LG V60 devices on T-Mobile to get Android 11 update tomorrow


There are reports that LG V60 ThinQ will be receiving the latest Android 11 OS update in a few days. 

This report comes from a Reddit user who shared a screenshot of a conversation he had with a representative from T-Mobile. And according to the conversation, the update is expected to roll out starting January 22nd. Once this happens, the LG V60 ThinQ will be the first LG smartphone to receive Android 11. 

In the past, LG initially released its OS updates to devices in South Korea. But it looks like US-based smartphones are first on the list to receive the latest OS update. Apart from T-Mobile, Verizon-branded devices will also be getting the upgrade. As sources reveal, Verizon published the V60 ThinQ’s kernel source code pointing out that Android 11 is up to two months away from rolling out. 

Another report shows that T-Mobile already tested the final Android 11 build for the smartphone last January 13th. This build refers to the V600TM20a_00_00113 version that succeeds the other two versions that T-Mobile tested last January 6th and December 27th. 

As expected, the update will be arriving in batches so it might take a while before all V60 ThinQ devices get updated to Android 11. But it probably won’t take too long before the update comes.

Have you received the update already?



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