New Swiftkey 3 Beta Brings Improvements, Bug Fixes

If you’re keeping up with my 30 day Android challenge, one of the apps I’ve raved about and has helped make this 30 day challenge enjoyable is Swiftkey. When I saw that Swiftkey had a Beta program earlier this month for Swiftkey 3, I jumped at the opportunity to get in on the action. Well, Swiftkey just dropped a new beta with changes based on feedback from their VIP program and I seriously urge you to give Swiftkey a try.

This new Beta has:

  • Improved prediction algorithms
  • Better, more consistent punctuation key behavior
  • Smarter Smart Space functionality (which will make it easier to enter email addresses etc)
  • A refined experience in Google Chrome Beta
  • Fixed missing predictions on the longpress of @ and .com
  • Improved gestures
  • Eliminated lag on letter pop-ups
  • Various other minor bug fixes and usability improvements

You can download the new Beta for your phone by clicking here, or for your tablet by clicking here.


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  • Rensman

    I’ve been using SwiftKey for about a year and have been using SwiftKey 3 Beta for a couple of months.  I agree with David- this is the best Android keyboard available.  I also own an iPad and iPod Touch and SwiftKey is, in my opinion, much better than the iPad and iPod Touch keyboard.

  • mreveryphone

    The only thing I didn’t like about the new one is I had problems putting in website addresses, it would put spaces where it should be all one word. I hope this is fixed.

  • TheReder

    It’s good as far as tap based keyboards are concerned, but it’s still way behind Swype in regards to speed.

    • Benjamin Johnson

      I know you addressed this question to David, not me but I thought I could help with the answer.  The free version expires while the paid version does not.

      • MarcusDW

        Looks like you missed.


    David, can you tell me what the differences are between the free and the paid versions of swiftkey? 

  • TMoFan

    I bought SwiftKey for 49 cents during a Google Play sale way back when. I’m impressed with it too, but sometimes I find myself switching to Swype. Swype is faster to input text, but its predictions can be off and that gets annoying after every few words. SwiftKey is the opposite. Predictions are near perfect, but sometimes it takes forever to type something in (compared to Swype). I find myself switching back and forth from time to time thinking “Why did I leave Swype/SwiftKey?” then I realize why when the pitfalls start to appear. One thing that’s very annoying about SwiftKey is that it automatically puts a space at the end of the word, making otherwise correct usernames incorrect. I’ll give the beta a test drive and see if its improved upon.

    •  If only there were some way to integrate the speed of Swype with the prediction in Swiftkey.

      • redman12

         On advanced settings you can chance the Typing Style from Precise to Rapid.

    • redman12

      “One thing that’s very annoying about SwiftKey is that it automatically
      puts a space at the end of the word, making otherwise correct usernames

      I find that easy to fix. “Remember” to press backspace when typing username and password.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Bought it when the Google Play sale was goin on also, but I still use & prefer Swype. I’ll try Swift again once version 3 is out of beta and on the Play Store.

  • MarcusDW

    I switched from SwiftKey once the ICS KB came out.  I constantly misspelled words using SK but not nearly as much with the ICS KB.

  • Dumbazz

    I still get nonsense words showing up as predictions which is pretty obnoxious

    • nhatters

      I think you can remove them by long pressing the word.

  • dkbnyc

    I own both the free and paid versions for both my phone and tablet.  A nice improvement over the stock keyboard.  

  • ZhenyaK

    Convert here. HTC Sense keyboard is atrocious. This is amazing.

  • big thumb

    iv been using thumbs and still like the coustom set  changing font size, keyboard, colors,   it was free on amazon app of the day when i downloaded it.  tried swiftkey didnt like the predictions

  • i love Swiftkey!

  • Swiftkey is legit, I just wish Swype functionality could be included in it. Or Swiftkeys accuracy could be included in Swype. They just need to merge into one glorious Android keyboard. 

  • Madmov68

    I just really wish it had a t9 option and then i would use it but sadly no luck

  • Swiftkey is an unbelievably great app!  Best keyboard around. Period.

  • Great Keyboard, I will be using it on a more permanent bases. GSII

  • Havoktek

    Hey you know what david? This SwiftKey is tight! I mean of course i have to get use to the layout but when it works it works. Im feeling it!

  • Rafael

    The best $0.10 I’ve ever spent.. Ever since it came up on the super googlelicious 10¢ app for the anniversary of Google market play, I been a fan of SwiftKey. Best keyboard period.

    • Mark Schmaling

      The best “key board” is acutally Google Voice.  The more you use it the better it gets.  You can even speak paragraphs pretty much.

  • Philosoraptor

    Thanks so much for this post. As a person who came from wp7 I had a hard time adjusting to the Android / sense keyboard. Auto correction on swift key is awesome. I’m pretty happy now.

  • J Hodges

    I’m a long-time Swype user and have tried this app in the past, granted, before the latest version that many have been raving about.  Does anyone know what the difference between this and Swype is?