Nokia Announces Two New Windows Phone 8 Devices, No Carrier Details

Say hello to the two newest Windows Phone 8 powered Nokia Lumia devices and their beautiful designs. Starting with the Lumia 920, Nokia’s new flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone includes Pureview technology capable of taking photos in five times more light than competing smartphones.

As anticipated, the new Lumia 920 sports a 4.5″ 720p display, 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, 2,000mAh battery, PureMotion HD+ screen tech which Nokia says is “better than HD resolution.”

Nokia’s hardware is in a word, “beautiful” and both devices introduce Qi’s wireless charging as a standard technology. All it takes to charge both the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 is setting it down on a “Fatboy” charging pillow. If wireless charging isn’t your thing, both devices include microUSB charging for the “old-fashioned” way of getting juice to your devices.

The most notable feature of the Lumia 920 is the Pureview sensor tucked inside an 8.7 megapixel camera. Nokia’s Jo Harlow calls the Lumia 710 the “best smartphone camera” out there. Nokia is also building up the excitement for it’s PureMotion HD+ screen tech along with their ClearBlack technology also found in the Lumia 710, now available on T-Mobile.

Another big step forward for both devices is the addition of a Synaptics ClearPad 3 sensor that allows you to use the capacitive touchscreen with gloves on, literally. During the live demonstration, Nokia demonstrated using the device with mittens on and it worked perfectly. In other words, the screen reacts to more than just direct skin contact, recognizing both fingernails and gloves.

Not to be outdone is the Lumia 820, which doesn’t offer as many high-end features as the flagship 920, but is easily one of the best mid-range devices spec wise comparatively. The Lumia 820 sports a 4.3″ 800 x 480 display with the very same screen technology as the Lumia 920. The Lumia 820 will not carry the PureView branding, but still comes equipped with an 8 megapixel with dual flashes and 1080p HD recording. It is also powered by the same 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 8GB of storage and a microSD slot.

The Lumia 820 will come in an array of colors which includes purple, cyan, red and yellow along with the ability to exchange shell covers. The Lumia 820 is said to be the device destined for T-Mobile, though pricing and availability are still unknown. Nokia Maps and the new City Lens app are also included, which uses augmented reality to show nearby points of interest including restaurants and is available on both handsets.

Both devices will come in LTE and HSPA+ equivalents and given that T-Mobile’s refarm should be well underway but the time both of these devices launch, even if the Lumia 920 isn’t subsidized through T-Mobile, there’s always the unlocked route.

Nokia PR

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  • If only I didn’t have a HTC One S :/, Windows Phone 8 took too long.

    • Rafig68

      Sell it to someone

      • It’s on a payment plan. I had a Samsung Galaxy Nexus before this, but in a car accident a random person stole it. So, I didn’t have any money left over to buy a phone full out retail price anymore, so that really wouldn’t help anything.

  • Daniel Christovic



  • Patrick

    I doubt either will go to Tmobile but if it does it’ll be the lower end 820 model. Tmobile will new put out money for anything high-end unless its the older model. Sad but so true. Look at the Galaxy Note seriously Tmobile smh.

    • illegaloperation

      Even if T-Mobile only carry the Nokia Lumia 820, that wouldn’t be so bad because the Lumia 820 supports microSD up to 32 GB.

      • Patrick

        i’m not going to lock into a contract or pay full price for a low end model. I’ve been off contract for a while hoping Tmobile would get something decent but ehh. might as well jump ship after 8 1/2 yrs.

  • The specification pages for the two phones announced today show no 1700MHz band.

    • illegaloperation

      Clearly the specs are not for the US market.

      • Carloslacend

        The 920 goes to at&t. And 820 for Tmobile.

    • JT

      First place I checked this morning after the Nokia live stream as well. But if you look at the 710 it also doesn’t show 1700/2100.

    • Get_at_Me

      its my understanding that alot of phones wont list the 1700 band even though a device is compatible with it….Someone correct me if im wrong, but if a device shows 2100 on a spec sheet, it will most likely support 1700 as well.

  • Dear T-Mobile,

    Please, please, please carry the Nokia Lumia 920!

    The guy whose contract ends in four months. ;)

    • Carloslacend

      Sorry, sorry, sorry but the Nokia 920 is for at&t. But the Nokia 820 is a great device. And for me with these specifications is a high-end.

      • HerrinSchadenfreude

        Not interested in AT&T’s hand me down gimped versions of serious phones. At all.

        First the ridiculous Dell Only Venue Pro with fiasco after fiasco, then the snipe hunt for the HD7 all over two different T-Mo stores the day after launch with 10-15 employees standing around clueless about where in the store they were. All while the Samsung Focus goes straight to AT&T.

        Next, the cut rate first iteration Nokia phones, followed shortly by Micro$oft cutting all of these and more out of the Phone 8 upgrade path. Now once again, Tmo users settle for the Ferrari red “Pinto” 820 barely visible through the smoke kicked up by the 920 “Enzo” AT&T is driving away in front of it.

        I don’t know which one I’ll be dumping first if this happens. Tmo or Micro$oft. Both have become great at screwing their customers. And since I will never be seen with a Crapple product in hand and have no interest in becoming Linus Torvalds to make a Droid look more finished than a multi tap Etch a Sketch , I guess I’m going back to one of those push to talk models.

    • Eanfoso

      why not just get yourself into a value plan and just buy the device unlocked?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Those are some sweet devices.

    I would buy one if it had MeeGo Harmattan.

    Those Specs + Pureview + MeeGo Harmattan = My preferred device

    Windows Phone lovers have something sweet to look forward to.

    • Eanfoso

      Em why not just get the nokia n9? Or maybe the original pureview even though it’s symbian still not too bad lol

      • Wilma Flintstone

        first off, nice username.  I frequent that site often.  You may know me as “TizenMeeGo Takeover” there.

        Ok, I would get the N9 but the support for it is dead pretty much so I’m going to wait for Jolla’s MeeGo devices.

        I actually was considering getting the Pureview 808 but again, an almost nonexistently supported OS.  I don’t have to have the latest and greatest but at least do need a fairly decently supported OS.

        • Eric the fruit bat

          If Microsoft actually gets all the seamless functionality working across Windows 8 Windows Phone 8 and RT then maybe they might get up into the double digits of US marketshare. If WP8 stumbles out of the gate, stick a fork in Nokia. Too bad I didn’t short their stock.

  • Bronze 6

    Ill say this: Only ATT and Tmo are getting these phones, no other carriers.

    • Wyn6

      We can only hope. And, email and tweet Tmo to death.

  • Bryck

    I hope T-mobile gets the 920, looks sweet.

    • Dan

      The 820 does not excite me too much…no pureview, 800×480 resolution and not too sure about the removable backs. If tmo does not get the 920, I will have to go with the Samsung Ativ or see if the unanounced HTC models will be on the higher end.

      • Bryck

         Agree with you Dan. Hopefully 920 come to T-mobile if not I’ll will pick up the Samsung Ativ as well….But LTE support will make it or break it with this phone as well. I know that T-mobile LTE will not be in my area probably until the end of 2013 hopefully, but to me is kind of important.

        And also I have a Value plan and I’m willing to spend the $600 for this device. So I don’t understand why T-mobile shouldn’t carry this device, I mean I know I’m not the only one that is willing to buy devices at full price with no subsidy. I Understand ” Apple and the Iphone not being compatible with the network and all the other bureaucratic crap that Apple is trying to pull and make the Intelligent people believe because after all they do think that most T-mobile customer are all stupid and poor” but for this device or any awesome devices that isn’t Apple it shouldn’t be a problem because regardless if it T-mobile, Sprint, At&t, Verizon, or whoever most people are willing to spend the money on a awesome phone. That’s my own opinion though thanks

      • Eanfoso

        I’d actually go for the original pureview, symbian is still better than windows and I’d surely take the 41 MP camera!!!

  • Nokia Comeback?

    Both phones look good. Hope they implement Wi-Fi calling or a Skype equivalent network calling/texting function. I wonder if the removable covers on the 820 will come loose over time? Also curious if the big glass on the 820, with not much plastic edge for protection, will crack with one on two drops? I hope Nokia did proper testing.

  • nd5

    Okay, I’m gonna say it.  If T-Mobile doesn’t get the iPhone, they darned well better pull the 920 out of their hats.  They have to get out of this modus operandi by which they get the “best midrange phones available”.  It’s not good enough.  The 920 may well be the WP8 phone to beat, and they should step up to the plate and get it for their customers.  

    David, this article is clearly slanted to soften the blow for us with all the talk of how the 710 has blah, blah, blah.  Fact of the matter is, it pales in comparison to the Lumia 800 & 900, neither of which are available through T-Mobile.  

    It’s not good enough.  If T-Mobile want’s to compete, they have to do way better than they have up to now this year.

    • Aandin20

      You tell him man… LOL
      Dam you T-Mobile— don’t fail me!!!
      Lumia 920—please

    • Patrick

      but they won’t, It’s almost a 100% given that they won’t get the iPhone 5 or the Lumia 920. I’m frustrated with them, oh well i’m not going to be one of those customers that continues to settle for lessor model phones while all the other carries get the high-end stuff.

  • Alda

    how many people think tmobile is going to get another low end device, 820..andddd gooooooooo. sick and tired honestly. 

    • Aandin20

      Yeah — I hope your wrong about that but T-Mobile won’t support the Lumia 920… Man, I’m so sick with getting the big brother hand-me-down phones… lOL

      • JT

        Hate to say it…my T-Mobile has become Cricket Wireless.

    • Patrick

      its going to happen AT&T and Verizon will get the Nokia 920, along with HTC and Samsung high-end WP phones.

    • Wyn6

      Technically, the 820 is an upper mid-range device. With the exception of screen rez and onboard storage capacity, it’s got topnotch specs.

  • Deceptivesmiles

    Phones sound and look great, too bad the app world still doesn’t support Windows the way it does Android or iOS. That was the main reason I left the Windows Mobile family for Android

    • 21stNow

      They’ve reached 100,000 apps and app growth took off after the Nokia/Microsoft partnership.  If these devices sell well, I think that the concern over the lack of apps will go away.  Let’s see what happens over the course of this holiday season.

  • I can honestly say this, these phones look and sound very appealing. This is coming from an Android faithful and a person who laughed at windows phone not too long ago.


      I agree, as a matter of fact, I’m buying this one, given the specs I think I can live without my android lol

      • Frigadroid

        Nice to see some open minds here. Most smart phones are pretty simular now a days as proven in court. Lol, so it’s hard to choose just 1. Sometimes I feel like riding my honda, I also love my driving my rx7 but on road trips you can’t beat the avalon. They all are reliable & serve a simular purpose as alternate daily driver/rider from point A to B.

    • WirelessRefugee

      I had to guide my brother over the phone when shopping for a smartphone. When I saw him a few weeks back he showed me that he had bought some Samsung Windows Phone 7 smartphone from Target, He paid full price for it because I told him to sign on with Straight Talk prepaid. He loved the suggestion because he is using AT&T’s towers, and like me is paying $41 monthly for 2.5GB data, unlimited talk and text, and of course, no contract.

      I used the phone and I have to admit I was very impressed with Windows Phone 8. So assuming Windows Phone 8 is an improvement, putting that ROM on a quality Nokia phone, heck, I am tempted myself. And this is coming from someone who owned the Touch Pro2, HD2 (both on which I put Android), a Vibrant, SGS 4G, and two SGS II handsets. And I LOVE my SGS II (hmm… I have a cheating heart, so maybe that’s not saying much).

      Oh, the phone he bought was a Samsung Focus, with the same specs as the 820 will have, except his screen is a 4″ SAMOLED display.

      The point is that my brother is the typical middle class wireless customer who could buy the iPhone if he wanted. But he looked at the two year deals, the risks of overage charges, and total costs, he said no way was he going to get the iPhone.

      He is very pleased with Windows Phone 7. After I heard his praises and played around with the phone I’m considering a Nokia with Win Phone 8.

  • 21stNow

    I see that Wall Street wasn’t impressed by these offerings; Nokia’s stock was down ~16%.  We need this phone on as many carriers as possible.  I think that the market is there for some customers to give Nokia a try.

    • illegaloperation

      How can there not be a letdown when everything that was announced today was already leaked earlier?

    • WirelessRefugee

       I assume that’s just the market reacting to Apple’s debuting the iPhone next week.

      No matter, IMO the entire post-paid industry is in for a big decline and the iPhone 5 is not going to stem the downward trend.

      There’s no jobs, people are working for a dime over minimum wage just to have a job (and the govt. counts that as someone being employed, even if it is an engineer working at Burger King) and fuel is $4+ a gallon.

      We shall see. I have been saying that the lines outside Apple stores are getting shorter each iPhone debut. And IMO consumers are waking up. Not only can they not afford the iPhone, to many it is simply not worth not worth $3500 (and that’s if the user does not get hit with overage charges on talk and data.)

      These Nokia phones are nice. And IMO T-Mobile/Nokia are correct in marketing these as a great alternative to overpriced iPhones where carriers use them to entice people, then rip them off with imposition of talk and data overage charges.

      If T-Mobile is smart they will couple the 820 at a low price point ($150) with the new unlimited plan. The 820’s specs are more than sufficient to make a customer feel like he or she is not settling on something lesser than the first cabin handsets, the SGS III or iPhone. (It is interesting what we consider a mid-range phone nowadays. The 820’s specs last year would have made it a top-of-the-line handset justifying a $500 non-contracted price.

      Sidenote: Now that the default smallest display is 4″ and 4.3″ is the default medium sized screen, I think they should come out with a new spec, rating or standard, what I call “the sun factor.” I use my phone a lot outdoors in the sunlight.What I really enjoy is the Samsung’s SAMOLED display that is both light weight, uses less power, but is super bright outside, so I can actually see what is on the screen.

      This Nokia could have the sharpest, most brilliant display indoors, if it has a low “sun factor” I don’t want the phone. A low sun factor is a deal breaker for me. I wonder how the iPhone 5 will display in sunlight.

      • 21stNow

        Paying overage fees for talk and/or data is a factor with any smartphone, not just an iPhone.  Managing usage is not that hard; I haven’t paid an overage fee on talk in at least 8 years.  I used to have a 30-minute talk plan around 10 years ago and paid overages then.  I’ve had unlimited data for over five years on my main line, so of course I haven’t paid any overages for data.

  • Larrrs

    the Nokia rep for our area did mention that T-Mobile would be getting a 900 series Lumia phone coming in the fall.   Couldnt give me anymore facts, but thought that was confirmation of T-Mobile getting something from Nokia

  • Dax

    Here’s my prediction.  Lumia 920 goes to AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile(Sprint can burn in iPhone hell).  In addition AT&T will get the Ativ S, HTC 8X,(Zenith) and L820.  Verizon will get the Ativ S.  And T-Mobile will get the HTC 8S(Accord).

  • Evan

    Honestly, the 820 would still be a great phone to have. Its smaller, but barely. The 920 looks like it would be uncomfortable to hold in your hand with those edges.  The only thing I dislike is the resolution of the 820.

    I would just remain calm, HTC is announcing their WP8 offerings here soon, and I think they have the same quality as Nokia in terms of design.

    And I’m pretty sure you can guarantee all Window Phones will be out with the launch of Windows 8.

    • illegaloperation

      Let’s not forget that the Lumia 820 also has a microSD slot.

    • Patrick

      you’re going to talk yourself into the 820 just because tmobile won’t get that 920. But if they had both you’d jump all over the 920. Seriously just leave carriers. If you’re going to be in a 2yr contract or pay $400+ out right might as well get something you’ll love and not just settle for.

      • Yes, I’ll be paying $400+ outright for the hardware, but I’ll be making up for it in a lower monthly bill. While you get it for $99 upfront on another carrier, you’re paying more in the long run. When you get a subsidized device, they build that cost into their monthly service cost.

  • Law1084

    Will this international version do hspa+ on t-mobiles network or would I be stuck on edge if I bought it

    • T-Mobile’s network will be refarmed to 1900mhz by the end of this year/beginning of next, so if data works on 1900, then it will [soon] work on T-Mobile full speed

  • Guest

    Nokia phones were always top of the line. Now I just need someone to build CM9/CM10 for this, and it’ll be my next Android in no time! :)

  • Skip Bayless

    So does it grant wishes for an iphone5

  • Phast_1

    Maybe T-Mobile isn’t getting the Nokia 920 because the Samsung Ativ S will be their high-end Windows phone 8.

  • nd5

    All the talk of the Samsung Ativ makes me think that Nokia should take a page out of Sammy’s playbook with the SGSIII by releasing the 920 on all carriers at the same time.  If you’re trying to gain market share, why in the hell would you limit your potential customer base?  Seriously Nokia… get a clue.  This looks like it may be a compelling product but oops, sorry… can’t have it.  Yep, way to drive potential customers to another manufacturer’s products.

    • Patrick

      it doesn’t work that way. Most people assume it’s the Manufactures but its not. AT&T, Verizon, Tmobile, Sprint, etc… they all have to purchase the phones. Tmobile does not put the money up to get the top of the line phones. AT&T & Verizon have a lot more money to put up and say I want this phone exclusively or the top of the line ones. 

      Tmobile does get some highend phones but thats very rare, or they get them at a discounted rate once when a newer version is about to be released. Tmo is one step about Boost Mobile or those other discounted carries

      • nd5

        Sorry Patrick, I don’t buy it.  You tell me what makes more sense… T-Mobile buying the Lumia 920, the HTC One X, the iPhone 5 which would bring in new customers and very likely fly off the shelves, or buying phones like the MyTouch by LG?  Enough said?  

        You may say that T-Mobile is a step above Boost, but the fact of the matter is that they are a national carrier and they have to compete. Aggressively.  ymmv

        • jt

          Went to the SDSU football game this weekend and one of my friends is project manager at Nokia. He had the Lumia 920 on him, and he says it’ll be exclusive on AT&T. T-Mobile will be getting a lower spec model because T-Mobile doesn’t like to spend money on higher ends phones. Verizon will get a flagship in January with a 41mp camera (WP8).

      • Kenny O

        I disagree that they do not offer high end phones. While T-Mobile has passed on the iPhone and at times passed on some flagship Android phones, they have offered many top of the line phones. They’ve always had a flagship Blackberry device (for those who like that sort of thing) and Android wise – the G2 was top of the line when it was released. They’ve had every recent Samsung flagship (Galaxy S, Nexus 4G, GS2, GS3) at the same time as each of the other carriers. When they offered the HTC Sensation 4G, it was top of the line as was the HTC Amaze 4G. They will have the Note 2 and it’s heavily rumored that they will get the HTC One X+.


      to be real, Nokia follows a pro European trend of only messing with GSM, the world knows that CDMA is a failure, thats why Nokia isnt trying to get their phones on the other two carriers. If it was me then I would be getting the 920 to be on AT&T, T-Mobile, Cincinnati Bell, and i-Wireless, just to blanket the GSM customers IMO 

  • Nick

    If the MS RT Surface comes out at the rumored $200 price point I’d seriously consider getting it along with a WP8 phone to go with my PC.  I just really like the idea of having all my devices on the same OS (more or less).


      Thats why  I got the Nexus 7, right now im still rocking a Nexus One but when the next device comes out i will be getting it. Music already stored on Google Music, no itunes here. Would get a chromebook but i dont like how that side project is going.

  • ogopogo

    If they can support WiFi calling, I’m in. The 820 will have micro SD, but the 920 will have 32GB built in, so the loss of the micro SD is not a big deal.

    I also use SQUARE credit card reader on my current phone. Just need support for WP8……

    • daddy_spank

      I couldnt agree more. I would switch to WP8 if tmobile would out wifi calling on them. over the last few years, wifi calling is the main reason why I have stayed with Tmobile. 

      Whether I am travelling in Asia, or in a mountain house without signal, I always get free calls and texts through wifi calling. I absolutely LOVE it. 


    No lie, but the Qi wireless charging pad is cool, too bad Palm aint around with their touchstone. but anyways if one of these phones doesnt have the pureview tech then Nokia is assed out for the rest of the year

  • Megadeth23

    I would switch to windows mobile in a heartbeat if instagram was available 

  • jelliottz

    I am disappointed if we are getting the 820. I bought a Lumia 710 and found it to be the poorest of all 4 Windows Phones released on TMO. It was worse than the Dell Venue Pro. I was hoping for something better this time around. The resolution is the biggest disappointment. They couldn’t even do qHD?

    I will probably be giving Samsung my money again. The Ativ, if it has metal in build, is the no-brainer choice.

  • bokebo

    It’s a cool lookin’ phone, but am I the only one that gets a slight iPod Nano 5th Generation vibe?

  • Kenny O

    My love of Android is the only thing stopping me from going with one of these. IMO Nokia makes the best hardware, really wish they would release an Android phone.