T-Mobile permanently closes store at Stony Point Fashion Park


T-Mobile has closed down its store at Stony Point Fashion Park. According to reports, the Southside mall store permanently closed in late December. 

The report does not indicate the reason why T-Mobile decided to close this store. But a spokeswoman for the wireless carrier revealed in an email last week that:

“We have a number of stores in this area within just a few miles, so as part of our normal course of business we closed this store on Dec. 27, 2020.”

T-Mo is not the only business that left the mall. Last year, the mall’s owner Starwood Retail Partners fell behind on loan payments. This led to the mall being controlled by a special servicer. The other brands that left the mall include Sur La Table, Panera, and H&M. 

T-Mobile opened this store in 2017. 


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  • bluemoon737

    How is this “news” worthy of tmonews? So what, they are closing a store…I seriously doubt it’s the only store closing right now but somehow this one is “newsworthy”…

    • marque2

      And yet real news like the V60 android 11 rollout starting 1/22 is missing.

      • JLaw

        That is news.
        Still have my unlocked att branded v35 on launch wear.
        Never once did it upgrade, even used a friend’s att sim.
        Just hoping tmo and lg don’t good up this bad. Then again, att requires their sim, even if unlocked. So, I was told on att support.

  • Nelson Apistia

    Up next on Tmonews, “Mike Seivert gets a papercut.”

  • TheTruthIsOutThere

    Lot’s of T-Mobile stores have closed lately… Why did this one need an article?

  • Raul G.

    No mention of city or state. Am I supposed to know where this place is? I guess Alex is gone for good then?

  • Brad C

    Slow news day?

  • James Symmonds

    Yeah, I don’t get it either malls have been failing for a couple of decades now. Not really news until we somehow get to the last one. So a store leaving a mall isn’t really news. Tmobile consolidating stores isn’t really news either. It’s been happening since the merger.

  • James Symmonds

    I mean, if the news is really this slow, I can go up the street and get you some photos of the Sprint Arena here in KC rebranded as the T-Mobile Center? I don’t have any photos of the old branding but they did a pretty good job with the rebranding.

  • MissedCall

    Where is Stony Point Fashion Park and why should I care?

    • Moby

      I think the vast majority of people know that Stony Point Fashion Park is located in Richmond, VA.

      It’s really atrocious that T-Mobile would permanently close this store causing job loss and harm to the Stony Point neighborhood. As the linked article said, other stores in Stony Point have recently closed like Sur La Table, Panera and H&M. But T-Mobile’s closure is an example of the economic damage being caused by this merger which is wrecking life and life. Mike Sievert should be ashamed!

      • James Symmonds

        In a Morgan Freeman voice over: The vast majority of people did not know that Stony Point Fashion Park is located in Richmond, VA. Nor did they care.

        • KMB877

          I agree 100% with you!

      • htyoung

        lol. I live an hour from Richmond and I’ve never heard of this mall.

      • Dummy Up Meathead

        Were you going for laughs?

  • htyoung

    Kinda sounds like the situation in Newport News, VA. There’s a T-mobile inside the mall that’s almost always empty and one in front of the mall that is always busy. Makes me wonder why they keep the one open inside the mall. The only reason I knew it existed is because I went to buy a phone one time and the store outside was sold out and told me to go to the one in the mall.