Report: Metro by T-Mobile dealers could soon offer unlocked phones from their sources


It looks like Metro by T-Mobile stores could soon be selling unlocked phones that come from almost any source.

The information was relayed to NWIDA by a reliable source. According to the report, T-Mobile will soon be allowing dealers to purchase unlocked phones and offer these on Metro. 

There is no official announcement on when this will be starting. But the source reveals that this could be sooner rather than later. NWIDA is doing its best to confirm the report but as of this writing, it appears to be accurate. If anything, an official announcement from T-Mobile is all that’s left to wait for. 


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  • Sayahh

    Good for them! Now that Tmo stores will soon be selling Metro service and phones, it’s only fair that Metro gets to sell other phones in order to stay alive, increase revenue and make a profit.

    • KMB877

      Agree with you!
      But, the number of unlocked devices fully compatible with T-mobile it’s limited: Pixel 4a, One+ and Nord, S20/21, iPhone. Except Nord, all others are expensive devices, and they will ask 100% down payment.

  • riverhorse

    This is very commendable. For years Metro deteriorated into a horrible phone selection + the cheapest fully unlimited plan (grandfathered) obligating Metro-only phones. (Even worse, the new unlimited plans were not only more expensive, but more limited).

    Its mid-tier handsets were significantly lesser-specced variants of international unlocked major carrier models. And in flagship area similar. Plus to boot @ late release dates, while having to put up with missing NFC & Network Bands + lesser size gb resolution etc.
    (And put up with trolls here: you don’t need the latest Android release such a big phone or storage Android ain’t Windows- doesn’t need so much ram you won’t be able to tell the resolution difference just be careful how you plug in your micro USB just remember to charge your phone while you sleep you don’t need to use the phone that much…)

    Metro gradually sank to satisfying no one, and this was reflected in store foot traffic- corporate stores went from absolutely mobbed with several dozen on line, despite as many as a dozen employees on hand- to completely empty with employees trying to reel in outdoor passersby.

    Independent sellers are very motivated- they’re gonna have a field day offering interesting phones, and even accessories.