Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1″ Pictured, Heading For T-Mobile Next Month?

We’ve had a number of indicators that the SGH-T779 was heading for T-Mobile store shelves thanks to the FCC, Bluetooth SIG governing body and our own sleuthing. With the image above, we’re finally able to “confirm” the SGH-T779 as the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1″, the newest tablet for T-Mobile making its way to store shelves sometime next month. As it turns out, the Samsung “Toba” from the leaked roadmap we acquired back on October 12th actually referenced “To Be Announced” and not a brand new device. I have no problem admitting that I feel a little foolish for thinking it was a top-secret codename.

My own foolishness aside, the SGH-T779 is finally nailed down as the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1″ and not the Galaxy Note 10.1″ as some had surmised. No word on pricing or a bona-fide┬árelease date, but we’ll keep our ears to the ground and update as we get more info.

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