Tello Mobile: GSM is now live!


It’s official! GSM is now live in Tello Mobile. 

A few days ago, we reported that Tello will be offering GSM under T-Mobile’s network. We are reporting on this again today since Tello has made some changes to how it will be migrating existing customers. 

According to Tello’s post, the migration of existing customers will be treated with great attention and transparency. Tello will be handling the migration in batches to ensure that each customer gets the proper guidance that they need. The process will last until at least halfway through the year. 

As for the coverage, you can check out the new coverage map that has been updated with Sprint and the new areas that are covered by T-Mobile’s GSM network. 

If you are an existing Tello customer, you will receive a free Tello GSM SIM. There are some customers that will need to change their device to adapt to the new change. Tello says that they already have a roster of devices to choose from. And soon, they will be running a few phone offers.

With regards to the prices and features of plans, Tello says that these will stay unchanged. 


Source: Tello

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