New T-Mobile MVNO Solavei Will Pay You To Add New Members

A brand new T-Mobile MVNO is coming out of beta today and it’s got an interesting pitch to try and attract new customers. The MVNO piggybacks on T-Mobile’s network, and already has more than 25,000 customers acquired during its beta period thanks to a network of friends, family and colleagues, some of whom have earned cash signing up.

Solavei customers start by signing up with a $49 startup fee and then pay $49 per month for service. Solavei customers can use their existing unlocked GSM smartphones, or pick up new unsubsidized models from the company including the HTC Wildfire and HTC One S, the latter of which sells for $529.

The integral part of Solavei’s business model is the ability to earn $20 for every “trio” a customer gets to join the network. In other words, if I, David can get Larry, Moe and Curly to sign up on Solavei, I’ll earn $20. Solavei’s business model hopes to cut the costs of customer care and acquisition costs per customer by not paying for subsidies, instead having customers referring their friends and family to sign up. It’s this reliance on word of mouth that will hopefully entice users to sign up friends and earn money. It’s a novel business model to be sure, but one that has heavy hitters backing it.

Solavei board members include T-Mobile’s former COO Sue Nokes, widely thought to be responsible for T-Mobile’s consistent reign of customer service awards, David Limp, a Vice President at Amazon, Ryan Weurch, the former founder of Motricity, and other high profile former members of Congress and board members from Target, Walmart, Louis Vuitton and more. Needless to say, Solavei is led by a team that has plenty of experience in the mobile world, including a number of former T-Mobile executives.

So why is Solavei different? According to their website:

We think a person’s voice is the most powerful form of marketing, so that’s what we want to invest in. While other companies spend billions on traditional marketing, we reward you for sharing Solavei with your connections.

Here’s my question to you? Does the prospect of referring customers to a MVNO network and earning money for doing so entice you? Would you give up a national carrier to earn some extra money all while getting the benefits of the T-Mobile network, including LTE when it arrives?

Learn more about Solavei

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  • shack180

    I am lost what exactly is it ?

    • Macho Man

      So you didnt read.

      • shack180

        Calm down killer I just finished reading it .

        • Tbyrne

          Ha Ha! LMAO!!

    • Macho Man

      It was literally the only thing you had to do…was read.

  • Bruce Morton

    Sounds like a pyramid scheme to me.

    • The term is multi-level marketing, which unlike a pyramid scheme, does not involve anything “illegal” or non-sustatinable. This is more a refer-a-friend concept. You either do or you don’t.

      Not saying the service is good or bad, but it doesn’t look like anything unscrupulous.

    • Jones

      All carriers pay for referrals …Solavei is the only one paying residual

  • The service alone doesn’t sound horrible, I just wonder if they do data throttling. I’m guessing that whole signup bonus thing is only going to be a limited time thing.

    • Jason

      I inquired with them about the data amount, and it’s throttled after 4GB. I don’t think it’s so much of a pyramid scheme since I don’t have to pay a fee to get it; most people are already paying a phone bill and that’s all I’d be doing with Solavei. If I don’t want to refer anyone, then I just keep paying my bill. If I refer someone, I can get a break on my phone bill. The major potential issue I saw was that many people are under contract, like me (Value plan). The Value plan for me and my family is really better though. Another problem is that there should be a break on subsequent lines, particularly since some of the lines may be for the kids and they don’t need unlimited talk. Not sure about the prioritizing of the network like another respondent stated.

    • michaela

      yeap, they throttle at 4gb to 3G, and at 5gb to 2G…The sign up bonus is 60 days from the moment you activate the service…One thing i don’t remember mentioned in the article is that you either have to have unlocked GSM phone or get phone from them..The plan is sweet, and there are no requirements, which I like…you want to have your service for free…bring 9 people, you want to make residual income…share more. you are not into that kind of stuff, just enjoy the greatly priced service…pretty straight forward…Let me know if any questions, I have been using the service for past few weeks, where I am works great….:)

    • Jones

      Stop guessing….

  • ProductFRED

    3 People for $20? That’s a hell of a lot of work for nothing. For 3 people, I should at least get a month of free service, considering they’ll each be paying $98 total ($294 + tax) for the first month of service. Let’s be realistic, you’ll get 1, maybe 2 people to CONSIDER switching, ever.

    • michaela

      How about this…you get $20 bucks/month for every 3 people, and if they happened to have friends who want the service, you get paid $20 bucks/month for their 3 people. So yes, you can have a free service for as long as they use the service if you bring in 9 people, but they do not have to all come from you….Not so bad…and if you bring 12 people within the first 60 days of your sign up, you get $650…lot of people happily switched for that..or for the opportunity to actually make money…Do you know the company has signed up 25,000 people before they even officially launched today? So people are interested, but of course it is not for everyone :), Some people just use the service and leave it at that, as it is pretty good deal in itself..

  • bitbank

    $49 signup fee and $49 a month doesn’t sound like a great deal (especially without more details). For “odd” use cases of pure voice/sms or pure data there are much better deals from other MVNO’s. The $20 per trio of new customers is a short term gimmick that doesn’t make me want to join. What I am looking for is a MVNO of T-Mobile that offers better deals on “light” data usage (e.g. 200MB of 4G data for $10 a month).

    • michaela

      It is actually great deal, I am using it and you get unlimited everything, and the speed gets throttled at 4gb to 3G, and after 5 to 2G, of course speed depends on the coverage in your area, as it was mentioned elsewhere in the posts, the $20 buck is monthly as long as the 3 peeps stay on the service, not to mention if only 3 of your friends sign up for the service, but they decide they want to share with their friends too, you get paid also $20 dollars a month on any 3 people they signed up for the phone plan….

      So if only 2 out of your 3 friends you have signed up does the same as you did (or if you bring 9 friends on board) your service is completely free, not to mention bonuses you get etc? You got more friends they are intersted, because it it is a great deal, and you have not only free mobile, but also passive income…so forget $10/month for 200MB…
      Should I sign you up? Just kidding :):)


      You know why it doesn’t sound like a good deal cause you don’t understand MLM and most people don’t and they never will, if people did understand MLM it would more people involve and more people achieving their dreams which is to get out of a 9-5 J.O.B.

      • marcel

        Enjoy being this company’s sales rep

      • bitbank

        It wasn’t clear from the description if the $20 was one-time or ongoing. It sounds reasonable if you can keep receiving the bonus as long as your friends stay with the service. I do fully understand MLM’s – loosely translated it means – “Annoy your friends and family to buy products/services they don’t really want until they won’t speak to you any more.”

        • michaela

          Very true:) however Solavei is not a true MLM, more like a distant cousin… U don’t have to stock up any lotions and potions, don’t have to recruit people unless you want to, you can just simply have a very good deal on your service and if it happens some of your friends like the concept and the service and they come on board, you slush or eliminate your bill completely, and I definitely like that part. I love the concept and the service, and the fact that some people will have a chance to make it there business why not . It’s not like people couldn’t use some extra money now.. Just my 2 cents…

  • JBLmobileG1

    And for $49 a month what exactly do you get? Is it like Walmart’s Family Mobile which is $45? It too uses the Tmobile network and includes Unlimited talk, text, and 200mb of high speed Web. Sounds kinda cool I guess because you can earn money, however I am sure there is a catch.. Like prioritizing the network where actual Tmobile customers get the coverage nation wide with this getting spotty coverage. I doubt it will be able to use Tmobiles LTE network once completed either. Maybe HSPA+ if their lucky. I don’t plan on leaving Tmobile anytime soon, and while this may be enticing for some, its not my cup of tea.. so thanks but no thanks.

    • michaela

      yeah, definitely not everyone”s cup of tea, but definitely mine:). Anyway you get 4G unlimited, the company doesn’t throttle until you reach 4 gb, than they go to 3G at 5 gb, and than to big difference in terms of data, So that’s the main difference from WM Family mobile, and most of the other and price… I live in NYC and it works great here, have HSPA+ most of the time, not sure if it would that great anywhere else, but here it does..And I like that by bringing in 9 friends I can have my phone service for free FOREVER….well not forever, as long as they stay customers:). If any questions I can answer, let me know…No selling just sharing:)

    • Jones

      There is a no luck..4G speeds right now Unlimted talk, text and 4GB data. Free International calling.

  • Ceefu

    It should be noted, that for every trio you sign up, you get $20 PER MONTH. It isn’t a one time deal.

    • Ceefu

      They’ve been around for a few months now. I know I’ve seen several of my “friends” post about it on FB. You can find the full compensation details here:

      But yeah, it pretty much is a pyramid scheme.

    • WirelessRefugee

      That’s a significant distinction and it should have been included in the article.

      I was reading this article and thought “$20 for referring that many customers, that’s all?” But $20 per month is something far more substantial.

      I assume the $20 payment requires that referred customers stay with the company.

      This is similar to a multi-level marketing effort. I would not call it a “pyramid scheme” since that is where people at the bottom of the pyramid get burned, people at the top get rich.

      Sidenote: I don’t see this working. People I know are going to get upset that I am “using” them to get a discount off my bill, and even madder when they can’t get their friends and family to sign on so they too can get a discount.

      • michaela

        I actually use the service, and people are not upset, most of them like to get unlimited 4G for $49/month, and have the opportunity to have their cell phone plan for free or even make money with it…but that part is optional..

        Some people don’t want to bother and they just like the great price, others are happy to share and bring their bill down (or make $$). When one refers 9 people their bill is free as long as those people stay in service.
        I understand that the sharing part is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is completely optional. It is worthy to mention without getting into too much details, that you also get paid $20 dollars on the people whom your friends whom you signed up recommend, and a significant bonuses.
        When you gets 12 friends signed for the service within the first 60 days, you get $650 bonus, and you get bonus even for less people, so it is not so shabby as this article might make it sound:). It is to be noted though the $49 dollars doesn’t include taxes..
        As to the pyramid scheme, I don’t think any of the names and backers of the companies mentioned above…hello people, amazon, t-mobile peeps, etc would get into the game..The company simply funnels money they would spend on advertising to their customers…quiet novel idea in the mobile industry…:)
        If you have any questions, go to the solavei website, or I will be happy to answer them…you can also check my website (aka shameless plug here) at for more details on both..

        Cheers, Michaela

        • M

          Exactly Michaela. Most open minded people are excited to find an opportunity where they can save money on a product they already use every day and make money at the same time. I honestly don’t know why all the people who scream “pyramid scheme” spend so much of their time looking at MLM companies. My thought is…if you find it so offensive, then go somewhere else. I also joined Solavei after seeing some close friends make money with it. I figured why not!

      • nomore9to5

        You are correct this is not a Pyramid Scheme, but I can say your job is more of a Pyramid, why? cause you are at the bottom and the CEO is at the top getting rich, why you are at the bottom being paid a certain amount.

        If you really take a good look everything is structured just like a Pyramid period look it up.

        • wuerchoscamo

          Ive heard MLM people use this logic, and well its completely illogical. Because an MLM would be considered a Pyramid scheme just the same as your business model logic. Rich people dont promote MLM companies they sucker people in like you!

        • Denise Washington

          Illegal pyramid schemes are unsustainable. They offer nothing of real value other than hoping they will get more money out of it than they put in. Like Social Security.

          Multi-level marketing is a legitimate business model. While there are some scams around, knowing what to look for is key.
          Is the product in demand? Would you use it daily?Is the product competitively priced?Does the company have a customer service department reachable by phone?Are company officers listed? What is their experience? Is the compensation plan sustainable and is it fair?Does the company have a vision/mission for future growth?
          It’s true, most people will fail in multi-level marketing because it is treated as a hobby and not as a business. Most people involved also have full time jobs and just don’t have the time or energy to invest in building their mlm business. It takes work, patience and determination, as in any business, online or brick and mortar.
          If you don’t see yourself approaching people you do not know, to tell them about your business opportunity, then you will fail.
          Solavei meets all the above criteria. If you’d like to discuss it further, call me at 314 498 8252 or visit my site at

        • Jones

          Well Solavei is not a multi-level company because everyone who becomes a customer is eligible to be share the service. This is not different than what other carriers are doing with the exception that Solavei pays on a monthly bases.

      • Jones

        Then people should get mad just for paying for wireless if we follow that logic.

  • Deadeye37

    Sorry, I don’t want to be the guy that tries to sell his family and friends phone service, insurance, etc.

    The most I’ll do is try to help sell stuff for fundraisers for my kids’ school. Big difference between coupon books & car washes and phone service.

  • I’m a member, lol. I still have not signed up yet. You get 4GB of data per month, and unlimited talk and text.

  • What’s no novel about it? It’s basically a system akin to MLM (multilevel marketing). They share the revenue in hope you become their salesperson.

    • Jones

      Sound like the American way..better than a job or being without a Job.

  • fixxmyhead

    walmart 30$ plan unlimited text and 5gb of data with 100mins. heres a trick buy the app groove ip and it uses ur data for free minutes. im saving so much money on this plan. u cant beat this plan

    • MacRat

      What was your experience buying the plan at Walmart?

      How was the purchase process?
      Did you buy it with a bare SIM card or with a Walmart phone?

      • fixxmyhead

        Purchase process is the same. go in there U HAVE to buy the phone (cheapest one is 30$),wait a couple minutes get it activated. The first time it comes out to 60$ this is including the phone and the plan. Here’s another trick go back when Ur number has been “ported” to the new plan, then return phone and get Ur 30$ back

        • h4x

          You can get the sim online for like 99 cents

        • fixxmyhead

          Nope, I tried that. U need the activation code from the new phone

        • You need to buy the one from T-Mobile’s website, it comes with the activation code.

        • fixxmyhead

          I did buy that one. Wall Mart said I had to buy the phone to use the code. They said u have to buy the phone. U can’t just get the plan on existing account. Anyways SIM card was only 1$ and took the phone back

        • 21stNow

          I’m on this plan and never bought a Wal-Mart phone. I haven’t been inside of a Wal-Mart in over two years.

        • fixxmyhead

          alright stupid wally world told be i had to buy the damn phone. anyways i took it back. also walmart is good u should go they have deals on everything unless ur one of those people that boycott it cuz they kill small businesses

      • Hesster

        You don’t need to buy it at Wal-Mart, you can also activate it online. WM doesn’t sell bare SIM cards, but you can order an activation kit with a SIM from the TMO web site for $0.99.

    • Jones

      So if I went and got the Walmart service because of your recommendation..would you get a break on your bill? No. You’ll always pay 30 bucks ..while I at this moment will pays less and get free service.

      • fixxmyhead

        let me guess u work for solavei thats why ur promoting it. so what im paying like what 10$ more than u, its still freaking cheap and i get 5gb of fast hspa+ on my s2 which i bet they throttle u on solavei before 5gigs

  • justsayno

    Pyramid Scheme!

    • YouSaidNo

      You are so uneducated…..look stuff like that up before you open your trap.

    • nomore9to5

      Seems to me you must not know about what’s the difference between a Pyramid and MLM, I’m sure by you working a J.O.B just over broke you have no clue that your JOB is a Pyramid educate yourself first before you start saying Pyramid…

  • Idk I’m using straight talk on the T-Mobile network with unlimited everything for $45/month. Some claim to get throttled but I’m a pretty heavy user and I have never been throttled.

    • michaela

      that’s great and unusual, i was looking into ST before Solavei, and that was one of the things i found that people were complaining about. Good for you!

  • K Ritchie

    I’ve been a member for the past month and LOVE the service, the community, and the concept. I love it that they are prioritizing putting the advertising $$ back into the hands of the people who can then do good things with it in their neck of the woods. If I’m going to pay a cell bill anyways, and it is good service at a good value, I love it that I can do it in a way that benefits a friend. Good idea Solavei.

  • Joseph Tongret

    Mobile Technology is my largest hobby if the last few yrs, and I already speak highly of Tmo whenever given the chance & its appropriate. However, I don’t want to push ppl into getting a service for my personal benefit, but I refer ppl to Tmo because I believe they’re a great carrier, at a great value, & anyone who knows me even just as an acquaintance knows that I’m very enamored by mobile phones, tablets, & carrier’s. I feel that the ppl I socialize w/ trust me, and my opinions on these things, but I still prefer not to be a salesman about it. Perhaps I’ll take a spin with Tmo as a sales rep? I don’t know how well it would pay, but I know I’d have a very good time going to work, lol!

    • michaela

      in2android, the best thing about the company I like, since I am using the service,besides the great data package, is that you don’t have to do any of that, you can just have a service for great price ( they don’t throttle till 4gb)…all unlimited, if that’s what one prefers. it is all optional:).

  • JNawaz

    I’ve seen many people fooled by Amway. I’m not falling for this. They are advertising unlimited talk, text and “4G” data without overage for $49. All that I care about is whether their service allows you to stream without being terminated. So far, none of the GSM MVNO that advertises unlimited data allows streaming.

    Anyways I’m pretty much content with the T-Mobile’s $30 100min, unltd text and 5GB data plan, I just need a wp8 device for a better skype integration.

    • michaela can use as much data as they want, but for it to be 4G you can use up to 4gb, than they throttle you to 3G, and after 5 to 2G, so on that side it is really good, and in that price range doesn’t have a comparison in my opinion…

      Although the avilability of the speed is dependent on your phone (4G) and the coverage where you live. I am in NYC and here the coverage is great (HSPA+) and I don’t have to worry about data, plus for me is a big bonus if I bring few friends in my bill gets cut down big way…

      So I would say this is awesome if you live in an area that has a good coverage. I can check that for you if need, but if you use tmobile, the coverage should be good if you ever decide to look into it…If you ever change your mind, let me know, and I hook you up..they do make it really easy for people to cut their phone bill, and that’s aside the data a great thing:)

      • You guys might want to disclose that on the site – I couldn’t find that info anywhere. Also, what about tethering or adding additional data?

        • Deborah De Boer

          If your phone tethers I was told you could. There is no ADDITIONAL data it is FREE UNLIMITED. I just joined and am awaiting my phone. :)

        • michaela

          I agree but no oné does the reason being the data is unlimited, but not the speed, however most peeps don’t use more than 4-5gb anyway especially when you mix wifi in, as to the tethering official position is not now, but maybe just their phones?

  • Guest

    What happens if you have technical problems? Who do you call? How is Solavei’s customer service (is there any?) ?

    • michaela

      yes they have a customer service. My experience has been very good, very nice us based peeps. It was in pre launch when I called so there was a bit of wait since they were not in a full capacity, which has changed now… I am inNYC and pretty happy with the coverage here..HSPA+ most of the time…

    • Ghost

      You could always call Ghostbusters! Jus sayin

    • Jones can’t be an MNVO with having your own customer service.

  • Marius Maries

    How does Solavei handle customer service? Who do you call if something goes wrong with your service/phone/bill ?

    • Jones

      Solavei handles billing just like any other MNVO.

  • John

    $138 for the first month’s service ? Are you kidding me. No joking, this is for a BYOD SIM card. SIM plus, sign up fee, plus first month of service plus shipping and tax = $138. Hmm let me guess how long they will be in service, 6 months or less.

  • jonathan3579

    I’m happy with Straight Talk and their T-Mobile compatible sim. I get the same speeds, truly unlimited data with no throttling to worry about, and unlimited minutes all for $45. I’ve been using them for several months now and highly recommend their consideration.

  • Guest


  • Guest

    $148 for the SIM card and first months service are you kidding me.

    • nomore9to5

      Wow I didn’t pay that much!

    • SkippyFlipjack

      Where does it say 148 for the sim card? It’s 49 activation fee and maybe 49 for first month — are they charging $50 for a sim card?

  • BUST!

    This is gonna be a flat out BUST!!! Anything that’s associated with T-Mobile Fails… They lost a record 1 Million Customers Yesterday on 1 Day due to the i-phone5 release—

    • info411man

      Can you please link to this information. I have yet to find anywhere a statement saying 1 million customers were lost.

  • drmd

    Will I be paying ETF to join?

    • marcel


    • michaela

      what is EFT? The only thing you will pay is $49 activation fee and a SIM card if you have your own compatible phone, otherwise you have to get phone from them..nothing else is required. It should b noted though that the $49 is without taxes…if any other questions let me know as I have been with them for about 3 weeks..,you need to also know if you are in a coverage area…

      • marcel

        Etf stands for early termination fee to switch from tmo

  • Bill

    Who provides the customer service for billing and tech support?
    Are they T-Mobile employees in call centers?

  • josephsinger

    Sounds like a MLM deal to me.

  • Ugh, I really dislike peer marketing. It’s a great way to alienate friends, family, and anybody you “used” to know. Also, $20 for bringing in 3 subscribers is a friggen laughable amount. Although it sounds a bit more honest than the usual “Pay $500 to join our peer marketing pyramid scheme.” That gets pushed around all too often. Protip: If you ever have a friend that comes to you one day and says they have a “Great Opportunity to Make buttloads of Money!” but they won’t tell you any details and instead tell you to meet with them at some hotel banquet hall with a bunch of other poor saps dragged in by friends. Don’t do it. It’s nothing more than a brain washing seminar full of empty hype and cheesy rags to riches stories that have the sole purpose of dazzling you to make you forget your common sense. Biggest waste of time ever. You’ve been warned.

    • Tmobile guy

      No need for seminars for this dude. If you can’t convince anyone to save money at face value, something is wrong. Either you get the services and enjoy unlimited talk text 4g web, or you try to make money with it. Simple as that.

    • Jones

      The difference is we don’t offer an opportunity; we offer Nationwide 4G unlimted talk, text, and data for $49 a month. Unlimited Free international text. When I shared this with Tmobile reps ..that were shocked because we are offering more data at the same price that they offer 100mb of data.

  • A piggyback on a hunch back….. yikes….anyways monthly 4G is better and cheaper

  • Aaron Peromsik

    Currently paying tmo 30, so no deal. Still waiting for a tmo mvno priced like Ting, including no extra charge for tethering.

  • Evang3los

    its a pyramid scheme. i had a customer come into my store.(i work at tmobile) and she tried to get me to join her “TEAM” hahaha. PYRAMID

    • usaidno

      Ur an idiot. Looks up the definition of pyramid scheme, and then look up Network Marketing.

    • Tmobile guy

      Yeah, you are extremely ignorant. Did you graduate high school?

    • southtexas are dumb

    • Jones

      And not she is getting paid monthly while you have to go into your store every day and work. Who is the smart one?

  • Tribnonosolo

    sure is a scam! Ryan Wuerch Ceo, just google him and youll run away!!

  • Love it! Solavei is AWESOME!

  • Gary

    I signed up with Solavei and got my Samsung Galaxy S3 working perfect on the network. $49 for unlimited everything sure beats paying $100 a month. I’m happy so far with the service and it’s the same coverage as T-Mobile and I cut my bill in half! Here’s more info on it:

  • Denise Washington

    Illegal pyramid schemes offer nothing of value except the hope of making more money than you contribute. Legitimate multi-level marketing programs offer a valuable product or service, as in this case, unlimited talk, text & data mobile phone service plan.


    I just activated my Samsung galaxy s2 which I ported from simple mobile which got last month(worst mistake ever). My phone works great, did a few speed tests on it in different places(in south TX) and the lower speed I got was 4mb down and .9up and the faster has been 9.45download and 1.69download which to me is great. I signed up mostly because of the price but if I can lower my $49 a month to $29 or $9 or even get paid back for referring people I wouldn’t get offended.

  • Jack Hu

    Why people keep bring up the pyramid scheme, the key to be a pyramid scheme is that they do not provide you any actually product or service, but in this case they do, you are using the cell phone plan and at a low price. Do you ever care how much Walmart makes when they distribute other company’s product to you? Same case here, your friend is trying to sell you a phone plan regardless if he/she benefit from it, as a buyer all you need to consider is that do you really need this plan.

  • I’m a fan of Solavei! We went from spending $200/month on Verizon to spending a bit over $100 after taxes and everything with Solavei! Kept our iPhones too!

  • Northern Ciera

    MY team? We know how to get things going! I won’t just pitch you a sign up link and let you try to make it on your own! Add me to Facebook so I can show you the ropes :) Yo hablo espanol tambien! ❤ ❤

  • funksoul

    This is not a bad deal but nothing special, even if you save a little $. Considering that for 1$ more you can get Net10 BYOD and have both ATT and T-Mobile coverage, why not? I am currently using an unlocked ATT Galaxy SII I-777 and although it is HSPA+ and gets 21 Mbps the speeds are fine for me and will be for most people. I am getting a Un;locked T-Mobile SII to test out on Net10 next month and from what i’ve seen, you get close to 30 Mbps consistently. This is like an Amway type thing and I would wait and see how it plays out. Right now there are new MVNO’s every week and I am sure some will consolidate in the coming years. The good thing is that they exist and the only bad thing I have seen from studying the cell industry in the US is that Customer Service sucks. Even with Social Media and the Communities these sites have set up, the way in which they operate does not help their customers, at least for the most part. The good thing is that there are no plans and you can switch 123. I used to prefer CDMA technology (ala Verizon and Sprint) and I still think calls sound much better. However, cell companies have been screwing consumers for years. Kill Your Contract !

T-Mobile has the fastest HSPA + Network, but also the smallest footprint and crappy building penetration. They are “about to start” their LTE rollout but it will be at least 2 years before it is viable. indeed they are behind even Sprint, who i just left after 18 years. But if T-Mobile’s network covers all of the areas you go then this service may work for you. Just remember, unlike T-Mobile’s own pre-pay plan, for $60/month you get 5 GB of data, unlimited calls/texts and you can roam on some ATT towers. With So if you can get an unlocked ATT or T-Mobile Galaxy II or galaxy III and reception is good, then go with Net10. if you want the best of both worlds, then sadly, you have to use Walmart where i refuse to shop. Straight Talk from Walmart is hands-down the best deal because if you get a T-Mobile phone that has all 4 bands and is Unlocked, you can get a Straight Talk ATT sim (better coverage) and then just get a 90 day T-Mobile pre-pay SIM from T-Mobile or a retailer. Create 2 APN’s on your phone an d when you have no service with ATT on ST, simply turn your phone off, put in the _T-Mobile SIM, fire it up, switch APN’s , restart and BOOM ! That’s it people. All I can say is whatever you do , NEVER, EVER sign a contract with the big 4. You get no guarantee of service, no guarantee your (in my case -6th defective phone) will work and when you complain, they tell you to call the manufacturer. NOT ! With pre-pay, buy a high-end Android and realize the extra $ you pay up front is well worth it. Can you take it to a big 4 retail store for service? No, why would you want to when there are plenty of small, customer-centric cell phone repair shops popping up every day (at least here in the Bay Area) and you don’t get the corporate run-around and “it’s up to the store manager’s discretion” BS.
    Lastly, if you have a cell contract with one of the big 4 and have been lied to about constant service issues, overcharged, given no help for a defective device, etc, then just do this, please !@ CANCEL your contract NOW – If you have a valid reason and have kept documents, recorded calls (gotta watch out about state laws on that one though) or any other viable reason for canceling, you DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT have to pay an ETF ! PERIOD> First thing you do is sign up with a pre-pay service that works for you. Wait a few days and initiate a # port. Once the port is complete wait a few more days and get used to your new provider. Next, cancel your contract and explain to the rep “why you are canceling, and why you refuse to pay an ETF.” Make sure you write down what you are going to say (using bullet points helps) and ask the agent to please make note of what you are telling them. When you are finished,, ask the rep to read back to you what he/she wrote in their system as to why you are ending your contract and refuse to pay an ETF. Next, simply hang-up. If they send you letters write “moved to an island” and Return to Sender.” If they call your cell # tell them “please do not call me again , you are harassing me.” If they continue to call, block their # and file a complaint with the FCC.
    Thank you and I hope you all learned something. PS: If I have helped you and saved you money, email me and I will ask that you contribute a few $’s to a charity.

  • Solascammer

    Is this company even still in business? I haven’t seen the Facebook spam in awhile.

    • Yes we are in business. With over 140,000 members. In 5 months, they’ve paid out $5,000,000 in referral bonuses. Guess it’s working.

  • Dumb Bruce

    Bruce, you’re an idiot.