Samsung rolls out One UI 3.0 for T-Mobile Galaxy S20 FE users


T-Mobile customers with a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE have a reason to celebrate today. One UI 3.0 is now downloading on these devices. 

According to our sources, the new software update has started to roll out with Android 11 with 2257.07MB size and security patch level December 1, 2020. The update version is G781USQU1CTLC/ G781UOYN1CTLC/ G781USQU1CTLC. The screenshot of the Software Update details show that Samsung has designed One UI 3 to help users focus on what matters. 

The update comes with an improved visual redesign to make it easier to access places you visit the most, such as the Home screen and quick panel. This way, your experience can be more consistent and important information can be highlighted. 

The update also brings improvements to performance so that apps can run quicker without using too much battery power. There is also an improved privacy controls, enhanced Digital Wellbeing, and one-time permissions so you can be more in control of your device. 

When sending files to other devices, you no longer need to use Wi-Fi Direct. And when you connect to Chromecast, you will need to use Google Home instead of Smart View. 

Samsung says that some apps might need to be updated separately after update. You can read more about the changes brought about by the software update here.

Have you received the update? 


Thanks, Michael & Chris!


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  • Bob B.

    Cool. My phone is updating right now as I type this.

    • Phil

      How has update worked out for you?

  • Francisco Peña

    I got it yesterday morning I believe. Or maybe this morning. It’s all a blur. Lol

    Biggest thing is volume levels now on right side vertically vs top horizontal before.

    Home page looks a bit different with some options changed. The Google search bar went to a 1×1 icon instead of 2×1 before.
    In Folder app icons now 3 across instead of 4 as I had it.

    Settings in pull down bar now has devices and media buttons on top.

    • marque2

      Some of those settings are user selectable. If you prefer 4 across, update the settings. Somehow during the upgrade, it probably just gave you the default. Google Search, I believe you can adjust the icon to be one square or go across the entire screen.

      • Francisco Peña

        No. Samsung forum shows that it can’t be done on UI3.0 natively. You need a launcher or the Samsung Good Lock Home Up module.

        • marque2

          Not good. I guess you can always download another launcher – I did that last time I had a Samsung, downloaded the google launcher. Made life easier. There are several out there and you can read reviews about them before you try them.

        • Francisco Peña

          I already own Nova but the last 2 Sammy’s I’ve liked the look so havn’t used Nova.

        • Francisco Peña

          and the HomeUp module doesn’t work for Android 11

  • Logan Roy

    I don’t care for the change to the lockscreen music controls. I can’t move between apps in it anymore, and it doesn’t seem to default to the last used.

    I also don’t like that moving the controls to the quick access panel has removed Podcast Republic’s player showing the time left.

    I actually don’t know that this brought any welcome changes since it didn’t include the home controls with a long press of the power button.

  • nikolas ostropolskiy

    Might just be my phone re-learning my usage, but with adaptive battery mode on my battery life has taken a pretty noticeable hit since updating a few days ago. Hopefully this improves with time.

    • David Cosgrove

      Same here still battery life , full charge then 15 min later no use and 98% then by the end of the day with little use down to 60%. If there was a way to go back to android 10 I would. Also I hate the new recent call screen !

  • Phil

    I’m currently getting 8hr sot outstanding performance without update.
    I feel no need to break that.