T-Mobile Holding Two Day Samsung Sale On November 16th, 17th

If you’re looking to pick up a Samsung smartphone in the coming days, you might want to hold out until T-Mobile’s upcoming Samsung two-day sale taking place on November 16th and 17th. Samsung two-day sales aren’t uncommon on T-Mobile, the most recent taking place this past July and offer some great opportunities to snatch a device for next to nothing. This time around, we’ve got a couple of notable new additions that could make this deal really special including the Galaxy S III and hopefully the Galaxy Note II (if its included since it isn’t picture).

The offer appears to only be good on Classic rate plans, and there’s no specific word about upgrades in the fine print, but we’ll assume this offer is good for both new and qualifying upgrade customers. We’ll have to hold out until we can get more details as the days get closer, but for anyone looking to pick up a Samsung device, I’d keep your calendar open for one of these two days.

More details as they arrive.

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  • Herb

    So let’s move everybody to Value. Oh, and have a sale on Classic.


    • thepanttherlady

      I was JUST thinking the same thing. SMH

      And they won’t say a thing to the people who request to move their plans to the Value plan on the days before this sale.

      • Adam

        I believe some details are missing here. The bridge to value on Classic plans for eligible customers at +18 months in the upgrade ladder may take advantage of the $15 web discount on 2GB or higher has rolled out today, I don’t think T Mobile would want to work against that ongoing promotion to switch everyone to value plans.

    • s0uLjah

      Ah ha ha that is a bit contradictory isn’t it? Maybe it’s more of a Samsung thing? Like Samsung asked them to do it that way since it’s a phone subsidy not a rate plan subsidy like BTV?

  • What the heck. When are they gonna have any thing to do with upgrades?

    • I believe I said it would have something to do with upgrades.

      • Get_at_Me

        usually when phone sales come around fully upgrade eligible customers are included….i dont understand why tmobile is doing this a week after bridge to value launches….you would think they’d want to get ppl off of classic/legacy plans rather than have them renew and lock themselves into those plans

        • Od312

          They’re mainly doing this to attract new customers. Did u notice “only at tmobile”? Clue

    • LC

      This looks like it should work on upgrades as well.

    • Well – if you had READ the article you’d know upgrades aren’t out the question, but we don’t have all the details yet….

  • gopmatt

    Do they ever include the full retail price in these deals for ppl on contract but not eligible for upgrade. Like a deal on the $699 price tag?

    • LC

      Nope, full retail will always remain full retail.

      • gopmatt


        • brian

          whats Samsung is $699? The Note II is $649 and the Galaxy S3 dropped to $549

        • shaun

          changed yesterday when they started putting rebates and credits on value
          plan activations and upgrades. your cost for the phone up front now
          currently depends on your credit class. but full retail went up on 95%
          of our smartphones.

    • You must be new here…

      • gopmatt

        Did that take you a while to come up with that all on your own? You nit wit…

    • Get_at_Me

      they did something like that a few months ago for certain customers. it was called No Strings Attached. Out of Contract customers were entitled to a MIR with a subsidy (contract extension) and full retail (no contract extension), but tmo doesnt typically do this for those who aren’t eligible for upgrade…They don’t have a reason to

      • gopmatt


        • Get_at_Me

          no prob

    • psaux

      Actually, full retail usually INCREASES during the sales. If you’re buying the phone completely out-of-pocket, it’s normally worst to buy during a “sale.”

  • most likely will involved putting money down. with mail in rebate i.e. buy one get one

  • Get_at_Me

    don’t understand this move by tmobile with bridge to value launching in a few days…this seems counterproductive to their value plan initiative….

  • paul2834

    Do these upgrades traditionally work on classic plans with a grandfathered messaging and data plan? I have 400 messages and 200 MB that I would like to keep, but getting the Note II for free is too hard to pass up on.

    • Get_at_Me

      probably not…tmos minimum smartphone data plan in general for new customers is 2gb which is $20/mo on classic…you could prob keep ur msg plan though

      • brubawil87

        actually they changed that as well you now have to get the $30 unlimited data at least untill the rebate comes in. And the new minimum for data after that is 2gb.

    • wereallstupid

      what in the heck are you able to accomplish AWAY from a wifi network with such a small amount of data??

      • paul2834

        I’m around Wifi most of the day at work, home, friend’s places, etc., so it doesn’t bother me that much. Apart from that, I can still get plenty done on mobile version of websites, google maps, google voice for texting, read books and play games I downloaded through wifi. I can’t watch videos, but I can give that up to only pay $10 for data.

        • unknown

          Using wifi uses more of your battery.

        • Sai Naram

          So does using data.

    • annannoyed tmobile worker

      Most likely I assure you that the rebate will require your web to increase to at least true unlimited if not 5gb all together.

  • Whitney

    Not really interested

  • gopmatt


    • Herb

      Haha. HE needs an attitude adjustment? Right.

    • thepanttherlady

      Ok, ok….enough. Back on topic please. :)

  • Southern Utah T-Mobile

    The verbiage is free phone, which would be limited only to Classic plans because they are subsidized. Most likely, there will be $0 down phones on Value plans after mail-in rebate. They just go with Classic because they can say free and let store reps deal with explaining $0 down to customers that are Value.

  • paul2834

    Also, are we sure that the Note II is among one of those phones that would qualify? It’s not in the graphic and we can’t assume all Samsung phones. Just a few months ago, T-Mobile was doing a BOGO on Samsung devices, but the BOGO didn’t work on the GSIII (you could buy the GSIII, but the free one had to be another phone).

    • Jean

      It is on their. It’s the white one at the front. It just looks like an S3

      • Jean


        • ajay

          fail. He is coreect it should be they are*

        • ajay

          ohh well i failed lol. didn’t really see what you were pointing at

        • Ceefu

          Jean didn’t reply to rebadc’s post, but his/her own post where he/she incorrectly used “their”.

      • MarcusDW

        Wrong, that IS a Galaxy S III. Notice how the button has angled sides?

        • rebadc

          Agree and the led lights are not in the correct position. On a note 2 they are lined up with the speaker

  • mmunson

    I think a sales tax rebate for people who buy at full cost would be a nice promotion.

    • gopmatt

      Great idea!

  • Zach Mauch

    Can I switch my value plan to a classic and then pay a migration fee back to the value after I get my rebate?

    • thepanttherlady

      Last I knew, once you go value you cannot go to classic.

      • Zach Mauch

        If that’s the case, I might just consider buying it with a new line and paying the cancellation fee after I get the rebate in. Not ideal, but I would still save a lot on a Note II.

        • thepanttherlady

          Definitely ask because my understanding is that once you have a Value plan, you cannot get another/separate account with Classic. I could be mistaken so don’t quote me on that. :)

        • tpremployee

          Once you are on Value you cannot go back to Classic. Theoretically you can make a new BAN and have it on Classic because it is independent of the other BAN being on Value but explaining why you want to do that is going to be an interesting conversation.

  • deanwoof

    classic move for a company that has no idea what they’re doing!

    • zacamandapio

      I think they’re having a phone sale.

  • Dan Lupescu

    I’m assuming there will be a rebate for value plan since they are trying to move people AWAY from classic….

  • yo dawg

    I don’t see the note 2 in the promo….

  • dave

    did anybody hear about the HTC 8x, tmobile was the first to putup a signup page now every other carrier is releasing except tmobile.

    • EeriePhenomenon

      It’s releasing on the 14th for $199. This was stated in a press release. What is not clear yet is color! ugh…

      • mikem

        Looks like the color that’s being shipped to stores at the moment is blue

  • MarcusDW

    So David, what is leading you to believe that the Note is included in this deal? Seeing as how it is not pictured, I don’t imagine it is incleded…?

    • MarcusDW

      I would love an answer to this question.

      • Given that a similar sale included the original Note, I’m guessing that it is, but I also wrote that it may not be. I’m guessing that it is because its a Samsung device and its a Samsung sale, but on the flipside as a brand new device, it may not be.

        • 3560freak

          But the tag line on the poster says SELECT SAMSUNG PHONES, so I would assume that it excludes something right?

  • residentjack

    I’m pretty sure the Note II is not part of the deal :( Maybe if we are luck they’ll knock it down to $100 or something, but judging from the graphic, I wouldn’t get my hope up…

  • Frugal

    I hope that’s the Note II on there, I mean, why would they put two Galaxy S III’s on the flyer?

    • Annoyed Tmobile worker

      Cuz their just that fucking stupid… smh… so what are we pushing…value, classic or business accounts??

  • Jcl

    is the Note 2 Def included tmobile news in this promotion?

  • JP

    Wonder if this would work with add a line on a family classic plan…

  • steveb944

    When I saw the headline I was already making plans, but then I saw Classic and I was sad…

  • Ulysses Martin

    I have two lines due for an upgrade on the 14th. I was thinking about two SG3s. I wonder what the out of pocket cost would be for them? I wonder if it makes sense to wait until Black Friday.

    • Steve Snyder

      I heard Costco was going to have the GSIII for $.96 on Black Friday with no rebate.

      • CactusCat

        Not sure of Costco, but I heard exactly the same thing only it was at Sam’s.

        • You are correct. But the Sam’s ad I have seen has it available for Sam’s VIP members on Sunday, Nov 18 from 8-10pm. The AT&T version is listed in their Black Friday ad though.

  • Mike Mack

    no thanks I paid full price for the phone and I use the $30 month unlimited web n text plan

  • I hope this works for upgrades to. Last time T-mobile had the free phone sale they wanted to to switch out of my grandfathered $20 5G data plan and into the new Classic plan. Im eligible for an upgrade and I want to keep my plan. I hate having to call retentions just to get a good deal on a phone.

    • xmiro

      well, you wanna $600 phone for free you’ll have to give something up

  • fedup tmo employee

    Woop woop fraud central.. freakin retarded!!

  • Looks like all of us that were tricked into going over to T-mobiles VALUE PLAN are going to get screwed again by T-Mobile. I was eligible for upgrade on Nov. 9th, but was upgraded??? to Value Plan when I upgraded my son’s phone. Now I have to pay full price if I want to get another phone for myself. I sent in an appeal on what happened but after not hearing anything on my appeal, decided not to upgrade my phone, or my wife”s phone, and cancelled my appeal. purchase through a retailer during a special sale is no longer possible (Have to be on the Classic Plan). I”ll just wait until my contract runs out and go to another carrier. If this is how T-mobile treats their long term customers I won’t stay any longer than required by my contract. Looks like T-Mobile is trying their best to get rid of customers.

    • tpremployee

      If that’s actually what happened then you need to go back to the store you completed the transaction at and demand to talk to the rep who assisted you and the manager for the store. They can make the situation right but you will have to bring the phone back and re-purchase it at Classic pricing. If the rep didn’t explain the difference between Value and Classic and the fact that you would have phone payments on EIP then he did a shitty job and you deserve to have it corrected at the store level.

    • nyuhsuk

      I’m just curious as to how you signed up for a two year contract without fully understanding the logic and costs behind it. I don’t know if it’s the rep’s fault for not correctly explaining it or if you just want to complain how T-Mobile is trying to “get rid of [you]” when you didn’t read the plan details but the bottom line is: it’ll save you money in the long run.

  • Ordeith

    They put on sale and promote their Android devices just as their Windows Phone 8 offerings go on sale.
    Sabotage the platforms you need to support much, T-Mobile?

  • jp

    wonder if this will work with add a line on a family plan?

  • those of you who have a note 2, does it have the same standard wallpaper as the white phone on the far left? If so, maybe then its a note 2? The two wallpapers right next to it are standard for sgIII and sgII…….

    • thepanttherlady

      If you look at the top right, where the front facing camera and sensors are, they are not in the same position as the Note 2’s. The picture is definitely of the S3. :)

  • Justin

    So will I be able to get the SGS III for free if I am on the Classic Unlimited Family Text & Talk plan and am eligible for a full upgrade?

    • xmiro

      we don’t know the terms for sure yet. Some promos are only for add-a line or new accounts

  • Very good offer for the Samsung lovers. But why sale? Are Samsung mobiles are not selling normally?

    • Laststop311

      no it’s not a sale because samsung phones are selling poorly and they are desperate to sell them, that has literally zero to do with it. Almost sounds like a troll comment. It’s a sale to attract some customers back, incase you didn’t notice tmobile has bled out numerous customers and need to win some back. This has nothing to do with samsungs phones not selling. do you read the tech sites? Samsung is setting records with the phone.

  • Laststop311

    the note 2 is not part of this deal its too newly released. Just like the s3 was not part of this deal the last time t mobile did it. I have a t mobile galaxy note 2 and it’s just an amazing piece of hardware. The screen is so beautiful to watch movies and tv shows on and there is so much ample room on the screen when browsing full desktop versions of websites. Also playing angry birds and cut the rope is a joy on the large triple sub pixel amoled screen.

    I just hope t mobile doesnt drag it’s feet forever for our 4.2 jelly bean update.

    Atleast they are including the s3 this time around. The last samsung sale sucked all you could get was an s2 that was way past its life cycle the s3 was already out.

  • jr

    Yesterday I purchase my note 2 and switch to the value plan, the classic plan is a joke.

  • Rob Johnson

    does anyone know if I can start a new plan with classic and immediately pay the 200 and switch to value and still get the rebate? customer support seemed to say that it wouldn’t be a problem. If you wait till you get the rebate then it negates some of the savings.

    • Your Fave CSR

      you have to be on a qualifying classic plan with a data feature i.e 20 2gb. you cant switch to value and still get your rebate unless u wait till after u get rebate which would be retarded

      • Rob Johnson

        who says? it doesn’t say classic plan anywhere, and they do rebates for value plans as well. if you pay the migration fee, then it shouldn’t matter.

        • It is right on the picture in this article. “Qualifying Classic Plans”.

        • nyuhsuk

          I believe if you’re on a Classic plan, you need to wait 18months before you can switch to the Value plan so T-Mobile can recoup the costs of subsidizing your phone. Had to pay a few dollars to move the wife’s line to Value since she hadn’t been on her Classic term for 18months yet, although our other three lines were beyond two years.

  • godrilla

    I doubt they’ll give a $700 note 2 for free.

  • Bill Smith

    Hope its not limited to one per household. I got screwed on rebates from T-Mobile before like that.

  • jeremy vega

    They say free but yet you still got to pay $300+ plus upfront for the phone. Then you wait 4-6 weeks for the money back in a card . That’s ridiculous . Why can’t it be free free like you don’t pay nothing.

  • jeremy vega

    They say free but yet you still got to pay $300+ plus upfront for the phone. Then you wait 4-6 weeks for the money back in a card . That’s ridiculous . Why can’t it be free free like you don’t pay nothing.

    • RotaryP7

      That only works in Miami and R.I. I believe. Because when it’s free it’s supposed to be FREE. That’s why TMO sales in Miami just have instant rebates when it’s those FREE phone deals.

      • xmiro

        what does Miami have to do with it?

        • Miami-Dade county doesn’t have rebates.

        • MiS3

          Does that mean that the promotion won’t be available in Miami? I’m here for the week and I’m felling very lucky!

  • Michelle

    How much do you have to pay upfront

    • Based on the online price, it would be $329.99 before the MIR. Price could change this week in stores.

  • scsa852k

    I haven’t sold a single samsung phone because of this bullcrap leak.

    • xmiro

      aw, poor baby. It will blow over in 7 days, hang on tight

  • Bought the galaxy note 2 it was shipped via TMobile on Friday the galaxy note 2 is a failure had sim card error messages right out of the box my calls were going to voicemail also. Drove to the store they exchanged sim card , I am done with samsungs shitty products mailed it back to TMobile asit was having connectivity issues also. Apple here I come.

  • I forget the sim card at the store gave the same error message at my home regarding the Samsung galaxy note 2. People by iPhones because it works right out of the box Samsung I am disappointed done with android to.

  • Chris G

    From a good source, it will include all Samsung phones (except Note II) on both classic and value plans. Free after rebate for classic, and free net down payment for value. This Friday and Saturday only!

    • nyuhsuk

      I hope your source is incorrect about the Note II!

      • Ju

        I hope he’s right bc I just idd $169 thru the loyalty dept

        • Ju

          paid $169

        • imcarriej


        • nyuhsuk

          As in getting the Note II on a Classic for $169? Unfortunately not an option for us as we’re all on Value plans… sigh…

  • George

    I called TMobile customer Support and Live Chat ad they both said that they have absolutely no Information on this deal. They told me to call back in a few days but the sale is in 4 days… so where can i get more information for this deal?

  • veee

    i called and they said the galaxy note II is included in the sale

  • Note2Please

    sThe Note 2 is included. A store rep told me about it a few days ago. Minez.

  • mainard dinglasan

    And i thought i got a good deal on getting the phones at $79 a piece

  • wendy

    I called for details and the woman said it is good for ALL Samsung phones. But, tmobile seems to say one thing and then another depending on who you talk to so I’m being cautious.