T-Mobile To Carry Nokia’s New “Arrow” Windows Phone 8 Smartphone?

According to sources from The Verge, Nokia will unveil two new Windows Phone 8 devices during their September 5th event. The first device, the Nokia “Arrow” will be announced along with the “Phi” handset. Both devices are a part of Nokia’s Lumia lineup, and the “Arrow” and “Phi” as codenames.

AT&T is said to carry the Nokia Phi handset exclusively as a “hero” device, expected to feature a large curved display as the successor to the Lumia 800/900 range of devices. The Arrow Windows Phone 8 devices is said to be more mid-range and will be available on both AT&T and T-Mobile inside the US. Little else is known about the Arrow device, especially in regards to what kind of specs constitute a “mid-range” device in Nokia’s world.

I guess we’ll have our answer on September 5th.

The Verge

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  • ceegii63

    as long as we get the ODYSSEY at Tmo il be happy

  • LTEstyles

    Here we go again with T-Mobile getting low end windows phone.

    • jay_max

      Yeah, that sucks.  I suppose in theory, with the frequency re-farm, we can buy the AT&T model unlocked (hopefully) and use it on TMO.

      • LTEstyles

         You have a point there my friend.

  • Guest

    Really frustrated that i have to get a 2nd rate Win Phone on t-mobile

  • Alda

    lol what else is new? all i hear is mid range..

  • Whiskers

     T-Mobile , you still can’t get the higher end windows phone.
    What a joke !

    • T-Mobile is getting the high-end Samsung Odyssey. We’re just missing out on the Nokia Phi.

      • Whiskers

        If so that’s good news.
        But I would like to have a choice of different manufactures than just one high end model offered through T-Mobile.

        • Eanfoso

          You do have choices dude! It’s called putting a sim card on that phone :) Nokia phones back in Europe are Penta band, which means it’ll have hspa+ support from t-mobile, so in another words you can still get it, you’ll just have to be a smart American and buy it at retail price then migrate your plan to a value plan :)

        • Whiskers

          Dude , i’m already on the Value plans with 3 lines and i already know all about buying my phones outright.
          The issue here is until T-Mobile finishes their refarming of the 1900mz for AT&T phones to work on T-Mobile’s 3G , i’m still stuck on Edge without a branded T-Mobile phone bonehead.
          Hell , in most parts of Ohio you can’t even get their 3G network 30 minutes outside the major cities.
          So how long do you think their going to take getting the refarming process done , not over night since their going to hit the big cities first before everyone else.
          So why would i go spend a half of grand on a new phone that currently can’t receive T-Mobile’s 3G and sit around waiting for T-Mobile to refarm my area when i can get any T-Mobile phone on the EIP plan that has the proper radio needed for T-Mobile’s 3G/HSPA+ service already.
          And in one year from now T-Mobile will release 4G LTE , so that’s why i want T-Mobile to step up to the plate and start releasing high end WP8 that’s LTE capable before i go throw money away.

        • Eanfoso

          Yeah that’s not true man, look at my previous posts on this dude who thought the same thing, that just bc t-mobile wasn’t getting it he couldn’t get it, truth is, nokia phones back in Europe are penta band!! :) for instance, the whole nokia n6,7,8, 9, nokia 808 pureview, the whole brand new asha series, all of them penta band, which means if this phone gets released in Europe, it will have t-mobile support for 3.5 g (t-mobile misleadingly advertises their network as 4g lol)

  • 20°

    Coincidence that unlimited data is starting Sept 5th and this announcement is Sept 5th?

  • Well, at least we get the Odyssey. I was hoping to see a high-end Nokia device though.

  • D Velasquez

    i can see Fujitsu complaining to change the name or Nokia itself changing the name, Fujitsu is already using the Arrow/Arrows on their phones. on the other hand those are great news im dying to get a WP8 device and give android a break.

    • Dax

      Arrow is just a code name. 

  • nd5

    T-Mobile management obviously doesn’t listen to it’s customers.  Again we get the table scraps while at&t gets the main course.  The rumors are flying that iPhone 5 is a no-go.  Once, just once T-Mobile can you please step up to the plate and give us the phones we’ve been asking… more like pleading… for???  

    • Eanfoso

      You’re pathetic, you do realize you can just buy such phones and still save money by the end if the day, right?

      • nd5

        I think your choice of adjectives is a bit suspect.  I provided my opinion on the information in the article.  What about that makes me pathetic?  If the Phi phone is not released on T-Mobile then it will probably only run on edge speeds on our network, until some time in the future when the refarming efforts have been completed.  Regardless, just because you may not agree with my opinion does not make me pathetic…

        • Eanfoso

          Eh yes it does, Nokia is noted for making Penta band phones, for instance a clear example is the Nokia n8/n9, it had 850/900/1700/1900/2100, hell it even had the t-mobile 3/4G frequencies even though it never made it to USA, don’t talk out of your ass, do research first, FYI all the recently released Nokia phones n Europe, like the Aisha series, have t-mobile 3/4G support

        • cruzz563

          Their high end Lumia phones are not pentaband however, only the 710, the one T-Mobile carries, the 800 and 900 do not have AWS. So until that happens why don’t you stop talking out of your ass?

          On another note, say what you will about Samsung, but at least they put their flagship on every carrier, unlike HTC and Nokia.

        • Ragnar

           Except I have been BURNED by really poor quality samsung phones, software and lack of updates and will never buy samsung again.  Hopefully Nokia will have pentaband on the phone so I can get one.

        • Eanfoso

          It will man, not the at$t version, it will be just like when sony Ericsson tried going into android for the first time, back in Europe, the Xperia x10 had quad band, the standard 850 for Europe, 1700,1900, and 2100, however the Xperia x10a which was the at$t version, was just tri band! 800/1900/2100 this pissed me off so much, it was such a gay and dick move on their part to keep customers with that phone locked to at$t, but oh well, hopefully Nokia sees through this and makes the debut of this phone in Europe as well, btw I don’t even like windows phones
          Ol but I do love Nokia though, btw bro look up the Nokia 808 pureview, Penta band and finally, a symbian phone for the first time in well, a year lol

        • Eanfoso

          Like I said, the phones that are released in Europe, the lumia 900 was NOT released in Europe, moron, idk really about samsung, even with dual core they still crash big time, I would like to see how the quad core exynos operates, and hopefully this phone is released in Europe, if it is the hello 1700/2100 frequencies lol

        • cruzz563

           Hey moron, we’re not talking about Nokia’s old ass OS Symbian European phones, we’re talking about the Lumia Windows Phones, and only 1 of those has had AWS. So go play in traffic.

        • Eanfoso

          O.o symbian or windows has NOTHING to do with the phone being penta band, wtf?! Do you think before you speak? Fyi the nokia n# series uses meego, just be quiet

        • Eanfoso

          One more thing, windows lags way behind symbian and meego big time

        • nd5

          Yeah, before spouting from your ass eanfoso, do some research yourself and tell me where it’s documented that the Phi will have all of the frequencies you’ve listed?

        • Eanfoso

          It’s an assertion jackass, take this for instance, all iPhones are black and white, what are the odds the next iPhone, even though all previous ones are black and white, that this one won’t be black or white? Now if we just close our eyes and think about this and the Nokia phones, all previous ones dating back to 2010 which have been Penta band, what are the odds this one, in a more demanding market share for Nokia, will not be Penta band?.

        • nd5

          So you pulled a guess out of your ass and managed to needlessly call me a name again. I guess you feel like you win? smh

    • davedsone

      AT&T is paying a premium to do so.  Tmo just isn’t about that, and for sure not with the refarm going.  They are putting the money into the network at the moment.

    • TayshaunBoba

      You have to keep in mind that the production cycle of a phone is a MINIMUM of one year, so all the phones being released now were designed while T-Mo was still in limbo and waiting regulatory approval. It’s going to take time before new, highpower “hero” phones are released by T-Mo. I would guess you’ll see them a lot once LTE is here.

  • Bratty

    wifi calling. wifi calling. wifi calling.
    That is all I need to dump Android. Fingers crossed.

    • My Android phones have wifi calling right now on t-mobile.

      • Bratty

        Do you mean your wp phone by any chance? I do have wifi calling on android right now and its a killer feature.

    • Google support too, that’s a must have for me. If WP8 can bring that, I’d leave android and iOS too.

      • Bratty

        I dont care for google support personally but THAT would be a killer! Imagine being able to run practically any app you want from wp or android. Wow.

      • Wyn6

        Google won’t even make a legit You Tube app for WP. So, I’m gonna wager, beyond Gmail, there won’t be any Google support. I’ve transferred all of my contacts, email, and what not over to MS services anyway. So…

  • Amitus

    I do agree even though T-Mobile is the smallest of the “Big 4” they have really pushed the Windows Line better than anyone else over the years. I would say this is a Big FAIL on Nokia’s end of this rumor is true. Windows Mobile is gaining some steam. They will be the #3 OS this year. I really think you will see even bigger Windows Mobile numbers now that Samsung has bought into Windows and is coming out with some “Galaxy Type” Windows devices. I have really enjoyed the Windows OS over the past 6 years (even though 6 was a epic fail lol) . I will say though I haven’t enjoyed the Lumia device. The camera isn’t that good and there is no front facing camera for skype and what really made me mad was it wasn’t upgradable to Windows 8.  If the court battle doesn’t go well for Samsung VS Apple you may see them switch and go all in on the Windows format. If that happens you can put Nokia in the same trash can with Blackberry. Even if they don’t go all in, if they come out with a Galaxy Line or Windows Phones… Nokia is dead. They should have done a better job getting all the carriers their phones.

    • 3560freak

      The only valid complaint is for the camera quality. No front camera??? That was never in the specs, how does that make this phone bad? (now if it had one but it didn’t work then you would have a valid complaint). There is not one single phone getting updated to windows phone 8, so how can you be angry at Nokia???

  • Jtfinn

    Why does T-Mobile ALWAYS play second fiffle to AT&T and Verizon…..always getting the “mid range” product when the other 2 (and in some cases)3 get the “plum” top end product?     I have ALWAYS (for 9 years) stayed with TMO but am getting a little sick of ALWAYS getting a product that’s just a little short of the product the other guys have.   Why can’t TMO for once step up to the plate and hit a home run instead of the sacrifice bunt every time.    If they REALLY want to move up from #3, they need to lead the way once in awhile

    • Jose Hernandez

       I understand your frustration, I just got the Galaxy S 3 and can finally say I have a phone that is relevant. for now anyway. T-Mobile just has a harder time getting better deal on phones because they lack the huge money banks AT&T and Verizon have in order to make exclusive deals, and they money they do have they want to use wisely. Not saying that is an excuse at all, but I can understand the way they play the field. Now, if you are honestly this unhappy with the phone selection, you might want to consider going to another carrier. I don’t think this will be changing anytime soon, and if it does bother you this much, it may be time to make a change. 

    • Gouv

      It’s about money and resource which tmo has a lot less of and has been making a lot less of over the years, sadly.  The other two have endless deep pockets and can pay to have the best of the best on their carrier even if it causes loss.  They are good at drawing customers to them to pay more for other reasons but handset selection is certainly one of them…..

    • Verizon is also getting a variant of the midrange Arrow. Deep pockets don’t necessarily mean a carrier will throw their weight into something.

  • Jtfinn

    And between Samsung and the Vibrant and LG and the G2X, I will noy buy another product made by either of these two manufacrurers….I had a Nokia phone 8 years ago and it was the best phone I’ve ever had…..have been looking so forward to getting the top of the line Nokia Lumina Windows 8 phone and am now left with that empty feeling again – can get close but have to settle for second best AGAIN

    • davedsone

      Nah, just go to AT&T and settle for getting pounded up the …  wallet.  Then you can get your top of the line LUMIA device.

  • 4.7 inch screen and dual core? Sounds good for WnMo fans, woohoo.

    • Dax

      Windows Phone NOT windows mobile.  Troll harder.

      • Hey you obviously don’t know me if you are acting like a little kid with the troll thing, go away youngster. Have a good day.

        • mantikos

          You are an idiot, thats all I can say…

        • Jwilliams ghetto fabulous

          Well we know you have to pimp your videos which have horrible view amounts.
          I think we can also determine you are straight out of the ghetto. Only hood dwellers use the term youngster.

  • Dax

    Looks like I’ll be getting the Odyssey then.  To bad.  I’m going to miss not having those exclusive Nokia apps.

  • Whiskers

    I wonder if HTC will put out a high end WP8  ?

  • You can have it :/ I’m a little bored with my Mango Lumia :( Missing Android…. 

  • bruce_leer0y

    Tmobile receiving another “Lil brother device”. Wonderful. Let’s hope Htc or Samsung does something better.

  • bah to the midrange windows phone ..

  • Adridavo

    Midrange… wtf..!!!

  • Gouv

    I’m happy to see this… Windows phone deserves nicer hardware!

  • Rudy

    Once again a mid range device while at&t gets the high end.

    One x and one s all over again.

  • ceegii63

    maybe we get the midrange of the 1st wave, who know we may get a Lumia Pureview by next year

  • bluechrism

    While disapointed to get the Arrow rather thaPhi on T-Mo, hopefully it will be a upper mid range device – more like HTC One S compared to X type thing.

    Speaking of hTC, I wonder it T-Mo will be picking up any of their Windows Phones.  I admit to being a big nokia fan, but the HTC Zenith or the accord would do me nicely and looks to outspec the Samsung Odyssey.

  • Enzowned

    There isn’t nicer Win hardware because MS hasn’t specified support for better hardware… This will change with Win8. Furthermore, they probably want to focus on midrange. I welcome it, this is where the bulk of the market is, and if they seem to make above average phones. They just need to sell them properly.

  • jelliottz

    It would appear that Samsung or HTC will be getting my WP8 money. I would rank the Lumia 710 below the Dell Venue Pro in the TMO WP hierarchy. I was excited about some top end Nokia hardware for T-Mobile. Looks like those dreams have been dashed.

    I’m now focusing on the bizarro-twin to the Galaxy Nexus. I would like matching phones, one running the most up-to-date Android and the other with WP8.

  • acerbic

    I thought AT&T couldn’t make me hate them more but they found a way.

  • N773PH

    As usual…T-mobile gets the crummy version. Not surprised at all. That’s the “Challenger Strategy” !

  • ?@®!? G@®CI@ ™

    wow Midrange come on what gives Tmobile Please Get In The Game All Your Customers Want High End Well Most Of Them 

  • ?@®!? G@®CI@ ™

    Damn T-Mobile Please Start Getting High End Phones Come On Listen To Your Customers Were Very Happy About Getting The High End Samsung Windows Phone But Please Do The Same For Nokia Or At Least Get Both 

  • Commander Fury

    As an EM+ customer I like this , though I might change to a new off contract plan in the future if the whole true unlimited data thing motivates me . Anyhow if the spectrum is being refarmed , I could get the Phi international version later on . Or if I like the arrow specs enough I could eventually go that route . I got my c7 on ebay for 175.00 about 15 months ago & still like it . I look at that as one of my prize buys over the last two years . But I will definitely get one of these .

    • 21stNow

       What off-contract plan will have the true unlimited data?

  • Jtfinn

    Now that the Verizon/T-Mobile deal has been approved, I’m wondering – if TMO continues to offer predominately “mid level” and “Second best” phones like the new Nokia Windows 8 phones (Arrow versus Pia which will go to AT&T!) – how long will it take for those 60 million newly acquired former Verizon customers to migrate someplace else?????     Just wondering!!!!!!?????

    • 21stNow

       What 60 million newly acquired former Verizon (Wireless) customers are you referring to?  The spectrum swap would allow T-Mobile to increase its coverage to 60 million additional people.  There are no customers changing hands.  This would just be a change in the coverage map.

  • Jtfinn

    Newspaper articles are touting the auto manufacturers “customer service” efforts of monitoring various social and other websites to pick up on customer complaints and in many cases contacting the customer or perhaps even resolving the situation universally.    Has TMO (and the other carriers) thought of doing something similar with respect to what the consumer wants or is it just a case of they don’t give a damn and the customer will take what the carriers preceive the customer wants?

    • 21stNow

       This is a great idea, which means that it probably won’t be implemented. 

      The big differences here are that there is still a lot of competition in the auto industry as opposed to the cellular service industry and market saturation doesn’t exist with the auto industry as it does with the cellular service industry in this country.

  • Sanjay

    This will be extremely disappointing if true.  I have been with Tmobile for a long time but I am tired of not getting the top line phone.  710 versus 900 as an example.  What is wrong with T-Mobile?  I still have my HD-7 because they keep getting the mid-range stuff..

  • WindAdvisory

    I own TWO Nokia E73’s.  The E73 is the best phone I have ever owned.  During my time with the E73 I have gone out and purchased a iPhone 3gs, a Moto Defy, a HTC G2 and lastly a Nokia E6. None of these devices could hold a candle to my E73’s day to day functionality.  I have spent time with WP7 and I have to say I really like it’s simplicity. Outside of Blackberry it has the potential to be the work horse that I have come to rely upon with Symbian.  I have been crossing my fingers for another Nokia device that will take me to the next level.  I really hope this is the one.  To the executives at Tmobile.(because I know you will read this)  I agree with the comments below. My heart broke when I read we were getting stuck with another 2nd tier device.  With that being said I will take that last statement back if the form factor is on par with the N9 / 800 / 900.

  • James

    I’m getting worn out with AT&T getting all the top-of-the-line phones over T-Mobile.  I would’ve bought a Lumia 900 or 800, but not the 710.  It’s too small, both screen-wise and memory-wise.

    I don’t think it’s that much to ask for a Nokia phone with a 4.3″ 1280×768 screen, PureView 41MP, Rich Recording, and 32GB or 64GB memory.  Seriously, T-Mobile, Nokia, if you make that phone on your network, you will sell in large numbers.

  • This is honestly the phone ive been waiting to upgrade or go to another carrier for.,Microsoft’s “Smart Glass” is an APP,not a piece of hardware,(Possibly a paid App subscription like Zune)and this new set of phones with Windows Mobile promises to be very interesting.

  • Siddharth Shah

    Better not be mid-range or else, I am just jump to the next Nexus device. I hope its high end, we’ll know in a week and half. 

  • Jtfinn

    There are many sites coming out today with comparisons between the Nokia 820 and 920.    If AT&T gets exclusive rights to 920 and T-Mobile is getting the 820, for sure I’M NOT getting the 820 and for sure I’m not changing to AT&T to get the 920 so Nokia is off the board for me…..there is a huge difference between the 2 models.    Getting an unlocked 920 down the road is not a solution ’cause it probably won’t work with 3g/4g/lte other than AT&T so once again, TMO customers gets screwed /forced into Samsung’s only mode & I can’t stand Samsung or LG because of their customer service support    Guess I’ll just settle for a plain phone with no internet, texting, etc