First HTC 8X Windows Phone 8 Camera And Video Samples Appear, Tease Us

It seems like the competition for “world’s best smartphone camera” is heating up with the introduction of the iPhone 5, Lumia 920 and now the HTC 8X. The 8X camera features an f/2.0 aperture at 28mm with 8 megapixels supported by a backside illuminated sensor and dedicated image-chip for fast image processing. All the kinds of things we want to hear about smartphone cameras these days, because the best camera you have is the one you have with you.

So just how good is the 8X camera? These new samples from Techgoondu don’t show much, but the lack of noise and nice depth-of-field tells us HTC did something right.

When it comes to the best Windows Phone 8 smartphone camera on T-Mobile, we’ll have wait and see what Nokia has in store for their Lumia 820 and 920 models (assuming one or both arrive on T-Mobile), as well as what Samsung has at the ready. For now, the HTC 8X appears to be ready to hold its own.

WP Central via Techgoondu

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  • kevev

    Sorry for posting this here. Don’t know hoe to contact David. Tje Verizon iPhone 5 has been confirmed to be gsm sim unlocked out of the box. It should work on the new 1900Mhz HSPA+ network.

  • ceegii63

    no OIS there… shaky

  • Anonymous

    htc isn’t known for good video image stabilization… i hope they fix it soon because that video is frigging embarrasing.

    • LockesKidney

      that and the audio blows as well. HTC has a track record for having piss poor audio recording over video

  • laphoneuser

    Yeah, I have to agree with the comment below that this video quality is unimpressive. No better than much of what is already available, and unfortunately, to me, it still has the purple hue that HTC cameras seem to have. I’d be willing to bet that the Lumia results will be more impressive.

  • carcomptoy

    I think Nokia’s definitely king of the hill with the Lumia 920 and its PureView OIS. They’ve got the sensitivity of the sensor AND the incredible image stabilization…while the 8X isn’t terrible, it doesn’t really seem any different from other smartphones before it.

  • It looks pretty good

  • Hesster

    “World’s best smartphone camera” is like being awarded king of the molehill. Phone cameras are never going to take better shots than a dedicated camera, even the cheapie point and shoot cameras. Smartphones lack a real flash because it sucks up too much power (leds just don’t cut it) and a mounting point for a tripod. Many of them do not even have a dedicated camera/shutter button, which makes the phone move when you touch the on-screen shutter. This makes it REALLY difficult to take macro shots.

    If you want to take pictures that come out better than just OK to post on Facebook, get a real camera.

    • bmbrad720

      I agree a good flash might be restricted but power isn’t that much of an issue when using leds. They need to design a good led flash in a smart phone. If you think it lacks because of led you obviously don’t know about led lighting. Led lighting is by far better than anything else that is used for lighting right now. I work with led lighting and it is the best light out in the market right now. They just need to do some tweaks and it will be great. Led is still new and being refined give it some time.

      • Hesster

        I have nothing against LEDs lighting. I use several LED flashlights and bulbs for various purposes. The problem with LEDs as camera flashes is they don’t put out enough light to illuminate dim areas. That leads to blurry, grainy pictures in low light conditions. That’s why cameras have stuck with the old xenon flash tube technology. It’s very bright, which males for sharper images in low light, but it sucks up a ton of juice. Look at the a few camera reviews and note the difference in number of shots on a single charge taken with and without the flash.

    • AppleWaffles

      or a Nokia 808

  • ZhenyaK

    So its the same camera as the HTC one S…. OK dokey


    I have a funny feeling that Nokia will f* things up and leave the Lumia 920 exclusive to AT&T, while T-Mobile getting the short end of the stick, the Lumia 820.

    With that, Nokia will continue their spiral down to oblivion before another company will buy them out for pennies per share.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Nokia, but their release strategy sucks. The 920 and 820 should be available on all carriers, along with unlocked purchase pentaband phones on Amazon and other online retailers. Nokia should look at Samsung and their growth with the Galaxy S line that has been available on all carriers from day one.

    • PiCASSiMO

      I will also add that I may end up getting the 8X if the 920 becomes a 2G dud on T-Mobile’s network, at least for a year before they complete the 1900 refarm

      • Michael Smith

        i completely agree with your 2 statements….

    • PiCASSiMO

      No Lumia 920 love for T-Mobile:


      Why doesn’t the 920 have 1700 MHz band? (o0260o)


      Good question. Again, we made design tradeoffs based on the different
      consumer and operator interests. We have to be very deliberate about these
      choices because of the interplay of antennas and other things in the device.
      We’ll keep watching this to gauge demand.

  • Josue

    I thought that Nokia’s 41mp camera was gonna be the best camera phone ever..I was wrong lol

    • AppleWaffles

      lol no you weren’t, HTC still can’t make a decent camera to save their lives.

      • Josue

        mayb they should hire me so I can help them lol…and why -3 on my comment? lol

  • RepSuck

    Anyone want to explain to me why a Tmobile rep told my friend that they aren’t sure the 8X is coming when HTC themselves specified that its coming to Tmobile, At&t and Verzion?

    I understand if they said “We don’t know when” or “we don’t have the details” (well, nevermind that HTC also did state November)…. but that’s not how they stated it. They said “‘we’re not certain the 8X is coming”?