(Update: Full Event Now Uploaded) HTC Posts Windows Phone 8X And 8S Announcement Highlights Video

With HTC launching not one, but two Windows Phone 8 devices for a trifecta of carriers, excitement is high as HTC attempts to regain some traction in the marketplace with a new approach to Windows Phone 8. If you wanted to get a look at their official launch event, but weren’t able to attend or catch a livestream, you can watch this 5:45 video and see all the highlights.

Putting aside the OS for a minute, I’m just glad to see HTC is chucking aside the notion that a manufacturer needs to launch devices exclusively on one carrier is bringing both handsets to T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T at the same time.

The video awaits you, as does the colorful spectrum of HTC’s Windows Phone 8 products!

On September 19, 2012 in New York, HTC and Microsoft unveiled the Windows Phone 8X and 8S by HTC. HTC and Microsoft engineers and designers worked closely together to deliver phones that look and feel like no others — creating a new ‘signature line’ of Windows 8 phones made only by HTC.

Both phones have an iconic design and come in a range of bold and adventurous colors. And these are the only Windows Phones to come with Beats Audio for rich studio-quality sound. To learn more about Windows 8X and 8S by HTC, visit www.htc.com.


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  • Chatter

    David – if you could ever find out if these phones will have wifi calling, you will be my hero!

    • gsm1900

      it will not. microsoft is pumping these devices out on all carriers, and didnt want tmobile to wait to do wifi calling testing needed to make sure it works right. look for it in a upgrade in Q1.

  • Make a Android version too.

    • fixxmyhead

      they already did in case u cant tell its the ONE X and ONE S (see the naming scheme and the specs. the X is higher than the S just like the android ones)

      • Same S4 chip and camera doesn’t make the same phone.

        • fixxmyhead

          i meant these are the counter parts of android but for windows.not exactly the same but following the same fashion.

  • Whiskers

    So far i have’nt seen anything worth upgrading to the WP8 unless it’s a LTE ready phone. Hopefully they will release the WP 7.8 upgrade soon.

  • how much does it really matter when none of these devices are available now or anytime soon? in November most people will likely be tied into a new contract by then. Microsoft, Nokia, HTC whomever they REALLY need to work on their launch efforts .. announcing a product and then saying “well wait for it a few months” doesn’t capitalize on momentum or hype.

    • Michael Smith

      iphone 5 was announced, pre orders right after then it was released. apple doesnt play when it comes to releasing phones lol, then on top of all that they released the io6 update. by the time wp8 devices get released most people will have either the ip5 or gs3

  • john

    off topic but here is the drop test of GS3 VS IPHONE 5, GS3 better phone but cheap plastic interior sux!

  • Edgar Friendly

    Glad that the 8x is available on T-Mobile. I was disappointed to hear the rumor that the Nokia 920 is not going to be available on T-Mobile.


    The blue one looks like an updated version of the old Wing.