Nexus 4 Public Service Announcement Part Two: No Expandable Memory On The Nexus 4

Against my better judgment I’m bringing yet another error to light and letting the T-Mobile world know based in no small part due to the volume of email I’m still receiving, the Nexus 4 does not have expandable memory. This marks the second time this week we’ve taken to the blog to correct a T-Mobile website error that has begun spiraling out of control. The first of course was the sudden revelation inside a generic Nexus 4 manual that Wi-Fi calling was available. It isn’t. So, for the record, your T-Mobile ordered Nexus 4 will not have expandable memory, nor will it do your laundry or shine your shoes.

On a separate but equal note, T-Mobile’s website is also mistaken about the resolution of the display claiming the Nexus 4 has 217ppi. That’s pixels per inch. It actually has 320 according to Google and that’s good, the more the merrier.

I can only hope that both of these errors will be corrected as the carrier has undoubtedly seen the confusion now spreading across the interwebs. Needless to say, if you ordered your Nexus 4 expecting expandable memory, you’re in for disappointment.

Carry on.

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  • Google doesnt put sd card slots because they want u to take advantage the the Cloud…google said it themselves that they dont really care about the phones they just use it as an outlet to their services

    • MacRat

      It also keeps the cost down on the phone so they can sell it at a cheaper price.

      • JeffreyME

        My $30 Sansa mp3 player has a microSD slot. The cost is negligible, and it takes up almost no space

        • atari37

          I think you are right. It has nothing to do with the cost of adding a microSD slot. After all, they didn’t tweak their cloud storage prices for nothing. They want us to use it.

        • Its not about microsd being cheaper its that not having one makes for a smoother experience. Google actually went on about this a while ago

        • atari37

          I’m not buying that. Android has had microSD cards since day one. I’ve never met anyone who complained that they were confused about having the option. In fact, how many confused GS3 users have we heard of? I personally don’t mind them taking the option away. I know it’s a business decision and I can respect it. They should however give the users who need more local storage 32 and 64GB options.

        • Luis Medina

          people don’t complain because they have two storage options, many complain because they run out of internal storage for apps that cannot be installed on a sd card unless rooted.

        • archerian

          its actually got to do with patent licensing. Microsoft owns the patent to exFAT format used for USB storage. It’s a flat fee for most devices, but phones have a different licensing model, I have heard it is even up to $15 per device. Google probably didn’t want to put money into MS’s pockets.

        • Chris

          If only people use linux machines, then we can have microsd cards with ext4 file systems and google wouldn’t have to pay any licensing fees to MS.

    • Guest

      Not everyone in the U.S. has the coverage to use cloud services as a reliable source of accessing data. I’ve traveled to parts of the country that have no service for my carrier.

      I live in San Francisco, and just don’t care to use ANY cloud service, when I have plenty of SD cards lying around.

      • theking_13

        Get a phone with an SD slot then, there’s quite a few, mainly the new Samsung flagships.

      • Chris

        Hence, you “make it available offline” before traveling. It’s like putting music/movies in an sdcard slot before you travel. Same thing. Only difference is with sdcard, you’d have to drag and drop files from a comp. “Make it available offline” is a simple click.

  • Jose M Gonzalez

    FAIL! t-mobile sometimes hires idiots…what more can i say. maybe they can hire someone to proof read things before they put it out there.

    • steveb944

      At this point I feel like contacting them just to apply for that position. Haha

    • sorandkairi

      Bad thing is, all they really have to do is copy and paste.

      • Juan Two

        Really dummy? Google’s own page had errors. They probably copy and pasted a boiler plate page and never updated it to match actual device specs – the copy and paste mentality is exactly the problem.

        Funny is steve944 a qualified idiot? JK, but that’s one way of interpreting his post.

        • sorandkairi

          Dummy? What are you 5? Yeah…. The problems on Google’s page have long been corrected so… yeah. Besides, these are different errors than the ones Google corrected.You can go back to your bridge; Reddit has been missing you.

          Stupidity cause by the internet is indeed spreading…

        • Juan Two

          And you, my stupid fellow poster, are exhibit A… except I wouldn’t blame the Internet for your stupidity. You completely missed the point. Copy and pasting will not fix anything moron… In this case it’s probably why it created confusion. Proofreading should eliminate most of these errors – damn you are dumb, do you not understand?

        • sorandkairi

          Your parents really should’ve aborted your fetus. It has become clear that you either don’t comprehend english well or are a terrorist of the internet. Either way, I’m done with you because you, my dear idiot, missed my point of my original post… a joke. Now go away and bother someone on your own level of comprehension.

    • Dantes

      Hire idiots and find idiots who are paying more than buying directly from Google. But hey they can do whatever they want

      • Chris

        Supply and demand. if you want it really bad, you’ll buy the one from t-mobile because Play Store sold out within 30 minutes.

  • MaseW

    Wait…did you just create a tag for ‘ppi’?

    Seems legit.

  • gigis83

    I don’t do government cloud services

  • Not the type to put a gang of movies on my phone like I do with my iPad 3 but an expansion slot would be nice.

    Idk son, after hearing about the battery life being terrible, and seeing the horrible 1080p video tests on youtube – I’m starting not to be all that thrilled about the Nexus 4. Wasn’t really interested in the Nexus 7, but I think I might go with that and just stick with my boring SII for a little longer. Hey, at least I got my joint lookin like the One X. Black SII with a white SII back cover haha.

    • MarcusDW

      Its an LG. I wouldn’t buy it with your money.

    • Mirad77

      Any review you saw anywhere is based of a pre-released model and if you know what a pre-release means, then your judgement of getting a product or not shouldn’t be based on that. Wait till about Friday to see a review of a released model then decide.

  • kelvin

    We all knew that………

  • Josue

    Mr Duarte said there’s no SD card cause it “confuses users” really?

    • The real reason behind no Sd cards was noted a while back before that.

      • Josue

        i know…i hated that with the GNEX its a pain not to have SD support

  • ceegii63

    idiots confusing people


    • atari37

      did you read the article?

      • Josue

        no one reads anything now a days

      • ceegii63

        read NO MEMORY CARD, moved along

        • bakgwailo


  • Bill Smith

    Nexus 4 = epic fail!

    • Secret Shopper #42

      Actually, I was an owner of the Samsung Epic.
      Speaking of failure.

  • mreveryphone

    Hey David, kinda off subject but could you look into the HTC DNA being sim unlocked? Seems that someone said you could put your sim in change the apn settings and presto!

    • theking_13

      Yes, all new Verizon LTE phones must come unlocked, same with the iPhone 5. It was part of the conditions from the FCC when they won more spectrum in an auction.

  • AM3RIG

    I aint worry but Why you worry about this?? I am SUPER HAPPY w/ my sweetie GNOTE II!


  • Guest

    No removable battery? And No Expandable memory? I’ve already got an iPhone chillin’ in my junk drawer.

    Officially waiting for the Nexus 5….

    • theking_13

      What makes you think they’ll have expandable memory with the 5? They haven’t with the past 3 Nexus.

    • timmyjoe42

      I hope you enjoy being off the grid forever.


    But David, It said it on them internets…. It must be true!!! :-)

    I cant believe that after the hundreds of articles showing off the Nexus and it clearly stating no expandable memory people still decided to believe something that wasn’t true.

  • Paul

    :-I The nexus hasn’t had expandable memory. Shame on them for not noting it, but we all should have known that.

    • AndroidProfit

      That’s weird my original Nexus 1 must be defective in that it has expandable storage.

      • Paul

        Then i may have missed that one. The recent versions Have Not Had It.

  • Dakota

    T-Mobile can’t seem to do anything right

  • AllThingsReviewed215

    T-Mobile are idiots. But some of you are idiots too cause I’m sure someone bought it thinking it had expandable memory.


    • KevinMemphis

      “T-Mobile are idiots” Pot. Kettle. Black.

    • Secret Shopper #42

      ya – what stupid users for reading a spec sheet on an official carrier website and believing them! Wow, what idiots for not being tech fanboys.


  • irfan

    so means that as customer support team is null same the web updater are ..really these type of work need some passion-able people to work on not those who who work as a 40 hour job ..

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    David, they should run all their documentation by you, first.

    Thanks for keeping them honest. I’m sure it’s just a copy/paste error, but still.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    Tech note to tmobile and tmonews: the correct word is storage, not memory. The N4 has 2 gb of memory and nobody is suggesting it’s expandible.