T-Mobile Debuts New Unlimited Data Plan Marketing Spot

“Introducing T-Mobile’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan: The only plan of its kind. No caps, no overages and no limits on a Nationwide 4G Network. And T-Mobile has it.”

It’s Carly, it’s a motorcycle and it’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G data. Any questions?


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  • Bumbklaatt

    This is a good thing…

    • the weird thing is that when i called to check on the plan this morning the rep told me that  during peak hours and heavy network usage my speeds would slow down.  the people on the regular  throttled plans get a better experience and will get the better speeds as long as they are under their cap.

  • 21stNow

    This might be T-Mobile’s best commercial ever.

  • vicryixiv

    I like the plan. I really just wish they could come up with something compelling for Carly to DO on that motorcycle. The iphone style aping was getting a little tired, sure, but at least we had some variety to the comericals then (rapper dude, iphone guy, rocker carly, etc). This is all just generic cities and motorcycles going down the road. 

    • Dakota

      it’s time to send Carly away. I don’t think the campaigns with her have ever really made a difference. I bet if you did a poll over 95 percent of people would have no idea whi Carly is.

      • Paul

        I LOVE CARLY!


        Na, I disagree but here’s why. To start, Carly is her REAL name and not the character’s name. Meet Carly Foulkes, T-Mobile magenta girl. We all LOVED those commercials. They were also modeled after the Apple commercials. Since they’re “s-s-s-suing” (80’s reference) everyone it’s best to leave that alone for a while. 

        I agree that new customers won’t know who she is, but they might get curious about the character. Maybe magenta can bring back her speaking parts. Regardless, the commercials are not bad. Working as a designer, and having worked in advertising, I get the motorcycle metaphor and it works. As a customer, and having a slight crush on Carly, I would like her to speak more.

  • MacRat
    • That’s what I did?!

      • MacRat

        Sorry then. I guess it is a glitch on YouTube’s side as the embed forces flash over HTML5.

  • Barker1964

    I got mine this morning…..YEA BABY

  • Nathan S.

    I just want to know how long this will be offered and will it truly be unlimited? I mean, I could see someone raching up 10+GB of data very easily just by streaming music and watching netflix daily. I personally do not have an at home ISP because internet providers in my area suck, so I dont have a netflix account and dont usually stream much due to 5GB throttling cap. If this plan is legit, I will be opening up a netflix account right away and likely watch it daily as well as streaming Music. Right now I have a grand fathered Family, 2 line, Even More Plus account with unlimited Talk, Text and Data. With Taxes and fees and what not, I pay $160.00 a month.

    This used to be a unlimited account and then the throttling thing came along and my account started stating 5GB of high speed data. I wonder if the account will go back to unlimited or should I just quickly jump to the new plans?


    • Makoute

      I go over five, by just streaming radio for like a couple of hours a day.

  • bydavidrosen

    Trying to decide between this and my current plan, which is $5 a month more, but I get 5gb data (i don’t think I’ve EVER gone over 3gb) and a mobile hotspot. Kinda thinking I might as well stick with what I have. Awesome that T-Mobile is offering it though.

    • JBLmobileG1

      I say if you never go over what you have then stick with what you have. Remember this though… as time goes on apps will get bigger and bigger and cloud storage may be the future so unlimited may end up being better in the long run. Besides who’s to say how long this truly unlimited plan will be available.

  • Carloslacend

    Well I think this is NOT a good move for Tmobile. And do not think that last long. But everything is for the good of Tmobile.

  • Dakota

    we should make this a vailable on prepaid only. But the truth of the matter is most people don’t need unlimited data. I still can’t understand why people would want to watch netflix on the phone and I don’t know anybody who has a need to stream music all day long without wifi.as someone else said, I don’t know what they’ll do if someone uses an extraordinary amount of data. The other thing is will this be in the effect when they start out lte ervice? Part of me thinks not

    • The focus is to attract postpaid customers.  That’s the reason this isn’t available for prepaid.

  • nda

    in wrong post

    dave do you hava a nda with tmobile??told you about http://slickdeals.net/f/5048656-T-Mobile-Galaxy-S-II-No-Contract-for-299-Walmart-Walmart-com?page=12many knew about this.
    just let us know if you or tmonews has a non disclose agreement. This would help in knowing how you can report.

    • I don’t report on a story by reasons of forgetfulness and all of a sudden I have an NDA? Nevermind all the leaks I’ve done in the past week? I mean really?

      • friendly question

         No one said forgetfulness just want to know yes or no about nda.
        i guess a will open it up further in a friendly manner, nda  for anything?
        btw leaks in many instances are on purpose.

        • No NDA, no intentional leaks, this is an independent blog and I have no affiliation with T-Mobile.

  • Paul

    Not gonna lie…got a chubby watching that commercial. 

    I have the 5Gig cap, and have met it before. Whether it’s downloading documents, streaming music and movies, or just surfing webpages that seem to have a ton of crap to load. Some of us HAVE reached out limit, some of us DO want unlimited data, like the good ol’ days.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Well, I did it. I bit the bullet and switched to the Unlimited 4G data plan. The downside is no more tethering but I do save $30 a month which is super helpful during those rough days when I am short on cash. Another nice thing is that I was able to keep my old grandfather plan thats 1,000. minutes with MyFavs for $39.99 and 300 messages for $4.99. $75 before taxes and insurance plus I still get my 15% discount through my work… I can’t complain. Also the rep over the phone was Awesome and super helpful answering all my questions. For some odd reason though he was having issues with adding the plan to my grandfathered plan but assured me that it would work and that he would get it switched over within 24 hours. I really think Tmobile has something here. The TV add is one of the best that I’ve seen from them and the price is amazing. Even without LTE right now Tmobile’s HSPA+ network is fast enough. Hopefully this plan alone will keep the iphone crazed customers from jumping ship to the competition and bring in the current iphone customers who really want to make use of their phone and all it can do.

    • cielomoreno127

      Someone one lied to you. I have a grandfathered unlimited loyalty plan and was told that the truly unlimited 4g is incompatible with grandfathered plans. This was by an account specialist in the retention department. I would have to switch to a classic or value v plan.

      • JBLmobileG1

        Comes to find out they lied alright about keeping my plan among other things… so I decided to keep my original plan instead and not switch. As for the rep who lied to me… I hope he is rimmed for giving me false information and lying to me about multiple things including questions that I asked and giving me false answers. I have worked in retail for 12 years and I’d rather tell a customer that I don’t know the answer than to feed them BS which I know could get me into trouble. I also remember his name and found out his last initial by going to a corporate store, so if I ever talk with him again you can bet I will give him a piece of my mind. I have been a customer for a while and have contributed many customers to them through sales and word of mouth so it’s sad to know that one bad apple can leave a sour taste in my mouth.

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    Seriously considering ditching my grandfathered unlimited plan and re-upping to a Value plan…it will cost me the same price for unlimited everything…(good bye $5.99 T-zones plan..we had a good run)

    I tend to always BYOD and if the refarm pans out in my area (iPhone user in Boston), I think I can stomach a 2-year commitment. (I haven’t gone anywhere yet). The place I visit in NH has barely-cell-service from US-Cellular, (AT&T barely works there, too) so if Verizon/Sprint works better up there, I might need to switch :'(

    I really wish T-mobile had some kind of Femtocell I could plug in up there!

    • Paul

      There is the WiFi Calling if you have internet there. Only uses your minutes and just needs a wifi connections. Standard on most T-Mobile smart phones. 

      • conservative_motorcyclist

        Problem is WiFi calling isn’t available on the iPhone or Windows Phone Devices. I am not a huge android fan, so I can’t take advantage of this :(
        Now if they started offering WiFi calling on Windows Phone and the iPhone, that’d be pretty sweet! (prob won’t happen)

        • Paul

          Ha ha, yeah that would limit the function. Android fan here. 

        • Eanfoso

          Uh yes there’s wifi calling for iphone, ever heard of bobsled?

    • BigMixxx

      Actually they do, if you qualify…

    • WHAT IS tzones or was

  • fsured

    People shouldn’t treat this as the answer to ditch home wifi.  The signal will not be constant based on your location and what your house/apartment is made of.  It may result in buffering during netflex, streaming audio, and gaming.  You won’t be able to do multiple things at the same time like stream audio, download a movie, chat, and play heavy online games on your phone or tablet like you can on  home Internet with relative smoothness.  The devices can’t handle that and the cell signal probably won’t either.

    You would also lose wifi calling if you ditch the home internet.

    • Also in the fine print T-Mobile says they reserve the right to suspend, throttle, or even cancel the service of someone found to be abusing the unlimited data feature (i.e. high volume illegal tethering).

  • Elpapipr

    I just jumped on it before it is too late!

    • I haven’t heard it to be a promotion. Did I miss something?

      • Elpapipr

        Just wanted to grab it before they change their minds!

  • So when will unlimited data come to prepaid customers is the real answer? i’m tired of throttling. When i reach my 4G data limit and get reduced I feel like im in 2008 again with a Sidekick 2008 :(  nand 2G on that phone is faster then what i’m throttled too !

    • Switch to a classic plan, because if it does come it will be expensive. Just switch to a classic or value plan.

    • Tmo_employee

      its prepaid tmobile focus is post paid not prepaid 

    • tmo4LIFE

      Jay if you don’t want to have your service to throttle then go on a value plan, Prepaid customers can’t have it all so get yourself on contract.

      • Im actually switiching to postpaid in about 2 months. But im brining my prepaid galaxy s ii over. And ill finally have truely unlimite 4g data.

  • Dumbazz

    Haha ever since the ICS update I have been through 2 Samsung Galaxy S3 2’s. They apparently won’t swap out the phone anymore and say it’s a software issue so we users are basically SOL. It’s no wonder tmo is 4th.

    • nyuhsuk

      Doesn’t the S3 come with ICS?  Sounds like FUD.

  • pops87

    Is this just a gambit to keep ppl from jumping ship for the iphone 5? Because i thought truly unlimited data wasn’t a sustainable business model.

  • Robin

    does this change require contract extention? i got classic plan with  preferred android web for $20

    • Paul

      NOPE! My upgrade starts Saturday and I switched the data to unlimited today without an extension. Just login to the T-Mobile site, manage your account to change the plan, switch the “data” to the unlimited, …, PROFIT! 

  • Feelbadman

    Its fine print says that it is limited time offer. Really???

    http://deals.t-mobile.com/unlimited-data-plan (see below)

    • Paul

      Likely they might move the price up a few bucks. 

  • Fish

    Just picked it up about an hour ago.  Same basic plan, no change in my price!

    I don’t have a 4g phone, but now I don’t have any throttling!  (also had to sign a 2yr contract but whatevs)

  • Feelbadman

    Limited time offer? It says on that website. (see the fine print)

    • JBLmobileG1

      Thanks for pointing that out. As I kept on reading I learned that I would go from my current 200mb of roaming to 50mb coming from my Ultra 10gb plan. Also it states that the network will be prioritized with the premium and ultra plans getting the fastest connections over the other plans if the network gets congested.. and with an offer like this I am sure it will. Too bad… looks like I will be sticking to my current plan after all. At least I still have tethering, my free 10gb of space for photos and video, the roaming, and saving myself $5 a month since I picked up the Ultra plan before it was raised. Maybe one day Tmobile I will switch when everything becomes clearer.

  • so when is 3G coming to the iphone ? no signs of it here in Long island NY 

    • Booya

      There is a nationwide upgrade happening.  Takes time, requires yanking out the old stuff and putting in the new cool stuff :-)

    • Bud

      My friend got 3 g on his iphone 4s for about 2 min yesterday in bayside queens.

    • Paul

      When are you going to drop that junk and get an Android phone? :)

  • Derektni

    Just changed my data plan. Same price at $25 a month. I’m free I’m free! Lol

  • GBGamer

    T-Mobile is so not nationwide. Last time I checked, Montana was part of this nation, and whenever I go there, I have to either roam on ATT, or, because ATT is crappy there as well, I go without coverage. I love you t-mobile, but you aren’t nationwide.

    • Jctusa7

      okay nationwide dosent mean in every single spot. The population isnt big enough their for tmoible to make a investment. Tmobile is more about creating a quality experience in more populated areas and I believe it, because often when im in an urban area my phone is blazing fast 4g while my friends with verizon and Att are getting dropped calls and slow data

      • GBGamer

         I know, I know. It just annoys me because I can’t get 3g.

        • Jctusa7

          Dont worry i know the feeling, i do travel up to New Hampshire sometimes and its a dead zone for 3g their but… you know I like my underdog carrier. And also tmobile does have wifi calling which really impresses people when im deep in a building and noooobody has signal  but im texting away.

        • GBGamer

           I can’t have wifi calling because I have a GSII with CM9 :'(

        • Jctusa7

          yoo i have the galaxy s2 as well and I was going to root my phone but that was the only reason I stayed with stock and didnt! I know there are some people that have managed to get it to work on CM9 but I couldnt figure it out

        • Nearmsp

          Use t-mobile Bobsled App for free US calling. Works from outside the US as well.

        • GBGamer

           Thanks, I’ll try it out.

        • nyuhsuk

          Does WiFi calling let you send SMS/MMS?  I thought it was only for voice.  Cool.

        • Joseph Tongret

          Wifi calling works for text messages as well. I love having it. :-)

  • yodaddy

    so is this a no go with unlimited loyalty plan? im paying $20 for android preferred.I want to have the unlimited if im allowed. I got 2 months for a full discount aswell.

    • cielomoreno127

      Yes, it isn’t compatible with the unlimited loyalty plan. Must change plans.

  • TmoChoice

    Yea I have a question.  When will Tmobile get a prettier spokesmodel?  Carly Foulkes?  Really? They had to get the bottom of the barrel again.

    • Tbyrne

      If you think Carly’s not pretty, you must think Jocelyn Wildenstein is the most beautiful woman in the world. Lol!

    • Paul

      Bottom of the barrel? I’d be interested in what you consider the “top shelf” is. 

      Carly is very attractive in my opinion. I’d like to have more commercials with her speaking again. 

  • Tlfelder0927

    Can someone answer this, I understand that by switching to the new unlimited plan, u loss the option of hotspot an tethering, however I have an unlocked galaxy nexus running on T-Mobile service an at the current time I’ve been able to use the mobile hotspot without adding that feature to my plan, if I switch to this new unlimited plan would I still be able to use it without them knowing? I am currently on 5gb a month unlimited which I go over every month, but u would like to switch but not at the cost of losing mobile hotspot, what dobu guys think?

    • Joseph Tongret

      Any unlocked international models have always tethered for me too. The tether blocking is in the software, so non Tmo phones should still be fine. There are also hacks to get around it, but I’m personally just getting a hot spot. I added the unlimited plan today, but I’m waiting on a callback about the hot spot, as the rep said they should be able to give me the unit I wanted for free since I’ve been a long time customer & it will be my sixth line. My phones are all rooted & I know I can get the hot spot feature, but with the more then fair price they’ve offered this for, I’m playing by the rules & just going to use a 2gb mobile hot pot plan. I don’t tether a great deal, but there are times when it’s necessary for me to have the option.

  • Eanfoso

    As much as I hate to admit it, it’s still NOT unlimited/unthrottled 4G internet, I added this new feature and today I checked my usage to see a 10 gigabyte cap

    • cielomoreno127

      That’s 10 terabyte check it. It doesn’t count data. Just says unlimited.

    • Paul

      Cialomoreno is right, others have mistakenly noted they see 10Gig cap. It’s not true, you have a 10 terabyte cap. The only way to max that is to use the phone as a server for a popular website…not sure we can actually do that right now. 


  • Bryck

    I switched my plan to the new 4g unlimited. ……..Im still able to tether on my rooted vibrant no customers Rom.

    • Paul

      That’s what I’m hearing from others. 

  • Palus85

    Has any tmobile employees been able to get this plan? David, do you know if the employees can?

  • Mark

    Regarding the network, I just noticed something on the new website: the coverage map no longer differentiates between 3G and 4G coverage, instead just using the same “Excellent/VG/G…” signal strength indicators for 3G and 4G combined.  Given that I’m typically lucky to get 4 Mbps at home with a full set of bars and an Excellent rating on the coverage map, that map has become a lot less useful than it was.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    0:18 “Professional Driver on a Closed Course”

    Now how many people paid attention and noticed that part?  That’s the fine print that people should read when it comes to Tmobile’s plans.

    Tmobile will do the same thing with this Limited time Unlimited 4G Data plan that they did with the Unlimited plans of old.
    Thus the reason for them having “Tmobile reserves the right to throttle any user that is congesting the network” in the contract. 

    Kind of odd to have such a statement in an Unlimited plan right?

    Read the fine print BEFORE you sign into this contract people.  That’s all I’m saying.

  • Winski


  • Is Carly pregnant?

  • Winnt

    What crap. In order to get the “deal” you have to upgrade to their new super expensive plan and THEN add it on…. Existing customers (10+ yrs) get the shaft!!!!