Tello Mobile now offering service under T-Mobile’s network


Tello Mobile has just rolled out its new GSM plans. And the best part about their announcement is that they are offering service under T-Mobile’s networks at the same prices. 

Prior to today’s announcement, Tello only offered service under Sprint’s network. The MVNO shares that transitioning to a GSM network took a longer time than they anticipated. But now that they have made that move, they are starting to offer improved 4G LTE coverage, a super-stable network, and faster data speeds. 

What this transition means for new customers is that you will automatically be onboarded to the new network. You won’t need to wait until after the migration is completed before you can use GSM. 

If you decide to port in to Tello, you will need to make sure that you live in an area with coverage. The next step is to make sure your device is compatible. You will need to either enroll in a GSM compatible device or purchase a new phone. After that, you just need to pick out the plan that you want and have it activated so you can start enjoying service from Tello. 

Tello shares that it will start migrating existing CDMA customers to the new GSM network before the end of the first quarter. The current CDMA network will continue to be supported until at least June 2021. Tello will be migrating its customers in batches so that they will get assistance throughout the entire process. Once customers have received Tello’s migration prompt via email or app notification, they can already get their free Tello GSM SIM and change to the new network.  

You can read more about the transition here and what you can expect once Tello migrates its customers to the new network. 


Source: Tello Mobile

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