(Updated) Rumor: Upcoming Samsung 4G Smartphone Sale Will Offer Buy One, Get One On Select Smartphones

Update: More information about offer specifics after the jump. We’ve just received word from a little birdie that beginning on July 11th and running through September 9th, select 4G Samsung smartphones will be available via a buy one, get one special offer. We’ve seen Samsung and T-Mobile run special deals like this before, so we’re fairly confident this is one rumor that will come true. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tabs (any size) don’t qualify for the sale. As new as the Galaxy S III is, I can’t say this surprises me as it’s pretty unusual for a company to make such a deal available to a high-profile handset so soon after launch. More importantly, given the launch constraints of the device, a bogo offer with the Galaxy S III could exacerbate inventory even more.

The few details we’ve got tell us the bogo requires the free device to be of equal or lesser value and like standard T-Mobile special sales lately, will require a mail-in rebate. Upgrades are eligible as well as new customer activations with both Classic and Value plan customers qualifying. As is the norm with buy one, get one sales, a customer will need two phone lines to take advantage of the special offer. It can likely be a combination of add-a-lines, upgrades and new accounts, but the sale will need two or more lines to take advantage though I can’t say for certain.



We’ve received the full offer details, and it appears that new devices like the Galaxy S III will qualify for the Buy One part, but not the Get One Free part.

Back to School Buy One-Get One Promo

Offer Details: 7/11-9/4

Customers can purchase a Samsung 4G device and receive select Samsung devices for free/$0 down after mail-in rebate

New acts, AALs, upgrades, SMB eligible

Any Value or Classic plan

Minimum 2GB required for both devices

Customers purchasing two GSIII’s, Note’s, or Tab’s (or combination of) receive standard MIR

Device Buy One Get One
Galaxy S III Yes No
Samsung Galaxy Note Yes No
Galaxy S II Yes Yes
Galaxy Blaze Yes Yes
Galaxy Exhibit II Yes Yes
“Apex Q” (8/15) NEW DEVICE Yes Yes
Galaxy Tab 7.0 Yes No
Galaxy Tab 10.1 Yes No




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  • …..The title could be prepared better to fit the context of the text …..misleading but I digress 

  • Joey1718

    What if I buy a Samsung gs3 and get a samsung gs2 for free? Will that work?

  • JadedNYer

    A little O/T. I was looking at Tmibile’s Value plans on their website as I am considering adding a line. I noticed that the fine print states that there a cancellation fee of up to $300.00. Does anyone know if this changed or is a misprint? The classic plan still shows the $200 ETF.

    • LC

      Just a typo, but if you cancel early and you’re paying off a phone, you have to pay the remaining balance of the phone as well.

      • JadedNYer

        I thought it might be a typo. I was on the old EMP plan and paid off any EIPs early. Plan to do the same with my current Value plan.

  • Dumbazz

    This will be good!!
    Another thread that will bring the crybabies out!!
    “Boo hoo hoo I am entitled to a new phone whenever I want”

    • Rizzle2k5

      Pretty pathetic dumbesh!t

      • Dumbass

        Did TMobile make you cry?

        • Rizzle2k5

          No your posts make me cry. They remind me people like you exist.

    • LeeArtis

      Hey dude, love your enthusiasm. Just make sure you don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you when you leave the sale,ok? Maybe it happened already. Oh well, meanwhile, back on the ranch. . .

      • TheOverlord

        Are you high? 
        WTF are you even talking about?

        • LeeArtis

          Are you illiterate? This comment was directed in response to dumbass, which shows your high intelligence since it doesn’t concern you. Have a nice day, genius.

  • Xavier

    yay, get two GSII’s lol

  • James O

    Think the HTC One X is worth it for this deal?  I’m still wanting to hold out and see if iPhone will come to TMO in the fall… 

    • 21stNow

       I don’t understand.  One, the sale is for Samsung 4G phones.  Two, the HTC One X isn’t on T-Mobile.  T-Mobile has the HTC One S.

  • Guest

    What if I buy a full at full price?  Will I get another phone for free?

    • smylax


      • smylax

        Unless its on value, then you get your down payment back on the 2nd phone.

  • Elpapipr

    Can 2 SGII will make up to match one GSIII?? I really want to spend my money wisely. Please advice should I buy 2 GSII or 1 GSIII?? Buying 2 SGII will give me more power and girls than just one SIII?

    • El Andy

      or you could buy one Gs3 and get the Gs2 for free win win.

  • MarcusDW

    lol  “Buy One (YES)”.  Like there’s another choice.

  • Deadeye37

    Apex Q.  Sounds like (and looks like) at midrange QWERTY phone.  I’m kinda interested (if I don’t snag a GSIII first)

  • jayboy94

    so waitt, my uprade is due on august 10 on tmobile. if I buy a galaxy s3 , would i get galaxy s2 for other line ? somebody or david reply to my comment asap

    • You could probably do that…

      • jayboy94

        does it has to be tmobile retail store , can it be like best buy or walmart something like that

    • Bratty


  • Einrae214

    well if you buy a GSIII then you could get the GSII FOR FREE. This seems like a good deal to me doesnt it. if you can do it i dont think that you will be able to. like two years ago they had that bogo with all phones except the galaxy s vibrant. but if you bought the vibrant you could get the next phone for free like the hd2 or mytouch 3g slide. i think it should work the same.

    • Johnpez321

      I was able to get my two vibrants bogo about oct. 2010. So hopefully around that time this year it might be the same. Really wanting the s3 so is my wife she will not settle for the s2

      • Einrae214

        Yes that is true I got the bogo with one deal and then returned both phones and waited a week to stay the new promotion bogo that included the vibrant.

  • Pam McMillian

    OK… stupid question but is this only for tmobile? I see the Note listed and I know that it won’t be out at the beginning of the BOGO but maybe in the middle of the sale. Correct?

    • FILA

      So you know T-Mobile will release the Note somewhere in that time frame

      • FILA

        Or most likely on the 11th of this month, since it doesnt have a release date next to the Note unlike the new Sammy Apex Q, that we have no photo leaks about

        • fsured

          cnet has a picture of a new galaxy phone with a small keypad.  like the blackbery style.  perhaps that is the apex q.

  • rwc1792

    FYI I just got the GS!!! from Best Buy for 199.00, you have to be a reward zone member, and order through this site:  https://rewardzonemobile.com/

    • Guest

       how did you get it for 199? I only see 279.

      • englishinvader

        The buggers put the price up from $199 to $279 between Saturday and Sunday. I was looking at it on Saturday and was going to buy Sunday when I could get to a computer – how annoyed am I?

        They have a new deal whereby you receive 3500 RZ points now when activating a new 24mth contract but it’s not like you can use that against the purchase. 

        I guess I’ll be looking towards Walmart again – no way am I going to pay more than $200 for this phone.

      • rwc1792

         Looks like the price went up over the weekend.

  • Mvaughan06

    this “deal” is pretty shity IMO if you’re looking for a GS3.  for example if you have 2 lines available with a full upgrade, the gs3 is either 329 or 379, then say you get the gs2 for free?  you’re still playing $400+ buy the time you pay the upgrade fees and taxes.  if you went to walmart and bought the same 2 phones with upgrades it’d cost you roughly the same.  and you’re not getting the GS2 for “free”.  if this deal gave you 2 gs3’s for their ridiculous asking price of  329+ fees it’d be worth while.  but in the meantime you could get 2 gs3’s from walmart for 400+fees+tax without getting anything ‘free’.  only difference is that tmobile.com and tmobile corporate stores are exclusive to the white one for a couple weeks.  thats the only reason i dont have one right now.  i refuse to pay 329+ for a phone, and i dont care how fucking cool it might be.

    • Einrae214

      True butbif you go through tmobile you at least would get some money back

    • Brubawil

      This is not aimed at people “looking” for a GS3. Its is a BACK TO SCHOOL sale. Parents buying phones for themselves and getting the kids phone free. Hence the name of the sale.

  • Olber Ramirez

    well if i buy one gs3 can i get a gs2 for free???????

    • LC

      Yes, that would work.

  • jian9007

    My question is this- If 2GB is required per phone, will a shared plan with 5GB qualify, or do you need to add a data service individually of 2GB to each line? 

    • SGS3 Fan

      I just upgraded to a 32GB SGS3 for $270. You can be on the shared family plan. I am on it.

      • tekmonkey

        He is talking about shared DATA.

    • 21stNow

       Data isn’t shared on T-Mobile, so each line would have to have at least 2GB of data.

      • jian9007

        That’s right. I forget that sometimes. Because they list the Family Classic unlimited plus plan with 2GB data for $139.98, even though it is actually the $99.98 talk+text then 2GB added to each line. So it’s not really shared. Damn, I do not need data on the second line so I would end up paying for something I don’t need if I took this deal. Well played T-Mobile. There’s always a catch somewhere.

        • Matlock

          then dont get two smartphones, DUH!!!

        • jian9007

          That’s not possible with this deal as it’s only for smartphones by Samsung, and it clearly states “Minimum 2GB required for both devices.” That’s the catch, you have to get two smartphones with 2GB minimum on each one in order to get the BOGO deal.

        • Dumbazz

          Look do some of you SERIOUSLY need to be told that if you can’t afford something that is not T-Mobile’s fault?
          They are ALREADY the lowest cost provider!
          I can’t afford the SG3 right now…so what!! I wait until I can! I don’t cry on a forum and complain about a company.

        • Maybe

          Really dude?  tell me one company that will sell you a data phone w/ no data.  The deal is if you buy one SMART phone with DATA you get the SECOND SMART PHONE WITH DATA FREE!!!!  if you dont like it then just get one!!! I just dont get dumb people sometimes.

        • 21stNow

           T-Mobile with the Value plan, excluding promotions like this one.

  • fsured

    i know all the talk is on the sglll but do any of you think the sgll would be a good phone if someone didnt have/want to spend that kind of money?

    • LC

      Absolutely. Still a very solid device.

    • Dumbazz

      Yessir the SG2 is a fantastic phone!
      A little buggy with ICS but still a good phone.

  • Meason_eric

    I don’t see the HTC One S  which really sucks….

    • FILA

      only sammy man

    • mreveryphone

      I’ll sell you mine for $400 its rooted and comes with a D30 case.

    • kingkobe214

      Lmao, SAMSUNG only!!!!!! Reading is fundamental…..

    • Mario

      You cant be that stupid to miss the title and picture of the article. Reading is important before posting.

  • Guest

    I recently upgraded to a Samsung Exhilarate on ATT very fast and smooth Device with HSPA+42 and LTE4Gs. I would have stayed with tmobile if they had LTE.

    • At and T don’t have hspa+ 42 just 21 (if that)

      • Guest

        My bad you’re right HSPA+21. I am on LTE most of thetime anyway.I only use HSPA+21 MYBE 20% of the time. I am amazed how fast ATT LTE is. 20 to 30 down and 10to20 uploadings. But you T-Mobile people will not see those speeds for at least 2 more years.!!!!!!!

        • Maybe

          you are so dumb!!! who needs LTE when i am getting mid 20’s on my amaze all the time plus i teather for free…i bet its much better than your Exhilarate!!!

        • Guest

          I get superior customer services and more bars in more places then you T-Mobile people’s do. And I am very satisfied with my brand new LTE SamsungsExhilarate device.

        • kalel33

          You are the first person I have ever heard of bragging about AT&T’s customer service.  They were last place forever until Humm came in and screwed up T-mobile’s CS.

        • Guest

          Yes there customer services are great hallways easy to connect to the right customers services and the best thing is they all speak English not like some other company’s.

        • Taron19119

          Well let me say this you miss t-mobile cause your here and guess what t-mobile just got rid of all the problem people running the company but I like to think your company for giveing us lte and t-mobile lte well blow at&t lte a way t-mobile lte well get 30 to40 mb

        • 21stNow

           I don’t have major complaints about AT&T’s CS.  They do need to address training issues on new policies and procedures.  I have a habit of calling in as soon as something goes live, such as the iPhone unlocking service.  I get wrong answers when I do this and have to push issues up the chain.  But I usually get the resolution that I want.

  • without the Note or S3 on this sale, it fails.

    • Dumbazz

      Something fails simply because you don’t agree with it?

    • Dumbazz

      Frankly it’s not T-Mobile’s fault you can’t afford it.
      If you could afford it this sale would be irrelevant to you buying it.

  • Looks like im buying a note or apex q depending on performance

  • tekmonkey

    Any ideas how much the SGS 2 will be?

  • Peterjoy93

    So is the release date for the Note july 11th? 

  • cutienoua

    Can we have a pool how often you upgrade your smartphone?
    Before the original iphone I use to change phones a couple of months apart
    Not so much anymore!

  • Guest

    Okay, need you guy’s opinion, got an offer to renew 3 lines, grandfather into old 5G data for $20 + family shared 1000. The out of pocket cost for 3 Galaxy S3 is $425 including tax, express delivery, and upgrade. Should I bite? 

  • avengerzx9

    Okay, need you guy’s opinion, got an offer to renew 3 lines, grandfather into old 5G data for $20 + family shared 1000. The out of pocket cost for 3 Galaxy S3 is $425 including tax, express delivery, and upgrade. Should I bite?