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Astound Broadband Venturing Into MVNO Territory, Will Use T-Mobile’s Network

A new player will be joining the MVNO industry and has partnered with T-Mobile’s network.  Earlier today, Astound Broadband, an internet service provider, announced that it will be entering the MVNO market and will be operating on T-Mobile’s networks. It will be relying on Reach Next’s infrastructure to launch this service.  Astound will be following the business model of other cable companies, which will limit offering … [read full article]

Mint Mobile gets affected by T-Mobile recent data breach

Back in January, T-Mobile revealed to its customers that it encountered a security breach during the first week of the month. The Un-carrier said that the breach compromised 37 million accounts but assured that “no financial information was stolen”. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for some customers of its MVNO partners. It was already reported that at least one user on Google Fi encountered a security … [read full article]

T-Mobile inks MVNO deal with Bark Technologies

Bark Technologies has just signed a multi-year mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) deal with T-Mobile. The company is best known for its parental control app that is used in the US, Australia, and South Africa. With the new agreement, they are the latest to use T-Mobile’s network for their Bark Phone. The Bark Phone is actually a Samsung A13 with a built-in Bark app. This allows parents to scan the texts, emails, social media accounts, and apps … [read full article]

Altice USA signs MVNO deal with T-Mobile

Altice USA has just signed a new MVNO deal with T-Mobile. Prior to today’s news, Altice USA’s Optimum Mobile service was using Sprint’s network. The two reached an agreement that benefited both parties. As noted by FierceWireless, the terms of the contract were not disclosed. “As we continue to grow and evolve our Optimum Mobile service, we are pleased to reach a new agreement with T-Mobile that ensures our … [read full article]

Altice USA in talks with T-Mobile

Altice USA is getting near to closing a new MVNO deal with T-Mobile.  As reported by Fierce Wireless, the CEO of Altice USA, Dexter Goei, is “on the one-yard line… to talk about announcing a new agreement with T-Mobile.” The CEO also shared that this proposed deal will “allow us a little flexibility and will provide our partners over at T-Mo with some good financial incentives as well.” This sounds … [read full article]

Cox Communications wishes to be freed from earlier MVNO agreement with Sprint

It seems like there is some development to the ongoing case between Cox Communications and T-Mobile. As reported by Fierce Wireless, the two had some oral arguments in the Delaware Supreme Court this week.  For some time now, Cox Communications has been planning to start offering wireless service as an MVNO. The only thing that has been stopping them from doing this is the … [read full article]

Tello Mobile: GSM is now live!


It’s official! GSM is now live in Tello Mobile.  A few days ago, we reported that Tello will be offering GSM under T-Mobile’s network. We are reporting on this again today since Tello has made some changes to how it will be migrating existing customers.  According to Tello’s post, the migration of existing customers will be treated with great attention and transparency. Tello will be handling the migration in batches … [read full article]

Tello Mobile now offering service under T-Mobile’s network


Tello Mobile has just rolled out its new GSM plans. And the best part about their announcement is that they are offering service under T-Mobile’s networks at the same prices.  Prior to today’s announcement, Tello only offered service under Sprint’s network. The MVNO shares that transitioning to a GSM network took a longer time than they anticipated. But now that they have made that move, they are starting to offer improved 4G LTE coverage, a super-stable network, … [read full article]

MVNO Ting ending agreement with T-Mobile, will partner with Verizon for service instead

MVNO Ting announced this week that it’s terminating its agreement with T-Mobile this year. Ting will terminate its relationship with T-Mobile on December 19th, and it has a 12-month runoff period that will give it one year to migrate its customers to another network. Ting also has an agreement with Sprint, but now that it’s ending its deal with T-Mobile, it’s striking a … [read full article]