T-Mobile Galaxy Note II Units Begin Arriving In Retail Stores, Await Your Dollars

For those of you looking to grab a Galaxy Note II as soon as it releases, it’s been a good 24 hours as we’ve seemingly nailed down price and that ever elusive release date. While everything remains subject to change until we get official word from T-Mobile, I thought you all might enjoy a look at the Note II arriving into T-Mobile stores all across the country. You won’t find any surprises in the gallery below, but with less than 48 hours till you can fork over your cash to the Magenta mothership, you’ll get to enjoy a small taste of what’s to come.

So kick back, relax and enjoy the gallery.


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  • eurohomie

    I just called walmart trying to figure out which stores might carry them in houston and none of them knew anything about it except one guy that told me it’s primarily going to be in the super center stores + they haven’t recieved any yet

  • jarhead

    So is it future proof with LTE?

    • JBLmobileG1

      I heard it was future proof, unlike the Galaxy S3, but even if it’s not Tmobile’s HSPA+ is still plenty fast. Plus once Tmobile does have their network up and running with LTE you’ll probably be ebaying your old phone like someone said above. Personally I like the HSPA+ better because it doesn’t eat your battery as fast but hopefully Tmobile’s LTE network won’t be as bad as the current networks.

      • jarhead

        I’m sure you’ll be able to turn off lte as you can with 3G so battery life won’t be too much of an issue

  • BossManATL

    LTE or not, I want it. I just came from the Bank. I wish they would take my money already.

  • Nick

    This list of compatible frequencies on the back of the box would seem to indicate that it ISN’T future proofed for LTE, right?

    • yozo

      By the time Tmobile LTE reaches most cities and is debugged, most people will be eBaying their old Samsung to buy the latest LTE mobile. Tmobile LTE could be November 2013, so don’t fret too much.

      • anon

        It does matter not everyone dumps their phone every year. Hopefully this LTE mess gets cleared up soon. The FCC says its possible but the box says its not. Which is correct….

        • Motoki_Mo

          Honestly if I pay $700 and this thing pretty much functions as a tablet as well, not to mention the potential for Cyanogenmod and what not Android version refreshes, then I want to get 2 years out of this thing.
          I still want to know about the LTE situation and it’s very frustrating that we can’t seem to get an answer one way or another beyond ‘I heard..’ or ‘Well the FCC approved it for LTE’ etc,

  • waiting4GN2

    It seems time is slowing down on PURPOSE. Gotta hold on for just 2 more days! GEEEZUS! Please hour hand!

  • My local Walmart says they will only carry the AT&T Galaxy Note II, wow. However, the guy told me they are about to get the first Galaxy Note from T-Mobile. I thought it was not for sale anymore, and he said Walmart will carry them. I was like, WOW.

  • Jim

    Hopefully it’s just software locked? Weren’t the LTE bands showing up when it passed through the FCC stuff?

  • steez12

    retail price?

    • GwapoAko


      • steez12

        Driving to New Hampshire tax free

        • Chris

          Wish I still lived in mass I’d totally do that

  • Jason Crumbley

    Please let this have the fm radio like the international version.

    • fm radio sucks

    • mreveryphone

      Just use Tune in

      • Jason Crumbley

        Tune in doesn’t get the stations I want. Tune in also uses data. FM radio does not.

  • Zach Mauch

    I’m a little worried about the value plan pricing. At a $299 down payment, that means the retail on the unit is $699. That’s huge. I’m still holding out hope that I’ll be able to pick the unit up for zero down before christmas. After all, the GSIII was $229 when it first started and one could pick it up with zero down during magenta deal days. Maybe it won’t get down that low, but I think we can safely say T-Mobile likes to price popular phones high to start to capture the the more profit then.

    • thepanttherlady

      The S3 was $629.99 retail for the 16gb. I’m not happy with the subsidized pricing but it appears inline with what they did before. Got to pay to play. :)

      • nycplayboy78

        Oooh you vixen you Panther Lady….Grrrrr….

  • ziggy

    What color is everyone trying to get white or grey?

    • thepanttherlady


      • Chris

        Grey all the way!

        • thepanttherlady

          I plan on replacing the back cover so it’ll look better if I get white. :)

        • nycplayboy78

          Same here

        • thepanttherlady

          Copycat! =P

        • nycplayboy78

          Yes…All your ideaz r belong to us!!!!!


    • ccnet005

      Don’t matter to me, I’d take a pink if that’s all they had.

    • nycplayboy78


    • 21stNow


    • GeekNerdStuff

      I was going for Titanium but since I have the original in black I may switch it up this go around and get the white.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Grey for me.

  • The 1700 LTE band is there! Look at the picture of the box and its under “Band IV (1700)”. Too bad T-Mobile doesn’t seem eager to market it as an LTE capable device. Sprint sold the EVO LTE before they even had a LTE network for it to run on.

    • That’s for HSPA+, not LTE.

      • eanfoso

        So then the new note doesn’t have LTE David???

        • Motoki_Mo

          No one will answer this. I guess no one knows for sure. Just because the FCC approved the device for LTE does not mean for 100% sure it will run on TMobile’s implementation of LTE when it rolls out next year. TMobile has been mum so far. There’s no mention of LTE at all in the rather extensive manual either.

        • it’ll say LTE 1700 (or whatever LTE band they’re using). LTE specific bands will actually say LTE.

      • Steve Snyder

        David, so what bands would we be looking for if the Note 2 was going to support the LTE planned for rollout by T-Mobile in 2013 ? I thought I had heard that it was going to be on the AWS 1700 band ? I understand that T-Mobile can’t say LTE on their advertising when they don’t have LTE, but the concern is signing up for a 2 year commitment on a phone that will not support the LTE bands planned to begin rolling out in May 2013.

  • Josue

    I just got the s3

    • wat


  • afad44@yahoo.com

    yes LTE ready

  • Chris

    Yessss gimmie gimmie gimmie. Great to be American :-)

    • nycplayboy78

      And a cat :)

      • eanfoso

        And Mexican

        • thepanttherlady

          You two almost made me spit out my Diet Coke. Almost. :)

        • eanfoso

          Diet coke?? XD lol but hey glad we put a smile in your face! Lol

        • thepanttherlady

          IN my face? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

          Hey, email me if you’re still interested in our previous conversation. I seem to have “misplaced” it. O_o

          Now…back on topic. =P

        • nycplayboy78



    T-mobile has crazy amounts for phone’s thier problem is that many people in the past have open a contract and get a phone that cost $599.999 to $699.99 get for $199.99 sell it for $500 to 600 dollars and never pay on thier contract and all they get is bad credit but walk out with more then $199.99 i guess t-mobile tired of getting burn on cellphones thier for they are raiseing the cost of cellphones so if a person desides to burn them they lose less money but that sucks for people that pay on time and want to stay with the company for the full two years. and i wonder do they really give you the mail in rebate back are is just for show to make you feel like you paying less in long run your paying more?

    • Yoda

      English please?

  • Win1

    What I’m trying to figure out is, if their going to carry the 32 or 64gb versions and how much.

    • tmocust

      that’s the million dollar question.. all over the web i can only find 16gb versions of the noteII internationally and it’s looking like the ones that’s going on sale this month are the 16gb version also, i really want the 64gb but i’ll settle with 32gb, this will suck if i buy the 16gb version this week to find out the 32gb version will be released month(s) later

  • strokednote

    so is this future proofed w/LTE? i know FTC had passed it to be back in September, but having trouble finding if the bands are supported?

    • tmobes

      Yes it does

  • ceegii63

    any idea on the FULL RETAIL Pricing David?

    • Yup, it’s in the previous post on pricing :-)

      • ceegii63

        so ist it $699 or $599 im confused

        • eanfoso

          299+20×20= 699

  • jelliottz

    Suddenly my awesome Galaxy Note doesn’t seem so awesome anymore. I promised myself i wouldn’t lust after the newest and greatest gadget, but I’m a phone junky. My hands are starting to shake while I type.

    • nycplayboy78

      Oh you know you want it….Just like any red blooded male would….NEW POO-TANG!!!!


  • nycplayboy78

    LOLCATS @ Magenta Mothership :)

  • ccnet005

    Ok, My favorite local tmo store has three ready to sell on Wednesday morning.
    The demo units won’t arrive till friday.

  • Guest

    Nope no LTE but who cares because when Tmobile rolls out LTE there will be a new Note out lol.

    • tmobes

      It does have lte. I checked ;)

      • Reg

        What happen today, tmobile?…Oct 25, 2012…since morning I can’t use my cell phone….My Galaxy…..not good to you….sorry….

  • MasterTan

    Sorry but this phone look ridiculous. My S3 is big. Note 2…silly. To each his own…

    • Chris

      Looks amaaaazing to me. Wanted a 4.3″ phone when i had the G2. Got the GS2 and thought 4.5″ would be too big. Now I just want bigger and bigger! I want the biggest thing that will fit in my pocket honestly (probably around 5.9″)

  • yozo

    A while back, someone posted a link to a online spreadsheet that someone created showing different prices from different carriers for the latest mobile (at the time) that everyone was yearning for. Anyone know if a new spreadsheet is out there from anyone? It helped when friends asked me who had the best plan of carriers for a particular mobile.

  • jon97701

    Thanks to this artical I reserved 1 of 3 here in bend oregon! Buddy called in 20 min after me and reserved the second one. Only 1 Left!!!

  • Freddie Lopez

    I saw the device! It’s amazing! It’s huge though which made me second guess it; but it’s so fast and smooth. And it’s a pho-phablet! So you have a huge screen but yet small enough to fit your pocket! Screen IMO is better looking then the iSue 5 and the S-Pen… you’re gunna be using it for some quite time. I can on and on about the device but any who. Go check it out if your local T-Mobile store has the demo unit!

  • Chumly

    I can believe Tmobile is giving classic plan holders the middle finger on this one. Looks like ill be waiting until walmart has the Tmobile version in stock.

    • You should drop your Classic Plan and switch to Value as soon as possible. It’s cheaper just about any way you look at it. I don’t even know why they still over Classic Plans.

  • itsdeniid

    I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! lol I have the galaxy s2 in white… idk if i should get this silver or white!

    • thepanttherlady

      White! =D

  • sami

    who’s getting the grey one? or the white one?? i’m still trying to decide

  • Guest

    I stopped in at my local store because of this post, but and they had just received their note 2s. And because they got burned when they started a waiting list with the note 1 they did not create a waiting list until they physically had units in the store to sell. I have laid claim to one of the three units at their store :)

  • How much do you pay if you switch to the Value plan and what do you get on the Value plan. I need to know as my contract ends in December and I’m either cutting service and going with a cheap tracfone or debating another contract with phone. If I go tracfone I have a backup android tablet as I don’t use minutes at all hardly. Any advise?

    • GwapoAko

      I believe you do not have to pay because you are almost out of contract. Your bill will be lower but you have to pay full price on the Galaxy Note 2 $299 down payment and 20 equal monthly installments for 20 months. I believe this is better than classic plan.
      We are on value plan family at 1,000 min talk and 200MB data on one phone. We pay $65 a month.

      • pbxtech

        I pay $109.99 for 5 lines with 2GB on each line, 1000 minutes per line (not shared), and unlimited text.

        I don’t see this on value plan anymore, though.

      • I was just looking on T-Mobile website and the Value plan is only 20 dollars less than my current plan. I wasn’t very excited about it. I had hoped it would save more than that…. especially when I rarely get more than 2 bars of signal. I would love the GN2 but I’m so sick of the expensive bill every month.

  • White phones just look ugly now, yuck.

  • Bob

    NOVEMBER 5!!! Please Google make this one of the 5 phones your gonna carry. Id so much rather give you my money than giving it to T-Mob!!!!!

  • KOD


  • Because of this post I stopped by my local T-Mobile store to see if they had received their demo units. The had and it was awesome! As it turns out, this store got burned on the Note1 when they started a waiting list and then never received the product so they had refused to start a waiting list for the Note2 until they had them in stock and ready to sell. The store had received three units to sell. Now they have two as my name is on one of them :)

  • Freddie Lopez

    So my local Walmart said they won’t get it till next week because T-Mobile corporate stores get them first. Is that true?

    • thepanttherlady

      *sad face* for you then. CC confirmed the 32GB will be available online so that’s where I’m ordering. :) Hopefully they won’t show as “Sold out” on Saturday (if it’s available Saturday) when I am ready to place my order!!!

      • Freddie Lopez

        I can’t wait for it though! So I might just get the device from T-Mobile. If anything I’ll return it, pay the $50.00 restocking fee and get it at Walmart next week.

        • thepanttherlady

          Not sure what the tax rate is where you are but you’d only be saving $20 (not including tax) to do that, right? $419.99 – $50 MIR = $369.99 through TMo. $299.99 + $50 restocking fee at TMo = $349.99 at Walmart. Am I missing something other than Walmart only charges tax on the sale amount, not retail value?

        • Freddie Lopez

          I just guestamated and thought I would get more, lol. Now to think of it. $20 is nothing. Ugh! I just don’t wanna wait! I’m to excited! I’m using the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant and it’s not powerful no mores! MEOW!

        • thepanttherlady

          The other thing I didn’t mention (again, don’t know where you are), if you get a 30 day return window with TMo, you only get a 14 day return window with Walmart.

          And I can’t believe you still have the Vibrant. I couldn’t wait to replace mine!! That was my “return” phone from Verizon back to TMo. I went into LED notification light withdrawals after having had my BB Storm 2. O_o


        • Freddie Lopez

          T-Mobile said I only have a 14 day return over in NY. Walmart not so sure. And I’m so happy the GN2 has a notification light! I had a sad panda face when I got the Vibrant and notice that it didn’t have a notification light. Oh and before the Vibrant I had the Cliq… and don’t get me started on that device…

        • thepanttherlady

          When I got the S3 I did a happy dance that Samsung FINALLY figured out how to add that d*amn thing! Yes, there are apps out there to use but it just isn’t the same as that blinking light.

          I had my BB Storm 2 for awhile..thoroughly enjoyed installing hybrid OS’s on it. I’d be up until the wee hours of the morning doing it. Ahhhh…those were the days. :)

        • Freddie Lopez

          I’ve never had a BB but I was never a fan of their devices. I did like the qwerty keyboards though. So question… what do you think I should do? Wait till Walmart gets it… or get it from T-Mobile? Can’t decide! It’s just pricing but then I don’t know when Walmart will exactly get em. And ohhh you! You have to wait till Saturday! Sad kitten eyes to you :(!

        • thepanttherlady

          Just saw this…get it at TMobile!!!! Go NAO!

          Yes…*sad pantther eyes* para mi. *sigh* ONLY be cause I have to wait for my plan change to take effect. Maybe longer if I have to wait for the 32GB. This time though I’m not jumping the gun like I did with the S3. I’ll be patient, or so I keep telling myself.

      • Johnny Calderon

        So the 32gb version will be available?? Anymore info on that?

        • thepanttherlady

          No. I called to verify some changes were being made to my account that I requested and asked if they were only selling the 32GB online like the S3. She said yes. I got sidetracked on something else and didn’t ask if it would be available tomorrow as well. :/ Normally I’m a good detective but I so totally failed on this one! :)

  • I got to play with the demo unit yesterday at a T-Mobile store and am ready to buy one from somebody! It’s simply amazing. Everyone was gathered around going “ooh, ahh.” The only question is where to buy.

    I’ve been very happy with T-Mobile and its service. My contract is up now, so I’m a free agent with an old plan that gives me unlimited data. So I’m going to pay full price.

    I’d love to give the money to T-Mobile if possible. But if it’s not going to be future-proofed for LTE, wouldn’t it be better to go with the international version? It’ll work on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ (right?) and has an FM radio besides. I’ve noticed that Tune-In Radio doesn’t always get what FM is allowed to broadcast (for instance, the baseball playoffs seem to be blocked on Tune-In).

    • It does have the bands for T-Mobile’s future LTE network

      • It’s still kind of unclear whether anyone’s made a definitive ruling on the LTE issue, but David said below that the 1700 band is for HSPA+, not for LTE. :(

  • Surf East

    Got mine today

    • How’d you manage that?

      • Surf East

        Walked in and said I heard the Note 2 Was here . They said yup got 4. I said I’ll take 1. Seriously! In other words I did not say can you sell me etc?

        • Alicia

          How much was it?

        • Surf East

          Paid the full monty

  • Just called my local T-mobile and they have two ready and waiting, they will be open and for sale at 10 am tomorrow morning…guess where I will be?

  • Jay

    Anyone else had a corporate store tell them that they are only selling the Note II (or any other phone) to new lines of service? I was told, Sorry you have been with us 11 years, but that is what our manager decided to do. I called CS and was told that the corporate stores are not prohibited from doing this. I know which store I will never step foot into again.

  • I’m glad T-Mobile is back in the game with this New Samsung Galaxy Note ll … Can’t wait to get one !

  • meandme

    Okay just went by the tmobile store to see if I could see a demo unit on display. I was told that they probably won’t see it for 1-2 more months

  • Rockyp

    I’m confused, I’ve been calling different Walmart stores today here in Southern Cali and asking them if they’ll be having the Note 2 for T-Mobile on sale tomorrow (24th) and none of them say they will carry it. They all either say they don’t have it or will not sell it. I also called Costco and they told they won’t be selling it until 2 weeks after the release. Has anyone here tried calling their local Walmart and gotten a definitive answer if they will sell it or not? Anybody here know any other local stores that might sell them other than walmart or costco? This sucks.

    • thepanttherlady

      The screen shot provided in a previous blog regarding Walmart pricing shows “233 doors”. Perhaps as some speculated, it means not all locations will be receiving them tomorrow? Where in SoCal are you? I don’t mind calling around in my area but don’t want to dup what you’ve done. I’m in OC.

  • luis

    I youst but the note 2 for 650 from a t mobile authorise dealer well I know the manager im the 1 with the phone today yeyyyyy

  • Mr_Robby

    I have a couple of close friends at the T-mobile in the NYC area and today I had the privilege to do a little over 20 minutes hands on on the device and all i had to say was: “Shut up and take my f******g money”.

    • Freddie Lopez

      I had more then an hour. :P.

      • Mr_Robby

        I’m not actually jealous, lol. I had some fun with it yesterday too….. n I took it out of the box for the first time…… hopefully I can convince the wife to let me buy one…… hahahahahaha.

        • Freddie Lopez

          Lol he was worried I would run with it though. He asked for my ID. Lol though it was funny. But I’m worried I won’t like it after I get it. Eh I will see.

        • Mr_Robby

          My boy left it unattended for a while and I felt a little tempted and I told him net time you do that I might not b that nice…lol

        • Freddie Lopez

          Lol. Next time… just where a hoodie!