Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G Receiving Maintenance Update

T-Mobile’s Galaxy Exhibit 4G, formerly known as the Exhibit II 4G, formerly known as the device T-Mobile rebranded for unknown reasons is set to receive a minor software update. Regardless of the name, the device will receive a maintenance update with a few bug fixes and improvements. Sorry, no Ice Cream Sandwich here for you Exhibit 4G owners, but any update that brings “device stability improvements” and “bug fixes” is just fine by us.

The update began August 14th, though we’re just getting word of it and now bringing that word to you. This update requires Samsung Kies, as no OTA update is expected. The installation instructions are available at the T-Mobile link below, so go ahead and get started.

Android Police via T-Mobile

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  • TJ

    Why dont they just push it automatically to the phone.  How the hell are Exhibit owners even supposed to find out about this.  Tmobile should at least send a free text or something.  It took 9 days for even to find out about.  I doubt it will help all the problems people are having with text failures, freezing and power cycling, among others.  The last update to 2.36 didnt do much. I dont even know how to use Kies.  I tried once with photos and nothing worked right.  This sucks.  The last update was pushed to the phone and if this is going to help it any way , then do the same.  This is another example of why Tmobile Customer Service Sucks – They issue an update to a handset but they dont tell those customers.  No offense, TMONEWS but most customers are not reading your site and thus will never know about it

  • Randall Lind

    The last time my phone updated itself I had to get a new phone. because it kept saying need to restart and will take 10 mins, I could not get it to go away,

  • Odd.. T-Mobile is confused somehow..  I have T679UVLE1, but its 2.3.6 and not 2.3.5

    • yeah me too; 2.36 but still very buggy…didnt notice much change from the last update.  but what kind of company releases an update and then doesnt inform its customers.  doesnt make any sense to me- send us a text or something – how r people supposed to know

      • when you come in with phone ‘problems’ “O sir no biggie we’ve updated your device with the latest software”

        • Its all bs and Samsung support is a joke. I know t his isnt the best phone but my experiences have really soured me on Android and Samsung.  Just yesterday, something happened to the phone where everything was stuck in landscape.  I assumed some button was accidentally pushed as I find this happens all the time even when the phone appears locked.  I tried support and as usual, they were totally oblivious and did what they always do – tell you to factory reset or blame an app – both of which were unacceptable, esp since my gut told me it was something simple.  I even asked her to check with a supervisor or someone more familiar with the phone.  She refused (and this has happened every time Ive tried to contact CS/TS for anything).  I tried again and finally got a rep who half knew what she was doing and fixed it immediately with one setting – just like I had thought.  But then as usual, when I told her all the problems Ive had with this phone since day 1- and how I complained since the first week – she did what they all do – make a standard apology yet fail to fix the problem or provide a comparable working phone – same thing as Tmobile and their ECR did.  Thats why its hard to commit to Tmobile anymore.  In the old days, after multiple repairs in 6 weeks, they would have at least offered a comparable phone to assure the customer has a phone that has basic functionality and doesnt fail for hours a day

    • im pretty sure like 3 months ago i saw cm9 for the exhibit 2 but i may be wrong

  • galaxydude

    Who even owns a galaxy exhibit ll cheap plastic
    junk more tmobile.

    • Kiwini

      Well when I complained about the terrible customer service experiences I had and documented every incident where reps were rude or incompetent, Mike Katz -the VP of marketing whose the head of Prepaid – sent me this phone.  He promised to take care of issues I had and never followed up on anything.  I also complained to him within days of my getting the phone about its bugginess.  He ignored every email after he told me he would make sure he got things right.  They even deleted my voicemails when they switched me to prepaid without telling me that would happen, and I lost critical emails I had saved from a dead friend.  Again, Mike Katz told me he would look into it and see if they could be retrieved, and again, he never followed through on anything.  In addition to emailing him, I even talked to his secretary.  I realize this is not his job and he would delegate it to someone because hes too busy to deal with individual customer issues.  Yet no one followed up and he never returned any emails and I had to keep sending my phone in for repair only have it malfunction again.  Needless to say, it really soured me on all of this, esp Tmobile.  If one of their executives wont even bother to follow up with a customer whom he promised to ‘make things right’ because youre a valued customer, then I cant be surprised when the lower level reps dont do anything correctly. Yes, its junk and Id never recommend it to anybody.  ITs the worst device Ive ever had…and the service from both Samsung and Tmobile has been the worst Ive ever experienced from any company.  My phone wont even send MMS messages in addition to the other issues

  • IF its no ICE? no CREAM…no JELLY…no BEANS ! UGH

    • Dakota

      this phone will never get any of those…i regret every buying it cuz its been such a bad experience.  Wish Tmo would get the iphone already…Guess theres zero chance we’ll hear an announcement in a few weeks, esp with the introduction of unlimited….I just dont get it…I think a lot of folks wo

  • DeBo

    I just got an update notification for my Galaxy SIII as well.