CyanogenMod10 Nightlies Ready And Waiting For T-Mobile Galaxy Note

With all the anticipation now focused on the next-generation Galaxy Note II, original Galaxy Note owners are feeling a little slighted. Well, breathe a little life into your original Galaxy Note with the introduction of CyanogenMod 10 Nightlies.

Coming one week after the introduction of the nightlies for the AT&T and international versions of the Galaxy Note, I can tell you after installing CM10 last night, it’s like a whole new phone errr tablet, errr Phablet. Goodbye bloatware, hello performance.

Like all CM10 nightlies, install at your own risk and be ready for some bugs here and there while they work to smooth out the rough edges. It’s the very first nightly, so you’re welcome to keep an eye out for a few days and see how first-adopters react to the software, but I can tell you first hand it’s already a night and day improvement.

To get started, just hit Get.CM with your rooted device and fire up that custom ROM.

Get.CM via Android Police

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  • mikkej2k

    Thanks. I have an OG Note and like it. This is my first Samsung Android. I’ve had HTC up until now. I’ve kept from rooting my Note because I REALLY like how well this version of wi-fi calling works. I’m afraid that the custom ROMS will break it or make it buggy.

    • jim

      I’m sort of in the same boat. I want to try some other ROMs but don’t know if I’m willing to give up the wifi calling.

      • Cameroon

        So, wait, the CM10 nightlies DON’T include T-Mobile’s WiFi calling? Am I understanding that right? Because I want to give this a shot, but I’ve got to have the WiFi calling.

  • sarni84

    Yea the cm 10 based ROMs or aosp ROMs will not have WiFi calling. So if that is your issue stick with stock. But the performance boost is well worth staying on the nightlies

  • TKfromCLE

    I didn’t realize that T-mobile actually sold any of the OG Notes.