Flashback: Four Years Ago Today, T-Mobile Introduced The G1

T-Mobile wants to wish Android a very happy fourth birthday and so do we. If we said Android had come a long way in four years, we all know that wouldn’t even be close to telling the full story. It’s been a long road with highs, lows, troubles and greatness all culminating in Android’s current lion share of the world smartphone market.

So, let’s celebrate four years by asking what’s your fondest memory of Android? Was it your first smartphone, or perhaps your first app download? Maybe it was the first time you bought someone from Amazon online? Let’s hear your story.

Relive all the action below thanks to this video from the folks at MobileBurn who captured some of the live T-Mobile G1 launch event as it went down.


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  • Fandroid

    The first time I bought someone from Amazon I had to return them for being defective. :(

    • 21stNow

      I was wondering when Amazon started selling people!

  • Get_at_Me

    Cole Brodman looks like he’d rather be elsewhere in this press release….smh

  • Looks like someone else has my name again..

  • aguie

    T mobile g1 was the first expericne with an android device my first downloads with that phone i was first introduced to the future

  • jelliottz

    Fondest memory: successfully rooting my G1. It wasn’t an easy process like it is today.

    Least fond memory: bricking the G1 prior to the one rooted above.

    • JB

      Oh tell me about it… I thankfully didn’t brick mine, but man my first root was a near nightmare. HAHA

    • Michael Smith

      omg that was really difficult lol, but fun!

  • Is there anyone out there that still has the G1?

    • JB

      I still have mine. I can’t seem to part with it…

      • Wow

        Sent from my Super Smartphone, powered by God.

        • JB

          Haha. It’s not like I still use it. I just still have it for nostalgia, mainly ;-)

        • I had all three colors, however I like the brown the best.

    • SS

      Got two!! Mine and my GFs! Use it for BU after I hacked it of course ;-)

    • laphoneuser

      Still have mine. I also use it as a backup. Love it.

  • JB

    One of my fondest memories was tracking my G1 with sheer anticipation and waiting for it to arrive! When the UPS guy came and I discovered I got not only one, but THREE G1’s… apparently someone screwed up at T-Mobile shipping department… as they had no record of me receiving two extra. So since they technically didn’t exist to them, I made a profit twice over.

    Of course the fondest memory is the unboxing of the very first Android device on the market.. When I booted it up and played with it, I knew it was gonna be something special! And I haven’t looked back since!! :-)

    • Get_at_Me

      same thing happened to me…they shipped me 2 instead of 1….lol

  • Get_at_Me

    I would love to see a G1 “anniversary” edition…4.3″ screen, stock android, quadcore s4 chip and of course a nice 5 row qwerty kb

    • JB

      That would be pretty awesome! I’d buy it. Who knows, maybe we’ll get it next year for the 5th Anniversary.. One can only dream. :-)

    • Singleweird

      the “GV”

  • drewg

    …when Tmo released a high-end qwerty G3 to replace the G2, oops that didn’t happen. Guess I’ll be getting a Nexus and the Walmart plan then.

    • danny

      Me too!

    • Newmexican

      I am bombarding HTC with emails right now about dropping the continuation of the “G-series.” I really need a replacement for my G2. The Samsung S Relay feels ok, but I am reluctant: keyboard in not up to par with the G1 or G2 and first review (I forgot where, CNET ???) mentions crappy voice quality. And the Nexii are not an option until I can get one from TMO that supports WIFI calling. This leaves me out in the dry :-(

      May be if we all start giving a hard time to TMO and HTC about not coming up with a good replacement, they would see a market for this, … Probably not going to happen :-(

      And “Get_at_me”: Great idea, I am with you on that !!!!!!!

  • Ant_Knee

    I remember waiting all day for the UPS guy, and he never shows. Then at around 4:30PM, UPS tracking shows he attempted delivery (which he didnt). So I ran down to the UPS center, and waited till 10:45PM for the driver to get back. Another 15 minutes for the clerk to get my phone from the truck, and off I was to home at 11PM. Spent a few hours charging that badboy up, playing around with it, then realized i had two hours to sleep before work. Ahhh, G1 memories :)

    • NOTE Taker

      Exact Same for me…Execept I realized I didn’t sleep when the alarm rang in the morning. G1 original follower!

  • get off of me hoe

    awe man that was a good phone i still have mine for back up.

  • Mirad77

    Happy Birthday Android and keep being the best at what you do

  • NOTE Taker

    Aww… Look @ my first baby!!!!

  • charles44

    That was my first android and i could not be happier. My life changed completely thank you google, but bye i got an iphone 5. My G1 experience was the best but then i had a lot of bad phones and it was not fun until my last the galaxy nexus another thank to google

  • Joe333x

    Too bad android started out by being a QWERTY device and now we dont have any more high end qwerty phones. Id love to by the Relay but cant justify it with the note 2 coming out.

  • Defiantbeast

    My fondest Android memory…Opening up my Nexus One. I had that phone longer than any other and it literally cured me of my phone addiction for almost half a year…

  • MedicBMC

    Wow it’s been 4 years….I can’t believe it! Some great memories with that phone I wish I didn’t break it. Unfortunately I recently parted from android and I’m an owner of the new iP5.

  • Guest

    if any of you held out for the sg3 , knowing that tmo eventually knocks down the price, the website has the phone at $99 WITH 2 year contract thru sept 30….seems like a great deal esp if you pair it up with an $80 UNLIMITED plan for those of you who dont want the iphone5

  • auser72

    After 6 months with a TMobile Wing, the G1 was a godsend. I still have black G1in perfect working condition that I still use from time to time as a backup.The best built phone I have used to date.

  • Ron C

    I just pulled my G1 out of the drawer yesterday. It was my first experience with the Android platform. The operating system has really come a long way in four years!

  • I remember when I played with my friend G1 and in exchange let him play with my Sidekick 2008. I was impressed by the phone I should’ve got that, but I would have hated the battery life. And I later found out someone stole his G1 a couple of months later and someone stole my Sidekick 2008 lol that sucked ! but Android has completely came a long way I use to use a Android Sidekick now I have a Galaxy S II

  • HTC User

    Sadly, the only thing that this reminds me about now is how Samsung is at the top of the Android game while former HTC users leave behind their phones to pick up a Galaxy S3. :(

  • jbhotnessmon

    what is my memory hmm……… oh yeah its paying hundreds of dollars for a pos lg g2x that got no support and was forgotten about instantly along with everyone who bought it what a fond memory of android that is

  • Hershell Tidwell

    I remember receiving my G1 two days the stores began to sell. I went by a few T-Mobile stores and just walked around a bit showing off my G1. It’s amazing to see how far Android has come in the 4 short years. Its also encouraging to to know that Google feel they are only a third of the way in the OS maturation.

  • GBGamer

    I was a little late to the party, being still a teenager, but my fondest memory was waiting for a week for my phone, getting the box after school, opening up my GS2, and putting it into download mode to root it. I didn’t even turn it on before I rooted it.

  • Edward351

    I had G1 at launch, replaced with a G2 at launch. I was waiting for a G3, but since keyboards seem to be dying off I broke down and got a Galaxy Nexus. Its nice to be on the latest version of Android, and the smoothness of Jelly Bean is amazing. If T-Mobile introduces an HTC G3, dual core with keyboard and Jelly Bean, then I may jump to that. The Relay is nice, but I like an HD display and the keyboard isn’t great. It would also be nice to get a relatively clean Android build off the bat instead of having to deal with TouchWiz or rooting it right away.

    • Rocci78

      I had the G1 and still have and use the G2 and will not upgrade until t-mobile releases a G3. Loyal G fan!

      • Jeff

        Don’t hold your breath, unfortunately HTC has said they’re done with physical qwerty phones.

  • you’d think Google would be more friendly to TMO considering it ushered in its OS

  • BahamasGeek242

    I dont think T-mobile gets enough respect. T-mobile first carrier to try android and yet T-mobile does not get the Nexus line anymore and we only get about 2 or 3 high end phones year. HTC gave us the One s but not the One x Nokia gave us the 710 but not the 900 at least we have the SGS3. I guess the exclusive phone days are about to be over anyway

    • Singleweird

      we’ll see how the LTE rollout goes.

    • 3560freak

      Well the fact that only cdma carriers have nexus phones in store and updates on those are always delayed tells you something…. those are not true nexus phones. Nexus was never sold as a t-mobile phone anyway, nexus one’s nexus s and galaxy nexus (GSM versions) online through google only and all compatible with T-Mobile odd 3g bands. So I would say they support t-mobile just fine

  • I miss mine. Pre-Ordered so I could open on the first day of availability. Oh man I that was some tech-joy! Oh how I miss my thumbball!

  • Josue

    they grow up so fast…lol

  • Whostrent

    “Maybe it was the first time you bought someone from Amazon online?”
    i remember the first time I bought someone online.

  • loueradun

    I know this topic is a couple days old now, but I think this may be the first T-Mobile News blog that has no mention of that other smartphone (in the blog or the comments).

    That said, I still have both my G1’s, can’t stand to part with them.

  • Jose M Gonzalez

    “Maybe it was the first time you bought someone from Amazon online?” didn’t realize you could buy ppl on amazon…lol
    anyways i remember taking my G1 in to work the day after i got it and everybody wondering what it was. nobody had seen anything like it. i still have my original and love it to this day. months without charging and it still had 80% battery life that was a tough lil phone.

  • Caleb Gibson

    I remember getting it and all my friends started immediately started telling me to “google it” when i got it because that was the quickest way to answer a google question at the time. I was so proud to have the first Android phone as I had been following the release for MONTHS and loved the idea of an open source phone OS. I knew I had stuck with T-Mo for a reason. My dad has my original G1 now and just upgraded to a One X.

    Ahhh fond memories of Android 1.1

  • mrg1gtp

    I still have my G2 and not willing to get anything else untill they come out with a G3 I hope it will be soon!

  • g1ana

    I loved my G1 ..it was great step into the phone future. Even my gmail has g1on it and still use it!

  • noelsito

    What if the T-Mo event the day of the Nexus unveiling has to do with as sort of G-Series Nexus phone?! :O a boy can dream

  • noelsito

    My first phone was the Motorola Cliq and the first app i downloaded was that famous star and constellation gazing app :)