T-Mobile brings NBA TV to TVision LIVE TV+


Earlier today, T-Mobile revealed that it has formed a partnership to bring NBA TV available on TVision LIVE’s TV+ package. According to the release, the feature will be available at no additional charge. 

T-Mo signed a collaboration agreement with NBA and Turner Sports, both of which manage NBA TV. Through this partnership, basketball fans can enjoy exclusive access to live NBA events, press conferences, highlights, out-of-market games, fantasy insight, and original programming. 

T-Mobile offers this content with Live TV+, which costs $50 per month plus tax. This streaming subscription is more affordable than the average cable bill and delivers the most number of valuable content. The subscription includes usage for up to three simultaneous streams, access to more than 10,000 programs on-demand, and 100 hours of cloud DVR. 

NBA TV is also included in TVision LIVE’s Zone package. 

Through this partnership, LIVE TV+ is able to adhere to its promise of carrying live sports under the best regional, local, and national sports networks to T-Mobile customers. Apart from the NBA, users have access to professional football, golf, baseball, and many other content from these channels. 

You can start streaming NBA TV’s this weekend. For a full rundown of the games for this season, you can visit NBA.com/schedule. 


Source: T-Mobile

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  • Shaun Michalak

    A little off topic, but has anyone heard of when T-Mobile will start allowing non Sprint / T-Mobile post paid customers to join their TV service? I am with Metro and wanted to get their Vibe programming, and they said that they would start letting prepaid customers get it in January, and the month is half over, yet still no word??

    • Chris P Bacon

      Well, I guess you could say that it’s only half over…..

      • Shaun Michalak

        I just kind of thought that we would have heard something by now..

  • Nav Harriram

    Where’s cbs T-mobile?

  • MissedCall

    Won’t entice me to buy it.

    • marque2

      It will take awhile for them to discover most of us aren’t obsessed with sports.

      • dcmanryan

        If you don’t care for sports Philo is great. You don’t get your locals but for $20 it can’t be beat.

        • marque2

          Seems like a good deal. I’ll check it out. I think the bigger problem is we don’t watch TV any more. I tried the AT&T direct TV now (admittedly it had problems with DVR at the time and news channels other than CNN were mysteriously down a lot) for about a month we watched Food Network and History and then the kids went back to YouTube and the wife and I lost interest (especially without time Shifting)

          The Tmobile Netflix is good enough and now their is a Roku channel which has some great, but older movies.

        • dcmanryan

          You can get a free trial with just your phone number with Philo. Use every number and free line you have. I have 8 lines and got it free for 2 months as each number gets a 1 week trial. Philo is the best, cheap option I’ve tried and I’ve tried them all and subscribe to several streaming services. I sadly cancelled Philo as I couldn’t justify it and YTTV together anymore after the YTTV price hike and a lot of the Philo only channels moving to YTTV. Also try Discovery + as it’s a good option too but surprisingly no live option.

      • htyoung

        But the rest of us ABSOLUTELY only care about the sports. It’s what makes T-Vision and SlingTV the only real options, they support the most sports at the best price

        • marque2

          If you like sport sports sports with just a smattering of other things FuboTv is what you want.

        • htyoung

          Except that it costs more for about the same service. And less DVR

  • dcmanryan

    Two major things missing are all local channels must be included and there has to be unlimited DVR. Philo and YTTV both have unlimited DVR and YTTV lets me share with my daughter in an another town and with T-Mobile that’s not happening. Also they need to add a free trial. Name one other streaming service that doesn’t let you try before you buy.

    • Dub Junior

      If they ever have unlimited DVR, it will only be for a month (3 at max) and not the 9 months of YouTube TV. One of the executives that helped roll this out used to work for PlayStation Vue, so I can see it happening. Google has an advantage with their cloud based monster to allow for an unlimited, 9 months of DVR storage space.

      But, 3 months of unlimited space is music to my ears. If they don’t make it unlimited, it does need to be at least 1,000 hours or so.

  • htyoung

    My only complaints with tmobile tv. No Windows app. I have a computer with a 40 inch and 2 24 inch screens. Before with SlingTV I would always bring up my DVR on one of the 24 inch screens and do my gaming or computing on the 40 inch. But now the only way I can do that is to hook up my chromecast with google tv on the big screen and use the small screen for my computer, which is inconvenient.
    Second is no chromecast support. Never really watch tv on my phone but with sling tv I would chromecast it to my nest home hub in the kitchen so I could watch tv while I cook or eat dinner