Google Nexus Play Store Orders Beginning At 9:00am PST

If you’re going the no-contract route with your Nexus 4 on T-Mobile, you best set your alarm for 9:00am PST. A quick phone call to the Nexus customer service number tells us Google will begin taking orders around 9:00am PST or around 12 noon eastern time.

As of this writing that gives you 3 hours and 37 minutes to clear out your piggy banks and get ready to scoop up the Nexus 10, Nexus 7 3G with T-Mobile HSPA+ and Nexus 4.

I’d do your very best to be around, Nexus 4 orders are expected to go fast. Both the 8GB and 16GB models sold out in less than an hour in Europe and you’re doing battle with more than just T-Mobile customers from Google’s Play Store.

T-Mobile sales for on-contract Nexus 4 orders will begin tomorrow.

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  • I literally was just like “WTF is going on!” Thanks for the info.

  • niididdy

    Been waiting for someone to tell me this. Thanks David

  • archerian

    Looks like the N4 was sold out in as little as 15 min in Australia, that’s a place with like half the people of California… I hope Google keeps replenishing their stock

  • stevegavrilles

    Shut up and take my mooonnneeeyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

  • jian9007

    I never know if the Google customer support line is right. Phone arena said 9:00 AM EST, not PST. Hmmm, sleep a bit or keep refreshing? Decisions, decisions.

    • I called four times, all four times gave me the same answer. I spaced out the calls between last night, midnight and this morning.

      • jian9007

        I know you’re right about the line saying it, it’s just the customer service line itself that I wonder about. I’m just wishful thinking it happens earlier. ;-)

        • Under normal circumstances I’d say you were right, I’m the worlds biggest advocate for not trusting customer service departments. But they rattled off that time so fast it was just too quick for it to be false. They didn’t have to look it up, put me on hold, it was just an instant answer. As though they had been told about it.

    • just stay awake like I did. I wasted a lot of time, but who knows when it’s gonna be released

  • jian9007

    If I take a nap and wake up and see it went on sale before 9AM PST, I will not be happy with Google. I need to get a new phone before I go out of town for Thanksgiving. I want the Nexus 4 but if it’s gone and I can’t buy one today, then it’s hello Galaxy Note 2. There are plenty in stock since Samsung actually understands the laws of supply and demand. Cranky? Me? Well, I’ve been up all night because Google didn’t see fit to actually set a time until everyone had already lost sleep. So perhaps I am a tad testy.

    • Chris

      Get the Note 2 you won’t be disappointed…

      • charles4

        he will when Android 5,0 is out and only the nexus gets it

        • Chris

          I’m out of the update game. I tried to be on the latest at all times but it’s impossible. I’d much rather have a gigantic screen, S Pen, great camera, and a NOT LG phone. If there is some amazing new things in 5 I just NEED I can always root.

  • Prox

    I am very stuck between the 8GB and 16GB. I do not keep movies or music on my phone. My Gnex has 16GB RAM 13.33GB usable for storage and I use 3.47GB, . 1.28 GB for apps 2GB for Photos. If I continue on this Pace with a 8GB phone I will have 1.87GB free after photo and apps sync. What to do, what to do.

    • i’d go 16 .. i don’t use much either .. BUT .. $50 more won’t hurt in the end for that extra peace of mind will it?

  • Lordfinesse

    Can’t wait to use the Wifi calling on this. jk

  • portaltonowhere

    Is there a list of stores that are getting the nexus 4?

  • SamIam

    The Beauty of it is that a guy order it Australia and is getting it in 2 days after the order so GOOGLE take my money and SHIP MY PHONE!

  • Tyberious

    Nexus 7 “with AT&T”? WHAT IS THIS?!

  • thunderthumbs

    Google play is up and running. Bought my nexus 4.

  • niididdy

    16Gb still says “COMING SOON”…WHY???


    Scored a 16GB at 10:40am CST…