Newest Verizon Marketing Spot Pokes Fun At T-Mobile’s Non-Existent LTE Network

Verizon’s newest marketing spot is definitely taking some cheap shots at T-Mobile’s nonexistent LTE network. Verizon calls this a “focus group” which is probably better known as a group of low-paid actors but hey, I can’t say that for certain. Still, Verizon does have the nation’s largest LTE network, nobody is disputing that and they arguably have one of the best networks, period. Still, I can’t help but notice the absence of any mention of T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, which isn’t LTE I grant you. However, HSPA+ 42Mbps is more than capable of putting up matching speeds against Verizon’s LTE and is certainly fast enough to not make you look longingly at any other carriers LTE network.

Check out the full 30 second spot and see how you feel about Verizon’s skewed charts.


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