Reminder: T-Mobile’s Magenta Deal Days Kicks Off Today, Runs Through September 30th

T-Mobile kicks off their “Magenta Deal Days” special event today, offering new and existing customers the opportunity to purchase any device, for $0.00 down payment on any qualifying Unlimited Value and Unlimited Nationwide 4G data plan after mail-in rebate.

The special offer runs through September 30th and includes all of T-Mobile’s best smartphones including the Galaxy S III, HTC One S and brand new Galaxy S Relay 4G.

Hit the link below for all the relevant details and get your Value Planning on.

Magenta Deal Days


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  • bisayan

    Im in tmobile to get me 3 gs2 on the value plans…coming from sprint network…lol

    • GwapoAko

      Ayos gid! Wait just buy GS2 from Walmart for $329 each it will be a big savings.

      • pbxtech

        Walmart has to activate the phone – they can’t sell the phone without activating it – store policy.

        Dili maayo.

        I wanted to update the wife’s phone to GS3, since I had a value with $10/2GB data, I have to upgrade her data to unlimited which I didn’t what and so I CAN’T avail of the rebate.

        • GwapoAko

          Bay okay lang yun. Let walmart activate it and use it on Tmobile it is only $329 better than $499.

    • cebubai

      walwal kuha ug s3 hahahaha

  • Paul

    Dang it, if only the Note 2 was out. Just day dreamin’.

    • predation

      i’m with you there…..

  • tirtawn

    Pass. I will need to upgrade my data plan from 2GB to “Trully Unlimited”.

    • unknown

      You do realize it is only $10 more for truly unlimited data right?

      • tirtawn

        Yes, but my usage is around 200-300mb so there is no point to waste additional $20/month for 2 lines.

  • dank414

    wait for announcement/release of nexus and note 2, or nab a gsg3 today? the quandary.

  • GwapoAko

    GS 3 16GB is $99 while GS3 32 GB is $149!!! Great Deal

    • od312


  • Adam

    Can we get a confirmation from somebody on the prices (phone price/rebates/payments)? In that other picture, the relay is listed as $350 retail, but it’s selling on the prepaid site for $400.

    I’m a monthly 4g customer with a g2, looking to upgrade to a samsung relay. I’m not against signing a 2 year contract for the cheaper rate with the value plan. I also am kind of interested in the value plan because it gives me the option to select 500 minutes instead of unlimited, cutting the monthly rate down to $50/month.

    I am trying to figure out if it is cheaper to keep monthly 4g and buy the relay from the prepaid phones website ($400 – $50 prepaid card and $60/month) or to switch over to a value plan (??? + $60/month)

    • GwapoAko

      On Prepaid it is $399 inlcuding $50 so basically it is $350.
      If you sign on the value plan I think it is $499 down $100 and $20/mo. On Value plan you can just get the $35 for 500 minutes plus $10 of 2GB of internet Unilimted and throttled after. I believe this is the best. $45 a month

    • unknown

      Why the Fu** would you even want the relay??

      • Hesster

        Cause it’s one of the only decent QWERTY sliders to launch this year on any carrier, and the best slider on TMO?

      • note_lover

        Because everyone’s taste is different????

  • CactoesGel

    I haven’t been on here in awhile. I just heard today the iphone 5 came out. Does T-Mobile offer it?

    • tirtawn

      T-Mobile will offer the “nano” sim card soon. You will need to get the iPhone from somewhere else e.g. Unlock iPhone (overseas, AT&T Unlock, etc)

  • g2a5b0e

    What I find a little ridiculous is that with the current sales, you can get the 16GB S3 for $99 & 32GB for $149, but the S2 still costs $149 on a 2-year contract. Why would anyone still be interested in buying that phone?

    • GwapoAko

      This is a promotion. So if you are really thinking of getting a good deal you will get the S3 and not S2. :0)
      I am really surprised.. When the price of S3 was $279 people were complaining and now the price is $99 and $149 people are still complaning.. LOL!!

      • g2a5b0e

        Who’s complaining?

    • Tmorep

      I’ll be honest I work in to retail, and the galaxy s2 sells a lot more tpan you think.

      • g2a5b0e

        I hear ya, but with this sale, there’s no advantage in getting an S2 at all.

  • Jake

    Has anyone had any luck getting the S3 for 99 w/ rebate using the “Hate to Wait” promotion for classic plans with 18-21 months left on the contract?

    • unknown

      first of all it’s not $99.99 the price is the new customer price Wichita is about 329.99. Second it’s not with 18-21 months left on contract, it’s if you have had your service or last upgrade at least 18 months you get the new customer pricing early you don’t have to wait till 22 months.

      • unknown


      • Jonna

        I’m interested in his question too and actually he is right about pricing, website shows new custermer pricing at $199.99 with a $100 mail in rebate. Also you are both wrong about Hate to Wait, it is available for anyone that is between 15-21 months contract tenure.

        • unknown

          Yea he is not a new customer tho. That is the price for new activation. Upgrade price is $329.99 with $50 mail in rebate.

        • unknown

          Hait to wait promo is not that $99.99 that is for new activations. The upgrade price is 329.99 with 50 dollar mail in rebate.

      • Gina

        No, site shows new customer pricing at 199.99 with 100 mail in rebate

        • unknown

          That’s for new activations. Upgrade price is different $329.99 with $50 mail in rebate.

  • tony

    weres my iphone 5 tmobile? fuck you tmobile

    • Captain Obvious

      It’s up your ass.

      • fixxmyhead


      • note_lover

        LOL XD funny!!!!!

  • Do you have to be on the Value plan? Cause I am on the Classic plan.

    • GwapoAko

      Yup yup. But if you are on the classic plan I think there is a promotion also,

      • Really what is it?

        • GwapoAko

          I think it is “Hate to Wait” promotion. Call the customer service or retention.

        • GS3

          I’m on the classic plan too. Been trying to read around and see what kind of deal people have been getting through retentions or loyalty for a GS3

        • GwapoAko

          Try calling the retention. I’m sure they will give you a good deal! Tell them you will switch to AT&T for the iPhone 5 :0) they do not want to hear the iPhone :))

    • Rep

      If ur under classic and ur havent upgraded in the past 18 months u can move over to value and no migration fees

  • Zach Mauch

    anyone know what the 32gb GS3 will run you with this promotion?

    • unknown

      No, the 32gb is not part of this promotion.

      • mingkee

        Since 32GB SDHC is rather cheap, it’s enough to offset the price difference.

  • mingkee

    I took an advantage of this promotion and got s3, and the final price will be $448.
    Not bad.

    • True and you need to get on the 5GB unlimited data plan until the rebate card arrives.

      • mingkee

        I use massive amount of data (3GB in a week), so unlimited data saves my day.

        • chango

          I suggest verifying if u need 5g or not. rebate dept can be a hassle. GL Take advise.


    I went into my T-mobile today and it was a waste of time… I waited in line and by the time I got up there I was told their was no promotion using EIP and T-mobile no longer implements that program. Better yet I was told the Samsung Galaxy S3 was 279.99…lol I showed them on my phone that I could get it though their website at 99(after rebate) he said I had to go though the website to get that price and they are not authorized to discount the phone that low. I asked again about the early upgrade 18-21 months using EIP and the Value Plan. He looked like I was speaking German to him. They did say they could set me up if I had an iphone but thats about it…lol . A little off subject… I was going to buy a battery but it was 35.00 because the ones I have gotten off of Ebay have been junk. Stuck with my Mytouch 4g for a little longer. They had nothing posted at all like they weren’t running any kind of special. Were some locations just left out of this promotion?
    My store is at:

    501 W Rancier

    Killeen, TX 76541

    I know I posted a similar message on another blog but haven’t received any feedback or and advice on how I should go about getting a simple upgrade. I like T-mobile but I feel like I have to fight and weasel my way around to get this done. I don’t want to switch over the past 10+ years I have hopped from AT&T to Sprint and now T-mobile and until now it’s been good. I think I would have been better off not knowing they were running this promotion.

    • Hesster

      Your store might be a dealer. IE a separate company that sells TMO service. They don’t have to honor TMO’s promos (though most will) and sometimes have different promos. Do they also sell service from other carriers?

      • BUGBYTE_V

        I verified through the website that it is a corporate store. We have tons of “Authorized Dealer” stores here and it is the only corporate store here. It is a stand alone T-mobile store. I just got a text from T-mobile in the form of a video saying you have had your phone 20 months you can save up to 150.00. I am going to Austin this weekend I will probably just do the upgrade there. My local T-mobile store is full of idiots…

        • Call T-Mobile, tell them what happened and ask them to wave shipping charges.

    • For batteries, go to XDA forums and find out which batteries are NOT junk. A little bit of research goes a long way.

  • chris

    Just did this deal cost me $150 plus taxes for a s3 with a $150 mail in rebate was on a classic plan had to change to valve plan for this and extended 2 year contract but now bill is $20 cheaper a month

  • jedifarfy

    I was going to wait for the Note II, but videos and pics convinced me that I just did not want to deal with a phone that large. So, took advantage of this deal and got an SIII. So far, so much love. This is a fantastically amazing phone. Monday morning: speed tests with the new iPhone 5 in the cube next to me at work. :P

  • Jonnyboy

    So basically, if I get the S3, with $149.00 down which I get back by rebate. But still have to pay $20 for 20 months for the (EIP) equipment installment plan. That means that I actually would end up paying $400 for the phone that I can buy straight up for $280 with a 2 year contract.! May be a dumb question but I’m I wrong in this?

    • Marco

      But you can switch to value plan. It saves me $30 over my old even more plan. Only thing I lose is tethering. I never really used it. Even after the eip, I’m saving $10 monthly for the first 20 months and $30 for the last 4 months. That’s $320 lower than many old plan and I’m going to get back the $150 downpayment with the mail in rebate. So, it will actually be $470 in saving than if I stayed with the emp plan. Add the cost of buying the phone with the subsidy($280), that’s $750 cheaper than upgrading my old plan.

    • chango

      you gotta do the math of value plan vs classic plan with phone included. see where is it that u save

    • You’ll have to be on the 5GB unlimited data option until you receive the rebate check/visa gift card. That’s $25 a month, and it can take 3 months from what I’ve heard.

  • od312

    Called tmobile to upgrade and was told I had to be on a value plan. Don’t know what you mean by “unlimited 4g plan”.

  • JIM

    help me out here! I have 5 lines classic unlimited family plan and we upgraded our lines in MAY 2012. Is there any deal for me? I have unlimited mins/texts for first 2 lines, $5 additional for other 3 lines in til Jan 2014 with $500 mins each. $20 preferred android data on 3 lines, I pay $200 a month. Been customer for 9 years.

    • G2user

      Same here, customer since 2000, 5 lines with 2 due to upgrade in Nov and 1 line in Oct. Called cutomer service and loyalty 5 times in 2 days and got 5 different quotes for early upgrade “deals”. Best “deal” was an S3 for $179 after rebate and credit to account. I’ll wait to see what happens when the Note 2 lands.

  • YOpops

    received a text today saying i can upgrade. Im on unlimited loyalty $49 + unlimited text $10.00 + $20 5gb android preferred plan. What kind of better deal can i get with this for the GSIII? I called in today 40 minutes wait time so i hanged up.. Im thinking of value plan.. Thanks.