Happy Birthday To The T-Mobile G1, The Very First Android Phone

T-Mobile may have introduced the T-Mobile G1 to world back on September 23rd, but today marks the day it was finally available for purchase and helped changed the smartphone landscape forever. So here’s to you T-Mobile G1, you were the first  and we will never forget the awkward way we had to type on the keyboard with your little bump.

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  • mrsteel1974

    I still have my original G1 and it still works perfectly Happy Birthday G1!!

    • Richard Yarrell

      Google and Tmobile came together and that relationship launched android. Tmobile was the carrier that was willing to take that chance. I am happy to be a Tmobile customer cause I know much better days are ahead . The G1 just like the Htc Evo 4g were ground breaking devices for android.

  • thepanttherlady

    Awwww, I remember the hand cramp as I type this but loved that first Android experience!

  • I continue to use my G1 but will replace it with LG Nexus soon.

  • Olivier Boss

    It was an awesome smartphone. I got the “G2” (HTC Desire Z) after that, and it’s still working great. I’ve always liked the robustness of physical keyboards – allow me to type without looking when walking.

  • Noor Mahmoud

    Happy birthday old friend. May you give birth to a bunch of healthy G3’s.

  • volindsay

    Wish mine didnt break, but that keyboard was awesome, and I have not found one that comes close. Seriously good phone.

  • Chris

    Still have my G1 but the ear speaker blew from too much rooting/Modding lol

  • Had a white one once. I loved it. Happy Birthday you great phone you.

  • philly8

    I remember when the G1 and the Samsung Behold were the top phones…

    • thepanttherlady

      Oh how I hated the Behold…and it’s counterpart the Omnia. Soooo glad Samsung has evolved with MUCH better phones. :)

      • For a second I first thought of the Behold 2 and shuttered. I was a sales rep when those phones were the hottest in T-Mobile’s lineup. There were many debates back then about who was buying what. Suffice it to say, everyone who got the Behold wished they’d gotten the G1. :)

      • Bklynman

        Which Behold u hated? The 1st one or The Behold 2? The 1st one was pretty good. The 2,never own it. What I read about it the hardware was pretty good,os was something else. Tmo was still selling the Behold 2 until 2 yrs ago. How I know this is because just before I up graded 12/11 with the SG2,they still had it as upgrade on Tmo site. I think they took it down about 3 months before I my upgrade.

        • thepanttherlady

          It was the original. In pink (or rose is what I think it was called). Shortly thereafter, I switched to Verizon and got the Omnia. Within the first week or two, I went back to the BB Curve.

  • Nick

    I saw someone using a G1 just last week. Pretty sure that’s the first and only time I’ve seen someone using this phone.

    • charles4

      you blind! there were actual lines outside t-Mobile stores launch day

  • Josue

    I wish they made a newer version

  • NaM

    Using the g1 to this day with lte and 5g soon running android 5.0 keystone light!

  • TMoFan

    Happy Birthday G1! Today I was talking to a few coworkers about the latest tech and asked them if they knew what the first Android phone was. Everyone replied “Droids” (blech!) and I of course corrected them. I never owned a G1, but I recognize it as the one that started it all and is a phone that should be revered.

    • jon

      Smh…marketing to the dumb masses at its finest. I still remember when the first droid came out and the ignorant would try to show me up while I rocked my g1. Once they were down with their babble, I’d calmly say “you realize that phone is basically the same as mine right?? And ive been rocking this for a year..”Then I sit back and enjoy the dumbfounded look on their faces..

  • charles4

    in my heart(white version) It feels wrong to have an iPhone now. My very first Android experience would never be matched by any shinny new iDevice. But my other experiences let me no choice

  • Hesster

    Happy birthday G1! Amazing how familiar the UI looks, even that far back.

    I never owned one, but as a Droid 3 user, I know all about little bumps.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Happy Birthday G1!!! One of my favorite phones that I’ve ever had with Tmobile. It brought Android into the world and Thanks to Tmobile for giving Google a chance it became a hit. Long live Android!!! Let’s hope the G series lives on with an announcement for the G3.JBL

  • Jake

    Oh how I miss my little g1!

  • Bokebo

    I’d probably still have my G1 if it weren’t for dropping then leaving it in the rain for 2 hours. ;_;
    This was a GROUNDBREAKING device. =)

  • UMA_Fan

    If they re-made the G1 as a retro phone keeping the same basic design but proportionately bigger with a 4.3 inch 720p screen and bigger battery I would buy it.

    • ransack

      I would buy it

    • Spanky

      They’d also have to get rid of the chin. In 2008, it was acceptable, but it won’t fly today.

  • ant

    G1 was a great phone. I once lost my first G1 up at Alpental, a steep mountain ski area in Washington while snowboarding. It was found 1.5 years later by a hiker and fully working! How it survived being frozen, drenched in water when Spring/Summer came around, scorched in the sun, and then rained upon and frozen up again, and still managed to work is beyond me. Great phone. I got it back btw. :)

    • REVS

      thats unbelievable

  • ransack

    The G1 was a great phone. It took a beating and kept on working. I’m a truck driver and work in very dusty places, and it survived the dust and multiple drops from tops of tralers and the cab of the truck to the concrete below.

  • mi dats

    Good ole G1…it took a loch and kept on ticking…i wish more people know it was the original Android instead of the”droid”because out was highly marketed m

  • mi dats

    Ps…the moderator is nothing short of simply beautiful!!

    • thepanttherlady

      You shouldn’t compliment David like that. It makes him blush. =P

  • jon

    Ah, RC updates, a non-functioning blue tooth and an android market with about 20 apps total! And I loved every second of it! It felt like I was part of an experiment that got better and better as RC’s were released…

    • Spanky

      I remember all the hoopla surrounding the Cupcake update. T-Mobile and Google tried to keep it under wraps, but, like everything else, the word got out anyway.

  • jay

    my g2 broke so ive been using my g1 again for the last few months, i got it the day it came out in 2008 i loved it still do then got the g2, but now my contracts up imma get that new samsung galaxy note II , quad core processor 2 gig of ram and a 5.5″ screen, looks bad ass

  • SocalTeknique

    I miss my G1! happy b-day my jesusfreke’d G1!

  • Jwest

    I mean remember the hype around here when this phone was coming out? I remember people waiting around for the UPS man, taking pics with said UPS man and posting them up here. The comments were exploding, and I remember waiting around in my living room ALL day, constantly checking outside the window. That was a fun time to be around here at Tmonews, and I am glad to see the growth Android has had since that day. Here’s to more memories!

  • SocalTeknique

    I remember the first app when I first unboxed my G1 was “FartDroid” lol. I drained my battery 3 times that day.

  • Jenny

    That was my very first smartphone and very first android phone ever! I remember using that phone very well. I’ve come a long way since there, getting the Galaxy S3 next week!

  • mreveryphone

    Oh how the g1 and android saved me from Windows Mobile! Thank you so much!

    • jon

      Ha! So true. Had the Compaq ipaq and ran from it to grab up a bb pearl. Then jumped on android once the g1 came out.

  • brown

    Oh how T-mobile dropped the ball on the G-series. Tmo started the Android craze and but allowed Verizon to steal the franchise from them. The G2x was a big failure. I had the G2 and enjoyed that phone but we deserved an awesome G3 but it never came….too bad Tmo, too bad!

    • Spanky

      Sad, but true. T-Mobile had the chance to become the premier Android carrier, but Verizon completely pulled the rug from under them.

      • RevisionistSuk

        Not really true at all. Go and adn find and read some articles about the history of Android. While Tmobile and the G1 will forever go down as the duo who unleashed Android to the world, even Google themselves felt its introduction was lackluster and a near failure. Google, Moto and VZW then worked TOGETHER to drop the Droid.

        ‘Starting a craze’ was Verzion. Only thing Tmobile ever started was attempts to sell itself off like a cheap hooker.

        Don’t mistake that… I APPRECIATE that Tmobile and HTC made that leap and took a chance on Android (I was an early adopter myself)… but it wasn’t the opening of the floodgates as many Android fans falsely believe.

        • Browm

          I agree that only a few took hold of the G1 and liked it. Not many were willing to root the phone and so forth but your post proved my point that Tmo did not capitalize on the potential of Android. Tmo got the Cliq from moto while Verizon got the Droid…..

      • Double post

  • Spanky

    I remember preordering two G1s (one for me, one for my wife) when preorders were initially announced and, if I recall correctly, were only open to existing T-Mobile customers. Coming from a RAZR 2, it took a few days to get used to a smartphone, but I’ve never looked back since then. I kept one of the phones as a keepsake, and it still functions perfectly. I’m going to take it out tonight to relive the good ol’ days!


    I still wonder why I got the HTC Touch Pro over this? Oh yeah I had Windows Mobile feaver I had to have a new one almost every year. My first Android phone was the Mytouch 4g and that was only because It was a pain to get the Dell Venue Pro. Wow I feel kind of liberated getting out of my loop.
    HTC PPC6700 Sprint, HTC Mogul Sprint, HTC Touch Pro Sprint, HTC Touch Pro 2 T-Mobile

  • ElChapo

    The phone that detroned the Iphone the phone that showed the world why android is the best OS.All hail the the G1 ! you served me well for 11 months then i sold you and made $125 profit .Indeed a classic happy birthday !!

  • Russ

    Wow..the G1 stole my heart from Window’s Mobile….I had a damn thousand dollar HTC Universal lol….front cam that I couldn’t use because TMO didn’t have compatible 3G frequencies and I just got tired of not being able to do everything the phone could do so I went ahead and got a G1…I remember I used to be able to scroll through EVERY app in the android market and see what’s new….I remember the first time I rooted and put JesusFreak mods on because cyanogen hadn’t come around yet…lol…happy b day G1….

  • badbob001

    I just replaced my release-day G1 with a GS3. It had served me well, though everyone gave me an I’m-sorry-you-can’t-afford-a-better-phone look whenever they see my G1 with its 2600mAh extended battery.

  • mattcat03

    Happy B-day G1. I still have it. Could not find it in my heart to get rid of it. Even after I lost it a couple of times it always found it’s way back to me. My first android andfirst rooted device.

  • ah


  • auser72

    This is the phone that stop me from jumping ship for the then new iPhone. I still have functioning original G1 that I keep as a back up to the back up.

  • Jeoblues

    Still have my g1 in its little box all retired. Great phone :] happy birthday to the g1 and android beginnings!

  • I still have mine and it works fine! I did just upgrade tho so it is just sitting here on my desk…ignored….giving me dirty looks!

  • I wish this one would get redone with better specs and a bigger screen.

  • bleeew

    When T-mobile had a iOS competitor. if android was exclusive to tmobile, it might havemore customers, sadly any carrier can have it.

  • JointhePredacons

    it was never awkward to type with the bump. Only idiots and whiners had problems.

    • thepanttherlady

      Consider me one of those idiots and whiners. ;)

  • yozo

    It was the first and only mobile I stood in line for on its first day of release. I still have it!

  • BahamasGeek242

    Where is the G3 HTC come on guys. I sold my G1 a long time ago but it was a great phone. Its a shame that Google does not have a better relationship with T-mobile as it once did. Tmobile should be getting Nexus devices on a regular basis

  • Gotta love the old dinosaur. I got mine two years ago. Finally over the course of a week I researched how to root it and update the ROM. I spent some time on CyanogenMod 6.1, 7.1, and ended up on Android 2.2 with FroyoByLaszlo.