T-Mobile’s Newest “Life Without Limits” Commercial Features Music Producer RJD2

T-Mobile’s third entry into their new “Life without Limits” marketing campaign features music producer and recording artist RJD2. T-Mobile’s focus with this new ad campaign is tied to their Unlimited Nationwide 4G data plan hence the “without limits” approach. It’s really a great commercial and while you won’t see them on TV, you’ve probably caught the Chris Pirillo clip at least once before a YouTube clip. T-Mobile is expected to release one more with Andy Blackman Hurwitz in the near future.

Take a look into the life of music producer and recording artist RJD2 as he shares what it takes to make great music with the help of T-Mobile’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan combined with the Samsung Galaxy S III. Then submit photos that display your Unlimited lifestyle. Tag your photos with #LifeWithoutLimits and you could be featured in T-Mobile’s online campaign or even win a Samsung Galaxy S III (Subject to Official Rules http://bit.ly/VmAWhv).

Go to http://t-mo.co/TAct6t to see more.


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  • Whitney

    That add told basically nothing except this music career

  • Julian Hardaway

    @Whitney Danielle Pyant

    The ad was indicative of a mindset.

    Samsung / T-Mobile want you to identify their goods and services with musicians that are about more than catering to the whims of record execs and fans that don’t know or care to know anything about their craft.

    As an Android user, and avid fan of electronic music (RJD2 included), this is a line of thinking that I identify with.

    Edit: Meant for this as a reply for Whitney, updated post to indicate change.

    • Whitney

      The ad told us nothing

      • Then you might have missed the intent of the ad.

      • A+, This is a beautiful ad, most advertisements are trash and a waste of time. Samsung has put personal liveliness, a three dimensional depth into this ad to show how innovation of new tools both communication or instrumental can greatly improve one self no matter how unique we are.

        Whitney, you’re focusing on the character bio rather than the instrumental and communication tools he was provided to become great without any limits*. basically Ramble John Krohn is communicating through his art. He’s disconnected from the world due to his unique ways of communicating.* (Samsung would like one to think their smartphone keeps you connected by allowing one to express communication in their own unique form.) His relationship with new age technology further his career to limitless boundaries recreating flawless melodies, these new tools brought him to a new level in his career. *Samsung S3 is seamlessly introduced as a tool, because communication is how his music is distributed and recognized, he can listen on the go to sample sounds, or snap a picture on the fly to share with everyone in his world. RJD2 would be unknown without these advancements. What impact does a modern smartphone have on us? Samsung is stating Galaxy 3 will step your game up into the next level to have limitless boundaries in communicating.

        • thepanttherlady

          Nicely put.

  • nycplayboy78

    meh is what I say….

  • bruce