T-Mobile brings down price of LG Wing 5G to $700


LG has been struggling to stay competitive in the mobile industry for the past few years. Even though they released the quirky LG Wing 5G last year, it was not as marketable as they expected. This could probably be because of its expensive price tag, which is why T-Mobile has discounted the phone. 

Upon its release last year, the LG Wing 5G cost $999. Despite having a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 processor, LG gave this device a flagship price. 

The good news is that T-Mobile has permanently discounted the price of the LG Wing 5G to $696. You can even choose from the Illusion Sky or Aurora Gray color option. 

At that price, you are getting a device with a rotating screen. There is a 6.8-inch P-OLED display on top and a 3.9-inch G-OLED screen when you swivel the first display up. From within, the device runs on a 2.4GHz Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor with 8GB of RAM, 256GB onboard storage, and a microSD card slot of up to 2000GB memory expansion. 

There are three cameras on the back with a 64-megapixel main camera, a 13-megapixel ultra-wide sensor, and another 12-megapixel ultra-wide sensor. In front, there is a motorized 32-megapixel camera that pop-ups up when activated. Other features include a 4,000mAh battery, NFC, an in-screen fingerprint scanner, splash and dust resistance, and 5G connectivity. It runs Android 10 OS upon release.

There’s no strings involved in this deal. It’s possible that this price reduction is a permanent one, since it isn’t technically being offered as a deal. 

Will you be buying the LG Wing 5G now that it has a $303 discount?


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  • Verizonthunder

    Unfortunately LG still suffers from mobile commitments. The last true amazing device that I loved from LG was the Flex (minus the awful camera and slow charge). That phone supported volte and cell pickup was amazing.

    The LG WING suffered from three factors: price, specs, and commitment (software updates not even three year commitment (I’m aware of).

    It’s sad as the dominance of Apple and Samsung lead to few changes in the market (mostly negative for the consumer).

    Lg has the potential but, without effort. I can see LG struggling unless partnership with Sony or Nokia to make a real united power smartphone.

    • marque2

      My favorite LG phone is the G8 lots of features, good value, beautiful screen, and for once it is a phone that just works.

      My V60 is not as good.

      • PSYCHOv1

        Are you high? V60 has HDR10+, Snapdragon 865, Wi-Fi 6, 8GB of RAM, Bluetooth 5.1, 5,000mAh battery, Quick Charge 4.0+, USB PD 3.0.
        G8 has worse specs minus having 1440p res.

        • Brad C

          On paper.. things sometimes look better than how they function in real life. I remember the days when I’d drool over paper specs, then one day it dawned on me – Specs do not matter as much if the device is not well put together to begin with.

        • marque2

          And some of those specs are not really comparable, e.g. yeah V60 has a much bigger battery, but 5g drains it much quicker. I wrote a comparison to Psychov1 above.

        • 3165dwayne

          Then turn 5g off…it’s that simple. All of you here are tech savvy enough to figure out how to do that. I’d rather to have it if I need it than to not have it at all.

        • marque2

          Of all the problems with the phone you choose, turn 5g off, funny.

          Can you tell me how to fix the fingerprint scanner?

        • Phil

          I came late in the V60 game, as in I picked it up last year, non dual screen, took a chance after reading all the issue, mainly the speakerphone. I don’t use that much so that didn’t deter me, the fingerprint scanner was concerning, but I still took a chance. I think maybe coming in late in the game might have helped me as I absolutely love this phone. I rarely have issues with the fingerprint scanner and the battery life is amazing for me, of course I’m not talking on it all the time so maybe the 5G would drain it more. On the flip side of that, I came from an HTC U11 that barely stays charged anymore. I loved UTC, was totally loyal to them until the end….well, until U11, but really, this phone has been great….for me. Obviously not everyone has had the same experience which is definitely a shame, but I can go all day playing games and be ok, just wished that the above applied for all of us.

        • 3165dwayne

          I know you might be a very lazy person when it comes to computers. If you look at the thread you can see that i posted a very lengthy reply and answered your fingerprint scanner issue.

        • 3165dwayne

          Of course a poorly constructed device will do poorly. this is true but what if the device is put together well with the best specs? Back in the day my HD2 had the best specs. Look at how awesome it turned out. Yeah, specs matter.

        • marque2

          G8 is a year older, so the specs are obviously a bit worse but I am talking functionality and usability, and general impression. 5g so far hasn’t been much better than 4g and who uses wi-fi 6? I am not going to change out my router, with 5 unless it stops working. The big battery is installed because 5g uses a lot of power, so it is a wash with the G8 as well, and it makes the phone really heavy in comparison. G8 has the much better screen, in regard to both pixels and color. It has the rear fingerprint sensor, which works 100% of the time as opposed to the in screen one on the V60 that doesn’t work (I finally figured out it has to do with moisture, so I am licking my left thumb to get it to work somewhat and it never recognized my right thumb.) It also doesn’t have face recognition unlock, like the g8 – I admit the g8 vein unlock thing is a gimmick.

          Also use the dual screen even a bit, and it will wreck your USB-C port – so now that is flaky. (It is flaky on both the V60’s I have so we are pretty sure it has to do with attaching and removing the second screen)

        • 3165dwayne

          Lol, how can it be a wash if I can just turn off 5g for comparisons sake? My phone stays on wifi anyway and I know the g8 can’t touch the screen on time that I get with the v60. My v60 works fine with both my thumbs. Rear mounted finger print sensors aren’t always better. My mother has serious problems with her rear mounted sensor on her pixel 4a 5g with one of her thumbs. What do you mean by who uses wifi 6? Just because you don’t have
          use for it doesn’t mean it is useless. A benefit is a benefit. The only thing I can agree with you on is facial recognition though the entire USA with common sense can’t make use of it outdoors. It’s a good thing that LG gave the G8 both. I wish my V60 had both. And since we are going to nitpick, I think 1080p makes sense with these dual screen cases. As you mentioned before, battery life and also less strain on the processor since it’s pushing around half the resolution especially when using the dual screen case. 5G in my area is better than 4G LTE.

        • marque2

          G8 is a much better more functional phone.

          Yes your V60 is a fantastic phone and has none of the problems the rest of us are having.

  • Francisco Peña


  • Nobody Special

    That’s an ugly phone. I’m sure that phone concept came from the CEO…. these companies keep making devices the customers don’t want. Make an affordable 4G phone with a long lasting battery and large storage capacity without putting bloatware on it…. simple request that will go unanswered.

    • marque2

      This is actually pretty cool and a much better concept than the other current double screens out there. You can watch your video above and type below. The side by side screens make it impossible to type on the screen keyboard. This is actually a pretty clever idea. Alas, I already got my allotment of lesser phones this year.

      • Nobody Special

        It’s great that you think this phone is cool. I am just looking for a simple device. This device is too futuristic for my taste. My kids would like it, but as for me I guess I’m old school.. I’m less amazed by the wings. I will take a pass on this phone… I’ll be waiting for what comes next from LG, I may like their next device. I’m hoping it’s a tablet sized phone…. that’s what I’ll be excited about, that will turn heads… other than that I’ll save my money. I have a bunch of mediocre phones in my collection as well…. but that’s what I like… as long as it keeps working, I’m happy. My Samsung Note 3 is going strong. I’m sure it has another 5 years left in her…lol

        • 3165dwayne

          This phone is not futuristic. LG did it a couple times before.

      • A shame it wasn’t just an actual, physical keyboard hiding under there. I don’t need an extra virtual keyboard on my phones.

      • 3165dwayne

        I actually like my dual screen lg and I use one screen for doing an entirely different task such as watching a video and I use the other for sending messages in full screen. How is doing the same thing on a smaller screen better? Once I am done with using the phone in that manner I can make it lighter if I so choose by removing the case. Your phone will stay heavy always.

        • marque2

          If you give me your address I will send you 2 v60 dual screen covers.

        • Yardie D

          I would take one.

        • marque2

          You probably don’t want one, if you add and remove the v60 from the dual screen too often it damages the USB C port. Both my v60s have this problem now.

        • Yardie D

          Gotcha. Don’t think I’ll be removing it too often, probably once a week, if that much. I like dual screen phones. Had a Surface Duo for a month & loved it but way too expensive for me. I think the Dual Case LG V60 would be the next best thing.

        • Yardie D

          Been trying to send you info but post keep getting removed.

        • marque2

          How would I get it to you if you still want it (knowing you can damage your phone)?

        • Yardie D

          Good question. You could email me directly at a throwaway email I have at Yahoo. I could then email you a prepaid mailing label for you to ship it. If this works for you or you want to email me instead let me know.

        • marque2

          I would be willing to send it and the postage won’t kill me. Just a note when you get the screen, factory reset the phone. LG offers about 20 2screen apps and they are only offered during init – and you never get the opportunity again without the reset (I thought I could choose later on but alas no)

          Post your junk email

  • dcmanryan

    This phone is cool and all but the MSRP was ridiculous and even at $700 it’s dead. There’s much better phones for less and take away the screen and you got a $500-$600 max.

  • Walter Kowalski

    Enough with gimmicky phones. Just make a phone that is bar shaped and has under screen camera and finger print reader. No more notches, punch holes, motorized cameras, etc.

  • Back to the drawing board LG

  • Anyone commenting on the phone actually use it??

    I’ve had it since Nov. The 745 punches above its weight. The 64MP camera is every bit flagship level and can go blow for blow with an S20 (I have that phone too). Multiple use cases for the 2nd screen. Native pen support. LG per usual slow on updates but normal consumers dont care about this. $700 for this phone is a steal.

    • alfonzso

      What are the use cases?

    • 3165dwayne

      What do you use the phone for? Because if it’s for actual heavy lifting then the wing will get it’s wings clipped easily by the S20, heck it’d get trounced by the S10. But as long as you aren’t video editing or playing taxing games then I see your point since even the 845 is still very capable.

      • I use it mostly for normal tasks like a 99% of consumers which the Qualcomm 820 could easily handle. Also multi tasking mainly with video & social media. 765G is plenty powerful with 8GBs of ram to do all of that and more.

  • That Guy

    I wanted the wing but ended up buying the Velvet at Costco for $300 with the dual screen case. The same processor and it’s fine for my needs. Maybe I will look at the wing again if I can sell the Velvet.

    • marque2

      Velvet is suppose to be pretty nice, you like it?

  • Shaun Michalak

    Sometimes it makes me wonder if the people writing these articles actually read their own articles..

    “The good news is that T-Mobile has permanently discounted the price of the LG Wing 5G to $696”

    “It’s possible that this price reduction is a permanent one”

    It is permanently discounted, but then it is possible it might be permanent?? Which is it??

    • marque2

      It can’t be permanent since they will not sell the phone forever.

      • Shaun Michalak

        I know that.. But my point is.. One states that they might raise the price back up, and the other states that they will not.. There is a big difference between could and will not.. But then again, if you want to go your route, they could still lower the price of the phone even more later, for a bigger discount.. which would make the price “not” permanent..

      • Disqus5218

        Well, the price reduction can be permanent. Just the phone won’t be on sale forever. The reduction could be for any time the phone is sold.

  • marque2

    What would you suggest – I am wanting to give one of your fans screen for his phone for free.

    • Yardie D

      I figured they would remove but I’m dalyew at the mail provider mentioned earlier.