(It’s a Typo) The Nexus 4 Returns To T-Mobile.com…For $399 With A Two-Year Agreement?

Update: The correct pricing is shown when you try and upgrade ($199), it’s all but obvious this is a typo and I was probably mistaken for thinking this could be anything else. Don’t tell that to the Spanish or Italians though. T-Mobile has confirmed the pricing as a typo and states it will be corrected on the website shortly. 

No, your eyes are not deceiving you as the Nexus 4 returns to T-Mobile.com for $399, subsidized. Say what? Honestly, if I were a betting man I’d put good money on this just being an accidental typo. In the case of the Nexus 4, we’ve seen a history of typos so there’s some precedence to believe T-Mobile’s website needs some better proofing. I cannot envision a scenario where T-Mobile decided to kick up the subsidized price up $200 basically overnight. Never mind that the Nexus 4 sells for $50 less, subsidy free from the Google Play Store.

Odds are this is just a typo, and if it isn’t, T-Mobile has some serious explaining to do to justify such a significant price increase on a phone that is available for less elsewhere sans contract.


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  • There crazy. Lol

    • CactusCat

      They’re – There – Their proper context please.
      Same thing with:
      to – too – two

  • Guest

    could it be for Value Plans? maybe a small “subsidy” incentive from T-mobile?

    • Guest

      scratch that, it doesn’t allow me to both add the N4 and pick a Value plan.

  • jonathan3579

    This comment is reserved for T-Mobile’s response…

    • There response is, “sorry, it will be fixed shortly!”

      Now that thats over, is anybody else’s Nexus rebooting? Mine reboots almost 2 to 3 times a day, but I haven’t figured out if its the phone or an app. Please help, because my 14 days are about up.

  • MattSTKC

    Google was stupid to release this phone without LTE. Obsoletes it instantly. Galaxy Nexus should’ve remained the flagship phone considering it’s specs are far beyond nexus 4.

    • zifnab

      Not really an issue on T-Mobile though. I do agree with you though… but I have a feeling we have Verizon to thank for their ditching of LTE. Maybe a Sprint version will come out eventually with LTE… they always favor Sprint with a Nexus eventually.

      • Dakota

        Google may be frustrated by the lack of quick updates on those other networks – Dont know if Tmobile would be the same but it defeats the Nexus brand to not have immediate releases. The Galaxy Nexus got 4.2 and 4.2.1 within 24 hours of the launch…Thats a big selling point for people who buy the Nexus devices

    • morehouse

      I would check XDA. Nexus does have LTE.

    • qpinto

      it has LTE band 4 onboard. go into phone settings and it works. tmobile will be building their LTE on band 4 which the nexus 4 works. youtube nexus 4 lte canada. it works!

      • MattSTKC

        interesting, but apparently illegal (device isn’t FCC Certified as LTE, LG denies this can happen.) http://www.extremetech.com/electronics/141422-how-to-enable-the-nexus-4s-dormant-lte-support-while-you-still-can

        • Grow A Brain

          Dude you are stupid. You want LTE capabilities on a phone sold thru a carrier without that LTE coverage at all. You are told you can activate that currently useless capability and now you are complaining about the legality. Think about it moron. If you activate LTE how are you breaking the law if it doesn’t have an LTE network to run on idiot. Let me guess you want all the car manufactures to stop producing cars that can go faster than 65mph bc in most areas that’s the max speed in some areas. Why bitch about something and then bitch again when it’s offered to you since you really must have it?

        • Clearly @twitter-17067862:disqus made “grow a brain” feel some type of way. I’m just over here chuckling. The guy has a point tho.

    • Rob Daman

      by the time LTE is common for Tmo, the user who owns this phone will be upgrading anyhow.

    • jonathan3579

      The Galaxy Nexus specs are far beyond the Nexus 4? Wow, you’re some kinda troll.

      To add onto that, the Nexus 4 will support (albeit unofficially) T-Mobile’s LTE when the network launches.

      • tirtawn

        Unfortunately, LG has already come clean about this. the LTE will not work “well” since its missing the component so for example the range would not be good. I suspect the reception would be bad without that.

        From LG via phonescoop.com)

        “”This powerful chipset is only available with a combined processor and
        modem and cannot be implemented separately. The modem contains 4G LTE
        capabilities but is only effective when combined with other essential
        hardware parts such as a signal amplifier and filter in order for it to
        work. It therefore cannot be upgraded to 4G LTE capability through

    • archerian

      The Galaxy Nexus has specs “far beyond” the Nexus 4? How is that?

    • weinerschnitzelboy

      It had built in LTE, but only for one out of the four bands. It also happens to be the rumored band that T-Mobile will be using for their LTE when they roll it out.

  • rfgenerator

    I think it’s definitely a mistake. I logged into my T-Mobile and checked the upgrade price (I am not yet due for the best pricing upgrade) and the price was listed as $324.99 after a $175 discount. As I said I’m about 5 months out from being eligible for full upgrade pricing. Can’t imagine the add a line or new service price would be higher than my partial upgrade price.

    • Dakota

      Check the price for new customers though. I just did and the price at checkout was definitely 399 – no discount / no typo. They need to get new customers in addition to keeping the ones they have.

  • qpinto

    T-Mobile made this phone cost the same as it would from the play store. 349.99 for the 16GB + the 30 dollar 2 day shipping comes out to be about 385 and some change. Get it from a coorporate store for 399. it costs the same minus 20 bucks due to taxes. Everyone is screaming not a deal not a deal but in the end it really is. play store doesnt have contract, tmobile store does.

    • thepanttherlady

      Even though we now know the pricing was a typo from T-Mobile, I’m curious as to how it is a better deal to pay more AND sign a contract, than pay less without a contract?

      • qpinto

        Better deal as in get your hands on the device now. Would you pay an additional 35 bucks to have it now instead of 5 weeks? That’s all I was saying.

        • thepanttherlady

          No, I wouldn’t. Especially if I had the opportunity to get a new phone with no contract.

          Now, if I was in the market for a phone and the difference was $35 less on Craigslist versus $35 more by getting it directly through T-Mobile, I’d get it through T-Mobile.

        • ANON

          Thanks for asking beautiful, his post had me scratching my head. I guess he has a very unorthodox understanding of the term “deal”. I will go so far as to say he’s probably the only one that uses the word deal as paying more, with a 2 year obligation, but getting it now versus a month from now. In my book that’s not a deal. Haha it doesn’t matter anyway, but a funny “thought” excercise I guess. Damn you proofreaders!

        • Im assuming getting it from tmobile would be a higher quality phone versus the play store which is from the company that made the phone. IDK > again I’m just assuming and it doesn’t make any since to me. SN: Before I saw it was a typo, my eyes got big as hell and almost popped out. Think I can sue tmobile for that?

  • Dakota

    I tried putting it into my cart as a new customer, and it said 399 so Im not sure if this is a typo. Dont they want more customers? Everything they keep doing seems designed to push people away. What keeps boggling me is Tmobile wants to position it as a value brand and yet they keep offering phones at higher prices than everyone else. They are just crazy -has the new marketing person not taken control – give the brand a clear message and get rid of Carly who theyre still pushing even though she hasnt sold phones. (They have a product placement deal with Shark Tank but not sure who t heyre targeting with that)…But this is yet another example why Tmobile keeps losing customers…Why sign a 2 year contract and pay more than the phone is worth – I guess if you need unlimited data you could fall for it – but no doubt the phone will go down again. It seems theyre trying to take advantage of gullible people during the holiday season – instead, they should be offering great deals to lure people in. Get the Nexus from Google and take it to prepaid for half the monthly price

  • Jason Gordon

    Just when I give up on t- mobile and buy the phone on eBay. Fml

    • FMLmaybe

      How much did you pay? At least you are off contract.

  • Rob Daman

    t-mobile is waiting for the suckers.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Unfortunately, one is born every day. I’m getting mine from the Play store if I do finally decide to get it

  • AndroidProfit

    It’s Tmobile just doesn’t really care.

  • WallyMC


  • Wilma Flintstone

    Dag I really want this phone but that cloud service only thing kills me. I surely won’t be able to record videos in HD with only 16GB of data. Can you record directly to the cloud?

    • Nick

      No. But you could record locally, instantly upload to dropbox, then delete from your phone. I’ve got 7gbs of music on my n7 and still have 4.59gbs free

      • Wilma Flintstone

        ok. But what if I want to record a 30 minute session (I have done so before) in HD that will take up more than 16gb at once time? Would I have to record a certain amount, stop, upload, start back recording, stop and upload the rest?

        • David

          Clearly you don’t get that the N4 is a mobile phone. Do you really need an answer to your stupid question?

        • David that was not nice at all. You never know when you’ll be a camera but you always have a mobile device on hand which is the why video is nearly a requirement on smart phone.

          To answer your question Wilma I just took a 1 min vid in 1080 and it was 87.53 mb. I also took one is 720 and it was 49.57 mb.

          so 30 minutes should be as follows
          2625.9mb = 2.56gb
          1487.1mb = 1.45gb

        • To answer your question Wilma I just took a 1 min vid in 1080 and it was 87.53 mb. I also took one is 720 and it was 49.57 mb.

          so 30 minutes should be as follows

          2625.9mb = 2.56gb
          1487.1mb = 1.45gb

  • Andy Besselman

    Thank you I came on here saw it was available and ordered 199 on my upgrade thanks

  • nerdlust

    I got a year before I can upgrade. My sensation4g is still holding strong but a quad core phone with 2gigs of ram is so tempting.

    • I just left the sensation and my god the nexus 4 is stupid fast compared. I do have some issues with this phone tho.

  • onetiredmom

    Just ordered one thru loyalty dept for $199 on legacy plan.

    • tehone

      Same question as above — Did you have a full handset upgrade available in order to get that price? Just trying to gauge how low they’ll go for someone out of contract a eligible for a full subsidy.

      • onetiredmom

        I was not eligible for full discount upgrade until April 2013. Spoke to someone in loyalty dept, made sure I was very nice, and got the good news. $199, still on the legacy plan, grandfathered data plan 5g limit for $20.

      • As I use to work retention, if you are 18 months eligible, you can likely get it full discount. When I left, all they cared about was 18 months 18 months.

  • BahamasGeek242

    It has to be a typo it would make no sense for them to do this

  • jjfromhtown

    Ordered the Nexus 4 phone today through Customer Care loyalty dept for $179 after $50MIR. Yeahhh baby!! Note that the Nexus 4 through T-Mobile and Nexus 4 via Play store is exactly same phone without any tmo bloatware and config changes.

    • tehone

      Nice! Did you have a full handset upgrade available in order to get that price? Just trying to gauge how low they’ll go for someone out of contract a eligible for a full subsidy.

      • so he saved a whopping $20 bucks?

        • jerry

          He saved 120 buddy!:)

        • If he got it for 179 and it regularly cost 199, unless my math is malfunctioning, he only saved 20;.

  • tomnewtn

    I might be interested BUT I just received my notification from Play Store mine shipped 2nd day air. Hmmm…

  • jian9007

    I suppose that technically it should be considered two typos, as the instant discount is only $100 instead of $300, and the final price is $399. Maybe they mistyped the instant discount wrong initially and it auto-populated the final price after that. Still, why the heck would they be messing with typing in any new pricing info for it anyway? The price was fine before, so there was no need to edit any info.

  • Josue

    the nexus 4 should be called nexus unicorn cause everytime i try to order one it says “out of stock” lol