T-Mobile’s “Life Without Limits” Ad Campaign Kicks Off With Chris Pirillo

T-Mobile’s kicking off a brand new ad campaign and this time, we’re trading in Carly and spending some time with some folks that are famous to some, and total strangers to others. The first spot in T-Mobile’s “Life without Limits” campaign features Chris Pirillo, famous for his LockerGnome website and is the perennial tech geek all-star.

Pirillo already does a lot of endorsing and he’s kicking off a brand new T-Mobile campaign with a three-minute video that’s honestly, awesome. As a tech geek, I see a lot of Pirillo in myself, with the same passionate love for tech (and Star Wars), and shiny electronic gadgets. I know that a lot of you (nay, a TON of you) are on the same page and that’s not only what brings you to TmoNews and tech blogs in general, but also what makes this new campaign hit home.

According to All Things D, T-Mobile is set to kick off additional shorts featuring Pro Surfer Jamie Sterling, DJ RJD2, and Andy Blackman Hurwitz. Big Fuel, a T-Mobile media agency that is responsible for a lot of their media events, put this new campaign together.

Here’s how Pirillo described his involvement:

“I discovered through a business associate that an agency was working with T-Mobile to surface people who have found ongoing success with technology as an enabler – and that’s (pretty much) my story. So, I guess the agency didn’t necessarily approach me as much as serendipity landed the opportunity. That’s not double-speak, either – my story happened to fit the campaign. Difficult to say how that conversation started, though. “Hey, I get to tell my story? Cool.”

Don’t worry, Carly isn’t going anywhere — but this video, which is currently unlisted by T-Mobile according to YouTube takes the company in a whole new direction and I for one, love it.

All Things D, T-Mobile.com Life Without Limits

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  • mas

    I really hope t-mobile did not pay for this, because only samsung was really represented…j/s

    • antmisk

      I hope t-mobile or samsung paid for this, because Chris Pirillo is a phony. He is a proclaimed Apple fan boy. He reviews other tech items because he is compensated for it. T-Mobile should actually use people in their commercials who LIKE T-Mobile.

      • Richard Yarrell

        I have to agree with your post. This guy I have known for years to be nothing more than a apple fanboy to his heart. Maybe things have changed who know’s either way the commercial was nice.

  • Paul

    I almost had a heart attack!! Thankfully Carly isn’t going anywhere.

    It’s an interesting angle to gain customers through a personal view. I can’t relate to him, personally, but it could be a good way to explore. I hope they bring in people that aren’t tech bloggers, successful business people, etc.

  • sidekicker89

    anybody seeing the effects of the refarming in their area yet?? :)

    • Which areas have it?

    • I have! and its wonderful! I can’t wait till the whole tri-state area is complete.

    • zx6guy

      Not in the Lake Geneva WI area yet.

    • I read a tweet from T-Mobile help and they said they weren’t allowed to announce the cities but it will big a significantly large area! great news :)

    • flippinmetro

      Got some 3g in nw houston area

    • kevev

      Tons of dropped calls and slower AWS data in San Antonio for 3 weeks now. Might be upgrades or just T-Mobile’s sub-par network.

    • AppleWaffles

      I’m getting ~5mbps on my Xperia S in parts of SF, fortunately they’re parts where I go often.

  • Why don’t they give David a video!? He runs this T-MOBILE fan blog for crying out loud.

    Can’t be all the leaks, can it? lol

  • fixxmyhead

    never heard of this guy

  • Interesting but idk who that guy is…

  • I think the whole point of him doing that commercial was so he could show off his hot girlfriend.

  • Awesome to see a fellow YouTuber go on to bigger things. TMo is going places in the next 5 years, hang on everyone!

  • By the way has anyone else noticed T-Mobile MyRewards is back? I tried to sign up for it but it won’t let me and I think it’s because of my military discount!..not really fair.

  • LOVE

    geeks get the hot girls in the end,
    video is alright. tmobile needs more consistent coverage.
    i dont care how current or relevant tmobile portrays themselves, or how good of rate plan
    or affordable, until tmobile puts out more for more coverage, areas that dont have it where verizon and att are running 4G, TMobile will never be a good company

    • Richard Yarrell

      Verizon or At&t isn’t nothing to write home about at all. You people come on this site everyday touting this Verizon or At&t garbage and it’s pretty comical. Verizon has crappy reception/signal strength on most of it’s so called LTE devices and At&t has useless data plans that are designed clearly to RIP OFF CUSTOMERS. We won’t even discuss Verizon and it’s sorry ass shared data plans. Both Verizon and At&t are the industry JOKES of all carriers when it comes to updating handsets Verizon couldn’t even bring 4.04 to it’s stock Galaxy Nexus until June of 2013 and that device arrived on Verizon on December 15 with 4.0.3. Take your useless jargon and go to the Verizon and At&t sites maybe they will like what your talking about. Meanwhile over here on Tmobile we are about to BLOW UP even more when our LTE ADVANCED 10 NETWORK jumps on the scene in May/June 2013. Plus the network will be backhauled with it’s hspa plus 42mpbs network we are enjoying our phones with unlimited data on a very stable network. Don’t hate here either join the cause for tmobile or post elsewhere.

      • squiddy20

        “Verizon or At&t isn’t nothing to write home about at all.” And that right there is YOUR opinion based on YOUR usage only in NYC. Try going anywhere 20 miles outside of the city limits and tell me T-Mobile’s network is just as good as it is in the city. Based on T-Mobile’s own coverage maps, you won’t be able to.
        “Take your useless jargon and go to the Verizon and At&t sites” 1. It’s not “useless jargon” since it’s his opinion. Learn the difference. 2. It’s not even jargon in the first place. Go read a dictionary.
        “Don’t hate here either join the cause for tmobile or post elsewhere” Why? Because you say so? You realize this is a site open to anyone and their views right? Good god you are a tool.

  • Aztec713

    That girl because he has money all i am saying.

  • Paul K

    Chicago’s 1900 MHz is awesome love it on my iPhone can’t wait till its fully done :)

  • Jwest

    Chris Pirillo is the man! TechTV Call for Help. Good times.

  • Josue

    should have gotten Catherine Jones

    • T.Jones

      agreed..is he even a celebrity

  • Freak4Dell

    I got bored 30 seconds in. I don’t have any issues with the guy. He just doesn’t really belong in an ad campaign.

  • Willie D

    Chris is kinda a douche Ill give him that. Nothing in this video made me feel anything for Samsung or T-Mobile. Had they shown him using the network effectively, with speed, and got just ONE friend to Beam him or walk into a T-Mobile store and sign up, I might feel something. Otherwise, I got some tragic autobiography of a respected arrested development geek whos opinion meant nothing since he didnt plug what he was trying to sell. Not once!

  • M42

    Lame and boring. T-Mobile changes their marketing more than Mitt Romney changes positions. Carly gets the message across with ease. They should get her off the motorcycle and do more ads with her.

  • tmobilefan

    4g unlimited is only for 4g . so if theres no 4g in the area, whats the catch