T-Mobile Releasing Software Update To Rebranded Samsung Exhibit II 4G

Can’t say I have a good explanation for this one as T-Mobile posts a new support document for the Samsung Exhibit II 4G, soon to be known as the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G. Is Samsung concerned with putting these devices under the Galaxy umbrella or is T-Mobile utilizing the power of the Galaxy name to sell some more handsets? Either way, “Galaxy Exhibit 4G” fans have a software upcoming incoming which includes some notable changes. The software will be available OTA and via Kies beginning May 30th continuing through June 15th.

Android version 2.3.6 / Software T679UVLE1

  • Version:
    • Android version 2.3.6 / Software T679UVLE1
    • Over-the-air Update (33MB)
    • Approved:  5/30/12
  • New Features & Improvements:
    • New Features
      • Re-brand to Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G
    • Improvements
      • Google Security Fix
      • Device stability improvements
      • Wi-Fi Calling audio improvements
      • Camera app improvements
      • Swype corporate email improvements


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  • Fred Williams1968

    How about releasing the damn update for the Nokia Astoumd!!! Huh T-Mobile??????????!!!!!!!

    • Jgarofola

      What the hell is a nokia astoumd. How old is it brow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Bklynman

        The Astound came out I believe 3/11,TM sold it less than one yr,it had lots of problems before the Santana update. After Nokia send it out,(the update)the phone runs great! Nokia came out a newer upgrade for it,call the Belle upgrade,which Tm refuses to release for whatever reason they have.

    • PaisanNYC

      Ummm isnt the Nokia Astound a low-end budget Symbian phone, not an Android phone? Good luck with that….

      • Bklynman

        The Astound is very good phone with Santana update(which the way it should of be sold in the 1st
        place.) If I had choice on which phone to buy,I would buy the The Astound over SGH Exhibit. For the record I have both SG2 and The Astound as a back up.I still have 5230 also,which is a great little phone! Which I also would chose over the Exhibit.

    • Bklynman

      Fred if I were u,I would call up or email Nokia find out how u can get the Belle upgrade. Or see if you can upgrade it yourself by google belle upgrade and see what comes up. The fact of the matter Nokia and TM should not put this phone out the way they did,they should of put it out with Santana upgrade in the 1st place!

  • UMA_Fan

    I think this far into the handsets life considering it is a LOW end handset is kind of silly to rebrand it.  It also kind of dilutes the Galaxy name.

    • Bryan

      keep in mind that this a rebrand of the galaxy W anyways so in effect this is galaxy.

  • Bruin81

    I picked up a Exhibit 2 after I sold my Vibrant on Ebay.  Less than $200 at Walmart and got the $30/month 5gb/100 mins plan.  It has worked great until recently replaced by my Galaxy Nexus, still a good backup phone for me.  Nice to see an update for it.

  • Jgarofola

    It had a galaxy exhibit2 for 4 months never had any problems with it sold it on craigs list
    for 175$ after i got my GS2 it was kinda like a mini vibrant.
    I might pick a new one up at wall-marts this week there only 197.88$ not a bad price for a 4G device.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is it upcoming or incoming?

  • Aaron Peromsik

    The stability improvements are badly needed… let’s hope the frequency of spontaneous reboots is significantly reduced. If they managed that, they can call it whatever they want, even George.

  • JOHN

    Since Im not a big techie, can you tell me what I have to do to get this to load.  Although Im afraid it might make the phone worse, David, I can tell you what it might be trying to improve.  If you go to the Tmobile forums, and Im one of the ‘victims’, a percentage of Exhibit2 users have been plagued with MAJOR MAJOR issues running from daily freezing, phone mysteriously turning off at random parts of the day, power cycling of phone turning on/off repeatedly, and for some users SMS failures on Tmobiles 4G network.  Tmobile Tech Support and Customer Service has been claiming they are aware of these issues and working on a fix with Samsung since last November 2011.  However, nothing had been done and Tmobiles only response was ‘theres nothing we can do.”  I even went thru 2 manufacturer repairs within the first 60 days, email contact with Prepaid Head Mike Katz, and multiple factory resets and every other troubleshooting step imaginable.  One can only hope this may help some of the problems.  (I know the SMS failures have been happening with some other Samsung phones and Tmobile just told users to switch to 2G which really wasn’t acceptable).  Despite 2 different IMEI and 2 repairs, my device still froze daily.  Even a Tech Support rep from Tmobile told me he got rid of the phone for the same reasons.  At least a few times a week, my phone will just turn on and off.  Some commentors have blamed RAM, others a crappy phone.  The truth probably lies somewhere in between as only some people have experienced these issues while others have claimed they loved the device.  SO IM HOPING THIS MIGHT MAKE THE DEVICE NOT FREEZE DAILY, AND THEN NOT START POWER CYCLING AFTER I TAKE THE BATTERY OUT TO RESET IT, AND NOT RANDOMLY TURN OFF IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY (OR NIGHT) WHEN ITS NOT EVEN BEING USED.

    (btw, why does Tmobile keep running ads for the new HTC device that says you can stream music from Google with no wires?  Cant you do that with any Android phone and Google Music?  Maybe they’re trying to promote their network speed but that message isn’t getting across in the ads Im seeing…I just saw a web ad and all it said was don’t you want to stream music without wires…Dang, even the low end Androids can do that)

    • JOHN

      Hope this fixes the problems; just freezing every third day would be a plus

      • Guestt1

        I have a Samsung Galaxy S2, on 2.3.6 and mine randomly turns off at least once if not twice a day, and I do not receive any text messages unless I manually turn off the device and wait a whole minute before. I thought this was only with me. It does get annoying especially since my old HTC MyTouch never did that. 

        • SallyAnnBeans

          Mine freezes once or twice every day.  At times it also will turn off out of the blue (the weird thing I notice when that happens is that it doesnt show as a reboot on the MyTmo app but it definitely turns off).  Ive also had it start turning on and off for hours in the past but luckily t hat hasn’t happened to me in months.  I have problems with MMS but Ive heard others can’t send SMS – My main issues is the freezing every damn day – it just drives me crazy…How am I supposed to get the update?  I would have hoped Id have gotten a free text or something from TMobiile about this.  Whenever I tried calling them in the past they’d always say theres nothing they can do to help me and i should switch to att or verizon if i didn’t like my phone

        • None

          They did not tell you to switch to ATT or Verizon. 

        • SallyAnnBeans

          Were you on the phone Mr Know It All? Ask ECR rep LT Gooden? Want his direct line? We’ve got it all documented with names, dates, and times. All of you always think you know everything & everyone else is lying when they post things you dont like or agree with. Not everyone who works at Tmo wears a halo.

        • bigbaddave

          In my humble opinion Samsung simply sux. I’ve had about 4 Samsung phones and they have all been bad. Even had a Samsung Blue Ray player that was crap. Fought with it for a week then swapped out for a Sony that is much much better. This is my last Samsung phone.

    • Jgarofola

      Mybe you should just buy a new exhibiter 2 there only 197.88 at wall-marts

      • WW

        Exhibit II’s are about $8 less ($190) on amazon with free shipping, no sales tax (unless you live in an Amazon state or one of the lovely states that have implemented tax on internet sales) plus $15 Amazon MP3 credit (through Jun 18).  

        I bought one about 2 weeks ago and they do (at least mine did) come in TMo prepaid retail packaging.

  • Bnunya

    Mine is unlocked and I’m using it on ATT.  Do I need a Tmo SIM in order to be able to get the update?

    • None

      I have always wondered that myself.

  • ransack

    Lol what’s next rebrand the sidekick. The all new galaxy kick.

    • Pejuarez

      I hope so…maybe so that way my SK will finally GET the Gingerbread update promised.

      • ransack

        I also have a SK and never heard of a promise for an update for it

  • JMccovery

    I hope someone has updated their phone and can give some feedback, as I can’t apply the update right now, since I’m running a CM9 Beta on my phone (got tired of the stock rom randomly locking up and rebooting).

    One main thing I want to know: Has the update fixed the wifi dropout issue?

  • Max

    What do I have to do to get the update? I was ready to give up on this buggy phone

  • Charleus94

    my phone wouldn’t update

  • mjcity0076

    how do we update this stupid phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SJ6714

      Yeah, thats what Id like to know.  I even called our great Tmobile support team and they (as usual) said they had no idea what I was talking about.   

    • Bruin81

       The software will be available OTA and via Kies beginning May 30th continuing through June 15th

  • Acura920

    warning I just downloaded this stupid useless update and it DELETED all of my 30 different text messages, including the multimedia that were attached in them :-( Called T mobile and there is nothing they can do about it

  • 1revuer

    just downloaded. so far so good. I backed up pics, text msgs, call log and other data first.  The download and install were uneventful.

    • 1revuer

      And my multimedia msgs were still there.  When it boots up, the new name shows up.  On old software, my phone did spontaneously vibrate two times, requiring me to remove the battery to stop it.  And too many times, there was lag, esp. when selecting the Phone icon to bring up the dialing buttons.  Hopefully this new sw eliminates the random vibrate and lag.

  • ninni

    How do i install this new update? Thy sent my boyfriend 1 but not me n we hav the same phone!!

  • Tmobile

    I just updated via Samsung kies

  • Blaine


    • Blaine

      OMG.  This is a perfect example of why I can’t stand Samsung and am strongly looking at the new iPhone.  I just spent 20 minutes with an idiot rep.  My first question was simply how to get the Android 2.3.6 update and I even cut and paste a news article so they’d know what I was talking about.  The rep kept going round and round asking me and telling me different things and I kept telling him to read what I wrote.  Then he said there is no update available.  I told him he was wrong.  Then he said there was nothing about ICS.  I told him thats not what I was asking about and he should go find out.  Then he came back and said I was right.  I asked him again HOW DO I GET IT?  He said he didn’t know. I said is it supposed to come over the air like an app or google update?  He didn’t answer.  Then he sent me a link which had instructions on how to install it via a Windows PC.  I told him I don’t have a PC, I have a Mac so again how do i get the update?  He said Im sorry.  I again asked how do I get the update? If I can’t get it thru my Mac, does it come automatically?  He again ignored it and said Im sorry.  These people are idiots and sadly this has happened every time Ive tried to call, email or do live chat with Samsung.  They just have no clue about anything and for some reason, they DONT READ THE QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS BY THE CUSTOMER – they just have these scripts that I guess they stick to – or they try to repeat the question to make sure they understand but they never get it right.  SO FRUSTRATING.  I guess lets hope it comes automatically since the article said thru June 15.  The link though also said that it could erase all your data, wallpapers, ringtones and settings so with all the problems this device has has, I don’t even know if thats worth it to take a chance on freezing the other issues 

      • Rtfdtjabrker

        Seriously, you will be kicking yourself for wasting all that time calling and searching…..just got to  Menu–>Settings–>Software Update.  Start!

        • Blaine

          Tried that and there was no software update available…It would say no firmware.  The update finally came automatically but really hasn’t made much difference…although it does seem that the freezing is happening a little less frequently but I still would never recommend this handset to anyone…and it has made me very leery of Samsung and Android…and the way Tmobile reps have handled the situation since last Nov is making me lean to churning for good – not just letting postpaid expire to prepaid…(and Ive had tmobile for as long as Ive had a cell phone but the service has really gone down hill the last 18 months….)

    • Darshak

      Recommeded OS for smooth operation is, WINDOWS VISTA and OR WINDOWS 7

      Step -1, Download SGH T679 usb driver fro below link,


      Step-2 Download Latest Version of KIES


      Step-3 Now after install both just reboot your system once

      Step- 4, Go to setting -> Application -> Developement -> USB debugging should be UN-CHECKED (Not Enable)

      Step-5 Now connect your USB cable to phone to pc, open KIES software as well

      Step- 6, After sometime when your phone will get connected with phone, KIES will automatically promt to UPGRADE to 2.3.6,

      NOTE: Make sure you have Good Internet connectivity without restricted sites

      • Thank you for clarifying the UNchecked part of that.  I was not given so clear instructions and have wasted many hours trying to get it to work.  I UNchecked it and wallah!

    • Rtfdtjbarker

       Menu–>Settings–>Software Update.  Start!

  • ieee488

    Installed the latest Kies on Windows XP SP3 running all the latest Windows updates.

    Kies does *not* recognize there is a device connected. Using the Samsung USB cable.

    Cannot upgrade firmware.

    • Same for me, too.  I have tried on 2 different pc’s, with one on xp and the other win 7.  Wasted lots of time on this and am really fed up.  I already want to take a baseball bat to the d%*n thing.  HATE this friggin pos phone.

  • urgalaxys3

    The stability improvements are badly needed… let’s hope the frequency
    of spontaneous reboots is significantly reduced. If they managed that,
    they can call it whatever they want, even George.

    Samsung Galaxy S3


  • just got the OTA update today. Nothing different than the boot screen and feels bit smooth to load msg and phone app. Camera no change that i can tell, I was hoping it would add zoom. Smooth is good enough for me. I’m glad Samsung did didnt forget about their low end phones.

  • Correction.  T-mobile says update to roll out through JULY 15th.  Not June 15th, as stated above.  So, what are the changes to the camera app?  I didn’t really notice anything on my husband’s phone.  Mine is updating now.  I’ll just be content to not have it lock up on me 50 times a day.

  • Actually getting the update now hope all goes well :-)

  • Cheyennexarianna

    After my phone updated it randomly restarted itself. It has done out while looking at messages and using my apps. I scanned my phone with three different security Apps and they all say my phone is free of anything harmful.can anyone help me on what this could be?

    • John Clark

       What it could be is “Android”. Androids are somewhat unstable. It’s what I have because I can’t/won’t afford price of Apple products. This is what you live with when you use Android platform.

  • Dissapointed Customer

    Just received what was supposed to be a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit from T-Mobile.  Instead, received an Samsung Exhibit II.  When I called Customer Service to ask why I was shipped the wrong phone, at first I was told this is what I ordered.  I then explained that the sku number on the order does not match the sku number on the phone.  Was told there is nothing they can do except issue a refund when they received the phone.  They would not ship out the correct phone.  I have to reorder it, which means losing out on the online deal which caused me to order it in the first place.  They are trying to tell me that the update is automatically installed on a phone with a date of 5/18/2012.  No wonder T-Mobile is in trouble financially.

    • Disappointed Customer

       Sorry, meant that to be disappointed customer.