T-Mobile’s “Life Without Limits” Ad Campaign Kicks Off With Chris Pirillo

T-Mobile’s kicking off a brand new ad campaign and this time, we’re trading in Carly and spending some time with some folks that are famous to some, and total strangers to others. The first spot in T-Mobile’s “Life without Limits” campaign features Chris Pirillo, famous for his LockerGnome website and is the perennial tech geek all-star.

Pirillo already does a lot of endorsing and he’s kicking off a brand new T-Mobile campaign with a three-minute video that’s honestly, awesome. As a tech geek, I see a lot of Pirillo in myself, with the same passionate love for tech (and Star Wars), and shiny electronic gadgets. I know that a lot of you (nay, a TON of you) are on the same page and that’s not only what brings you to TmoNews and tech blogs in general, but also what makes this new campaign hit home.

According to All Things D, T-Mobile is set to kick off additional shorts featuring Pro Surfer Jamie Sterling, DJ RJD2, and Andy Blackman Hurwitz. Big Fuel, a T-Mobile media agency that is responsible for a lot of their media events, put this new campaign together.

Here’s how Pirillo described his involvement:

“I discovered through a business associate that an agency was working with T-Mobile to surface people who have found ongoing success with technology as an enabler – and that’s (pretty much) my story. So, I guess the agency didn’t necessarily approach me as much as serendipity landed the opportunity. That’s not double-speak, either – my story happened to fit the campaign. Difficult to say how that conversation started, though. “Hey, I get to tell my story? Cool.”

Don’t worry, Carly isn’t going anywhere — but this video, which is currently unlisted by T-Mobile according to YouTube takes the company in a whole new direction and I for one, love it.

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