together. Now they are gonna take over MetroPCS, get the iPhone (tho I’m partly meh on that cause of potential network congestion), their getting this new MNVO, expanding their 4G network, pushing full throttle on rolling out LTE, refarming their 1900 HSPA network fo 4G on iPhone’s, we officially have the Nexus 4 being sold through T-Mobile, & T-Mobile is FINALLY reposition itself as the leader in valued wireless service as in the top post paid carriers.

  • I called them up and they said the cost of the SIM Card is $8 and they will have 1 phone for sale (The Alcatel I mentioned before). The cheapest shipping option is $4 according to the CSR.

    • thepanttherlady

      You can also bring any gsm, unlocked (not a requirement unless the phone doesn’t work with the SIM card) phone to use.

  • The t-mobile corporate store told me about this coming out soon. I didn’t believe them but i still say that Simple mobile is better. They run off of t-mobile’s network and they dont specify exactly how much data is unlimited but as some reviews say that it’s around 2.7 Gigs and i use about 1.5 Gigs a month and for $38 bucks a month its a very good value for 3G speeds.

  • The t-mobile corporate store told me about this coming out soon. I didn’t believe them but i still say that Simple mobile is better. They run off of t-mobile’s network and they dont specify exactly how much data is unlimited but as some reviews say that it’s around 2.7 Gigs and i use about 1.5 Gigs a month and for $38 bucks a month its a very good value for 3G speeds.

  • Cal

    where the hell you can browse with 2g speed? it should be $35 with 3g and $45 with hspa+