Newest Verizon Marketing Spot Pokes Fun At T-Mobile’s Non-Existent LTE Network

Verizon’s newest marketing spot is definitely taking some cheap shots at T-Mobile’s nonexistent LTE network. Verizon calls this a “focus group” which is probably better known as a group of low-paid actors but hey, I can’t say that for certain. Still, Verizon does have the nation’s largest LTE network, nobody is disputing that and they arguably have one of the best networks, period. Still, I can’t help but notice the absence of any mention of T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, which isn’t LTE I grant you. However, HSPA+ 42Mbps is more than capable of putting up matching speeds against Verizon’s LTE and is certainly fast enough to not make you look longingly at any other carriers LTE network.

Check out the full 30 second spot and see how you feel about Verizon’s skewed charts.


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  • galaxy dude

    WWhat about a chart for how fast your battery
    drains on LTE.?

    • 21stNow

      2011 called and wants its comment back.  LTE phones may have had bad battery life at first (yes, the Thunderbolt was horrible), but that began to improve and today, the SGS III doesn’t have significantly different battery performance across all four carriers.

      • LOLBot

        Haha.. listen to this guy! [ x] called and wants[ item] back is about 30 years old dude.. nice try though.

        • 21stNow

          But, it obviously got the point across.

  • Jeff

    Yea…but when your battery dies within a couple of hours using LTE who’s laughing now? Also HSPA+ 42 mbps is still more than capable i haven’t heard any customers that come into my store saying, ” ugh my internet is unbearably slow, I need LTE!”  NOPE

    Oh yeah one other thing we have unlimited Data that’s 4G unlike Sprint in this market where they only have unlimited slow 3G service and unlike ATT and Verizon who charge out the ass for overage

    • Jose Hernandez

       “ATT and Verizon who charge out the ass for overage” That was GOLD!!! lol

      • Eanfoso

        More like charge out of the prostate for coverage, too expensive man

    • MatthewMurawski

      My friend went over his 2GB cap on AT&T by 1MB and they charged him $20. WTF?

  • GwapoAko


  • SDL78

    That’s not chart for LTE coverage, that’s the number of customers ready to leave each company due to high prices.

    • GwapoAko

      Best comment so far! :0)

      • Bisayan

        Mas pogi ako sa iyo! lol

        • GwapoAko

          LOL!!! talaga lang ha? “0)

  • Schippma

    How about a commercial where customers see their bill using an LTE device to stream movies and music all day for a month on Verizon’s new Share Everything plan. Oh, I guess Verizon’s LTE means fast but broke.

  • Adam

    that was funny though

  • BigMixxx

    Of course Verizon.  When your chart says If you want LTE, you choose verizon.

    If you are looking for phone services, there are plenty of companies.  LTE is only a minuscule part of a consideration.  

    Worthless to the thinkers, gold to zombies…

    costs of services?

  • Gimmedub

    why didn’t they also throw up a chart showing monthly LTE compared to other providers?

  • Deadeye37

    I’m waiting for the chart on the monthly bills.  Probably going to need Carly to come in for that.  Drive up in her leather driving suit, or walk in with one of her magenta and white dresses, I don’t care.  Just have Carly come walking in and lay the pricing smack down on Verizon.

  • brian

    If T-Mobiles 4G isn’t fast enough for you thats crazy.. Unless there’s just better speeds out here on Long Island NY.. Plus the amount of battery power you save by using HSPA+ compared to LTE haha

    • MatthewMurawski

      Yes I love that on T-Mobile’s coverage map the whole island (Brooklyn and Queens included) is just painted green. It’s great.

      • Spanky

        It may be painted green, but it’s not accurate.

  • FentonDude

    There is so much more to a cellular package than “4G LTE”. How about showing a chart of monthly expenses…

  • gadget_hero

    We will see who is laughing when T-Mobile ends up with the fastest LTE network and only release 10 network out there. Not to say Verizon isn’t good.

    • Truth in Advertising

      Sorry but Sprint’s LTE network is LTE advanced, they are just not launching with it enabled.

      • gadget_hero

        I am sorry to inform you that Sprint’s LTE network is not LTE Advanced. AT&T/Verizon are using Release 8. Sprint is using Release 9. Release 9 requires some new hardware to get it to Release 10 (LTE Advanced). This can happen much faster than at AT&T/Verizon but it not a small matter of it being enabled, trucks will need to go to each tower. T-Mobile however is skipping regular LTE and will hang LTE Advanced equipment. Check the s4gru forums for more information (

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    too bad LTE != speed

  • The speeds in my area on T-Mobile HSPA+ are just as fast and sometimes faster than Verizon’s LTE. This is just marketing hype.  Who cares what the tech is called if they accomplish the same goal?

    Plus we now have unlimited data (unlike Verizon/AT&T) and bills are much cheaper.

    • It depends on what you mean by “speeds.” Depending on the market, the download speeds can be comparable. Upload speeds and latency are much better on LTE. Unless it’s a straight file download, upload and ping are important for anything you do on the Internet. Here are some tests comparing HSPA+42 and Verizon LTE:

  • Seanmmvi

    Uneducated people pay more…. pain and simple

    • randomnerd_number38

       Yep, and that’s why Verizon has more than 3 times the customers of T-Mobile :P

      • Tbyrne

        And they charge their customers about 3 times as much for service. Pathetic!

        • juanmondragon

          Don’t forget with frequent outages :)

      • Y2c313

        Verizon and ATT only have so many more customers due to acquisitions and, for the most part, undeserved hype. I will give Verizon some credit for having a pretty good network, but you have to have a career to actually afford their service. Att I absolutely despise. Talk about an overrated company….

        • Spanky

          I left T-Mobile for AT&T in July and couldn’t be happier about my decision. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, 0.5 Mbps downstream on T-Mobile vs. 20 – 50 Mbps on AT&T made the decision very easy.

          As an aside, there is simply no excuse for having such slow data speeds in a major metropolitan area (NYC). Unfortunately, T-Mobile refused to acknowledge the problem.

  • MacRat

    What is the data speed of Verizon’s currently installed LTE hardware?

    • Depending on where you are, about the same as T-Mobile.  So this is just something to draw attention to them. 

  • I love it 

  • Paul

    Uuuhhhh, I was under the impression that Sprint doesn’t have an actual LTE network either. 

    So that would make this false advertising. 

  • Grimbeaver

    Sure they have the largest LTE network, but it’s also the most expensive network.  Pass, don’t need speed that bad.  But the serious issue, my home, which is in a major metropolitan suburb, is a dead zone for Verizon.  My neighbor forced them to give him a femtocell.

  • LeeArtis

    Dear T-Mobile,
    Here is the answer to combat the smear campaign that Verizon (and undoubtedly AT&T) will produce. Have an average Joe go inside a Verizon store and ask about why there have been a plethora of coverage outages with the LTE network. Also, inquire about the battery life of the equipment using the network and last show the actual cost of similar plans with T-Mobile HSPA +42’s service. When the plans are shown and the csr gets flabbergasted, have the guy walk out get on the bike with Carly, riding off into the sunset. Have as a caption, T-Mobile. When you compare us to the big boys,we hold our own.

    • Asmidnightfalls

      This^^^^but with a better ending…lol

      • Nearmsp

        happy ending?

    • Aaron vita

      You are a genius lol

    • loueradun

      T-mobile should hire you for marketing.  Your recommendation is 10x better than any T-Mobile advertisement I have ever seen.

    • VZ_hater

      Maybe, instead of getting on the bike with Carly, maybe this whole thing happens to be a bad dream and he awakes from this nightmare and is comforted by Carly who is lying next to him in bed.  A sexy negligee wouldn’t hurt either ;)

    • TmoFTW

      ^^Still a better love story than Twilight.

      • Eanfoso

        ROFL!!! You almost made me fall off my desk, both of you lol kudos man you should post this on t-mobile timeline

    • UMA_Fan

      I don’t think T-Mobile stating they are NOT one of the big boys helps their cause.  The average consumer has no idea how many customers each national carrier has.

      Also… IMO your idea is way too techie and would only resonate with a minority of people.

      I personally think a better idea would be four people representing each carrier started to watch a video on netflix on their phones.  The T-Mobile phone buffers the video first followed by at&t, then Verizon.  The Sprint guy is still stuck with the spinning wheel.  After a few hours you can see Verizon and At&t’s wallets literally burning on fire to represent overages making them sweaty and uncomfortable while they watch their video.  Meanwhile T-Mobile is watching netflix on his phone hours on end calm and cool then the commerical ends with Sprint guy’s video finally start to play and then resorts to buffering again two seconds later.

  • circa476

    LTE or 4G its all marketing…there is nothing to be done on a device that cant be accomplished with 7 to 8 mbps.

    • Again, download speeds are only part of the Internet experience. Upload speeds and latency are important too. HSPA+ is inferior in those departments.

  •  it’s cool…T-Mobile still has better price plans, and fast network speeds regardless of what people may think.

    • ElChapo

      Hi Mr Williams out of topic but you had a At&t note on Tmobile network how fast was internet speed ? thank you

      • No more than about 10mb I believe, but I have a video up on YouTube.


        • Eanfoso

          He was just trying to be an ass lol and you know, it’s to no surprise since the at&t note, in addition to having the LTE in 700mhz it also has another radio that is 1700/2100 pretty nifty

  • fixxmyhead

    tmobile counter back with REAL TRUE UNLIMITED DATA on a HSPA+ network that is on par with LTE. none of that shared data plan garbage

    • Except it’s not on par when it comes to upload and ping. Both are important factors for most Internet activities.

      • fixxmyhead

        whatever its almost on par. as long as its fast which it is it doesnt matter plus its also unlimited now

        • It’s not “almost on par”. Have you actually used both? Have you tested both? I have. HSPA+ pings were up to eight times slower than LTE in my tests. Uploads were sometimes less than 1/6 the speeds. The different was definitely noticeable in real-world use, so it’s not a “whatever” issue…unless you want it to fit your argument.

  • UMA_Fan

    Even though this is a huge blow.  It would have been WORSE if Verizon ignored the existence of T-Mobile completely.

    • juanmondragon

      Not really.what’s worse then putting a big red zero on LTE markets for T-Mobile like they did in the video

    • Guest

      I agree. Before, they did ignore them

  • GinaDee

    T-Mobile needs the heat under them.  They are always last to bring next gen techcnology and even then they only cover the most populous areas while offering stingy roaming agreements that limit data throughput when off-net. 

    No more excuses T-Mobile.  Build that LTE network without delay and become data leaders going forward. 

    I can’t believe that we’re on the eve of 2013 and we still have “GSM only,” and GPRS coverage about 45 NE of Los Angeles. 

    I’ve always had a soft spot for T-Mobile but they need leadership who is willing to invest and grow the network like it was the year 2012 not 1998. 

    • birdsfan

      Try about 25 miles outside of Phila and you get the same thing…if you get service that is.

    • ccnet005

      Hmm, who was the first with the GSIII on their shelves?
      I almost forgot, who is friendliest to unlocked devices?

      • Eanfoso

        besides, if his point was about bringing devices, who was the first to offer an android phone to the public???

        • Spanky

          I jumped on the G1 as soon as preorders were announced in 2008. I still have it, for nostalgic purposes.

    • Guest

      Yep. I dont think they should be the #1 or they would cost more, but they need to stay competitive. If the service is there, there will always be customers

  • Get_at_Me

    I dont think the commercial is taking a cheap shot at tmobile specifically.  I mean, tmobile doesn’t have a LTE network right now.  Its the truth.  The charts and numbers show that VZWs coverage is leaps and bounds better than ALL other major US carries.  However, they  could’ve easily left tmo out of the comparison altogether

    • Guest

      They could’ve, but this way I think this way they’re acknowledging that Tmobile IS competition. I would rather have a close TOP 4 than TOP 3. Competition is good for business

  • Mirad77

    What’s funny is the fact that no American company actually has true LTE or 4G. This gives any carrier the guts to market any garbage as 4G or LTE. Bottom line isVeri$on is making fun of themself. Please don’t say anything if you don’t know what LTE actually is or 4G. 

    • I’ll take your point that none of it may truly be “4G”, but I’m not sure how you can deny that Verizon has LTE.  They do.  Whether you can classify that LTE as “4G” is another matter.

      • Mirad77

        Craig thanks for pointing that out. Yes Veri$on do have some LTE but the class matters and I missed to point out the difference in what I wrote.

    • Truth in Advertising

      Except it IS LTE, it may not be TRUE 4G, but it is LTE.

    • juanmondragon

      Okay..can you define true lte in every aspect

      • Mirad77

        You search wiki for LTE, it might inform you.

    • Guest911

      Mirad, you are the confused here. Dont open your mouth when you dont understand.

      • Mirad77

        I like to educate myself and will welcome forth corrections where am wrong.

    • Eanfoso

      If you’re talking about the 100mbps theoretical Verizon DOES have that, and LTE is just the beginning of a new technology while HSPA + was just the end of gsm, so I really don’t see what you’re talking about…..they even have switched to the micro sims which is only for internet, voice and text are still going through cdma

      • Mirad77

        Go do some reading and you will notice that 100mbps is theoritical minimal speed for said LTE. So even at 70mbps you are not LTE.

        • Eanfoso

          I have, verizon uses release 8 equipment, which is theoretical 100mbps, now t-mobile will use release 10 equipment, which gives a theoretical 300 mbps, why do you think t-mobile was still going to consider hspa + 84 mbps a non lte technology??

  • 21stNow

    I should know by now that haters hate!  Even though VZW is not my favorite carrier, I have to admit that this ad campaign looks to be effective.  This speaks to the masses better than Carly riding on a motorcycle counting cell towers.

    • That commercial was brilliant because T-Mobile owns more towers then majority of the to the carriers ! and by other carriers not own there towers they have to pay more out of pocket to upgrade equipment compared to T-Mobile !

      • 21stNow

        Except that T-Mobile recently sold a bunch of towers recently to lease back space on them in the future.  Like the other carriers do…

      • Nearmsp

        T-mobile is also selling all its towers and leasing back so they can use the capital for expansion in Europe.

      • Gouv

        Just because they simply don’t own the actual property and in some cases equipment is quite meaningless when you look at this realistically.  There is and has been a clear financial gain by not owning their own sites so it’s safe to say that tmo’s competitors wouldn’t have done such a thing had there not been a substantial motivating factor.  Even if it does cost more, I don’t really see this impacting verizon or AT&T’s profitability.

  • Guest

    VZW beats Tmobile with coverage and data speeds any day.
    BUT am I ready to give up the price that I get with T-mobile for the one that I would get from Verizon for a similar plan just so i have faster data speeds?? I Do not think so..

    • Bajamin

      T-mobile beat out Verizon in quite a few cities during a speed test earlier in the year.

  • Bronze 6

    That chart represents customers going switching off LTE to T-Mo’s HSPA+42 And How Much you saved when you switched.

  • You also pay an arm and a leg for Verizon.  I will keep T mobile and the extra savings that I dont NEED to spend.  thank you!!!

  • VZ_Hater

    I think that T-Mobile should recreate the same commercial with charts showing Verizon’s price versus ours.  While it is true that Verizon does have great coverage, the network speed is not bad on T-Mobile — especially for what you pay.  Now, $69 for Unlimited Data on TMO and the same plan would be $90 on VZ with 1GB of shared.  Wow, one whole GB, you can like do 
    250 emails or 3 hours of music or 2 hours of video.   So, let’s compare now, VZ!!

    • JBLmobileG1

      Let’s not forget because of the LTE side of it all, 1gb is probably all you’ll get from your phone because the battery will be toast sooner than a phone that uses HSPA+.

    • Guest

      YES YES YES. They need to show just how much you can get for far less $. That is what their most loyal customers are always bragging about and they need to start selling service with that msg again. People like good bang for their buck, but they need to work on their customer service and the message they’re delivering. Their stores look so barebones and cheap too… I have to concede that AT&T and Verizon have way better stores and marketing

    • bleeew

      And they should say “Verizon has Zero HSPA+ Markets!” And T-mobile has 42mbps market, and then do a speedtest!

  • Mad00dog

    I’m surprised Verizon doesn’t charge just to speak with their customer support. They do charge for every little thing they provide.

    • Guest

      So does AT&T, though I would say AT&T is worse

  • Mike in FL

    Hey, the truth hurts…

  • fechhelm

    95% of the general public does not know what LTE even stands for much less what it is. So a good comeback commercial for TMobile would be showing verizon customers talking about their great LTE network and a Tmobile customer coming in and challenging them to a speedtest. Because I believe nobody cares what you call it, they only care how fast it is. 

    • Tmo fan

      Haha Yes! That would be brilliant! 

    • Gouv

      Yeah but that’s a heavy mixed message when tmo actually starts offering lte and wants to aggressively advertise it. So it might not be wise for them to take that approach.

      • Guest

        T-mobile aggressively advertising? Would be a nice change. I’d rather they faced a contradiction later than sit and do nothing. They will never be the fastest network but they are competitive for the value they offer as well as the network

        • Gouv

          That “value” element is what keeps them from being successful IMO but i guess they have nothing else these days.

  • ccnet005

    My own commercial for TMO:
    Spreadsheet showing:
    Number of unlocked phones I put on the red commie provider: 0
    Number of unlocked phones/branded I put on TMO: 6+

    Number of malfunctioning phones I had on the red commie provider: 4
    Number of malfunctioning phones I’ve had on TMO: 0

  • Cmedieval

    This must be a tmobile channel I’m out!

    • Guest


  • My wish is that tmobile would just blanket there entire network in 3g/4g HSPA+ and not worry about LTE so much and just get rid of GSM/GPRS/EDGE all together that would be nice cause i feel like i live in the only town in Minnesota that still has GPRS data speeds and im only 30 min from Minneapolis. i have been all over this state and everywhere else i go has EDGE data at least even in the woods where no one lives! and i live 30 min from Minneapolis and i feel stuck in 1998!

    • Nearmsp

      Is that on the west side?

      • yeah its the west side out highway 12 past delano 

        • Nearmsp

          I do not get signal in that area. I don’t know if you saw but twin cities air waves are being refarmed for compatibility with iPhone bands. 

        • Really where do you see that? See i get good signal strenth out here but 5 bars of GPRS works fine for calls but horrible if u need data 

    • FILA

      Your wish will be granted by the end of this year if everything goes right…2G is becoming 3/4G

  • SonoranDog

    This commercial is accurate. Stop being so defensive – there is a reason why Tmo is losing customers despite being the cheapest option. Tmo can come out with its own commercial but you dont fight the big dog. Attack Sprint and work your way up to #3 first.

  • I have to say. Verizon made this video harsh on T-Mobile. D-: 

  • Gouv

    Ouch!! That is a pretty good smack in tmobiles face!

    Hspa 42 isn’t lte and lte is always going to be marketed as being better regardless. This is a battle tmo can’t really combat at the moment. Hopefully they will be able to have something on the board in the near future.

  • Guest

    At least Verizon is acknowledging that T-mobile is competition, you gotta give them that

    • bleeew

      but, its brainwashing into making people think its not!

  • elijah

    T-Mobile needs to focus more on turning GPRS and 2G into HSPA+ and then deal with LTE. My home town is still on 3 Edge towers and 1 GPRS tower along the interstate. 

    • bleeew


      • cubanito151

        its indeed very funny but i admit i was just the same way a year ago with all the towers being edge. Now they upgraded them to HSDPA/3G but i wish they’d just gone to at least HSPA+ 21, that would of been very nice.

    • Spanky

      I live in NYC, and my neighborhood’s T-Mo data speeds top out at 0.5 Mbps downstream. T-Mobile’s coverage issues are not limited to smaller cities/towns.

      • Bronze 6

        Your numbers must be forged because I live in NYC my self with a DC-HSPA Capable phone and consantly get a stable 20mbps connection

  • Hesster

    VZW may have the biggest network, but you’ll pay through the nose to use it. They never give ANYTHING away.

    • pops87

      True that, I’d be paying almost twice the amount I’m paying now for a comparable plan on verizon…plus the differences in data speeds are negligible, especially in urban centers.

      • Spanky

        “the differences in data speeds are negligible, especially in urban centers”

        Not always. Take a look at my comment above – 0.5 Mbps on T-Mobile, 20 – 50 Mbps on AT&T LTE. This is what I’ve been getting in Brooklyn, which certainly qualifies as a MAJOR urban center :)

    • bleeew

      and people consider verizons prices “regular” and MOST people dont even use more than 2gigs anyway.

      • JBrowne1012


  • Eanfoso

    what a pussycat move (as not to say what I wanted to say) I live in a 42 hspa,+ market, and even with my first gen mytouch 4G I stick with lte with 8-9 mbps download, my friend with her galaxy s2 pulls a 15 mbps!! While on a value plan! Take that LTE/verizon $

  • Guest

    That would be realy difficult to pull off without being offensive. That and youve changed Carly to being tied down. If she had a husband who she and him both are Tmo fanatics, it would make more sense. They would have to get rid of Carly entirely though.. shes not very memorable anyway

    • Drewmelcher

      IF CArly wore a Magenta stringed bikini in every ad, I think T Mobile would sell more phones.
      TMobile is doing all this network enhancements, changing plans to unlimited 4g data and value to get more people to sign up when all TMo needs to do is put Calry in a Bikini in TMO commercials. T MObile will jump to the number 3 carrier overnight
      marketing people, marketing

    • Frank316tm

      Carly rocks!!!

  • Guest

    Verizons done a good job pulling the wool over peoples eyes and selling the idea that LTE is the NEW COOL BEST data network

    • Trevnerdio

      People see the LTE behind the 4G and they’re like OOO it must be good!!…whatever it means.

  • UMA_Fan

    Its funny that blogs gave T-Mobile a hard time when they rightfully bragged about having the largest 4G network at the time but Verizon gets a pass from every blogger for bragging about the TYPE of technology they use for 4G. Ridiculous.

    • Bratty

      All Verizon did was state a fact that they have more LTE coverage than anyone else. What is your issue with that specific point?

      • UMA_Fan

        Verizon’s message is that LTE is something more premium than other 4G technologies when hspa+ 42 can get the job done just as well if not better. Its like debating between blu ray and hd DVD back in the day. They both accomplished the same thing by playing hd video but two ways to go about it. Verizon’s been pretty successful selling LTE as something better and although there are a lot of points to support that, its more about justifying their higher prices. What is ridiculous is Verizon stating they have the best coverage of the type of 4G technology they use

        • Bratty

          Again, you are making assumptions that are not part of the commercial. Today, Verizon DOES have the best LTE coverage which is the type of 4G tech they use. You may argue about HSPA or pricing but they only make a claim on LTE coverage. There is a reason bloggers are not giving them a hard time – there is no misstatement!

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          LTE is a better technology. HSPA+42 needs 10mhz down and 10mhz up. LTE 10X10 has a theoretical max of 72. Sprint only uses a 5X5, and their theoretical max is 37.  

        • JBrowne1012

          And yet I don’t not believe verizon has a 10×10 LTE system, Sprint is also a crappy messy network.

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          Just because you do not believe it, does not make it untrue. They are using the upper C block, which is 22mhz. Verizon is not getting closer to 72, because of the amount of users they have on their network. When their network was still young, I saw speedtests in the 50-60Mbps. 

          Sprint’s old network is crappy, but their new network is probably the most advanced network around(Tmobile copied a similar plan, so they will probably share the title). LTE on 1900 in 2012, and LTE on 800 coming in 2013. All new advanced backhaul that is scalable for future demands. Both Sprint and Tmobile have good looking futures in terms of advanced networks. 

  • MatthewMurawski

    Yes but on verizon I can’t get 5 GB of 4G data with unlimited 2G, unlimited texting, and 100 minutes for $30 a month. I consider it 4G. It’s way more advanced than 3G, and twice as fast as 3.5G aka HSPA+ 21 (if you’re on HSPA+ 42). 

    •  actuay starting yesterday u get unlimited hspa42 no caps no throttling
      i average 14mbps down on my hspa and ive hit 22 and have much more coverage than verizon lte in ny

      • Mark

        I had BETTER NOT be getting unlimited data!  I took the 5GB plan to get tethering and the new unlimited plan doesn’t allow it.

        Not to mention that there is still no HSPA+ of any bit rate in my area.  I’m still on 3G.

  • Skip Bayless

    tmobile is a POS :/

  • the man

    this doesn’t mean anything to me.  tmobile can turn around and do the same thing for their hspa+ network.  in that case verizon would be zero.  who would you choose?

    • JBrowne1012

      If only t-mo was crazy enough to do it. verizon easily has more coverage LTE or none before we go after Verizon we have to become as available as verizon.

    • Spanky

      HSPA+ is not available on CDMA networks, so that would be like comparing apples to oranges. With that being said, I would choose LTE over HSPA+.

      • tegz

        enjoy your battery life

  • Booya

    So… Let me know when Verizon or ATT can make a call on LTE.   They are Release8 no calls allowed.  At least when Tmo does LTE (and it’s coming) it will do voice and data (called VoLTE)

    Now lets proceed with speed and ITU 4G LTE:

    Also… ”
    Although marketed as a 4G wireless service, LTE as specified in the 3GPP Release 8 and 9 document series does not satisfy the technical requirements the 3GPP consortium has adopted for its new standard generation, and which were originally set forth by the ITU-Rorganization in its IMT-Advanced specification.”

    • Gouv

      I don’t think most people even care about making calls over LTE… It’s all about data claims and marketing, which in this regard verizon just date-raped tmo.  BOOYA!!!!

      • Trevnerdio

        So, do you just go around trolling articles that look good for Verizon?

        • Gouv

          No, I’ve been posting here on this comment system for a good while. If I was trolling I would have said something like “tmo sucks Verizon rules!!”. Instead I gave a response ad even played with the persons user name because I thought it was funny. In fact many people probably agree with me in terms of the legitimacy of my response to end user booya. Just because someone makes an arguably valid point in a playful manner doesn’t make them a troll…. FYI!!! Don’t go all “TrevorMadden” me!

        • Trevnerdio

          Lol ok, ok.

      • Eanfoso

        They did, but only in the eyes of those consumers who believe what they see on tv, I’d gladly take my hspa + (since I live in a 42mbps market lol) over heated, overrated release 8 equipment that will just lag and die, take the htc thunderbolt for instance, the new droid razor max looks promising but who knows, it’s a shame even sprint has better LTE structure than verizon, with release 9 equipment, but t-mobile wins here, with release 10 equipment, getting true LTE advanced

    • Davey

      You’re a retard. My work phone is a Verizon 4G phone and it has no issues using data and talk at the same time. I use it as a hotspot and I make and receive calls while doing so. Do some more research before spouting off nonsense

      • 3pcssuits

        Its not about not being able to do both but how both are done the data is lte but the talk is by cdma, hence two seperate radios and poor battery life. While vo LTE will use one radio to do both but with a higher fidelity then basic hspa+, kinda like the difference between hd channels and non hd both do the same but one has better quality and is more desirable.

    • bleeew

      But, How long will it take t-mo to roll out lte-a? verizon has the fastest rollout, so verizon will finish first even though t-mobile started first. Tmobile had hspa+ first and verizon was last with the “4g” but now they got more markets than all others. ANd also on my htc t-bolt i can talk and use data at the same time, even on 3g, and im not using data since i have unlimited,

      • Eanfoso

        The way it works (my friend works at verizon) is that the sim card is only for LTE data, in another words, when you call someone that’s still done over cdma same with text, but data is only through LTE when available, then it just goes to cdma where the three things will happen (talk text web) verizon should have waited, release 8 equipment was just a beta, sprint got a little better with release 9, but t-mobile wins with release 10 equipment

  • elijah

    I would rather have HSPA+ over LTE still since it HSPA+ does not use as much battery.

    • Gouv

      sure, you may not give a flying particle of fecal matter… but now that Verizon has unleashed the advertising LTE Kraken, more pressure is now put on tmo to offer LTE some where to make an official statement of release.  Most people won’t know what LTE is, but now that they know VZW has it all the other carriers are going to need to save face.  Verizon advertises during prime-time and quite heavily I might add so yeah…. the real (kinda sorta almost) 4G wars are finally beginning!!!

    • bleeew

      when LTE-A comes out you wont be saying that. Faster speeds than lte same battery life as hspa+

  • Dfg


  • Trevnerdio

    Lol they neglect to mention that HSPA+ blows Sprint out of the water, they might as well just take Sprint off there instead of T-Mobile.

  • Blah

    Calling that “cheap shots” itself is a bit cheap to be honest. They are stating a fact.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Verizon is full of shit to keep it real. I dumped Verizon and kicked it’s overrated cdma Lte network to the curb June 28th. What they need to create a video about is how crappy reception is on most of it’s LTE handsets as well as poor signal strength especially on the Galaxy Nexus on it’s network. Not mention they are the biggest joke in carrier land based on updates for handsets they should make a video about that. Verizon customers are just like iphone users misguided and a bunch of simpleton’s. Tmobile and it’s HSPA PLUS GSM 42MPS network simply shits all over Verizon in every metropolitanarea in the United States. We won’t even get into the crappy as battery life that exist on most of it’s LTE handsets. Case and point Htc Thunderdud,Droid Charge, Htc Rezound, Lg Revolution, and the Galaxy Nexus. At best Verizon is totally overrated. I applaud Tmobile my Galaxy S3 works in ways and areas here in New York City that my Galaxy Nexus on Verizon never worked. If your rolling with Tmobile be proud your GSM technology trumps cdma technology any day of the week.

  • Drewmelcher

    I use 3 GB data a week hspa. It doesnt matter how you look at it
    Verizon Wireless is ridicoulously overpriced. There is no such thing as getting unlimited data with reduce speeds after a certain amount at Verizon. You pay for every KB/MB/GB

    Verizon Wireless charges $80 + $40 for 6GB data w/ unlimited calls and texts  = $120 month before tax.
    6GB $120 month before tax
    6GB plan with Verizon Wirless one phone = $134 month
    TMobile unlimited data = $100 month after tax

    I cant afford Verizon Wireless which is why I have T Mobile, but IF I COULD AFFORD VERIZON WIRELESS, Is it really worth it or is it really worth it to save $34 bucks with TMOBILE?
    Id probably have VW. I dont think it is worth it to save with T MObile if you have the money for Verizon Wireless.
    TMOBILE Deployment of Towers/Network has gaps and indoors you tend to lose your phone signal.

    • You may use 3GB per week but most people use under 2GB per month.  Heck my family has 3 smartphones and we use less than 2GB per month combined.

  • lol this is so dumb , hspa+42 is just as good if not better than lte
    ive tried ,spint ,verizon ,att
    always end up back on t mob for a reason in ny they own

    • Sorry but you’re dead wrong, I’ve got a Galaxy S3 as my personal phone, last I checked that was an HSPA+42 device (after all that was the reason we were given for not getting the quad core Exynos chipset that most of the world got) and the fastest speed I’ve ever got was 6MBps no matter the signal strength (barely better than my old HSPA+14 G2).  Where I have even a mediocre LTE signal with my AT&T Galaxy Note work phone I pull down 10MBps or more and I’ve seen speeds consistently at ~30MBps in areas where there is good LTE coverage (Atlanta, where I might add my T-Mobile phone (still the G2 at that time) was stuck on Edge half the time)

      You can (and I have) argue that HSPA+ is “fast enough” for the vast majority of users but to claim that it’s “just as good” (let alone better) as LTE is nothing short of preposterous.

      • Chris

        hmm, I’ve gotten 16 mbps peaked on my SGS3. and average of 13 mbps.

        Are you sure hspa+42 is deployed in your area?

        Cause it sounds like your connected to the first hspa+ towers.

        •  I’m in Los Angeles so I’d hope there was HSPA+42 available here.  I’ve run more than a dozen speed tests all around the L.A. area since getting the S3.

        • Chris

          Weird. I live in Long Beach area. but closer to Cypress side. I may very well be super close to a tower. But lowest I’ve gotten since I got my s3 was 8 mbps. 

        •  Never tried the LBC but I have done a few tests in San Pedro (I recall the first time I saw an LTE signal on my AT&T Galaxy Note was in San Pedro) and even with full bars of signal I’m usually pulling down ~5MBps

      • Sean

         I live in Boston and have Galaxy S III topped at 21mbps, average around 13mbps on Tmo hspa+… i grant you not the 30mbps but seriously unless your streaming HD porn or using as a hotspot for 5 other devices your not going to notice the difference

        •  You will note I said specifically said that for the mast majority of users that TMOs HSPA+ network is good enough but that’s a far cry for it being “just as good if not better” which is what T-pumper said.

  • Normally I have zero love for VZW but I have to give them credit for investing early and heavily into LTE (God knows they can afford to invest with the prices they charge) and as far as I’m concerned they’ve earned the right to crow about it a little.

    Likewise DT took the cheap route by refusing to invest in LTE for T-Mobile and instead trying to sell off the company so they deserve to be ridiculed.

    • Gecko

       LTE is only really around because VZW has been pushing it so much, if you actually look up the information on LTE wireless, it’s slower then what HSPA+ is capable of running at. The 1gb per second top end download rate for LTE is for WIRED lines, not mobile. Mobile speeds cap around 300 mb/s while hspa+ mobile can get upwards around 600 mb/s theoretical.

      Side note, every time I’ve had someone on LTE tried to show me it’s faster then HSPA+, my HSPA+ downloaded about 2mb/s faster then their LTE.

      •  I carry both aa T-Mobile HSPA+ phone (Galaxy SIII) and an AT&T LTE phone (Galaxy Note) everywhere and there hasn’t been a single instance where I had LTE signal that it wasn’t at least twice as fast as the HSPA+ Signal.  When I was in Atlanta a couple months ago I was consistently pulling down 30MBps download speeds on the note and the best I saw on T-Mobile was 3MBps (much of the time in Atlanta my T-Mobile phone was stuck on EDGE so I didn’t bother testing on EDGE).

        LTE as a technology is still very young and there’s lots of room for growth especially when you talk about LTE advanced (which is what T-Mobile is building out) while HSPA tech is at the end of it’s _useful_ life as evidenced by the widening gap between theoretical and real world speeds as T-Mobile tacks on ever larger (and increasingly arbitrary) numbers to the end of HSPA+ in a transparently desperate attempt to convince _somebody_ that it’s comparable to a real 4G technology.

        In terms of real world performance


        • Gecko

           Actually if you do true research into it and not what people just tell you, the final max cap on LTE advance with full capabilities for mobile service is 300 mb/s. the 1gb/s speed is on WIRED connections. While HSPA+ final max fully upgraded capable speeds are 600 mb/s so LTE in long run is slower.

          As far as your personal tests, you are in bad area, as example in Denver I can run tests on HSPA+ and not once have i gone below 15mb/s and that’s in a large city with a usage base while max LTE speeds I see people having here with the amount of customers in Denver is about 8 mb/s from true tests with friends of mine.

        • I’m in Los Angeles and I’ve done tests in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Atlanta, I suppose all of those are just “bad areas”? I guess if HSPA+ works well in Denver that’s all the proof needed to say that HSPA+ is a superior technology?

        • As a follow up I’d like to update this and give some credit where credit is due, just yesterday I noticed a strong HSPA+ signal on my S3 and decided to run a speed test and was impressed to see 19MBps download speed which is way way faster than anything I’ve ever seen on TMO and while it’s still a decent amount faster than the fastest LTE speeds I’ve seen (30MBps) it is faster than the slowest LTE speeds I’ve seen (12MBps).

          Of course the flip side of that is there were a few times the day before when I was out riding my motorcycle in the foothills around L.A. and there were 3 different occasions where I was unable to use my S3 at all, in each case I had either 3-5 bars of EDGE or in one case I had 2 bars of HSPA+ but in all the cases I was unable to do simple activities like check in on Foursquare (a relatively data-light activity) and in all 3 cases I was able to use my Galaxy Note flawlessly.

    • Kaffeguy

      DT need to be ridiculed but we must remember that DT is not in the USA, T-Mobile is in the USA. They are part of DT, but it is not fair to T-mobile. Verizon on the other hand has invested what? Verizon and AT&T charge too much for LTE, and we the consumers are paying for that roll-out and the high wages of their executives. I’m sure that if Verizon’s CEO was asked to take a $100,000 cut in pay a year he would be looking for another job. So we the consumers and the corporations, and businesses that use these over priced conglomerates are paying for the LTE roll out. The smaller companies like Sprint, T-mobile, are trying to survive to keep competition growing. 

  • Makoute

    They must feel the heat from tmobile.

    • Spanky

      With T-Mobile’s ongoing churn, I doubt that’s the case. Not trolling, just stating the obvious.

  • Tasty Tuna

    Whether or not they feel the heat from T-mobile is irrelevant. 
    Besides this being incredibly misleading, it puts T-mobile in a poor light, but the worst part is that in your subconscious this stays. 
    My mom, who has a smartphone(overkill) mentioned to me that T-mobile is slow and cited this ad as research and even though she doesn’t use data heavily or cares about it, she feels that the service is slow. What?. Could the common customer be this stupid? Perhaps.

    So I had to swing by here to see what’s up, and imagine my surprise that the fallacy was in the type of LTE. Shame to admit that I wasn’t aware of this. 

    I know it’s presidential season, but why fallacies in my ads. Do not want.

  • None

    Now we shall compare price…. crickets….

  • Yup, well their 4G coverage is crap too… I believe a natiowide 4G plan should be set in place… not just big cities, everyone wants 4G… I live in a small town but with all these new 4G phones EDGE really doesn’t cut it… And I have a Samsung Galaxy S 3… EVEN SPRINT gets 3G speeds here.. Verizon does too… horrible service T-Mobile.. EDIT: Verizon has 4G LTE here…

  • Kaffeguy

    After reading the article and looking at the commercial presented, I see how other companies may feel. It think it is all about speed and how fast one can download songs, movies, etc. to pads, laptops, net-books, and phones. As a former Verizon user, I must say they have the best coverage, and that was before LTE was in the play. I was with them many years. I change providers and Sprint has come a long way since they started out as Sprint PCS, it still needs improvement in areas on 3G. Their prices are better than other networks, but their WiMax is a joke. I soon will be leaving them since my contract is over and I’m back on the road, and have to battle with coverage and dropped calls in few remote areas. As I stated earlier they have improved greatly. I’m not a fan of GSM, in the United States. I find that CDMA worked better than GSM when cell phones were evolving. I had Cingular before it was AT&T and I had to get rid of them with in a month it was horrible. I have never has T-Mobile. I have heard that they have come a long way. Many of my friends and family have switched to T-mobile because of their pricing and their services have improved. They were already good at customer service but with the idea that AT&T merger was going to take place they slacked off on many areas. I have tried their HSPA+42 on family members phones and broadband plans they are fast. They have nothing to envy in most instances Verizon, and especially Sprint. I don’t think that the technology matters as much to people as the speed they are getting, and less buffering. For my personal use if I am able to download a music and stream, and download Videos and maybe a movie for long layover to entertain myself when at an airport or at a meeting or for work faster than 3G I will be satisfied. T-mobile should invest in getting more spectrum and enlarging their network with the HSPA+42 and their back haul as they have been doing and I think they will be fine. IMHO I think consumers just want less dropped calls, able for their network to work anywhere and with today’s applications the need for “speed” is a must, no matter the technology behind it. 

    • Eanfoso

      So you’ve never heard they have come a long way, yet you said family members say their services have improved??? Sounds contradictory to me, and considering the timeframe that t-mobile has been only for 10 years they have come a long way, compared to sprint who has dial up speeds when t-mobile has HSPA+ speeds, none the less their LTE is slower than our HSPA+ 42 at least here in Houston

      • Kaffeguy

        I mean that Sprint has come a long way but they need improvement on their network. That is why I’m leaving Sprint. I don’t like GSM, but I had GSM ages ago with Cingular before it was AT&T and it was worthless. I have tried T-Mobile and from some family members and friennds phones and I seem to get good reception and the speed they are providing now is good. I will choose a phone when the Windows 8 comes out and evaluate it. I’m gearing toward T-Mbile if I’m able to get access in buildings especially in hospitals.