T-Mobile Announces Two-Day Samsung Sale For November 16th, 17th

T-Mobile confirmed late last night that our rumored Samsung sale for this weekend is a go for this weekend. However, we’ll just get the bad news out-of-the-way and say that the Galaxy Note II doesn’t seem to be available as part of this sale. T-Mobile’s pre-holiday Samsung sale will take place on Friday, November 16th and Saturday, November 17th as a two-day “pre-holiday” event. The only question is, do you take advantage of this sale and scoop up a Galaxy S III on the cheap, or do you go pure Android with the Nexus 4? Decisions, decisions.

“If getting a great deal on your gift purchases is important, and you prefer to limit your time in holiday checkout lines, then this T-Mobile promotional offer could be for you,” said Andrew Sherrard, senior vice president of marketing, T-Mobile USA. “We think this offer will be particularly attractive for families who would like every member to have a mobile device but don’t think it fits their budget. This promotion will make it easier for consumers to join the smartphone revolution by making the best devices and data plans more affordable.”

New and existing eligible customers can take advantage of this sale and it does work for both Classic and Value Plan customers. When signing up with a two-year agreement and any qualifying plan, customers will receive a mail-in rebate for the total out-of-pocket cost on Classic plans and a mail-in rebate for the total out-of-pocket down payment for Value Plans.

For example, on Classic Plans the Galaxy S III will cost $299.99 up front with a $300 mail-in rebate for a $0.00 net cost. For the Galaxy S III on Value Plans, the down payment is $199.99 with a $200 mail-in rebate card. The remaining balance will be paid in 20 monthly installments as usual with Value Plans.

More Details: T-Mobile Deals


Press Release:

T-Mobile Gives Shoppers Opportunity to Beat the Holiday Rush With Special Offer

 New Survey Says Nine-in-Ten Americans Find Winter Holiday Shopping Stressful, While 72 Percent Would Make a Sacrifice to Get a Good Deal

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Nov. 12, 2012 — Shift your holiday shopping into high gear with T-Mobile® this November and get ahead of the Black Friday rush. For two days only, Nov. 16– 17, customers can purchase a Samsung 4G smartphone, including the wildly popular Samsung Galaxy S® III, for free with qualifying plans.

A new survey1 by Kelton Research uncovered that holiday shoppers don’t feel that Black Friday is worth their time, with 51 percent reporting that nothing could entice them to stand in line. Yet 72 percent responded that finding reasonable prices is most important to them when shopping during the winter holidays. This holiday season, T-Mobile is helping consumers combat the stress of Black Friday while they enjoy great value with its pre-holiday sale. For more information and an infographic on how consumers view holiday shopping, visithttp://t-mo.co/Us8jEv.

“If getting a great deal on your gift purchases is important, and you prefer to limit your time in holiday checkout lines, then this T-Mobile promotional offer could be for you,” said Andrew Sherrard, senior vice president of marketing, T-Mobile USA. “We think this offer will be particularly attractive for families who would like every member to have a mobile device but don’t think it fits their budget. This promotion will make it easier for consumers to join the smartphone revolution by making the best devices and data plans more affordable.”

New and existing eligible customers can take advantage of this pre-holiday sale. Customers will receive their device for free, after a mail-in rebate card2, when they sign up for a new two-year contract on any qualifying unlimited Classic plan, or for a $0.00 down payment (after a mail-in rebate card) when signing up for a new two-year contract on a new qualifying Unlimited Value® plan with an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP).3

Consumers often worry about making the wrong device choice or paying too much for data. This holiday season, data-hungry smartphone customers can enjoy “Unlimited Cheer” with T-Mobile’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan. Offering customers the ultimate worry-free experience, unlimited data plans feature no data caps, no speed limits and no overages on T-Mobile’s network, as well as fast, dependable nationwide 4G coverage. For more details about T-Mobile’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan, visithttp://www.T-Mobile.com/unlimited-data-plan.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is one of T-Mobile’s fastest 4G (HSPA+ 42 technology) smartphones. With an intuitive design, the Galaxy S III enables customers to effortlessly share photos, videos and more to a compatible TV or other Galaxy S III devices. Featuring a beautiful 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED® screen, the Galaxy S III packs a powerful entertainment experience, which allows customers to watch HD movies and TV shows, download apps, and securely browse the Web.

The following is a sample of device pricing and mail-in rebate amounts included in the Samsung pre-holiday 4G smartphone sale if well-qualified customers choose to sign up for a two-year Classic Plan™:

If well-qualified customers choose to sign up for an Unlimited Value™ plan, the following is a sample of device pricing and EIP monthly payments:


  • Wonder why the Note 2 isn’t included.

    • AndroidProfit

      They NEVER include their newest phones when they do this.

    • od312

      Probably because it’s a new phone?

  • jian9007

    No Note 2, no dice.

    • eanfoso

      Don’t be cheap and just get one, I got mine on day 1

      • Why is he cheap just because he asked why there is no galaxy note? Curious.

      • Kairal

        There is nothing wrong with wanting to save money.

      • od312

        Congratulations. You deserve a medal and a hug.

  • Reinnier Tiamzon

    Nexus 4

  • steverl22

    Went with a note 2 from at&t instead….loving this phone.

    • Chris

      Why AT&T?? D:

  • JB45

    Going to wait for a sale with the Note 2. Maybe Black Friday if we are lucky

  • lmanders

    So I get the galaxy S3 on Friday for “$0.00”, sell it on ebay for about $500, then buy the Nexus 4 straight from google for $350. That sounds like the best plan to me.

    • Not really. You pay $300 up front, then get the money back in 6-8 weeks. MIR!

      • lmanders

        Yes, but if I sell the galaxy s3 as soon as I buy it, I will have the $500 in a few days.

        • True, but that still means another $150 out of your pocket NOW. If you have it to spare, then go for it (if the N4 doesn’t sell out before then!)

        • lmanders

          That’s true, and I am worried about the N4 selling out. I had already planned on buying the N4 this week from tmobile for $200, but if I can get a GS3 with the $300 MIR why not. It just seems like the best deal to me, since it will cost me about the same until I get the MIR in 6-8 weeks, and then I will be getting the N4 for free.

        • If you want the N4, then I think that is a great way to go. Eventually you will come out ahead and have a great “pure” Android phone.

        • lmanders

          Well it appears that you need to be on the classic “unlimited” plan, which I am not. Sadly I am on the classic 1000 minute plan with 2 lines. Oh well, Nexus 4 it is!

        • I see that the Value Plan had to be unlimited. But it just says “Classic Plan” and doesn’t specify which one..

        • lmanders

          Underneath the press release, the 4th paragraph down, it says with any qualifying unlimited classic plan. But you’re right, it does not come out and say that you must be on an unlimited minutes classic plan. Hmm, I guess I will have to talk to the rep at the store before buying the nexus 4.

        • Ahh. I didn’t notice that. Not very specific are they?

        • lmanders

          No they aren’t, and it is quite confusing. Even the deals.t-mobile.com page just says “with qualifying plan”… which freaking plans qualify ffs.

        • lmanders2

          Well my last comment is waiting for a moderator to approve, I guess I should have registered before posting so much haha.

        • dd

          You would have to be on a unlimitted talk text and web plan on either classic or value to qualify for this promo at least until i recieve the rebate after u can change back :)

        • lmanders2

          Wow, not cool tmobile. I will not be switching to the unlimited classic since it is $40 more per month than I pay now. Even if I can switch it back after I get the rebate, it just doesn’t seem worth it when I can get the nexus 4.

        • Lame. Guess this deal isn’t for me. :(

        • loueradun

          And this is the reason T-Mobile should avoid these shady rebate policies… Their reps say you qualify, you drop $350 on a phone, and then 6-8 weeks later receive a “sorry you don’t qualify” letter in the mail instead of your rebate. They do this every time they have a sale for classic customers it seems…

        • cheaplikeafox

          the Nexus 4 is not part of the sale…but if you are just generally talking about rebates, then I think the nexus 4 should qualify. I recently was approved for a rebate even though I was on a grandfathered plan that only had the grandfathered 5 gb $20 data plan

        • Jason

          Make sure you use the GS3 on your line to qualify for that rebate before selling it off.

        • What is WRONG with you?

    • xmiro

      You’ll have what you sell it on Ebay minus the hefty Ebay fees

    • mingkee

      The truth is, you have to pay the down payment which will be rebated, and you are obliged to pay the remainder.

  • I hate mail in rebates. So, it is “free” in 6-8 weeks. I understand they want people to stay on the plan…but damn, why can’t they find another way? I don’t have $300 to throw down at once even if I will get it back. I guess this deal is available only at T-mobile?

    • AndroidProfit

      So it’s tmobiles fault that you can’t afford it? It sounds like you shouldn’t even have service until you clean up your financial problems.

      • Always has to be a dick on every discussion board. Because YOU know about my financial situation, right?

      • Robert, don’t come on and insult other peoples finances, seriously, have some respect. Do I need to provide you with a TmoNews vacation again?

        • Thank you David! I work part-time while I am in school working on my Master’s Degree. The only “financial problems” I have is a lack of funds. School is much more important to me than a phone.

        • od312

          Go David!!

      • Lol I see nothin wrong with this comment.

    • loueradun

      That is 6-8 weeks, and another 40 hours worth of arguments with T-mobile demanding your rebate!

  • archerian

    Will T-mobile actually send a check/prepaid card for 1 cent? :)

    • Lol. No, they will send one for whatever the cost is + .01. You pay the $299.99 now and get $300 back in 6-8 weeks.

      • AndroidProfit

        That is $1. I am weeping for you.

        • Chris


        • jugjug


        • Chris

          Good catch lol

      • cheaplikeafox

        Don’ you have to pay $299.99 + $18 upgrade + tax and then you get $300 back? I guess in the end you only have to pay ~$45 depending on your tax

  • Guest


  • Nick Cannon

    Surprised they don’t include some kind of incentive to move from Classic to Value plan with this deal since that’s where they’re headed. I’ll wait til GN2 has this offer then pay $200 ETF…

    • nyuhsuk

      Isn’t the incentive the money you save by being on the Value Plan to begin with? Gimme gimme gimme… jeez.
      However, like someone mentioned earlier, you have to be on one of the unlimited plans, which easily hikes your monthly bill up a hefty amount for a least 2 cycles before they issue you the gift card rebate. Went through this during their last sale but thankfully, I got two downpayment free phones so it was worth taking the hit on the unlimited plan for two months. For a single line, it’s still savings but not sure if it’s worth the hassle…

      • evane

        does this mean you don’t have to *keep* the unlimited plan for the whole 2 years? I’m currently on a 750 month family plan, and we really don’t need to pay for more minutes.
        Are you saying, we can change out of unlimited after two months/the rebate is issued?

  • Jim

    I continue to be amazed by Value Plan equipment pricing for existing customers during these “sales”. If I log into my account, a Relay 4G is $549 retail, with $149 down and 20 payments of $20. During this “sale” it appears to be $475, with a $75 rebate on the $75 down payment, and 20 payments of $20, But to take advantage of the “sale”, I’d have to change my 1000 Minute plan to an Unlimited plan, which is an additional $20/month. Meanwhile, if I don’t log in, and go to the “no contract phones” page, I can buy a Relay 4G straight up for $400.

    Do they really think we’re this stupid?

    • That makes no sense. WTF T-mo?

      • Jim

        I guess wiping out the down payment makes it worthwhile for some people. But it makes zero sense for anyone who doesn’t need an Unlimited Value Plan. If they want me to extend my contract, then they need to make it worth my while….

    • Jason

      Everything you just said is false

      • archerian

        Jim is right, the total price via EIP on the “Sale” for the Relay 4G seems to be the same price its available for a one time payment of $400 with no contract. It’s useful if you don’t have $400 to shell out in one go, but you’re stuck with a contract. A contract might not be a bad thing if you want certain features the Value Plan offers over Prepaid.

      • Jim

        Please, point out the errors,with links to supporting statements from TMo. I’m already on a 1000 Minute Value plan, and we have no need for Unlimited minutes at this time.

      • PiCASSiMO

        Jim is actually right on the money. I’m on the same boat, and in order for me to get this promotion, I need to move up from 1000 minutes to Unlimited on my family plan, in addition to the unlimited data. Net increase per month would be $20 voice + $10 data = $30. Also the net price for the phone will be $30 x 24-months = $720 cost of phone at $20 x 20 months = $480, giving me a total cost of $1,200.

        No thanks. I’ll buy the SGS3 for $550 and be done with it.

        Never mind, just picked up the Nexus 4 for $350 and I’m done with that.

        Moving on.

    • SkippyFlipjack

      I think in general the “Value Plan” phone pricing that has a down payment and a monthly phone payment is a bad deal. When a salesperson offered it to me I was scratching my head like, why would anyone do this? I believe it’s a way of offering a month-to-month plan but locking people in anyway — if you decide to switch after six months you have to pay a lump sum to get out of the phone lease and might not want to pay that all at once.

  • eanfoso

    Man I was hoping the nokia lumia 810 would’ve been available for the sale :/

    • It is a SAMSUNG sale only.

      • eanfoso

        No freaking duh, hence why I said, I was hoping, I didn’t ask, genius

        • od312

          It’s been a samsung sale all along, ya jamoke.

  • eddie

    Is the rebate by check or gift card or something else?

    • lmanders2

      They send you a pre-paid visa card for the rebate amount.

  • Deadeye37

    I want to hop on this deal. My problem is that I don’t want that $300 to be gone until after Christmas. I want that money to spend on Christmas stuff before Christmas :).

    Oh well, guess I can’t make the cake and eat it too.

    • I feel you. In the same boat!

    • Dakota

      They continue playing games..stop the whole mail in rebate hoping people won’t send it in or fill something improperly. FREE draws in customers. Do they even have an online rebate to be filled immediately.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Guess they knew I was purchasing my Galaxy Note 2 on ThursdayNo 15th so they decided not to include the Galaxy Note 2 in the weekend sale. For me that’s fine by the weekend my Galaxy Note 2 will be set up with all my content of 30 plus movies various videos and lovely music and pictures all stored on my 64gb sdxc class 10 card. Banging with the big dogs..

  • Same old boring sales

  • loueradun

    David, any details on the mail in rebate qualifications? These things are always full of *gotchas*, and I don’t want to be burned on another T-Mobile rebate due to incompetent T-Mobile staff who don’t understand their own rebate requirements.

  • Rob Daman

    If you’re on a classic plan it doesn’t even make sense they’re offering “free” phones other than the s3. I guess a tmo subscriber would be dumb enough to get an older model.

  • JWu

    Do I have to change my 1000 minute plan to an unlimited talk plan?

    • nyuhsuk

      Yes. I did so during one of they last sales and took the hit since I was getting two downpayment-free phones.

  • Dakota

    But as usual no or very little promo so unless you read this blog you won’t know about it. Don’t they want new customers? Scream from rooftops SG3 free after rebate w a plan as low as x$ and promote the hell of real unlimited for (compare to others that advertise that wo providing it)…WITHOUT A CARLY MOTORCYCLE
    Don’t understand whether this or overnight sakes, why sales are secret. ItS just so useless. They have good story to tell prospective customers yet don’t do it correctly SG3 is still popular..how many would take a look at tmo if they knew that, especially since so many avoided them when they sold it for more than every other carrier

  • mingkee

    Whoever missed the promotion in September can take a chance, but where is the deal of GN II?
    Moreover, there are two catches on this deal:
    1. Your contract will be reset.
    2. $20 or higher data option is required.

  • ceegii63

    is it possible to buy the phone at FULL PRICE and pay for it monthly for 24 months?

    • xmiro

      yes on your credit card or on a Value plan with Equipment Installment Plan at $20/20months added to your bill

  • This says you have to be on an “qualifying unlimited classic plan”. What does unlimited Classic plan mean? Does that mean being on an unlimited minutes plan or a $30 unlimited data plan?

    • xmiro

      means you need to be on a single or family plans that is $99.98 for unlimited talk and text and for each line you need to have a minimum $30 unlimited 4G nationwide data or one of the other more expensive data plans

  • Vadim Shun

    Considering free S3 to upgrade wife’s Sensation and son’s Vibrant as alternative to buying Nexus 4 for them from Google Play. We have Android preferred data plan (5G for $20), will we be grandfathered during upgrade or dropped to more expensive standard plan (2G for $300). If the latter then it would wipe off the savings over the 2 years contract vs. staying on old cheaper plan, and makes Nexus 4 a no brainer.

    • xmiro

      again, call and ask. The requirements are unlimited calling plan and at minimum 4g unlimited nationwide data which is $30 on classic

  • Glenard

    I just got off the phone and received document screenshot. Note II is a go! …but not free, only $100 bones after rebate! How do I attach a picture to this?

    • od312

      Put it up on the web and post a link.

  • Ricky

    I have a grandfathered family plan with 3 lines. I have the Preferred 600 Minutes plan with My Faves on each line. Line 1 (me) has Preferred Android Unlimited for $20. Line 2 (wife) has Preferred Smartphone Unlimited Internet for $20. Line 3 (mom) has no internet on it at all, as my mom does not go online on the phone. Line 3 is the one eligible for an upgrade at this time. Would it be possible to upgrade on that Line 3 to a SGIII, but give the phone to my wife, and keep the same internet pricing and family plan, as I do not want to change anything.

  • tmo2006

    I’m on a family classic plan,3phones. 1000 mins, unlimited text and one phone with 200mb data. i want to buy the S3 for wife. will i be able to switch down to 200mb after i receive my rebate or am i require to keep the data for 2 years contract?

    • od312

      Cant switch back because the 200mb plan is no longer available.

    • xmiro

      the 200MB plan has been grandfathered on Classic plans, it is now only available on Value plans at $5 per month but they changed it to have overage fees

  • ken t

    I just called tmobile customer service and they said that the GSIII will not be included in this promotion. only the GSII will be included. Also, as mentioned above, the note will not be included

    • xmiro

      wrong, the note II and GSIII are in the promo as seen in the screenshots

  • acmilan

    So what if I cancel my acc at this point and pay for the ETF, will that save me any money?

    • xmiro

      what if, depends on what you’re paying now

      • acmilan


  • mcnerd

    I just talked to tmobile last night and clarified this over and over with them and the looked four times.

    To get the S3 you must be classic with unlimited talk, text and have an unlimited data plan that cost at least $30 per month.

    If not, you have to choose other options like the S2, lol.

    Stinks for me, I am on an unlimited data plan for $20/month.

    Time to switch to value, cut my bill, and get a Nexus 4 from the play store.

    • xmiro

      You’d save $130 over 24 months on a single line Value plan w unlimited 4G data and unlimited talk/text

  • billy

    will i qualify if im on the family plan??

  • Joe

    I have grandfathered preferred android 5gb/$20 right now, If I switch to $30 unlmt 4g for the sake of the rebate, Can I switch back to preferred android 5gb/$20 after receiving the rebate? Is it a discontinued option?

    • KristelPippi

      Usually you cannot return to a grandfathered plan. I had a $10 family unlimited texting plan, but lost it when I switched to a Classic plan.

  • Sanjay

    Alright – so here is what I got on my third try to retention dept:

    Samsung Note II for $199 – $50 Rebate on the first line which was eligible for upgrade.
    Samsung S3 for $299 – $300 MIR on second line which wasnt eligible for upgrade until October 2013
    $150 one time credit to offset the cost of Note II

    We were already on Family Unlimited Preferred data plan ($20/ month 5gb data) which they temporarily upgraded to full unlimited at the cost of $30/month per line with a $20 credit on each line and a notation on the account that after the rebated goes through, within 2 months we are allowed to move back to our original $20 preferred data plan.

    So overall, not bad, considering that going forward, both our lines will be eligible for upgrade at the same time at the end of the new 2 year contract period.

    Moral of the story – keep trying until you get it to work.

  • Josie

    It’s not that good of a deal. We totally got scammed today. Ended up paying the full price of the phones and getting a $200 rebate per phone. Be careful and do the math. They “hid” the rest of the cost of the phones in our monthly bill for the next 20 mos. Sure it was “free” today, but we are still paying 400 bucks per phone. :(

  • josie

    Not really a good deal. They scammed us today. Ended up paying full price per Galaxy S III minus a 200 rebate per phone that will come in a month or 2. The remaining 800 bucks we owe (for the 2 phones) will be charged on the next 20 bills. Overall we paid full price and got a $200 rebate per phone only. Be sure to crunch your numbers!!

    • thepanttherlady

      You weren’t scammed. The Value plans pay full price for the phone with a “down payment” then the remaining balance of the phone in $15-20 monthly payments over 20 months.

      The contract you signed to get this deal stated the same thing. You had the option at that time to say “no”.

      Be thankful. When I bought my S3, I paid the actual full retail value on it, there were no rebates at the time to lower the cost of the phone. :)

  • geeps

    What if you’re contract expired? Do you still have to shell $300 bucks for GSIII even though you’re eligible for a full upgrade instead of the mail in rebate?

  • famished

    What’s the cost in taxes?

  • Mis

    I upgraded my phone 10 days ago at walmart, will walmart or tmobile do a price match or anything for me?

  • Vertiginouz

    Has anyone been able to even log in? How am I supposed to take advantage of these deals if I can’t log in?