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LG Nexus 4 Now Available On And In “Select” Stores

Yesterday the release of the Nexus 4 was Google’s show, today the show belongs to T-Mobile as the Nexus 4 launches on the Magenta network this morning. The 16GB model is available through $199.99 on as well as “select” retail stores. We expect inventory to run dry quickly so we’d suggest phoning your nearest stores to make sure they have the newest Nexus device in stock and ready for your dollars. As a Nexus device owner, you’ll be among the first to receive Android updates from Google which makes the appeal of such a device incredibly hard to resist.

Early reports show “out of stock” notifications for upgrading customers, but “in stock” reports for new lines and activations. Hopefully this isn’t a repeat of the Galaxy Note II which saw T-Mobile appearing to hold inventory for new lines. Your best bet is likely a retail location in that case so start calling the minute they open!

T-Mobile Nexus 4

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