(Update Nexus 4 16GB Sold Out) Nexus 4, Nexus 7 3G, Nexus 10 Now Available From Google’s Play Store

It’s that time and we’ll make this short and sweet since we know you’re already off trying to grab a Nexus 4, Nexus 73G and/or a Nexus 10. They’re all available in the Google Play Store right this minute. Hit the links below and get yours!

As a quick reminder, T-Mobile’s sales start tomorrow.

  • $199.99 down payment, and 20 payments of $15
  • $499.99 is the full retail price
  • Also, the $199 on Classic is after a $50 MIR.

Play Store: Nexus 4 8GB

Play Store: Nexus 4 16GB

Play Store: Nexus 7 3G

Play Store: Nexus 10

Quick Spec Reminder Nexus 4:

  • 4.7? HD Gorilla Glass 2 display
  • 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor
  • 8 megapixel rear camera
  • 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB internal memory
  • 2100mAh battery
  • HSPA+ 42Mbps capable
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • NFC
  • Wireless charging
Quick Spec Reminder Nexus 7 3G:
  • 7″ 1280×800 HD IPS display
  • Corning glass
  • 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera
  • Unlocked GSM/UMTS/HSPA+
  • HSPA+ 21
  • 32GB internal memory
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4325mAh battery
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (4.2 should be rolling out now)
  • Tegra 3 quad-core processor

Quick Spec Reminder Nexus 10:

  • 10″ 2560×1600 display
  • Gorilla Glass 2
  • Exynos 5 Dual processor
  • 5 megapixel rear-facing camera
  • 1.9 megapixel front-facing camera
  • 16GB/32GB memory
  • 2GB RAM
  • 9000mAh battery
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean


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  • thunderthumbs

    Ordered mine!

  • trjcasper

    In for two 16gb, and two bumpers. 10:38 a.m. CST

  • mreveryphone

    Ordering my nexus 10 from my nexus 7!


  • Zigagee

    Boom! One 8gb for the wife and a 16gb for me!

  • just bought one whooo hooo

  • tirtawn

    could not check out :(

  • Tyberious

    Nothing but errors for me. Do I have to use Chrome to do this?
    Also, what is up with the AT&T SIM on the N7?

  • Bradastan

    Yeah, same problem they had in the UK earlier this morning, can’t get beyond the shopping cart.

  • RefarmPCSnowPlease

    They charge sales tax for $13.99 shipping fee. There’s only 2-day option.

    If it’s taking slow to order, just wait several seconds before refreshing. Multiple tabs open seems to be a problem.

    I got mine @11:35AM eastern time

  • MobileBenz

    Ok This sucks! WTF errors

  • Got my order in for Nexus 10! Took quite a few tries before the checkout worked correctly!

  • CaCo

    Gots mine, kept trying with two browsers. Eventually went through.

    • Bradastan

      Did you just keep clicking the PROCEED button over and over?

      • CaCo

        I clicked PROCEED once, it would fail. I would refresh and click PROCEED again until I got the buy pop-up.

  • bwahaha

    Spent 20 minutes trying to check out. Looks like 16GB version is now sold out

  • I was bout to get one, but no PayPal/Bill Me Later option in google checkout. That sucks! I’ll just cop one on Friday with my own bread.

    • MasterTan

      Lol. Douche.

  • MobileBenz

    Looks Like Sold Out

    • Bradastan

      Yeah, had one in my CART for 20 minutes at least, clicking PROCEED, then it just disappeared and my cart was empty. :-

  • SkippyFlipjack

    Well crap, I thought “around 9am” meant 9am. Missed it. Carp.

  • alejandroak

    So… ING shows a hold for the phone + bumper +$405. Transaction shows as “Pending” in Google Wallet. Order confirmation page = “Problem Processing Order” “Your card has not been charged”

    What the f*ck?

    • alejandroak

      Well… now received an email confirmation, and order status now shows ”
      Order placed
      Thank you. Your order has been placed, and you will receive an email shortly with the details of your purchase.”

      Instead of “Problem Processing Order”…

      BOTH phones are out of stock, AND the bumpers are out of stock… LOL!!!

  • Bradastan

    There will surely be some orders that were placed, but cannot be fulfilled until later.

  • Bradastan

    8GB is still available, but do I really want an 8GB phone that has not SD Card expansion??

    • SkippyFlipjack

      no, not when you can get an extra 8gb for around the price of an 8gb sd card

  • FaSSt2001

    Grrr….how is that possible that it’s sold out. How did anyone get orders through? I had the 16GB in my cart at 9:35 MT and it just kept giving a processing error and clearing out my cart for 25 minutes. When the checkout window did pop up a couple times, it had an error on that one too. I had two browsers going too. Argh!

    Even trying to order a Nexus 10 getting that error. “An error occurred while processing your purchase. Please try again later.”

    • I’m on mountain time as well, i must of just made it, my confirmed order with receipt was precisely at 9:32

    • Thanks Bert :) worked like a charm took me 8 min. – lol

  • Grimbeaver

    Got an 8gb ordered, just kept clicking the cart and clicking proceed every time I got an error. No confirmation e-mail yet though….

  • Ha I had THREE browsers on two computers with two internet connections, still couldn’t get through. The question now, do I want the 8GB model?? Can I survive with only 8GB?


      yeah if you use sugarsync or dropbox as your cloud storage and be careful about the amount of pics you take

  • Nexus4 16GB plus Bumper acquired!! – D now just to wait….

    • Grimbeaver

      Just pray your order doesn’t get delayed due to the bumpers like happened to people who ordered the Nexus7 with a case.

  • victorcao

    Really pissed. Saw it come on 5 minutes before at 8:55am. Had it in the cart and then errors.

    • JR

      Same here…Its BS! They know there is big interest in it!

  • 8GB Sold out.

  • Spanky

    8GB is sold out as well.

  • So I show that the Nexus 4 became available about 8:35, and sold out both models by 9:10? That has to be some kind of record eh?

  • Johnny Calderon

    Nexus 4 8gb Sold out as well sucks

  • Confirmed Nexus 4 16GB purchase with receipt…Lovin it

  • my browser NEVER updated from “Coming Soon” lol

  • Realest Ever

    I just ordered my nexus 10 but did not get the confirmation email yet???? I don’t want no issues and will be sad if there is a problem with my tablet

    • Grimbeaver

      No confirmation for my Nexus 4 either, as long as you got an order number on the confirmation page you should be good. I printed out that page to be safe.

  • Tyberious

    Can’t get anything to work in Firefox or IE. Never got the reminder email that I signed up for.
    Calling in to Google and complaining. I’m without internet access because my old phone died, and this is just an unacceptable customer experience.

    • yeah those reminder emails are a bunch of fail .. they NEVER send them. they’re just used for numbers and press releases to say “we have this amount of people interested”

      • Tyberious

        Yeah, and their customer support line is swamped. It answers with a “Please call back later” recording.
        I wonder if any of the Kirkland WA offices are related to android, because I want to kick in a door or two.

      • Tyberious

        Got the N7 availability notification email 29 minutes AFTER I got my N7 ORDER CONFIRMATION email.

  • Tim

    That is such bullshit…..I’ve been refreshing the damn page for the past hour had it in my cart since 8:48am clicking proceed to checkout again and again and at 9:00am its gone with customer service saying theres nothing they can do and no idea when they will get new ones. Im counting on you David to let me know when they refill stock.

    • no worries .. they’ll be back online in a few hours OR at the least tomorrow/few days. you won’t have to wait long for the “second batch”.

      • Tim

        I really hope so….Im just hoping this isn’t where Google has the inventory and is slowly letting go a little at a time…it would just be wrong to do that to people

        • yeah Google is pretty good at supply and demand ..

  • Dakota

    Wish any of my nearby stores had it. They didn’t even know what it was. I don’t know how so many employees canbe so poorly trained. Its about ccommissions period

    • SkippyFlipjack

      nearby what stores?

  • niididdy

    WOW…that quick..like in 5 minutes??

  • Spanky

    Trying to buy the Nexus 10 – the Google Wallet screen comes up, then errors out. SMDH…

    • Spanky

      I was finally able to purchase the 16GB Nexus 10.

  • Keenan

    Somehow I got through with a 16GB Nexus 4 AND a 32GB Nexus 10! Wondering if they processed me because I bought 2 things. Still had many errors, many problems, reloading, proceed proceed proceed, told me my card wasn’t charged, then finally got through. Credit Card charged and confirmation email sent!

    I Love Google but this was a mess..

    (Now trying to get a Nexus 7 with HSPA+, but having no luck proceeding)

  • Sergey Trotsky

    After 15 minutes of getting bunch of server errors I was able to purchase only Nexus 10 (16GB). N4 was removed from my cart automatically within minutes after sale begun

  • Tyberious

    We now know why T-mobile felt it would be safe to offer full price phones. Google (like usual) is pulling the limited initial release gag. And to top it off, they didn’t bother to ensure their play store could handle the sudden load gracefully.

    Could have been averted with PRE-ORDERS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

  • scoobydoo909

    My husband and I tried from 8:43 to 9:14 for the 8gb… got a million of the yellow error messages on the top, saw a bunch of the broken robot screens, we got to the checkout window a few times, even made it to the “buy” button, but just froze after that point. Eventually it kicked our phones out of our carts

  • Johnny Calderon

    So now the question is how long till the next shipment of nexus 4???

    • Tyberious

      Too long for me. Helloooo T-mobile store. You’re getting my money, and I’m seriously considering a WP8 phone just to spite Google for this fustercluck.

    • The confirmation page said 3-5 business days…

      • Johnny Calderon

        Thats for the lucky ones who were able to purchase today, what I meant was for the ones that didn’t get lucky and have to wait till they become available again.

  • I got my 16GB order in! My order has a timestamp of 9:57am Mountain. As of 10:05am Mountain, the 16GB model seems to have been sold out!

    It took a dozen tries with 4 browsers open across two computers before I finally got it through!

    • SkippyFlipjack

      nobody likes you.

  • timmyjoe42

    The more I think about T-Mobile’s pricing, the more I think they are geniuses. Google sells out of them, hype will be huge, people will pay top dollar for them, T-Mobile sells out of them too and makes a bunch of extra cash. I tried to get mine in the Play Store, had it in my cart, but too many errors, and it’s sold out. :(

  • Tried so hard.. could not get through.. It be interesting to do a poll how many people here tried, and how many did/did not get it

  • Trevor Rosca

    the 8GB is sold out too now. was lucky enough to order one before it did. took about 45 min tho

    • Been sold out

      • Gabe

        The is still stock I was able to purchase one a few minutes ago

        • Flash forward some 10 hours or so later from my original comment, and yes you are right

  • hellsh666

    Fu….c…kin. yeeeaah!!! I grab 16gb from my GNex chrome brownser. $396 total. Tax and 2 days shipping. Now waiting for G4 !!!!!!!

  • Mirad77

    This a BS stunt Google is pulling coz they knew this was going to happened. They didn’t put up pre order like they did with the N7 why? They are hurting my feelings as I already sold my Gnex and was hoping to get this today.

    • Grimbeaver

      N7 preorders were a giant cluster *$%&% that’s why.

    • Little T

      I tend to doubt it.

      • Mirad77

        What exactly did you tend to doubt?

  • Mirad77

    They should say out of stock not coming soon.

    • Well it will be coming soon again and again and again

  • gabe

    Just bought a 16GB one at 9:53AM PST more become availabale?!!! I did a trick of adding a Nexus 10 and and Nexus 7 to my cart then going to the nexus 4 and it would suddenly be on stock. Then i proceeded to empty out the Nexus 10 and & from shopping cart and it worked.

    • Johnny Calderon

      jaja that worked for me thanks bud!

      • Gabe

        I know it was surprising I thought I would give it a shot because of a comment I read that someone that actually bought a Nexus 10 had no problem checking out and sure enough you have a Nexus 10 in your cart and the Nexus 4 is suddenly “add to cart”

        • FlyOhMy

          thank you SOOO much. it worked for me! <3

        • niididdy

          what am i doing wrong? not working for me…

        • FlyOhMy

          add the nexus 7 and 10 to your cart, then go to the nexus 4 page and click back and forth between the nexus 4 8 and 16 gb versions where it says ‘choose another nexus’ until it asks you see ‘add to cart’ for the version you want. it took me like 3 mins.

        • JR

          Can add it to the cart but wont let me check out

        • niididdy

          Mine finally worked. Try try again…took me almost 4 hrs from NOON to a little after 3PM EST. Good Luck..read my comment above yours to see how mine worked.

        • JR

          Crazy! It worked.. Got a confirmation email too..Didnt think it would but it did. Took about 30 min to finally get it.. Thanks!!!

        • niididdy

          Awesome! Glad it did. You are most welcome. :)

        • FlyOhMy

          keep trying. :'(

        • niididdy

          It worked! Slightly differently for me though. Every time I Add To Cart and then remove the Nexus 7 and 10, it automatically takes out the Nexus 4 out of my cart. I decided to just purchase along with Nexus 10 since I plan on buying that one later anyway. Got an error during checkout.

          Just as I was giving up and clearing my Cart out, I decided to try one last time…this time without adding other Nexus products to my cart. IT WORKED! I was able to put in my order at approximately 3:41PM EST. I already have my email confirmation to go with it.

          Thanks for the support end encouragement.

    • Guest


  • Rob Daman

    i wanted to try it out but if it’s sketchy like how the g2x was then i’ll just wait.

  • jerry

    So i qualify for a full upgrade! Should i buy it through tmobile???

    • JackK65

      I think you’d be better off buying a GS3 or Note 2,selling it and using the proceeds to buy a N4 from the Play Store

      • Little T


  • TMoFan

    What a disappointment I couldn’t even get through and now both of them say “coming soon”. :-(

    • Gabe

      It still is in stock. I was able to get it show up as ADD to CART by adding the Nexus 7 and Nexus 8 to cart. Then delete them at checkout.

  • might wanna update and say its out completely for the nexus 4

  • Luis Medina

    I just ordered a 16gb 12:03 CST. If you open multiple windows in the browser and keep reloading it ends up letting you order. I just got the charge on my card so well see I’ll follow up when I get my confirmation or if it gets canceled.

    • Luis Medina

      It went through. :)

    • Mirad77

      I took your advice and it worked fine for me. Thanks

  • Tyberious

    David, any news on why the “T-mobile partnership” fell through for the Nexus 7?
    They have AT&T’s deathstar on the device listing, and say it ships with an AT&T SIM card.

    I was FINALLY able to order the N7, at least I’ll have SOME home internet soon.

  • Gabe
  • PeterJMC

    I just ordered myself a 16GB @ 1:31 EST. I could have ordered a second one 2 minutes later after hitting refresh a few more times. Was gonna try to order one for a friend but he decided he didn’t want one.

    They are still available, you just need to keep hitting refresh.

    • Some people are not getting anything but the “Coming Soon” message (like myself). It was in my CART at one point but then just disappeared when they sold out.

  • Mark

    so many times i’ve gotten to the google wallet screen to enter my shipping address, then it doesn’t save it. I can enter it again, it doesn’t save, and I have to repeat the whole process. if I go back to the shopping cart, the phone is gone, and I have to go back to refresh the page for it to be in stock again. is anyone else having this problem?

  • Glad I was not waiting on this, they sold out super fast. I would be upset lol. Hopefully everyone that wanted it got one.

    Who bought one?

    • Mirad77

      Don’t think they are sold out but just multiple people on the site making it hard to get in. I bought 2 in the space of 10mins since they only sell one at a time.

    • Tmobile RitmoLAtino!

      I DID and it seems I am the First Bought it at 8:40 AM PST to porve with Conformation!

      • SeattleAndroid

        My order was completed at 8:34am PST, so I got you beat. I bet there are a few earlier then that too.

  • Mirad77

    Pheewww! Finally got 2( one for my wife) after having 4 windows opened and multiple refresh. Thank God. 3-5 days and I will be rocking my N4.


    Just went to a store and held one in my hand. Very nice. The Glass back does make me nervous though.

    • archerian

      It seems the glass on the back is prone to cracks, one reviewer got it when he dropped it, and it seem even Andy Rubin has one with a cracked back

  • Secret Shopper #42

    Is anyone else having ridiculous internal conflict getting this phone? I’m both extremely excited and extremely angry at the same time. I’ve made a commitment to get only Nexus devices because I love the experience and the developer support, but the cons (and most likely NoteII jealousy) are weighing on me.
    /end dear diary.

    • Little T

      Don’t be angry. it’s a great phone. There will be more available soon…

  • Marc J.

    Hey David. Any indication on which t-mobile stores will have the 4 available tomorrow?

  • zifnab

    My order went through! :D

  • Anyone who ordered two or more, did you save on shipping? Or does Google charge $13.99 per device? I’m wondering if I should wait a couple of days to buy at once, since there’s no way I can buy two in the same order with the craziness that’s going on now.

    • trjcasper

      13.99 total here for two phones and two bumpers shipped all together.

  • WHOOOT! I just got through for a 8GB!

    • unknown

      Why the hell would you get a 8gb?

      • …Idk maybe because it’s their money and their device

        • unknown

          Let me tell you since I see that you lack common sense. For only $50 more you get twice the storage. Makes a lot of since to pay $50 for another 8GB of storage.

        • You keep your common sense….I’LL fair just fine with my UNCOMMON sense !

        • Mirad77

          Ever heard of these words; Choice and Preference?

    • Josue

      dude you should have gotten a 16GB

  • marti ruiz

    O shit out of stock, ad never received the notification fromm google .shit shit shit


    Everyone should just wait. tens of thousands of people are all trying to buy at the same time. The servers cannot handle it wait another day or 2

    • yeah it’s not like the people who are mindlessly hitting refresh will be the only ones with the phone .. note to those people .. OTHER PEOPLE WILL EVENTUALLY HAVE THE SAME PHONE YOU HAVE TOO .. lol

  • Tim

    We need to set up a support group for those that tried to buy a Nexus products and were denied the privilege.

  • APP

    They aren’t sold out if you keep trying by hitting refresh.

    • niididdy

      I think their servers are clogged with everyone trying. It might get better later at night….hopefully. Took my almost 4 hrs to order mine….finally!

  • jerry

    I qualify for a full upgrade under my classic plan? Should i buy it tom through tmobile? Should i buy unlock and pay xtra? So confused!Please help….

    • niididdy

      But unlocked if you can! The Google Play website/server has been nothing but a pain in everyone’s neck but keep refreshing and see if you can purchase it that way. When you refresh and it says”add to cart” then that’ll be your cue.

      Use your full upgrade as your last resort…

  • FaSSt2001

    Yes! Keep refreshing the page! Cancelled orders (and maybe additional stock) are being added back every now and then. I finally got a purchase button after refreshing for 15 minutes! I got through and got a 16GB! Be persistent…you may get lucky and get one!

    • Happy Camper

      Just got the 16 gb, just refresh the page. Future carpal tunnel claims in Google’s future.

  • TMobileRitmoLatino!

    I Placed my Order at 8:40 Am (Pacific Time) as soon as I refreshed my page it said add to cart!

  • Tmobile Ritmo Latino!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opSwxTGDPrc&feature=youtu.be this is my link check the video out I placed it at 8:40 AM pacific Time!

  • LC

    I couldn’t ever, and still can’t, get it to show anything other than coming soon for either size Nexus 4…wtf?

  • Jared Engeset

    I just got it!!!! Maybe I got lucky, but randomly went to the site and hit refresh a few times. This time it actually went to my cart. Hit buy and it processed my payment…

    • niididdy

      Me too approx 3:41PM EST mine finally went through on the 16gb one. I just kept trying…I’d add to cart then get an error then keep trying with refreshes in between and it worked eventually.


    damn i cant even order the 8 gb version, wtf google dont you want my love?

  • Tmobile Ritmo Latino!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWhUOo-xFlY&feature=youtu.be SOLD OUT!!!!! Sorry guys! but I am still trying to see if I can get another

  • Jorge Maldonado

    Keep trying to refresh if you can. It took me over 02394 refreshes but I just finished my 5 minutes order and have received the confirmation mail for the 16 gb version.

  • Josue

    $499 w/o contract vs $350 unlocked its a no brainer lol

    • Its not that bad actually $450 would be much more reasonable but at least you get it THAT day instead of snail mail.

      • Josue

        what? im leaning to get a N4 but im still deciding

    • ….. We all came to this conclusion weeks ago when the prices were announced…….

      • Josue

        but as we all know ppl still ask lol

  • thepanttherlady

    8GB shows sold out to me as well.

  • BahamasGeek242

    I just called T-mobile corporate store in Portland and I was told that only a hand full of the corporate stores would get the phone and they would only be getting 5 per store!!! I tried to buy one from the playstore and well we know how that turned out

  • Mark

    it’s 6:30 pm in Chicago, and I just got through on Google Play after refreshing for an hour and ordered a 16 gb nexus 4. Here’s a tip: have your shipping address and credit card number already saved in your Google Wallet account. When after refreshing and it says the phone is “in stock”, click as fast as possible on that icon, then click on “Proceed” on the right, then with your info already there in Google Wallet, click to accept purchase. The whole thing took me only a few seconds, and it went through, I have an order confirmation number and receipt. Good luck!

  • BlahBLah

    Got myself 8 GB nexus 4. Shipping November 15!

  • zazou1

    Keep hitting refresh. Just got min @ 7:54 est…

  • corepreacher

    Can you use hotspot on tmobile with unlimited data if you are using the unlocked nexus

    • SocalTeknique


  • Mark

    I don’t know why my comment earlier was deleted, but I’ll try again:

    at 6:30 tonight in Chicago, I got through and ordered a 16 gb Nexus 4. I kept hitting refresh for over an hour, but finally got through. Here’s a tip: have your shipping address and credit card number already entered into Google Wallet so it will be ready. After refreshing for the Nexus 4 and getting an “In stock” icon, click that, then immediately click “Proceed” on the right, then when Google Wallet opens up, your info will already be entered and you can click “Accept” and the order should go through. Do this as fast as possible; whole thing took me only a few seconds. Good luck!

  • Little T

    I’d love to know how many were sold total…

  • SocalTeknique

    Meh, Ill wait because the first batches always have some kind of defect or software patch needed.

  • s10shane

    The 8GB Nexus 4’s are out of stock as well david. you might want to update this post lol

  • czaplin

    Nexus 4 16GB on its way to… sweet home… Chicago Chicago

  • Le

    Nexus 4 16g is only $199 on tmobile website with a qualifying 2 yr classic plan new/upgrade with instant discount of $300 . did they change the pricing???

  • Gloria Alafe

    Anyone know whne they are getting more shipments for Nexus 7, 16 gb