LG Nexus 4 Now Available On T-Mobile.com And In “Select” Stores

Yesterday the release of the Nexus 4 was Google’s show, today the show belongs to T-Mobile as the Nexus 4 launches on the Magenta network this morning. The 16GB model is available through $199.99 on T-Mobile.com as well as “select” retail stores. We expect inventory to run dry quickly so we’d suggest phoning your nearest stores to make sure they have the newest Nexus device in stock and ready for your dollars. As a Nexus device owner, you’ll be among the first to receive Android updates from Google which makes the appeal of such a device incredibly hard to resist.

Early reports show “out of stock” notifications for upgrading customers, but “in stock” reports for new lines and activations. Hopefully this isn’t a repeat of the Galaxy Note II which saw T-Mobile appearing to hold inventory for new lines. Your best bet is likely a retail location in that case so start calling the minute they open!

T-Mobile Nexus 4

As a quick reminder:

  • $199.99 down payment, and 20 payments of $15
  • $499.99 is the full retail price
  • Also, the $199 on Classic is after a $50 MIR.

Basic spec rundown:

  • 4.7? HD Gorilla Glass 2 display
  • 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor
  • 8 megapixel rear camera
  • 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB internal memory
  • 2100mAh battery
  • HSPA+ 42Mbps capable
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • NFC
  • Wireless charging

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  • Lauren

    I was able to purchase one as an upgrade just now from the website. Now, back to bed…

    • Lauren

      Also I should mention I was charged $199 for the device, $18 to upgrade, $6.99 shipping, and sales tax. No mention of a $50 MIR.

      • Le

        was the upgrade on a classic plan? I am currently on classic plan and eligible for full upgrade. hmm contract vs. contract ahhhh!!

        • Lauren

          Yes it was a classic, 2 year contract extension style transaction.

      • Hey, I believe the $50 bucks was for new customers, if I’m not mistaken. :-) (If we do, aren’t we just lucky)

      • NardVa

        199 before or after rebate?

    • pzzdog

      did you got this message We’re sorry, this item is not available for immediate shipment

      • Lauren

        No I did not, but I ordered my phone ~6:30am (AZ). I just checked and there’s a UPS tracking number assigned to my order now.

        • pzzdog

          THANK YOU

  • Jordan Williams

    I’m really hoping that I can snag one at one of the stores in the houston area today…. I’m using a cliq while I wait, and if they try to push another One S on me i’m going to be pissed. I had two of those in a two week period and both refused to connect to the network with brand new micro-sims. N4 or bust.

    • El Andy

      im not sure if we will still have some West rd and I-45 tmobile dont know if that is close to you.

  • trife

    Why oh why must T-Mobile continually let me down? All I want to do is buy this phone and they’re withholding stock from current customers who want to buy it outright.

    I’m about to call Retentions and see what they’ll do for me b/c there’s no reason they should deny someone wanting to give them money.

    And no, I don’t have patience to wait for a Play Store restock lol. After taxes/shipping, a 16 GB N4 will run me approximately $390-ish. And extra $110 isn’t a huge deal in the grand scheme of things if I can get it without a lot of hassle (see: camping out on the Play Store, hitting refresh over and over and over…..).

    • Chris

      I had the same issue when I went to get the Note 2. I almost fell over from the shock of “Sorry, you can’t buy the product we’re selling full price.” It’s insane! I ended up just doing an early upgrade :/

      • trife

        Well, I had success calling in to Retentions. I didn’t get the price lowered at all–she wouldn’t really budge on that, sad to say. But they did let me order it for the cost of shipping ($6.99) down. I contemplated upgraded shipping, but they usually ship from GA so I tend to get phones within 2 days of them shipping. $200 + tax will be billed to my next bill, with the usual 20 payments of $15 to follow.

        That’ll give me some time to offload this Galaxy Nexus in the meantime. I’m just glad I was able to get one before they’re gone–I’ve had a new phone itch for awhile! So much so that I’m an idiot who is willing to pay $150 more now for the same phone I could get cheaper if I had any patience! I hate my gadget addiction, as does my wife LOL.

        • THAT’S ….not very keen. Patience will get you far in life. . ……it’s a cell phone it’s not that serious

        • niftydl

          Some people like exotic cars, overpriced hip brands and all sorts of other vain and “not serious” things. I see what you are saying, but everyone has their own crazy and I don’t think anyone here is in a position to judge.

        • I’m not judging I never said don’t buy it. Don’t let your lack of patience make you look……….


        • Jems2387

          Wait, yo can get a phone purchased billed to you? I didn’t know that.

        • niftydl

          On the Value plan, upfront cost is usually around $200 + remaining difference from retail price divided by 20 payments. So you pay full price of the phone eventually. You save money once it is paid off with the cheaper monthly plan rates.

    • So you waste a upgrade and sign contact on a device you could have got upgrade free and and you paid more money for it because you just couldn’t wait………………. ………. ……… ……………..that’s smart

      • Nick

        Same thought here. I’ve got an upgrade available on one of my lines but I bought this from the play store. I want to keep my upgrade in case i break/lose one of my phones.

        • Right I mean some people are to vested in there phone purchases it’s not that serious nor business savvy to waste $ being “special” <—- replaced with d ends with b


        • trife

          “Special”? LOL. May I kindly ask you to explain the mental gymnastics it took to arrive at that conclusion?

          You sound really mad right now, brah. You must’ve struck out on the Play Store like I did.

        • I’m not a sir and we are definitely not related “brah” <—- this type of verbiage is all the confirmation I need no need to educate on why you're special…..and finally why would I be mad about a device I didn't want? …sent from my galaxy note 2…………


        • trife

          Yet you’re on the internet commenting about what others do with their money/upgrades….in a thread about a phone you don’t want. Brilliant. Keep on trollin’, ma’am.

          Maybe you should follow your own advice from earlier today and let folks live because, hey, “it’s their money and their device”. Right?

        • thepanttherlady

          Ok guys, let’s get back on topic. :)

        • I don’t attack anyone personally like you do….Mr …me commenting on COUNTER productive spending isn’t telling someone what to do with there money. Get gone


        • trife

          When you contribute to my family’s income, then I’ll consider your comments on what is counterproductive spending for us, okay? Thanks.

          Back to the topic at hand though…..

        • Ok “trife” lin


      • trife

        B-b-b-b-ut I didn’t waste an upgrade. Why? Because I’m on a value plan, which you could’ve deducted from my initial posts. Keep up. And this is the first phone I’ve bought from T-Mobile in almost 3 years. Also, I switched to a value plan about 2 months ago, so I extended my contract another 2 months. Not a big deal. Fall back, sir.

    • Dakota

      And people wonder why people keep leaving T-Mobile in droves. This , a secret T-Mobile sale yet again, continually pricing phones above others & decreasing vast service for years

  • Raysgrumpy

    I just went to my-tmobile and I can’t even find the Nexus 4 available anywhere. I’m eligible for a full upgrade and it isn’t showing up. I have my One S up on Ebay and I was hoping to order the Nexus in a few days. I hope I don’t get stuck with my old Mytouch 4G for too long!!!

  • niididdy

    Good idea…you want an upgrade, go to Tmobile’s website. I hear people are able to do so…

  • BizzaBoy

    Just ordered one as an upgrade. Earlier in the morning the web-site listed the NEXUS 4 as “out of stock”. Around 6:30am MST it changed to “in stock” / “add to cart”.

  • Raysgrumpy

    Ok, just found it on the main site. Hopefully it’s still available in a few days (want to make sure that I sell my One s first!)

  • trjcasper

    Tmobile’s documentation was written by someone who doesn’t know android or this phone.
    “What’s in the box…battery, charger, usb cable.” The battery is not in the box so much as it is installed in the phone. Misleading.

    It also lists access to the Android Market, which I’m sure pleases Google to no end since they rebranded to Play.

  • John_carlose

    I just upgraded to the nexus 4 online no monthly payment required no mail in rebate for $199. I paid next day shipping. It came to $284 with a 2yr contract :D

  • Hey David, I sent you something tell me what you think?

    • Did you email it? I don’t see anything

      • I just resent it

      • http://www.flickr.com/photos/71259045@N02/8185238775/

        Maybe this is just a typo or maybe not, I’m calling t-mo to see what they say.

        Update: Just called t-mobile on 611 they just confirmed that the Nexus 4 has microSd capabilities…

        • I’ve alerted T-Mobile to the mistake!

        • I could see justification in buying t-mo’s version if it was true but if not oh well, I got a 16gb from google before they sold out.

        • I wish that was true!

        • Was having hope with a grain of the saltiest salt

        • robotate

          your photostream tells a sad tale. *new car!!* *I love it!!!* *I rear-ended someone!!!*

  • 21stNow

    Has anyone found them in the DC area? I called a few suburban MD stores yesterday, and they didn’t know anything about this.

    Edit: Found it in Silver Spring, and possibly Wheaton.

    • Dakota

      Had same issue in ATL. They’re only carrier with the device..do they want to sell them or not. Tmobiles decisions constantly make me wonder who’s running the show

  • 2C

    So I just left a T-Mobile store Nexus-less because I’m not paying $15 extra per month on my bill for 20 months when I’m not currently under contract. They keep telling me that my monthly charges right now are already subsidized so they can’t offer me the phone for $200. Looks like I’ll be waiting for the Play Store to get more in…smh!

    • smirkis

      you sir, are on the new value plans. you’ve been duped. this is why i remained on my classic plan when they were trying so hard to push people to those new value plans.

      • gobigstayscrappy

        You pay more per month …& more upfront… Takes longer to upgrade you phone .. hmmm

        • smirkis

          i have 5 lines on a family plan. unlimited data and text and over 3000 minutes shared. unlimited nights/weekends/mobile to mobile. and pay only 40 per line. u call it more, i call it just enough. i don’t even think you can get a plan that cheap on the value plans. and i got my phone for cheaper then you guys. value plan pricing ends up being like 500 for the phone LOL. the whole idea for the value plan, is “bring your own phone”. if you pay less then 40 a month for everything i get, then by all means do what you do. buy it outright for 500, or wait til the play store gets them for 350. i got mine for 236 and pay less then the plans they offer currently.

  • Dakota

    Any way to find these “select stores”..I was told yesterday by a corporate store manager that none have it, and 3 stores I called said they’re not getting it & 2 people who answered phone didn’t even know what it was. Just wanna know if low volume levels got fixed. Only other things that might make me upgrade after selling phones us 8mp camera (although I’ve read its stillnot great) and HSPA+42

    • El Andy

      very few stores have it my store only got 5 units plus a demo phone and that is a high volume store.

  • phatpaw

    So how many “select stores” actually got this phone? I just called half a dozen Salt Lake City stores and they have no idea when they will have physical inventory.

    • gobigstayscrappy

      When they say stores … They mean markets … I am a rep in Pittsburgh … No T-Mobile in Pittsburgh is going to carry he nexus 4 in stores

      • phatpaw

        I finally found a SLC store that carried it. When I got down there they had 1 left, and they thought only two other stores in the metro area actually were carrying them as well.

  • B

    Website states expandable memory. any hard evidence?

    • steveb944

      That’s not possible on any Nexus phone nowadays

  • C0ol2

    it’s a nice phone, but the Gorilla Glass 2 is so weak. It scratches so easily from the front.

  • Seth Techmanski

    I got the $50 mail in rebate after only paying $199 on the classic. So basically it was only $150

  • Steven

    snagged mine on the employee upgrade site. now, if they backorder me- like they usually do when I order a high-profile device. i’m going to freak out.

  • coolmen777

    Looked at the Nexus 4 yesterday at my store (opened a new demo unit). No T-mobile branding anywhere, and clean pure Google 4.2. Device is very light and I like the glass back although it does look at it is fragile. I was unable to find out from the Reps if it comes SIM locked to T-mobile or unlocked. They also couldn’t answer if it will run with basic T-zones or Web2Go (since it’s unbranded) or they will record all IMEI # into same Android database and block older grandfathered plans. Can anyone confirm the answer to these 2 questions? They might be deal breakers for me. Thanks.

    • ArbeitMachtFries

      yay! i ordered mine this morning and it’s arriving tomorrow.

    • NardVa

      A few people over at Howardforums.com confirmed the phone works with T-zones, but it’s still early. The Nexus S (2nd Nexus phone) worked on T-zones for about a week before it got blocked.

  • 21stNow

    OK, I saw it and I didn’t hate it, so now I have to buy it. Will be ordering soon!

  • YourDistantCousin

    If you’re looking for a store that has them in the Chicago area, I’ve just found success; finally a store that has the N4 in stock! It’s the store that’s located at the Brickyard Mall on Narragansett and Diversey.

  • Raysgrumpy

    T-mobile’s site says that their Nexus 4 is only 217 ppi (clicked on the phone for specs.) The one in the play store (and every review that I’ve read) is over 300 ppi. Did they change the screen for T-mobile?!?

    • No, same phone.

      • Raysgrumpy

        I assumed that, but the T-Mobile site clearly says 217 ppi in the specs! How can they screw that up?

        • For the same reason they said it had Wi-Fi calling and expandable memory.

        • Raysgrumpy

          Yeah, I know. I just assumed that they would get it right by launch day. Silly me

  • smirkis

    picked mine up in store a few hours ago.. can’t put this thing down!

  • BahamasGeek242

    Nexus 4 in hand as of 10am PST.

  • Dantes

    we are not stupids Tmobile!!!
    Canceling my contract next month.

    • Matlock

      I dont get why you’re cancelling your contract!?

      • Dantes

        I’m going prepaid $30.T Mobile is offering same $199 + 2 years in a contract for a $349 phone. Google made a statement with a $349 phone unlocked. Too bad that some of you can’t save those money for something else…

  • Matlock

    I picked up my Nexus 4 from my local store here, in Tampa. I bought the last one they had. Yes I know I could have waited to buy it from the Play Store, but it will pretty much end up being free for me, after everything is said and done. Also, T-Mo is also giving a $50 MIR with the purchase of the Nexus 4 on Value. SO HAPPY I GOT MINE!!!

  • kresk

    I was due for an upgrade and coming from a Nexus S. I called retentions asking if there would be any incentives for me to sign a contract when the phone isn’t much more money on the google play store. Lets just say they hooked me up nice. I think the fact that I’ve been with them since 04 played a big part in their generosity. In general $200 for this phone is sick. I didn’t plan on leaving tmobile any time soon so it worked out great. My new LG Nexus will be here tmrw and I’m ecstatic!

  • Hey, on T-Mobile Nexus page, it states that the Nexus 4 comes with 16 gb storage and up to 64 expandable. So, can some clarify this. http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/Phones/cell-phone-detail.aspx?cell-phone=Google-Nexus-4

    • Just posted about this, look at the most recent post on the blog.

    • Dantes

      T-mobile it’s a joke, asking more money for the first smartphone that is not $550-$650.
      So for them all the nexus thing it’s a joke, they couldn’t compete with this price $299 without a contract, and now it looks that they purchased the phones from Google and they are selling for more to customers like you. But it’s your choice!

      • You’re right, it is my choice. I highly considered going unlocked. However, I’m on a classic family plan and I’ve been with them for 11+ years. And I suppose, I’m so content with them, I would just continue with them. I am overly excited about my first vanilla Android experience, with Google! :-) If I was an individual, and being my contract was up, I would’ve gone unlocked, of course! Definitely financially wiser.

        • samagon

          Android is great without manufacturer branding, or carrier branding. Tmobile is great as well, if I didn’t get the Gnex last year, I’d be getting this device right now (probably through Tmo as well), eventhough the price ends up being more than you can get it through Google, it’s still not bad.

  • Dj Woody

    Got mine this afternoon at T-Mobile Store. I upgraded one of my lines. This phone is addicting and it’s awesome! The moment I turned it on I got a message saying an update was available. No T-Mobile branding anywhere. I tethered the phone to an iPhone and a MacBook Pro and it worked! I also put in a prepay micro sim and it worked too. The phone is way too addicting…

    The only downside is the lack of cases or bumper case. They’re sold out everywhere and the phone seems kinda fragile. Showed it off to some iPhone purists and they got mad about all the features we get for free and they have to pay for. Now they want one too. LOL

  • NardVa

    T-mobile is a joke. You can sign up as a new customer and get the phone but as an existing customer the phone is out of stock for an upgrade.

    • jerry

      Just call customer service! They will hook u up!

  • Even without wifi calling I may give this phone a shot. Through my employee discount program it is $149 on contract, no MIR! Plus free activation and shipping and 15% off the bill every month. Decisions, decisions…hmmm