PSA: No, The Nexus 4 Does Not Have Wi-Fi Calling

I hate to be the bearer of bad news a second time-around considering I’ve already posted this very same message once before. However, thanks thanks to a generic T-Mobile support page, there’s a new rumor quickly making its way around that the Nexus 4 does in fact have Wi-Fi calling if purchased through T-Mobile. Except, it doesn’t and it’s worrisome that this story is spreading as fast as it is allowing for the possibility that a number of you may buy this device expecting to see a feature that won’t be available. Just in case there’s any lingering doubt, the above screen shot should dispel any beliefs that a Nexus 4 sold in T-Mobile stores will in fact have Wi-Fi calling.

T-Mobile confirmed this to me at the end of October and now a screenshot should help eliminate any doubts.


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